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On this page you will find a number of lists of Polish soldiers who perished during World War Two. The lists continue on the page entitled "Fallen Soldiers2."
"Fallen Soldiers 3" can be found at
E-mail me at if you wish more information about a soldier listed below or the proper spelling of the name with Polish characters. Please mention this website and the exact list on which the name appears on. No further information is available for lists in Parts One and Six.
Part One, List 1: Very incomplete list of Polish soldiers killed during battles with the invading Soviet Army in 1939.
Part One, List 2: Further losses in the provinces of Podlesie and Lublin.
Part One, List 3: Unknown soldiers.
Part Two: Polish soldiers buried in the cemetery at Newark-upon-Trent in England.
Part Three: Soldiers of the Polish 1st Armoured Division buried in northern Europe.
Part Four: Deleted (Link broken)
Part Five, List 1: Polish 2nd Corps soldiers who perished while still in the Soviet Union, 1941-42.
Part Five, List 2: Further 2nd Corps losses in Iran, 1942.
Part Six, Lista A, B: Partial lists of Polish soldiers known to be captives of the Soviets, 1939-42.
Part Seven, List 1: Polish Independent Carpathian Brigade, Middle East, 1939-42.
Part Seven, List 2: Polish 2nd Corps, Middle East, 1942-46.
Part Seven, List 3: Further 2nd Corps losses in the Middle East and Italy, 1944-46.
Please note that although Polish diacritical marks are not used on this page, the lists are in alphabetical order according to the Polish alphabet so that, for example, when searching for a surname that begins with the letter "L," there will be a section of "L" followed by a second section which represents the Polish letter "L/." (Also, C and C' - S and S' - Z and Z')
Many soldiers were exhumed from their original graves and reburied in one of the large Polish military cemeteries (particulary at Monte Cassino, Bologna, Loreto, Casamassima and Langannerie). Casamassima was not a battlefield but the site of a Polish military hospital.
List of Name Abbreviations Used Throughout the Site:
Aleks   = Aleksander
And     = Andrzej
Ant     = Antoni
Bog     = Boguslaw
Bol     = Boleslaw
Bron    = Bronislaw
Eug     = Eugeniusz
Fran    = Franciszek
Kaz     = Kazimierz
Maks    = Maksymilian
Miecz   = Mieczyslaw
Stan    = Stanislaw
Tad     = Tadeusz
Win     = Wincenty
Wlad    = Wladyslaw
Woj     = Wojciech
Zbig    = Zbigniew
Zdz     = Zdzislaw
Zyg     = Zygmunt

This section offers a very incomplete list of some of the soldiers who perished in battle or in captivity at the hands of the invading Soviet forces, NKWD or collaborators, during September and October of 1939.
The terms "shot' or "bayoneted" on this page refer to the execution (murder) of a prisoner of war. Many Polish soldiers were shot or otherwise murdered following capture. The execution was sometimes preceeded by beatings, torture and/or humiliation. 

List # 1: Soldiers who were killed during battles with the invading Soviet Red Army (or shortly thereafter). Rank and unit appear, in Polish, after the name. 
Albo, Boleslaw - st. bosm., zca kapelmistrza orkiestry (assistant conductor of the orchestra) Flotylli Pinskiej, shot 26/IX/39 in the town of Mokrany, township Wielkoryta, county Brzesc-nad-Bugiem, province of Polesie.
Alisiewicz, Piotr - ppor. rez. piech, komp. szturm., grupa pplka Zygmunta Blumskiego, OZ 19. Wilenskiej DP (second lieutenant reserve infantry, assault company, lt. col. Zygmunt Blumski's group, OZ 19th Wilno Infantry Division) killed in action 21/IX/39 in Grodno.
Andrzejewski, Stanislaw - ppor. 25. P.U., killed in action 27/IX/39 in Koniow (Koniuch), county Dobromil, province Lwow.
Andrzejowski, Jan II - kpt. geogr., born 8/II/1896, WIG, killed in action 19/IX/39 in Nadworna, province Stanislawow.
Antczak, Zygmunt - kpr., killed in action probably on the 19th of September, 1939 in Sokolniki, county Podhajce, province Tarnopol.
Bagdach, Stefan - wachm., szef 1. szw. 9. P. Strz. Konnych (Sergeant major cavalry, commander 1st squadron 9th Regiment mounted rifles), killed in action in the village of Grabow near the town of Niesuchojeze, buried in the town of Serechowicze, county Kowel, province Wolyn.
Balcerzak, Jozef - mjr. piech., dca baonu marszowego 76. Lidzkiego PP z Grodna, following his escape from a POW camp in Radom, he tried to make his way across the river Bug. Shot sometime after 10/X/39 in the area of Wlodawa.
Balut, ... - strz., killed in action 17/IX/39 in the town of Kowalowka, county Wolozyn, province Nowogrod.
Bartosik, ... - baon KOP "Skalat", killed in action 17/IX/39, together with 3 other soldiers, in the town of Podwoloczyska, county Skalat, province Tarnopol.
Bartoszewicz, Boleslaw Longin - ppor. art., born 10/XI/1913, oficer ogniowy 4. baterii 9. dak (firing officer 4th battery, 9th company light artillery), killed in action 2/X/39 in the town of Cisna at the Hungarian border, county Lesko, province Lwow (presently woj. Krosnienskie).
Barylski, Marcin - born 1913, 51. PP (51st Infantry Regiment) Strzelcow Kresowych, killed in action in September 1939 in the area of Brzezany-Tarnopol-Zloczow, province Tarnopol.
Barylski, Tadeusz - 51. or 54 PP Strzelcow Kresowych, killed in action in September 1939 in the area of Brzezany-Tarnopol-Zloczow, province Tarnopol.
Basinski, Czeslaw - kpt. mar., born 2/VII/1900, oficer oswiatowy (education officer) Flotylli Pinskiej, shot approximately 20/IX/39 together with 2 other unknown mariners in the forest near the village Odgemer (4 km from the Snitowo station on the Drohiczyn-Janow-Poleski line), county Drohiczyn Poleski, province Polesie.
Bak, Franciszek, - born 23/IX/1900, killed in action in September of 1939, buried in the town of Kamionka Strumilowa, province Tarnopol.
Bentkowski, Jozef, - sierz., died of his wounds in late 1939 or early 1940 at the hospital in Dubno, province Wolyn.
Blumke, Eryk - ulan, 2. szw., 2. P. Ul. Grochowskich (lancer, 2nd squadron, 2nd Lancer Regiment "Grochowskich"), killed in action 19/IX/39 in the town of Swislocz, county Wolkowysk, province Bialystok.
Blocki, ... - sierz., Zgrupowanie KOP gen. Ruckemanna, shot 28/IX/39 in the vicinity of the town of Szack, county Luboml, province Wolyn.
Bochenek, Stanislaw - st. wachm., born 1898, 4. dyonu zandarmerii, shot during the second half of September 1939 in the vicinity of Kowel, province Wolyn.
Boczkowski, Stanislaw - strz., killed in action 23/IX/39 during the Soviet aerial bombardment of the town of Nujno, county Kamien Koszyrski, province Polesie. He was buried in Nujno. 
Bogucki, Eugeniusz - kpt. piech., born 19/I/1903, oficer informacyjny 3. DP Leg., killed in action 8/X/39 (possibly 10/X/39) in the town of Roztoka, county Stryj, province Stanislawow while attempting to cross the border. He was buried in either Roztoka or Solinica, county Stryj.
Bohmer (Bemehr?), ... - chor., Brygada KOP "Polesie", shot 29/IX/39 in the forest near the town of Mielniki, township Pulmo, county Luboml, province Wolyn.
Bolbot(t), Jan - ppor. rez. piech., dca. II plut. w 4. komp. ckm. baonu fortecznego KOP "Sarny", killed in action at the fort in the "Tynne" sector by the river Slucz, county Sarny, province Wolyn.
Borowczyk, Jan - kpt. piech.,born 13/I/1898, adiutant baonu KOP "Dawidgrodek", shot 29/IX/39 in the forest near the town of Mielniki, township Pulmo, county Luboml, province Wolyn.
Borowski, ... - sierz. zaw. near Wytyczno.
Broda, Jan Stanislaw - kpt. piech. st. sp., (captain infantry, retired) born 18/X/1887, dca. 2. komp. baonu sztabowego Naczelnego Dowodztwa, killed in action 17/IX/39 in the town of Mszaniec, where he was buried, county Tarnopol (or the town of Mszaniec, county Kopyczynce), province Tarnopol.
Brzostowski, Lucjan - ppor. pil., born 3/VI/1917, 1. P. Lotn., killed in action 17/IX/39 in the town of Halewo, township Pinkowicze, county Pinsk, province Polesie. He lies buried either at the Pinsk cemetery or in the war cemetery in Brzesc-nad-Bugiem.
Budrzenowski, Henryk - student volunteer killed in action 20/IX/39 in Grodno.
Budzanowski, Janusz - student volunteer, 16 years of age, killed in action 20/IX/39 in Grodno.
Budzik, ... - of the 3. P. Szw., killed in action 18 or 19/IX/39 in the town of Swislocz, county Wolkowysk, province Bialystok.
Budzinski, Jan II - kpt. piech., born 15/XII/1894, missing in action as of 19/IX/39 on the road from Wilno to the town of Zawiasy by the Lithuanian border, county Wilno-Troki, province Wilno.
Budzynski, Waclaw - rtm. rez., born 12/XII/1891, journalist, member of parliament, murdered in 1939 by the NKWD in Baranowicze, province Nowogrodek.
Burgel, Edward - killed in action in September 1939 in the town of Brzezany, province Tarnopol.
Bury, Adam - born 1919, 80. PP Slonim, died of his wounds 30/X/39 in the town of Kamien Koszyrski, province Polesie.
Burza, ... - strz., 8. PP Leg., killed in action 17?/IX/39 during the defence of the Dniestr river crossing in Halicz, province Stanislawow.
Butkowski, Bronislaw - ppor., born 1912, 76. or 77. PP, killed in action during the second half of September 1939. Buried in the town of Lida, province Nowogrodek.
Byra, Stanislaw - strz., 8 PP Leg., killed in action while defending the Dniestr river crossing in Halicz, province Stanislawow.
Car, Boleslaw - pplk. uzbr. inz., born 20/VII/1890, died of his wounds 19/IX/39 at the hospital in the town of Nadworna, province Stanislawow.
Ceglinski, ... - strz., celowniczy ckm, near Wytyczno.
Chabalowski, Boleslaw - st. bosm., kierownik maszyn monitora Flotylli Pinskiej, shot 26/IX/39 in the town of Mokrany, township Wielkoryta, county Brzesc-nad Bugiem, province Polesie.
Chmiel, Wladyslaw - killed in action September 1939 in the town of Brzezany, where he was buried, province Tarnopol.
Chruszcz, Jan - killed in action September 1939 in the town of Brzezany, province Tarnopol.
Chrzanowski, Tadeusz - ppor. kaw., dca. plut. w 1 szw. 26. P. Ul. (2nd. lt. cavalry, platoon commander in the 1st squadron 26th Lancer Regiment), missing in action as of 30/IX/39 during the cavalry charges through the village of Bobrka on the San river, province Lwow (possibly Boberka, county Turka, province Lwow).
Cieszkowski, Jan - ppor. piech., baon KOP "Sejny", killed in action 22/IX/39 near the town of Sopockinie, county Grodno, province Bialystok. (Possibly identical to por. piech. Jan Trzeszczkowski).
Cynar, Franciszek - por. piech., dca I plut. 9. komp. 3 PP KOP, killed in action 22/IX/39 in the vicinity of Borowicze - Nawoz on the Styr river, county Luck, province Wolyn.
Cyraniak, ... - oficer, killed in action 22/IX/39, buried in the town of Kamionka Strumilowa, province Tarnopol.
Czarniecki, Jozef, - strz., 135 PP rez., killed in action 24/IX/39 in the town of Grodek, county Kowel, province Wolyn. Buried together with some one hundred other soldiers in a common grave near the Grodek cemetery.
Czarnocki, Jozef - szer. w skladzie personelu obslugi 221. eskadry bombowej, killed in action 17/IX/39 in the crash of the plane "Los." He is buried in the war cemetery in Brzesc-nad-Bugiem, province Polesie.
Czernielewski, Stanislaw Piotr - ppor. rez. art., born 14/I/1901, ofic. ogniowy 134. bat. art. plot., killed in action 17/IX/39 in the town of Wisniowec Nowy, county Krzemieniec, province Wolyn.
Cwiertniak, Jozef Stefan - plk. piech., born 7/IX/1896, pokojowy dca. 13. Rowienskiej DP (peacetime commander of the 13th "Rowienskiej" Infantry Division), committed suicide 17/IX/39 in Rowno, province Wolyn.
Daca, ... - ppor., killed in action 18/IX/39 on the Berducha farm (southeast of the town of Tynne), county Sarny, province Wolyn.
Danecki, Bohdan Antoni, - kpt. piech., born 10/I/1901, oficer sztabu Brygady KOP "Polesie", shot 29/IX/39 in the forest near the town of Mielniki, township Pulmo, county Luboml, province Wolyn.
Doroszkiewicz, ... podofic. szw. marsz. 1. P. Ul. Krechowieckich, Kawaleria oslonowa GO "Wolkowysk" rtm. Wiszowatego, killed in action 21/IX/39 in Grodno.
Dabrowski, Jozef VIII - kpt., born 22/I/1900, oficer intendentury W.S.W., dca taboru ciezkiego GO "Wolkowysk", killed in action 20/IX/39 in the vicinity of Skidel-Jeziory. He was buried in the garden by the Skidel pharmacy, county Grodno, province Bialystok.
Dabrowski, ... - por. sl. st., dca komp. strzel. baonu marszowego 76. Lidzkiego PP based in Grodno, killed in action 19 or 20/IX/39 in the town of Znosicze, county Sarny, province Wolyn.
Dabrowski, Zygmunt Kazimierz -, born 12/III/1909, zca dcy plutonu pionierow 135. PP Rez., shot 26/IX/39 in the town of Mokrany, township Wielkoryta, county Brzesc-nad-Bugiem, province Polesie.
Dambrowski, Jerzy III - pplk. kaw., born 29/IV/1889, dca 110. P. Ul. Rez., shot 16 or 17/XII/40 in Minsk Bialorus. In prison, an eye had been poked out and his ribs broken. (Another version of his fate states that he was murdered by the NKWD following the German invasion in 1941 while he lay in the Minsk Bialorus hospital).
Deczer, Gabriel - bosm., solista-bas orkiestry Flotylli Pinskiej, shot 26/IX/39 in the town of Mokrany, township Wielkoryta, county Brzesc-nad-Bugiem, province Polesie.
Deja, Jan - strz., komp. wart. garizonu Wilno, died of his wounds in September 1939 at the hospital in Wilno. Buried in the cemetery at Rossa.
Deligowski, Wlodzimierz - mjr. rez., murdered in October 1939 in the town of Postawy, province Wilno.
Dobrzanski, Stanislaw - por. kaw., born 19/II/1909, dca 3. szw. 101 P. Ul. Rez., killed in action 22/IX/39 near the town of Kodziowce, county Augustow, province Bialystok (the cemetery closest to the town of Sylwanowce). Posthumously advanced to the rank of rotmistrz.
Dowgiallo, Karol Dominik Marian - mjr. rez. kaw., born 26/I/1896, arrested in the morning 17/IX/39 by Soviet soldiers at the frontier estate Nowomalin, county Zdolbunow, province Wolyn, after which all trace of him disappeared. (*Update: according to the book "Ukrainski Slad Katynia," mjr. Dowgiallo was murdered at Kiev, which was the site of one of the Katyn killing grounds.)
Dolega-Mostowicz, Tadeusz - kpr. rez. literat, killed in action 20/IX/39 in the town of Kuty near Czeremosza, county Kosow Huculski, province Stanislawow. After the war his body was exhumed and reburied at the powazki cemetery in Warsaw.
Dowoyno-Sollohub, Stanislaw - gen. bryg. st. sp., born 9/VI/1885, dca 12. DP, shot during the third week of September 1939 in front of his own home near Kobryn, province Polesie.
Drzazga, Jan - strz. KOP, died 25/IX/39 in the town of Rejmont, county Kamien Koszyrski, province Polesie, buried in the cemetery by the Orthodox church.
Drzazgowski, Stefan - ppor., 1. PP Leg., killed in action in September 1939 near Kowel, province Wolyn.
Dudzinski, Felix - killed in action in September 1939, buried between the towns of Sapiezanka and Kamionka Strumilowa, province Tarnopol.
Dworniak, ... - podofic., baon KOP "Ludwikowo", Brygada KOP "Polesie", killed in action 28/IX/39 near Szack, county Luboml, province Wolyn.
Dyzma, Piotr - plut. pchor. rez., szw. marsz. 2. P. Ul. Grochowskich (Kawaleria Oslonowa GO "Wolkowysk" rtm. Wiszowatego), killed in action on about 22/IX/39 at the  Zielonka estate near Sopockin, county Augustow, province Bialystok.
Dzakiewicz, Mieczyslaw Marian - por. kaw., born 21/IX/1912, szw. marsz. 5. P. Strz. Konnych rtm. Wlodzimierza Cucjewa, killed in action 18 or 19/IX/39 in the vicinity of Dunajow near Brzezan, province Tarnopol.
Dzierzanowski, Kazimierz - gen. dyw. st. sp., ur. 24/X/1872, shot in 1939 at Lwow.
Ekiert, Roman - szer., elew Szkoly Podoficerow Lotnictwa dla Maloletnich w Krosnie, killed in action 22/IX/39 during the bombardment of Grodek Jagiellonski, province Lwow.
Fabrycy, Jerzy - por. kaw., born 7/X/1914, dca. I. plut. 1 szw. and from 10/IX/39 dca. 3. szw. 7. P. Ul. Lubelskich, killed in action 29/IX/39 in the vicinity of Sambor, province Lwow.
Fedder, Aleksander - strz., komp. forteczna "Tyszyca", baon. fort. KOP "Sarny", pulk KOP "Sarny", murdered 20/IX/39 together with some 40 other soldiers in a barricaded bunker on the river Slucz, in the area of Tyszyca, county Sarny, province Wolyn.
Ferencowicz, Jozef Bohdan - pplk. piech., born 9/X/1890, szef PW and WF KOP, shot 29/IX/39 in the forest by the town of Mielniki, township Pulmo, county Luboml, province Wolyn.
Fuch, ... - por. Zgrupowanie KOP gen. Ruckemanna, shot 28/IX/39 in the vicinity of Szack, county Luboml, province Wolyn.
Gabryluk, Wladyslaw - killed in action in September 1939, buried in the town of Brzezany, province Tarnopol.
Gajewski, Miroslaw - por. rez. kaw., born 7/VII/1899, dca 5. szw. w dyonie spieszonym mjra. st. sp. Michala Nowickiego, OZ Wilenskiej BK, killed in action 20/IX/39 in the town of Swieciany, province Wilno.
Galecki, Witold - kpt. art., born 2/II/1894, oficer sztabu dcy AD 23. Slaskiej DP, murdered by Ukrainian partisans, 22/IX/39 at Rawa Ruska, province Lwow.
Gamona, Wladyslaw - killed in action in September 1939 in the town of Brzezany, province Tarnopol.
Garbiec, Teodor - killed in action in September 1939 in Brzezany, where he was buried, province Tarnopol.
Garncarczyk (Garncarzyk?), ... - strz. baonu KOP "Kopyczynce", pulk KOP "Podole", killed in action 17/IX/39 together with 42 unknown soldiers in the area of Buczacz and Nizniow, province Tarnopol.
Gawienkowski, Henryk - kpr. mech., podoficer Szkoly Podoficerow Lotnictwa dla Maloletnich w Krosnie. Killed in action 17/IX/39 near Luniniec, province Polesie.
Gasiorowski (Gasowski?), Stanislaw - policjant, born 15/XI/1915, killed in action in September 1939 in the town of Brzezany, where he was buried, province Tarnopol.
Gellen, Edward - por., killed in action 19/IX/39 in the town of Niegowce, buried in the town of Tomaszowce, county Kalusz, province Stanislawow.
Gedzierski, Zbigniew Walery - ppor. kaw., dca II plut. 1. szw. 25 P. Ul. Wielkopolskich oraz oficer informacyjny pulku, murdered by Ukrainians 29/IX/39 near Sambor, province Lwow.
Gladysz, Michal - killed in action in September 1939, buried in the area of Brzezany-Tarnopol-Zloczow, province Tarnopol.
Glazek, Waclaw - pplk. st. sp. Korp. Kontr., inz., born 26/IX/1886, dyrektor DOKP w Wilnie, arrested on or about 25/IX/39, murdered in late 1939 or early 1940 in Wilno, where he was buried.
Gniewek, Eugeniusz - oficer (52. PP Strzelcow Kresowych?), killed in action in September 1939 in the town of Brzezany, where he was buried, province Tarnopol.
Goliasz, Karol - plut. 1. PP KOP "Karpaty", killed in action between 18-20/IX/39 in the town of Brzezany, province Tarnopol.
Goly, Kazimierz - podofic., killed in action in September 1939 in Kowel, province Wolyn.
Gorczak, Stefan - st. sierz., killed in action in September 1939 near Wilno.
Grocholski-Syrokomla, Kazimierz Marceli - rtm. rez., born 26/IV/1890, murdered in 1939 by the NKWD.
Grzybowski, Czeslaw - pplk. uzbr., inz., born 13/05/1890, killed in action on or about 17/IX/39 in the vicinity of the town of Trembowla, province Tarnopol.
Gumkowski, Jan - por. obs., born 23/IV/1914, obserwator 212. eksadry bombowej, a nastepnie dca czesci rzutu kolowego tej eksadry. Heavily wounded 18 or 19/IX/39 near Dubno. Died of his wounds 16/X/39 at the hospital in Dubno, buried in the cemetery there, province Wolyn.
Guzik, Wladyslaw (?) - szeregowy-rezervista KOP, killed in action at the KOP Berezanka outpost near Skala Podolska, county Borszczow, province Tarnopol.
Guzowski, Hieronim - ppor. rez art., born 30/X/1901, OZ Art. Konnej Nr. 1, killed in action 18/IX/39 in the town of Mielce on the Turia River, county Kowel, province Wolyn.
Hamulecki, S. - plut., 76 Lidzkiego PP z Grodna, killed in action 21/IX/39 near the Poniemun estate mansion near Grodno, province Bialystok.
Harzela, Roman - strz., I baon "Luzki" 3. PP KOP, killed in action 22/IX/39 in the area of Borowicze - Nawoz - Hruziatyn on the Stryj river, county Luck, province Wolyn.     

Hirzekarn, Gustaw - strz., shot 22/IX/39 in Kowel, province Wolyn.
Hofman, Henryk - ppor. rez., killed in action during the second week of September 1939 in the wood near the bridge on the road from Kowel to Sarny, province Wolyn.
Hornberger, Jozef - major, dca ochotniczego baonu ON przy 40. Lwowskim PP, killed in Lwow 22/IX/39. His battalion was defending the barricades against an attack by Soviet tanks late in the evening of the 20th of September 1939.
Horos, Feliks - wchm.-szef szw. marsz. 2. P. Ul. Grochowskich (Kawaleria Oslonowa GO "Wolkowysk" rtm. Wiszowatego), killed in action 20/IX/39 near the town of Skidel, county Grodno, province Bialystok.
Iwaszczynski, Anatol - scout-volunteer, killed in action 20 or 21/IX/39 in Grodno, province Bialystok.
Jacek, Rudolf - strz., z I baonu "Luzki" 3. PP KOP, killed in action 22/IX/39 in the area of Borowicze-Nawoz-Hruziatyn on the river Styr, county Luck, province Wolyn.
Jacyna, Tadeusz - kpt. sap., born 3/IX/1904, dca plutonu pionierow 135. PP Rez., wounded 24/IX/39 in the town of Grodek, county Kowel, province Wolyn, shot 26/IX/39 in the town of Mokrany, township Wielkoryta, county Brzesc-nad-Bugiem, province Polesie.
Jagodzinski, Feliks - born 1916, z baonu KOP "Troki", killed in action 18/IX/39 in Wilno.
Jakubowski, Michal - st. ul. z 2. szw. 2. P. Ul. Grochowskich perished 19.IX/39 during the battle in the town of Swislocz, county Wolkowysk, province Bialystok.
Janowski, Edward - mat., z Flotylli Pinskiej, killed in action 20 or 21/IX/39 in the town of Ratno, county Kowel, province Wolyn.
Janusz, Mieczyslaw - rtm. rez., born 23/II/1901, dca szwadronu z OZ Wilenskiej BK, taken prisoner 21/IX/39 in the town of Niemenczyn, county Wilno-Troki, province Wilno, shot by the NKWD in Wilno towards the end of September 1939.
Jasik, Wladyslaw - kpt. art., born 1/VI/1900, dca kanonierki "Zuchwala" Flotylli Pinskiej, shot 26/IX/39 in the town of Mokrany, township Wielkoryta, county Brzesc-nad-Bugiem, province Polesie.
Jasinski, Tadeusz - student, 13 years old, died of his wounds 21/IX/39, in Grodno. (He was strapped to the armour plate of a Soviet tank for use as a "shield" against incoming shells.)
Jedrzejewski, Wladyslaw - gen. dyw., st.sp., born 1863, died in prison in Lwow, March 1940.
Jodkowski, Edmund - kpt. mar., born 3/XII/1899, dca monitora "Wilno" Flotylli Pinskiej, shot 26/IX/39 in the town of Mokrany, township Wielkoryta, county Brzesc-nad-Bugiem, province Polesie.
Jurkiewicz, Ignacy - strz., born 1908, died of his wounds 22/IX/39 at the hospital in Wolkowysk, province Bialystok.
Jurus, Eugeniusz Sylwester - pplk. piech., born 1897, dca I baonu "Budslaw" 207. PP Rez., died of his wounds 22/IX/39 in the town of Borowicze on the river Styr, county Luck (another source lists him as a POW at Starobielsk).
Kaik, Jan - born 7/V/1902, killed in action in September 1939 in the town of Brody, province Tarnopol.
Kalinowski, ... - ppor. rez., dca I plut. 3. komp. baonu KOP "Orany", pulk KOP "Wilno", killed in action 21/IX/39 in the town of Orany, county Wilno-Troki, province Wilno.
Kamionka, Iwan - strz., born 6/VII(VI?)/1911, killed in action September 1939 in the town of Brzezany, where he was buried, province Tarnopol.
Karolak, ... - 5. PP. Leg., killed in action September 1939 in Wilno.
Karpiak, Jozef - szer. elew Szkoly Podoficerskiej Lotnictwa dla maloletnich w Krosnie, killed in action 22/IX/1939 during the bombardment of "Grodka Jagiellonskiego", province Lwow.
Kasprzyk, Jerzy - por. kaw., born 28/VII/1907, dca I plut. 1. Szw. w dywizjonie kawalerii KOP "Niewirkow", killed in action 27/IX/39 in the town of Domaczewo, county Brzesc-nad-Bugiem, province Polesie.
Kierkus, Jan - kpt. mar., ur. 21.X/1900, dca monitora ORP "Pinsk" Flotylli Pinskiej, shot 26/IX/39 in the town of Mokrany, township Wielkoryta, county Brzesc-nad-Bugiem, province Polesie.
Kisiel-Zahoranski, Arkadiusz - kpt. mar., born 19/III/1893, dca pododcinka "Sytnica", Odcinka Obrony "Prypec" Flotylli Pinskiej, shot 26/IX/39 in the town of Mokrany, township Wielkoryta, county Brzesc-nad-Bugiem, province Polesie.
Klonowski, ... - ppor., baon KOP "Sejny", killed in action 22/IX/39 near the town of Sopockinie, county Augustow, province Bialystok.
Komorowski, Tadeusz Boleslaw - kpt. piech., born 17/II/1896, 25. PP (Piotrkow Tryb.), perished in the area of Luck, province Wolyn, in October 1939.
Komutek, Rudolf - KOP, killed in action 17/IX/39 in the town of Proszkowo, county Glebokie, province Wilno.
Kopczynski, Kazimierz - killed in action in September 1939 in the town of Brzezany, where he was buried, province Tarnopol.
Kotarski, Wladyslaw - pplk. kaw.. born 29/IX/1895, zca dcy 19. P. Ul. Wolynskich, shot by the NKWD in 1939/40 in Lwow.
Kowalczyk, ... - st. mar., z Flotylli Pinskiej, killed in action 25/IX/39 in the town of Maloryta, county Brzesc-nad-Bugiem, province Polesie.
Kowaleszczyk, Piotr - born 22/I/1908, shot 22/IX/39 in Kowel, province Wolyn.
Kowalczyk, Antoni - ulan, born 1913, died of his wounds 14/X/39 at the hospital in Wolkowysk, province Wolyn.
Kowalski, ... - ulan, 5. P. Ul. Zaslawskich, killed in action 22/IX/39 in the town of Poworski, county Kowel, province Wolyn.
Kozlowski, Romuald II - pplk. piech., born 28/IX/1895, dca I baonu "Luzki" 3. PP KOP, wounded 22/IX/39 in the area of Borowicze-Nawoz-Hruziatyn on the river Styr, died of his wounds at the hospital in Kowel, province Wolyn, in September 1939.
Krakowski, Bronislaw - kpt. piech., dca baonu KOP "Borszczow", pulk KOP "Podole", mortally wounded 17/IX/39 during a rearguard action between Zbrucz and the Dniestr, died of his wounds on Rumanian soil, in September 1939.
Krieger, Jozef Ludwik Janusz Boleslaw - por. rez. kaw., born 19/XI/1891, dca I plut. szw. marszowego 10. P. Ul. Litewskich (Kawaleria Oslonowa GO "Wolkowysk" rtm. Wiszowatego), killed in action 20/IX/39 at Skidel, county Grodno, province Bialystok.
Krzeminski, ... - kpt. KOP, following his capture he was bayoneted a few times then, while lying on the ground in this state, shot twice in the head. (The soldier who recalled this atrocity for us has not been able to remember the exact date or locality.)
Kulbacki, Boleslaw - st. ulan, z 2. szw. 2. P. Ul. Grochowskich, perished 19.09.39 during the battle in the town of Swislocz, county Wolkowysk, province Bialystok.
Kulesza, Kazimierz - kpt. adm., born 4/II/1900, Brygada KOP "Polesie", shot 29/IX/39 in the woods near the town of Mielniki, township Pulmo, county Luboml, province Wolyn.
Kuszelewski, Jerzy - kpt. piech., born 12/V/1897, committed suicide 18 or 19/IX/39 on the road from Wilno to the town of Zawiasy by the Lithuanian border, county Wilno-Troki, province Wilno.
Kus, Jan - born 1912, killed in action in 1939 in the town of Miklaszow, where he was buried, county Lwow.
Kus, Konstanty - born 1909, killed in action in 1939 in the town of Miklaszow, where he was buried, county Lwow.
Kwiatkowski, - ppor., killed in action at the end of September 1939 together with an unknown soldier, 6 kilometres from the town of Turze, in the direction of the village of Isaje on the river Styr, county Turka-nad-Stryjem, province Lwow.
Kwincinski (Kwiecinski?), N. - st. bosm., z Flotylli Pinskiej, shot 26/IX/39 in the town of Mokrany, township Wielkoryta, county Brzesc-nad-Bugiem, province Polesie.
Lepszy, Leonard Zbigniew - mjr. obs. st. sp., born 30/IX/1889, zca komendanta Bazy Lotniczej Nr. 1, killed in action 17/IX/39 near the town of Darachow, county Buczacz, province Tarnopol.
Lesczynski, Aleksander - szer., 49 years old, shot 28/IX/39 together with 15 other soldiers in the town of Tomaszowka near Wlodawy, county Brzesc-nad-Bugiem, province Polesie.
Linde, Mieczyslaw - gen. dyw. st. sp., born 1868, died in prison in Lwow (possibly in Kiev). (* Update: The book "Ukrainski Slad Katynia" confirms the murder of gen. Linde at the Katyn killing ground of Kiev.)
Lindel, Jozef - strz., z I baonu "Luzki" 3. PP KOP, killed in action 22/IX/39 in the area of Borowicze-Nawoz-Hruziatyn on the river Styr, county Luck, province Wolyn.
Lissowski, Jozef - ppor. rez., born 19/I/1907, dca plut. marszowego 14. DAK (Kawaleria Oslonowa GO "Wolkowysk" rtm. Wiszowatego), killed in action 20/IX/39, in the town of Skidel, county Grodno, province Bialystok.
Liszewski, Kazimierz - ppor., dca. plut. w szw. marsz. 10. P. Ul. Litewskich (Kawaleria Oslonowa GO "Wolkowysk" rtm. Wiszowatego), killed in action 20/IX/39 in the town of Skidel, county Grodno, province Bialystok.
Ladarew, Pawel - por. kaw., born 22/VI/1903, szw. KOP "Nowe Swieciany", perished after being taken prisoner in September of 1939.
Luczak, Jan - sierz., z 79. PP (Slonim), died of his wounds in September 1939, in the town of Milwiczano, county Kowel, province Wolyn.
Lukasiewicz, Kazimierz III - maj. tab., born 12/II/1894. szef taborow KOP, died of his wounds (possibly of illness?) during the second half of September 1939 at the hospital in Pinsk, province Polesie. He was buried at the Pinsk cemetery.
Lyczkowski, Edward - bomb., born 13/XI/1916, z 12. dak, killed in action 23 (possibly 29)/IX/39. Buried in the town of Kamionka Strumilowa, province Tarnopol.
Lyko, ... - sierz., Zgrupowanie KOP gen. Ruckemanna, shot 28/IX/39 in the vicinity of the town of Szack, county Luboml, province Wolyn.
Maciag, Adam - st. sierz. adm., born 13/IV/1902, Baza Lotnicza Nr. 1., killed in action 17/IX/39 near the town of Darachow, county Buczacz, province Tarnopol.
Maciag, Stanislaw - ppor., baon forteczny KOP "Sarny", killed in action 19/IX/39 at the "Tynne" sector fortifications on the river Slucz, county Sarny, province Wolyn. One account has it that he was murdered by the Soviets after surrendering.
Madalinski, Jerzy - por., oficer platnik, Zgrupowanie KOP gen. Ruckemanna, killed in action 28/IX/39 near Szack, county Lubomil, province Wolyn.
Madalinski, Stanislaw - kpt. adm., born 19/X/1895, oficer platnik 57. PP OZ 14. DP, wounded while carrying a flag of truce 26/IX/39 near the town of Maloryta, county Brzesc-nad-Bugiem, province Polesie, died of his wounds in October 1939 at the hospital in Radom.
Magnowski, Tadeusz - ppor., dca II plut. 3. komp. baonu marsz. 48. PP Strzelcow Kresowych, heavily wounded during the disarming of the battalion in Lwow, died of his wounds 22/IX/39 in Lwow.
Maksim, Wladyslaw - ppor. rez. piech., dca IV plut. 4. komp. ckm., baonu fort. KOP "Sarny", pulk KOP "Sarny", killed in action 19/IX/39 at the fort in the "Tynne" sector fortifications on the river Slucz, county Sarny, province Wolyn.        

Malicki, Alojzy - sierz. adm., born 1904, szef eskadry szkolnej Szkoly Podoficerow Lotnictwa dla Maloletnich w Krosnie. Killed in action 22/IX/39 during the bombardment of the town of Grodek Jagiellonski, province Lwow. Buried without a marker in a common grave at the cemetery at Grodek Jagiellonski.
Malinski, Edmund Roman - por. piech., born 1/II/1906, dca 4 komp. baonu KOP "Kleck", pulk KOP "Baranowicze", wounded 28/IX/39 near Szack, county Luboml, province Wolyn, died of his wounds 29/IX/39 at the hospital in Chelm, province Lublin.
Maluszynski, Narcyz - kpt. mar., born 10/XI/1902, dca oddzialu gazowo-minowego Flotylli Pinskiej, shot 26/IX/39 in the town of Mokrany, township Wielkoryta, county Brzesc-nad-Bugiem, province Polesie. 
Maniara, ... por., ze 182. PP Rez. 60. DP Rez. "Kobryn", killed in action during the third week of September 1939 in the vicinity of the town of Leszna, county Brzesc-nad-Bugiem, province Polesie.
Mankowicz (Mankowski?), Michal - z 85. P. Strz. Wilenskich, killed in action in September 1939 in or near Kowel, province Wolyn.
Marciniewski, Janusz - por. mar., dca ORP "Admiral Sierpinek" Flotylli Pinskiej, shot 26/IX/39 in the town of Mokrany, township Wielkoryta, county Brzesc-nad-Bugiem, province Polesie.
Marczyniszyn, Karol - 51. or 54. PP Strzelcow Kresowych, killed in action in September 1939 in the town of Brzezany, where he was buried, province Tarnopol.
Markiewicz, Leon - kpt., Zgrupowanie KOP gen. Ruckemanna, perished between 25-30/IX/39 in the area of Kamien Koszyrski - Ratno - Szack on the river Bug.
Maslowski, Witold - rtm. rez., 110. P. Ul. Rez., killed in action in October 1939 in Puszczy Augustowskiej, county Bialystok.
Matuszek, Edward - plut., z komp. "Luzki" pulku "Glebokie" (w skladzie baonu KOP "Kleck"), killed in action 28 or 29/IX/39 in the area of the town of Mielniki, township Pulmo, county Luboml, province Wolyn.
May, Jan Mieczyslaw Adam - kpt. mar., born 21/XII/1907, dca monitora ORP "Warszawa" Flotylli Pinskiej, shot 26/IX/39 in the town of Mokrany, township Wielkoryta, county Brzesc-nad-Bugiem, province Polesie.
Mayblum, Szymon Jozef - mjr. zand., born 28/VI/1895, dca baonu sztabowego Zgrupowania KOP gen. Ruckemanna, shot 29/IX/39 in the forest near the town of Mielniki, township Pulmo, county Luboml, province Wolyn.
Mazur, ... - mar., Flotylli Pinskiej, killed in action 23/IX/39 by fire from Soviet planes, in the town of Nujno, county Kamien Korzyrski, province Polesie. Buried in the local Orthodox cemetery in a common grave together with many other sailors.
Mendel, Zygmunt (Zenon?) - st. mar., z Flotylli Pinskiej, killed in action 25 or 26/IX/39 by Soviet airplane fire, in the area of Kaczyn (county Kamien Koszyrski, province Polesie) - Ratno (county Kowel, province Wolyn).
Mendyka, Roman - st. bosm. bosman okretowy monitora ORP "Admiral Sierpinek" Flotylli Pinskiej, shot 26/IX/39 in the town of Mokrany, township Wielkoryta, county Brzesc-nad-Bugiem, province Polesie.
Michalski, Stanislaw - por. rez. kaw., oficer OZ 5 P. Ul. Zaslawskich, dolaczyl do GO "Wolkowysk", killed in action 23/IX/39 in the town of Kalety, township Giby, county Suwalki, province Bialystok.
Michalski, Stanislaw - killed in action in September 1939, in the town of Brzezany, where he was buried, province Tarnopol.
Michalski, Wladyslaw - por., 42 years old, z 26. Skierniewickiej DP, died of his wounds 21/IX/39 at the hospital in Wolkowysk, province Bialystok.
Michalowski, Jan - rtm. tab., born 25/V/1895, adiutant gen. bryg. Franciszka Kleeberga, shot 19/IX/39 in the area north of Pinsk, province Polesie.
Miedzinski, Tadeusz - ppor., killed in action 17(?)/IX/39 in the town of Olyka, county Luck, province Wolyn.
Mielnik, Stanislaw - ppor. rez. piech., born 8/V/1902, z baonu k.m. KOP "Osowiec", shot 26/IX/39 in the town of Piszcza, where he was buried, county Luboml, province Wolyn.
Mikulinski, Kazimierz Stanislaw - kpt. piech., born 25/II/1891, dca 1. komp. baonu KOP "Dawidgrodek", Brygada KOP "Polesie", killed in action 28/IX/39 in the area of Mielniki - Szack, county Luboml, province Wolyn.
Milejski, Julian - born 1915, killed in action during the second half of September 1939 in the town of Dziewieniszki, where he was buried, county Osmiana, province Wilno.
Minkowski, Anatol Witold - pplk. piech. st. sp., born 22/I/1892, sent by headquarters to the commander of the "Korpus Ochotniczego" in Lwow, gen. dyw. Marian Zegoty-Januszajtis, murdered by Ukrainians 17 or 18/IX/39.
Mlynarski, Mieczyslaw Waclaw - por. rez. kaw., born 22/V/1895, dca szw. marsz. 1. P. Ul. Krechowieckich (Kawaleria Oslonowa GO "Wolkowysk" rtm. Wiszowatego), heavily wounded 20/IX/39 in the town of Skidel, county Grodno, province Bialystok, died of his wounds on the same day. Most likely buried in Grodno.
Mnich, Jan - ulan, Kawaleria Dywizyjna 60. DP Rez. "Kobryn" plka Anatola Dworenko-Dworkina, killed in action 19/IX/39 in the town of Nowosiolki, county Kowel, province Bialystok.
Mnichowicz, Edward - pchor. z 80. PP (Zgrupowanie "Drohiczyn Poleski"), murdered 23/IX/39 in the town Synowo, county Kamien Koszyrski, province Polesie.
Modlinski, Edmund - ppor. art., killed in action in September 1939 (most likely 17/IX/39) in the vicinity of Mikulince - Trembowla, province Tarnopol.
Moldrzykowski, Jozef - killed in action 22(27)/IX/39 in the town of Kamionka Strumilowa, province Tarnopol.
Moronczyk, Hieronim - por. piech., dca II plut. w 3. komp. ckm., III baonu "Slobodka", 3. PP KOP, killed in action in the area of Borowicze - Nawoz - Hruziatyn by the Styr river, county Luck, province Wolyn. 

Moroz, Jan - kpt. sap., born 16/XI/1904, dca 53. komp. sap. mostow kolejowych, shot 20/IX/39 in Kowel, province Wolyn.
Mozejko, Wladyslaw - scout-volunteer, killed in action 20-21/IX/39 in Grodno, province Bialystok.
Musial, Jozef - ppor. art., born 1914, dca 94. baterii art. plot., killed in action 20/IX/39 in Grodno, province Bialystok.
Nartowicz, Stanislaw - szwol., born 1916, died of his wounds 19/IX/39 at the hospital in Wolkowysk, province Bialystok.
Nekrasz, Wladyslaw - instruktor harcerski, killed in action 18 or 19/IX/39 near Wilno.
NN (unknown) - podkomisarz Policji Panstwowej, zca komendanta powiatowego PP w Lunincu, killed in action 28/IX/39 near Szack, county Luboml, province Wolyn.
Nowak, Jozef - plut. KOP, dca straznicy KOP Berezanka near Skala Podolska, county Borszczow, province Tarnopol, killed in action 17/IX/39.
Nowak, Walenty I - kpt. piech., born 16/XII/1893, baon KOP "Ludwikowo", Brygada KOP "Polesie", shot 29/IX/39, in the forest near the town of Mielniki, township Pulmo, county Luboml, province Wolyn.
Nowak, ... - ppor., killed in action 19/IX/39 in the town of Tlumacz, where he was buried, province Stanislawow.
Nowicki, Jozef IV - kpt. adm., platnik baonu KOP "Sienkiewicze", Brygada KOP "Polesie", shot 29/IX/39 in the forest near the town of Mielniki, township Pulmo, county Luboml, province Wolyn.
Okulewicz, Jozef - por. art., born 1911, oficer ogniowy 3. Baterii 9. dak., killed in action 28/IX/39 in the town of Nizankowice, county Przemysl, province Lwow. (Another account has him killed in action 2/X/39 in the town of Cisna, county Lesko, province Lwow, during the march towards Hungary).
Olszyna-Wilczynski, Jozef - gen. bryg., born 27/XI/1890, dca Okregu Korpusu III "Grodno" and from 13/IX/39 dca Obszaru Warownego "Grodno", shot 22/IX/39 near Sopockin, county Augustow, province Bialystok.
Orlowski, Bronislaw Stefan - kpt., born 3/IX/1897, oficer PW baonu KOP "Sienkiewicze", Brygada KOP "Polesie", shot 29/IX/39 in the forest near the town of Mielniki, township Pulmo, county Luboml, province Wolyn.
Ostrouch, Waclaw - por. rez., 47 years old, died of his wounds 6/X/39 at the hospital in Wolkowysk, province Bialystok.
Ostrowski, Mieczyslaw - szer., born 1916, w druzynie meteorologicznej Bazy Lotniczej Nr 5 w Wilnie-Lidzie. Killed in action 18/IX/39 during the evacuations across the Lithuanian border. Buried in the cemetery in Grodno, province Bialystok.
Oszczakiewicz, Franciszek - por., adiutant dcy baonu marsz. 76. Lidzkiego PP z Grodna, mjra Jozefa Balcerzaka, killed in action 19 or 20/IX/39 in the town of Znosicze, county Sarny, province Wolyn.
Otlowski, Franciszek - kpt. piech., born 6/VIII/1899, oficer Brygady KOP "Polesie", dca komp. Policji Panstwowej, following a short battle he was shot, together with the entire company of men, 24/IX/39 in the forest to the south of the town of Kamien Koszyrski, province Polesie.
Palczynski, ... - plut., dca straznicy KOP "Kamienny Woz", Baon KOP "Luzki", killed in action 17/IX/39 during the defence of the outpost (township Prozoroki, county Glebokie, province Wilno).
Pankintski, Grzegorz - killed in action in September 1939 in the town of Brzezany, where he was buried, province Tarnopol.
Paulus, Jan - st. sierz., born 11/V/1901, killed in action 22/IX/39 in the town of Brody, province Tarnopol.
Pawlicki, Marian - military colonist, killed in action 17/IX/39 in the town of Bialozorka, county Krzemieniec, province Wolyn. (Military colonists aided the KOP by patroling border regions).
Pawlowski, Henryk - kpt., z 34. PP (Biala Podlaska), died of his wounds in December 1939 in Wilno.
Pelc, Hubert - sierz., z baonu KOP "Sienkiewicze", Brygada KOP "Polesie", killed in action 29/IX/39 in the town of Mielniki, township Pulmo, county Luboml, province Wolyn.
Potocki, Jan - born 1911, died of his wounds 18/IX/39 at the hospital in Tarnopol, buried in Tarnopol.
Piekarski, Antoni - ppor. rez., baon KOP "Budslaw", pulk KOP "Wilejka", killed in action 19/IX/39 in Wilno province, most likely in the area to the north of Wilno.
Pietraszewski, Witold - plut. pchor., z polkompanii czolgow lekkich por. Jozefa Jakubowicza w Grupie "Dubno", killed in action 20/IX/39 in the town of Krasno, county Zloczow, province Tarnopol.
Pietrzak, Franciszek I - kpt. adm., born 22/XI/1897, 1. Pulk Lotn., killed in action 17/IX/39 in the town of Halewo, township Pinkowicze, county Pinsk, province Polesie, buried in Pinsk.
Pietrzak, Stefan Kazimierz - kpr. mech., 1 Pulk Lotn., killed in action 18/IX/39 as a result of the crash of the plane "Los". Buried at the war cemetery in Brezesc-nad-Bugiem, province Polesie.
Pikul, Zbigniew - szer., elew Szkoly Podoficerow Lotnictwa dla Maloletnich w Krosnie. Killed in action 22/IX/39 during the bombardment of the town of Grodek Jagiellonski, province Lwow.
Pilinkiewicz, Wlodzimierz - rtm., born 5/VII/1902, adiutant 25. P. Ul. Wielkopolskich, murdered by Ukrainians 28/IX/39 in the town of Pnikut, county Mosciska, Province Lwow.
Piotrowski, Boleslaw - born 1917, killed in action in September 1939 in the town of Zarudzie, where he was buried, county Krzemieniec, province Wolyn.
Piotrowski, Jozef - strz., died of his wounds in September 1939 at the railway hospital in Wilno.
Piotrowski, Karol - killed in action in September 1939 in the town of Brzezany, where he was buried, province Tarnopol.
Piszczek, ... - driver of armoured train Nr 51 "Bartosz Glowacki", killed in action 22/IX/39 in the town of Poworsk, county Kowel, province Wolyn.
Pitkowicz (Pilkowicz?), Jan - por., z 70. PP (Pleszew), died of his wounds in 1939 at Wilno.
Plachta, Wladyslaw - z 51. PP Strzelcow Kresowych, killed in action in September 1939, buried in the town of Brzezany, province Tarnopol.
Plawski, Adam - ppor. rez., dca 1. komp. I Baonu Obrony Grodna, killed in action 21/IX/39 in Grodno, province Bialystok.
Polonski, Witold - por. piech., dca 3. komp. baonu KOP "Luzki", pulk KOP "Glebokie", killed in action 17/IX/39 in the town of Leonpol on the Dzwina river, county Braslaw, province Wilno.
Poniatowski, Andrej Tadeusz - ppor. kaw., born 27/VII/1917, dca III plut. 1, szw. 7. P. Ul. Lubelskich, killed in action 29/IX/39 in the area of Sambor, province Lwow.
Poplawski, Ignacy Franciszek - ppor. rez. kaw., born 17/X/1909, dca II plut. w szw. ckm 27 P. Ul. im. Krola Stefana Batorego, killed in action 27/IX/39 in the area of Wola Sudkowska - Wladypol, county Sambor, province Lwow.
Prusakiewicz, Ignacy - ppor. rez. kaw., born 24/II/1913, dca plutonu szw. sztabowego Nowogrodzkiej BK, killed in action 27/IX/39 in the area of Wola Sudkowska - Wladypol, county Sambor, province Lwow.
Pruszynski, Jan - ppor. KOP, baon KOP "Berezne". On the 17th of September 1939, together with two other unknown Polish soldiers, he made his way from the KOP outpost "Zochna", county Kostopol, province Wolyn, over to the Soviet side, under a white flag of truce, to inquire of the Soviets as to their intentions in crossing the Polish-Soviet border. The three Polish soldiers never made it back to the outpost and went missing.
Radwan-Janowicz, Jerzy - wchm. pchor. rez., z 2 szw. 101. P. Ul. Rez., killed in action 21/IX/39 in Grodno, province Bialystok.
Radziejewski, Roman - st. bosm., kierownik radiostacji monitora ORP "Admiral Sierpinek" Flotylli Pinskiej, shot 26/IX/39 in the town of Mokrany, township Wielkoryta, county Brzesc-nad-Bugiem, province Polesie.
Reppel, Witold Marian Felicjan - ppor. rez. kaw., born 10/V/1916, dca III plut. 4. szw. 26. P. Ul. Wielkopolskich, killed in action 27/IX/39 in the area of Wola Sudkowska - Wladypol, county Sambor, province Lwow.
Rekas, Jan - szer., elew Szkoly Podoficerow Lotnictwa dla Maloletnich w Krosnie. Killed in action 22/IX/39 during the bombardment of Grodek Jagiellonski, province Lwow.
Robak, Piotr - z 51. or 54. PP Strzelcow Kresowych, killed in action in September 1939, buried in the area of Brzezany - Tarnopol - Zloczow, province Tarnopol.
Rogalski, Wojciech - tyt. gen. dyw. st. sp., born 10/IV/1868, murdered in 1940 in Lwow.
Rogowski, ... - ppor. z 4. PAC (OZ Artylerii Lekkiej Nr 9), killed in action 25/IX/39 in the town of Maloryta, county Brzesc-nad-Bugiem, province Polesie.
Romanowski, Kazimierz - kpt., murdered 22/IX/39 by Ukrainian partisans near the town of Rawa Ruska, province Lwow.
Rosikon, ... - strzelec, killed in action 20 or 21/IX/39 in Grodno by 37 Brygidzkiej Street.
Roszkiewicz, Mieczyslaw Antoni - kpt. piech., born 27/X/1900, dca pozostalosci baonu KOP "Snow", pulk KOP "Baranowicze", killed in action 19/IX/39 in the town of Snow, county Nieswiez, province Nowogrodek.
Roth, Ewald Franciszek - born 1/X/1905, z 2. P. Ul. Grochowskich, killed in action 19/IX/39, in the town of Brzezany, where he was buried, province Tarnopol.
Rozanski, ... - kpt. z KOP, killed in action 29/IX/39, in the town of Piszcza, county Luboml, province Wolyn. This may be the same person as kpt. Adam II Rozanski z OZ 30. Poleskiej DP, who later became I adiutantem 184. PP Rez. w 60. DP Rez. "Kobryn". The 1st battalion of the 184th Reserve Infantry Regiment engaged in a battle with a unit of the Red Army at Piszcza on the 26th of September 1939.
Roznowski, Edward - kpt., z 21. Warszawskiego PP, killed in action in September 1939 in the town of Tomaszowka near Wlodawy, county Brzesc-nad-Bugiem, province Polesie. (According to colonel L. Glowacki, s. 255, on 27/IX/39, an officer of II battalion, 84th Infantry Regiment - after reorganization the 184th Reserve Infantry Regiment - was killed in a battle against Soviet tanks in Tomaszowka).
Rycharski, Stefan - kpt., born 23/XI/1915, z 211. eskadry bombowej "Losi". Perished 17/IX/39 following an accident on the ground during the evacuation of the aerial fleet from the airport at Gwozdziec Stary, county Kolomyja, province Stanislawow.
Rydzewski, ... - por., dow. 5 kompanii w III Baonie 3 Pulku Piechoty KOP, killed in action.
Rudkowski, Piotr - killed in action 19/IX/39 in the area of Wilno.
Rutynski, Boguslaw - kpt. art., born 20/IX/1900, oficer dowodztwa artylerii Flotylli Pinskiej, shot 26/IX/39 in the town of Mokrany, township Wielkoryta, county Brzesc-nad-Bugiem, province Polesie.
Sadowski, Waclaw - por. piech., born 25/XII/1906, oficer lacznosci 8 PP Leg., killed in action 8 or 10/X/39 in the town of Roztoka, county Stryj, while attempting to cross the border. Buried in Roztoka, province Stanislawow.
Sajko (Saiko?), Julian - strz., born 1912, died of his wounds 24/IX/39 at the hospital in Wolkowysk, province Bialystok.
Salwinski, Wincenty - kpr., born 1914, commander of the guard of Marshal Jozef Pilsudski's heart in the Rossa cemetery in Wilno. Killed in action at his post by the grave 19/IX/39 together with two other soldiers . He was buried next to the grave holding the Marshal's heart.
Sander, ... - podofic., killed in action 18/IX/39 during the defence of the Dniestr river crossing at Halicz. Buried at Halicz, county Stanislawow, province Stanislawow.
Sas, Jakub - killed in action in September 1939, buried in the area of Brzezany - Tarnopol - Zloczow, province Tarnopol.
Sawicki, Waclaw - strz., killed in action 19/IX/39 at his post by the grave containing Marshal Pilsudski's heart in Wilno; buried beside it.
Sawicki, ... - st. ulan, szw. KOP "Krasnie", killed in action 17/IX/39 together with another unkown ulan near Plebania, county Molodeczno, province Wilno.
Sasiadek, Kazimierz - sierz., born 8/II/1914, z 12. PP (Wadowice), killed in action in September 1939 in the area of Brzezany - Tarnopol - Zloczow, province Tarnopol.
Schwarz, ... - nadkomisarz Policji Panstwowej we Lwowie, murdered together with a number of fellow policemen by the NKWD following the entry of the Red Army into the city in September 1939.
Sieczkowski, Waclaw Aleksander - ppor. rez., inz., born 27/III/1911, oficer ordynansowy 103. P. Szw. Rez., killed in action 23/IX/39 in the area of the town of Kalety, township Giby, county Suwalki, province Bialystok.     

Sielicki, Adam - pplk. art. st. sp., born 28/X/1884, byl dca 14. dak, killed in action in a fight with a unit of NKWD at the osada on lake Narocz, county Oszmiana, province Wilno.
Sierkuczewski, Mieczyslaw - kmdr ppor., born 13/II/1895, dca II dywizjonu Flotylli Pinskiej, shot 26/IX/39 in the town of Mokrany, township Wielkoryta, county Brzesc-nad-Bugiem, province Polesie.
Sikora, Jozef - mjr piech., dca III baonu 33. P. Strz. Kurpiowskich, killed in October 1939 by Soviet soldiers during an attempt to cross the Rumanian border. Some years after his death he was awarded the Gold Cross Virtuti Militari for his heroic defence of Nowogrodek Lomzynski in September 1939.
Skowron, ... - strz., shot 18/IX/39 in Tarnopol.
Skrzynecki, Marian - pplk kaw., born 9/XI/1891, dca 7. P. Ul. Lubelskich, heavily wounded 27/IX/39 in the town of Krukienice, died of his wounds at the hospital in Mosciska, province Lwow, 3/X/39. Buried at the local Parish cemetery. Post-humously advanced to the rank of Colonel.
Skwarczynski, Jan - shot 20/IX/39, buried in Kowel, province Wolyn.
Smolinski, Wiktor Edward - rtm., born 13/X/1891, z komendy placu w Pruzanie, killed in action 19/IX/39 on the road near Janow Poleskie. Most likely buried at the cemetery in Pinsk, province Polesie.
Smurzynski, Stanislaw - kpr., born 2/I/1918, z 51. or 54. PP Strzelcow Kresowych, killed in action in September 1939 in the area of Brzezany - Tarnopol - Zloczow, province Tarnopol.
Sochacki, Eugeniusz - por. sap., 2. P. Sap. Kaniowskich, killed in action 17/IX/39 near the town of Sarny, province Wolyn.
Sokolowski, ... - ppor., killed in action in the town of Lesniki, county Zborow, province Tarnopol.
Soltanowicz, Julian - strz., born 1912, died of his wounds 23/IX/39 at the hospital in Wolkowysk, province Bialystok.
Spychalski, ... - sierz. pchor., z III baonu "Slobodka" 3. PP KOP, perished 21 or 22/IX/39 near the town of Nawoz on the river Styr, county Luck, province Wolyn.
Stabinski, Jozef - podoficer Strazy Granicznej, killed in action 22/IX/39 near the town of Sopockinie, county Augustow, province Bialystok.
Stachlewski, Bohdan Kazimierz - pplk. kaw., born 27/VIII/1892, dca 25. P. Ul. Wielkopolskich, murdered by Ukrainians 28/IX/39, in the town of Pnikut, county Mosciska, province Lwow.
Stacyrewicz, Piotr - strz., killed in action 19/IX/39 at his post guarding the burial place of the heart of Marshal Pilsudksi in Wilno. He was buried next to this grave.
Staszewski, Wladyslaw - por., died of his wounds in 1939 at the hospital in Wilno. (This may one of two persons: por. piech. Wladyslaw Staszewski, born 18/IX/1904 or por. art. Wladyslaw Julian Staszewski, born 3/I/1907).
Stefanowicz, Czeslaw - ppor., z 78 PP (Baranowicze), shot in 1940 by the NKWD in Nowogrodek.
Stopnicki, Jan - kpt., z baonu KOP "Dawidgrodek", Brygada KOP "Polesie", killed in action 28/IX/39 in the area of Mielniki - Szack, county Luboml, province Wolyn.
Strokowski, Aleksander - por. br. panc., born 15/VI/1910, dca szw. samochodow panc. 32. dyonu panc. Podlaskiej BK, shot 17/IV/40 during an attempt at escape from a camp in the town of Kalwaria in Lithuania.
Strzemeski, Mieczyslaw Stanislaw - kpt. art. st. sp., born 1/XII/1894, adiutant dcy OK III "Grodno", shot 22/IX/39 near Sopockin, county Augustow, province Biaylstok.
Sulikowski, Karol - ppor. rez. kaw., szw. marsz. 3. P. Szw., perished following capture in September 1939 in the area of Kowel, province Wolyn.
Sulimirski, Tadeusz - gen. bryg. st. sp., born 1866, died in 1940 in prison at Lwow.
Supinski, ... - sap., z 65. komp. saperow ze Zgrupowania "Drohiczyn Poleski", killed in action 22/IX/39 in the town of Lachwicze, county Kamien Koszyrski, province Polesie.
Sutkowski, Antoni - por. kaw., z OZ Wilenskiej BK, taken prisoner 21/IX/39 in the town of Niemenczyn, county Wilno-Troki, shot towards the end of September 1939 by the NKWD in Wilno.
Szajkowski (Sajkowski?), Henryk - kpr., z V dywizjonu 20. PAL w skladzie 60. DP Rez. "Kobryn", killed in action 19 or 20/IX/39 (possibly 23/IX/39) in the town of Kamien Koszyrski, province Polesie.
Szalewicz, Marian - rtm., born 15/VIII/1899, dca 1 szw. "Budslaw" w 1. P. Kaw. KOP "Rokitno". Taken prisoner 2/X/39 in the town of Bukowa, county Bilgoraj, province Lublin, shot while in a convoy headed east (he never arrived at the temporary camp in the town of Frydrychowka on the river Zbrucz).
Szefer, Ludwik - chor. mar., z Warsztatow Plywajacych Flotylli Pinskiej, shot 26/IX/39 in the town of Mokrany, township Wielkoryta, county Brzesc-nad-Bugiem, province Polesie.
Szpakowski, Witold - ppor. rez., komp. szturm. z OZ 19. Wilenskiej DP w Grupie pplka Zygmunta Blumskiego, killed in action 21/IX/39 in Grodno, province Bialystok.
Szubert, Stanislaw - z 51. or 54. PP Strzelcow Kresowych, killed in action in September 1939 in the area of Brzezany - Tarnopol - Zloczow, province Tarnopol.
Szurlej, ... - kpr. zaw., killed in action near Szack.
Szwarc, Waclaw - st. bosm., szef kancelarii sztabu Flotylli Pinskiej, shot 26/IX/39 in the town of Mokrany, township Wielkoryta, county Brzesc-nad-Bugiem, province Polesie.
Szwarc, Zdzislaw - plut. pchor. rez. pil., born 2/III/1913, z eskadry zapasowej 3 P. Lotn. Heavily wounded 17/IX/39 during a landing at a field airport in the town of Mikulince, died a few hours later. Buried in an unmarked grave at the cemetery in Mikulince, county Tarnopol.
Szydelko, ... - kpr., dca straznicy KOP "Molotkow", baon KOP "Dederkaly", killed in action 17/IX/39 together with a group of soldiers defending the outpost until their ammunition ran out. (Molotkow, township Bialozorka, county Krzemieniec, province Wolyn).
Szymanowski, Wladyslaw - por. techn., born 21/VI/1903, z bazy Lotniczej Nr 3. Leading a patrol 17/IX/39 his unit came upon a Soviet detachment in the forest of Czarny Las between Zbaraz and Wisniowiec. Perished at an unknown location. Buried at the cemetery in Wisniowec, county Krzemieniec, province Wolyn.
Szymonski, Jozef - plut. pchor. rez. pil., z eksadry zapasowej 5. P. Lotn. at the airport Porubanek. Headed out 17/IX/39 in the plane R-XIII/D "Lublin" with the intention of flying in to Czerniowiec however the plane crashed into the radio station's antenna in Wilno. The pilot perished and was buried in the cemetery in Lida, province Nowogrodek.
Szyszllo, Radoslaw - kpt. piech., born 1/VIII/1896, dca grupy taborow. Wounded, he perished in September 1939 at the hospital in Kowel, province Wolyn.
Scislowski, Apoloniusz - rtm., born 7/VII/1900, dca szw. ckm 101. P. Ul. Rez., killed in action 22/IX/39 near the town of Kodziowiec, county Augustow, province Bialystok (nearest cemetery by the town of Sylwanowiec).
Swiatopelk-Czetwertynski, Andrzej Marian Rafal - ppor. rez. kaw., born 16/IX/1911. Murdered 20/IX/39 in the town of Skidel, county Grodno, province Bialystok.
Swietochowski, Jan - kpt. piech., born 3/XII/1901, z Brygady KOP "Grodno", killed in action 20/IX/39 near Krzemieniec. Buried at the cemetery in Krzemieniec, province Wolyn. 

Tallerman, Jozef - ppor. rez. art., born 17/VII/1893, ze 134. bat. art. plot., killed in action 17/IX/39 in the town of Wisniowiec, county Krzemieniec, province Wolyn.
Tatar, Stanislaw - plut. pchor. rez. pil., killed in action at an unknown location 17/IX/39 in the area of Wilno.
Tolpa, Franciszek - mjr. adm., born 2/X/1894, killed in action 20/IX/39 in Kowel, where he was buried, province Wolyn. 
Tomaszewski, Jacek - mjr. piech., born 18/X/1895, dca baonu KOP "Dawidgrodek", Brygada KOP "Polesie", heavily wounded on the evening of 28/IX/39 in the vicinity of Mielniki - Szack, county Luboml, province Wolyn, finished off by the enemy on the battle-field.
Tomaszewski, Julian - st. bosm., kapelmistrz orkiestry Flotylli Pinskiej, shot 26/IX/39 in the town of Mokrany, township Wielkoryta, county Brzesc-nad Bugiem, province Polesie.
Tomulewicz, ... - ulan, z 2. szw. 2. P. Ul. Grochowskich, perished 19/IX/39 during the battle in the town of Swislocz, county Wolkowysk, province Bialystok.
Trzeszczkowski, Jan Boleslaw - por. piech., born 17/VI/1906, dca 5. komp. odwodowej baonu KOP "Sejny", killed in action 22/IX/39 near the town of Sopockinie, county Augustow, province Bialystok (he was run over by a tank after having been wounded).
Urbanowski, Jerzy Aleksander - ppor. rez. kaw., inz., born 5/XI/1906, dca plut. zwiadu konnego 23. Luckiego PP, perished in September 1939 in the town of Wlodzimierz Wolynski, province Wolyn.
Wantowski, Alfons Bronislaw - kpt., born 4/IX/1892, oficer materialowy baonu KOP "Sienkiewicze", Brygada KOP "Polesie", shot 29/IX/39 in the forest near the town of Mielniki, township Pulmo, county Luboml, province Wolyn.
Warwas, ... - kpr., Kawaleria Oslonowa GO "Wolkowysk" rtm. Wiszowatego, killed in action 21/IX/39 in Grodno, province Bialystok.
Wasilewski, ... - ppor., z 3. baonu lacznosci, killed in action 17/IX/39 near the town of Czortkow, province Tarnopol.
Weigt, Juliusz - killed in action 18/IX/39 in the suburb of Rowno Sosenki, province Wolyn.
Wielowieyski, Janusz - ppor. rez. kaw., born 17/VII/1897, senator Rzeczypospolitej z okregu Nowogrodek, shot 29/IX/39 in the town of Tomaszowka near Wlodawa, county Brzesc-nad-Bugiem, province Polesie. Buried in a common grave at the war cemetery in Wlodawa.
Wilczak, Marian - kpr., dca straznicy z baonu KOP "Podswile", killed in action 17/IX/39.
Wisniewski, Jan - ppor. rez., born 1904, absolwent harvardu, baon KOP "Kleck", pulk KOP "Baranowicze". Perished after his capture in September 1939.
Wisniewski, Mieczyslaw - strz., killed in action 21/IX/39 in the town of Horochow, province Wolyn.
Witkowski, Waclaw - por. kaw., dca I plut. 4. szw. 25. P. Ul. Wielkopolskich, murdered by Ukrainians 28/IX/39 in the town of of Pnikut, county Mosciska, province Lwow.
Wlodarz, Wladyslaw Stanislaw - ppor., dca plut. sztabowego 182. PP Rez. 60. DP Rez., "Kobryn", shot 19/IX/39 in the town of Kamien Koszyrski, province Polesie.
Wojtania, Wladyslaw - por. piech., z I baonu "Luzki", 3 PP KOP, killed in action 22/IX/39 in the area of Borowicze - Nawoz - Hruziatyn on the Styr river, county Luck, province Wolyn.
Woroniecki, Konstanty Antoni - por. rez. kaw., born 11/III/1900, dca szw. marsz. 22. P. Ul. Podkarpackich, murdered towards the end of September 1939 in the area of Lwow.
Wojcicki, Stanislaw - ppor. rez. kaw., dca I plut. 1. szw. 101. P. Ul. Rez., killed in action 22/IX/39 near the town of Kodziowiec, county Augustow, province Bialystok (nearest cemetery by the town of Sylwanowiec).
Wrobel, Tomasz - ppor. rez., z oddzialu rozpoznawczego 78. Baranowickiego PP (komp."Koziki" Zgrupowania "Jasiodla"), killed in action 21/IX/39 in the town of Horodec, county Kobryn, province Polesie.
Wroblewski, Aleksander - kpr., z 2. szw. 2. P. Ul. Grochowskich, perished 19/IX/39 during the battle in the town of Swislocz, county Wolkowysk, province Bialystok.
Zabielak, ... - gajowy (gamekeeper), shot 1/X/39 in the town of Radycz, county Turka on the river Styr, province Lwow (for aiding the officers and men of General Wladyslaw Anders' headquarters).
Zacharczuk, Michal - z 51. or 54. PP Strzelcow Kresowych, killed in action September 1939 in the area of Brzezany - Tarnopol - Zloczow, province Tarnopol.
Zakrzewski, ... - pchor., z 4. PAC (OZ Artylerii Lekkiej Nr 9), killed in action 25/IX/39 in the town of Maloryta, county Brzesc-nad-Bugiem, province Polesie.
Zapart, Konstanty - z 51. or 54. PP Strzelcow Kresowych, killed in action September 1939 in the area of Brzezany - Tarnopol - Zloczow, province Tarnopol.
Zatorski, Stanislaw Boguslaw - ppor. rez. pil., born 1/III/1915, z 113. eskadry mysliwskiej Brygady Poscigowej, shot 17/IX/39 near the town of Rokitno, county Sarny, province Wolyn.
Zenob, Jos - killed in action September 1939 in the area of Brzezany - Tarnopol, province Tarnopol.
Zielonka, Waclaw - killed in action September 1939, buried in the town of Kamionka Strumilowa, province Tarnopol.
Zimmerman, Zygmunt - strz., z baonu KOP "Borszczow", pulk KOP "Polesie", killed in action 17/IX/39 in the town of Jagielnica Stara, county Czortkow, province Tarnopol.
Zabowski, Roman - z 1. P. Lotn., killed in action 17(?)/IX/39 in the town of Halewo, township Pinkowicze, county Pinsk, province Polesie. Buried in Pinsk.
Zarnocki, Lucjan - szer, z 1. P. Lotn., killed in action 17(?)/IX/39 in the town of Halewo, township Pinkowicze, county Pinsk, province Polesie. Buried in Pinsk.
Zolnowski, Mieczyslaw - st. sierz., shot 18/IX/39 on Kopernika St. in Tarnopol.
Zuk, ... - ppor. z dyonu pociagow pancernych (armoured trains), killed in action 18/IX/39 in the town of Rohatyn, province Stanislawow (or possibly in the town of Rohaczyn-Miasto, county Brzezany, province Tarnopol).
Zukowski, Stanislaw II - mjr. kaw., born 18/VII/1896, dca 101. P. Ul. Rez., heavily wounded 22/IX/39 near the town of Kodziowce, county Augustow, province Bialystok, died of his wounds at the camp in the town of Olita in Lithuania. Buried in the military cemetery in Olita.
Zurek, ... - sap., z 65. komp. saperow ze Zgrupowania "Drohiczyn Poleski", killed in action 22/IX/39 in the town of Lachwicze, county Kamien Koszyrski, province Polesie.
Zylinski, Pawel - kpt. piech., born 29/VIII/1893, shot 20/IX/39 in the town of Stadnia, township Bortkow. Buried in the town of Rozdoly (?), township Bortkow, county Zloczow, province Tarnopol.   

List # 2: Format as above. Further losses in the former provinces of Podlasie and Lublin (the contemporary names of the provinces are in use here). 
Adamczyk, Stefan - (strz., born 1918, 50. DP Rez. "Brzoza") killed in action 30/IX/39 during the bombardment of Parczew. Buried in a mass grave at the parish cemetery in Parczew, province Biala Podlaska.
Babiej, Bronislaw - (strz., baon KOP "Kleck", pulk KOP "Baranowicze") killed in action 1/X/39 near the town of Wytyczno, township Urszulin, province Chelm. Buried in a mass grave at the Orthodox cemetery by the Lowiszow mill at Wytyczno.
Banasiuk, Antoni - strz., as above for B. Babiej
Baranowski, Pelagiusz - (strz., 182. PP Rez. 60. DP Rez. "Kobryn") killed in action 29/IX/39 in the town of Puchowa Gora, township Jablon, province Biala Podlaska. Buried in a mass grave at the Jablon parish cemetery.
Bak, Michal - (pchor.) shot 25/IX/39 in the town of Teptiukow, township Hrubieszow, county Zamojskie. Buried in an individual grave on the grounds of the Chrzanowski estate in the town of Moroczyn, township Hrubieszow.
Bebko, Jefimka (Jefineka?) - (strz., baon KOP "Kleck", pulk KOP "Baranowicze") killed in action 1/X/39 near the town of Wytyczno, township Urszulin, province Chelm. Buried in a common grave at the Orthodox cemetery by the Lowiszow mill near Wytyczno.
Biernacki, Jozef - (strz., baon KOP "Kleck", pulk KOP "Baranowicze") killed in action 1/X/39 near Wytyczno, township Urszulin, province Chelm. Buried in a common grave at the Orthodox cemetery by the Lowiszow mill near Wytyczno.
Bogucinski, Leonard - (strz., baon forteczny KOP "Malynsk" pulk KOP "Sarny") shot 1/X/39 together with 3 other unknown soldiers on the Wytyczno estate grounds, township Urszulin, province Chelm. Buried in a common grave in a ditch beside a road by the estate. The unknown soldiers were exhumed and transferred to a common grave in the Wlodawo war cemetery in November of 1950.
Bolcz, Wiktor - szer. rez., 60 DP Rez. "Kobryn", killed in action 30/IX/39 near the town of Cichostow, township Milanow, province Biala Podlaska. Buried on the periphery of the old Protestant cemetery (of former German colonists) in Cichostow.
Borowski, Antoni - ppor. piech., born 6/V/1906, dca III plut. 2. komp. 182 PP Rez. 60 DP Rez. "Kobryn", killed in action 29/IX/39 near the town of Jablon, province Biala Podlaska (burial place unknown).
Bulfrowicz, Wladyslaw - born 7/VIII/1907, shot on or about 24/IX/39 in the vicinity of Komorow, township Komorow-Osada, province Zamojsc. Buried in an individual grave, in the war section of the parish cemetery in Komarow-Osada.
Calkiewicz, Jan - kpr., 1. dak, w Grupie Kawalerii "Chelm" plka Wladyslawa Plonki, killed in action 29/IX/39 in the town of Krzemien, township Dzwola, province Tarnobrzeg. Exhumed 7/VI/1952  and removed to the parish cemetery in Janow Lubelski, province Tarnobrzeg. Buried in a grave shared with kpr. Mieczyslaw Wasiak.
Cis, Adolf - 131 PP Rez., bayoneted 24/IX/39 in the town of Tyszowce-Zamlynie, township Tyszowce, province Zamosc. Buried in the war section of the parish cemetery in Tyszowce.
Czapiga, Stanislaw - podofic., 34 years old, shot 26/IX/39 in the vicinity of Komarow. Buried in an individual grave, in the war section of the parish cemetery in the town of Komarow-Osada, township Komarow-Osada, province Zamojsc.
Czeczuga, Michal - strz., baon KOP "Kleck", pulk KOP "Baranowicze", killed in action 1/X/39 near the town of Wytyczno, township Urszulin, province Chelm. Buried in a common grave at the Orthodox cemetery by the Lowiszow mill near Wytyczno.
Czyz, Jozef - strz., baon KOP "Kleck", pulk KOP "Baranowicze", killed in action 1/X/39 near Wytyczno, township Urszulin, province Chelm. Buried in a common grave at the Orthodox cemetery by the Lowiszow mill near Wytyczno.
Cwilinski, Aleksander - born 30/VI/1902, 2. P. Sap. Kaniowskich, bayoneted 24/IX/39 in the town of Tyszowce-Zamlynie, township Tyszowce, province Zamosc. Buried in an individual grave in the war section of the cemetery in Tyszowce.
Demendecki, Stanislaw - st. ulan., Oddzial Kawalerii Grupy "Kowel" plka Leona Koca, bayoneted 25/IX/39 in the town of Grabowiec-Gora, township Grabowiec, province Zamosc, buried in a common grave in the war section of the parish cemetery in Grabowiec.
Dumanski, Stanislaw - kpr., murdered 25/IX/39 in the town of Grabowiec-Gora, township Grabowiec, province Zamosc, buried in a common grave in the war section of the Grabowiec parish cemetery.
Dzierzanowski, Zygmunt - por., murdered 25/IX/39 in the town of Grabowiec-Gora, township Grabowiec, province Zamosc, buried in an individual grave in the war section of the Grabowiec parish cemetery.
Dziewaldowski (Dziewialdowski?), Jan - por., murdered 25/IX/39 in the town of Grabowiec-Gora, county Grabowiec, province Zamosc, buried in a common grave in the war section of the Grabowiec parish cemetery.
Dziewolowski, Edmund - ulan, Oddzial Kawalerii Grupy "Kowel" plka Leona Koca, bayoneted 25/IX/39 in the town of Grabowiec-Gora, township Grabowiec, province Zamosc. Buried in an individual grave in the war section of the Grabowiec parish cemetery.
Eborowicz, Jerzy - mjr rez. Korpusu Oficerow Sadownictwa, born 25/VIII/1881, Sad Polowy Armii Lublin (?), murdered 26/IX/39 in Zamlyn, township Tyszowce, province Zamosc, buried in an individual grave in the war section of the Tyszowce parish cemetery.
Feltynowski, Makary - 2. P. Sap. Kaniowskich, bayoneted 24/IX/39 in the town of Tyszowce-Zamlyn, township Tyszowce, province Zamosc. Buried in the war section of the Tyszowce parish cemetery.
Fiutko, ... - strz., murdered 25/IX/39 in the town of Grabowiec-Gora, township Grabowiec, province Zamosc, buried in an individual grave in the war section of the Grabowiec parish cemetery.
Fiuto, Ignacy Marian - por. rez. lek., born 1892, physician of the field hospital in the town of Grabowiec, province Zamosc, murdered in the hospital, buried in an individual grave in the war section of the Grabowiec parish cemetery.
Frankowski, Franciszek, s. Jozefa - ulan, Podlaska BK, heavily wounded 29/IX/39 near the Smuga forest in the area of Jablon, died of his wounds 30/IX/39 in the town of Jablon, province Biala Podlaska. Buried in a common grave at the Jablon parish cemetery.
Gajrdzik (Gajdzik?), Boleslaw - strz., baon KOP "Kleck". pulk KOP "Baranowicze, killed in action 1/X/39 near the town of Wytyczno, township Urszulin, province Chelm. Buried in a common grave at the Orthodox cemetery by the Lowiszow mill near Wytyczno.
Garbowski, Jan - ulan, Oddzial Kawalerii Grupy "Kowel" plka Leona Koca, bayoneted 25/IX/39 in the town of Grabowiec-Gora, township Grabowiec, province Biala Podlaska (sic), buried in an individual grave in the war section of the Grabowiec parish cemetery.
Garczarek, Stanislaw - st. strz., murdered 25/IX/39 in the town of Grabowiec-Gora, township Grabowiec, province Zamosc. Buried in a common grave in the war section of the Grabowiec parish cemetery.   

Gorecki, Rafal - ppor. rez. piech., born 5/XII/1910, dca II plut. 1. komp. 182. PP Rez. 60. DP Rez. "Kobryn". killed in action 29/IX/39 near the town of Puchowa Gora, township Jablon, province Biala Podlaska. Buried in a common grave at the Jablon parish cemetery.
Grott, Lucjan - mjr piech., dca komp. fortecznej "Tyszyca", baon fort. KOP "Malynsk", pulk KOP "Sarny". Taken prisoner 1/X/39 following the battle near Wytyczno, township Urszulin, province Chelm and disappeared - most likely murdered in the forests of Wlodawa.
Hinca, Bernard - szer., 184. PP Rez. 60. DP Rez. "Kobryn", killed in action 30/IX/39 near Milanow, township Milanow, province Biala Podlaska. Buried in a common grave at the Milanow parish cemetery.
Hellnich, ... - kpr. w baonie Chemicznym, killed in action during the battle near Husynna 24/IX/39.
Jagodzinski, Apolinary - plk zand., komendant Kwatery Glownej Zgrupowania KOP gen. Ruckemanna. Taken prisoner 1/X/39 following the battle near Wytyczno, township Urszulin, province Chelm, then disappeared - most likely murdered in the forests of Wlodawa.
Janicki, Edmund - por., 27. Czestochowski PP, killed in action 24/IX/39 in the town of Rogalin, township Horodlo, province Zamosc. Buried in a common grave by the road in Rogalin. Exhumed in 1952 and moved to a common grave at the Strzyzow (near Hrubieszow, township Horodlo) parish cemetery.
Janik, Wladyslaw - plut. pchor., 50. DP Rez. "Brzoza", killed in action 30/IX/39 during the bombardment of Parczew, province Biala Podlaska. Buried in a common grave at the Parczew parish cemetery.
Jaskiewicz, Stanislaw - ulan, 25. P. Ul. Wielkopolskich, murdered 25/IX/39 in the town of Grabowiec-Gora, township Grabowiec, province Zamosc, buried in a common grave in the war section of the Grabowiec parish cemetery.
Jura, Jacek Aleksy - pplk piech., dca pulku KOP "Baranowicze". Taken prisoner 1/X/39 following the battle at Wytyczno, township Urszulin, province Chelm then disappeared - most likely murdered in the forests of Wlodawa.
Kalinowski, Henryk - kpr. pchor., murdered 25/IX/39 at the field hospital in the town of Grabowiec, township Grabowiec, province Zamosc. Buried in an individual grave in the war section of the Grabowiec parish cemetery.
Klosowski, Stanislaw - ppor. rez., pulk KOP "Baranowicze". Wounded 1/X/39 near Wytyczno, township Urszulin, province Chelm, died of his wounds at the hospital in Wlodawa. Buried without a marker in a common grave in the war cemetery in Wlodawa, province Chelm.
Komorowski, Jan - kpr., born 1917, murdered 25/IX/39 in the town of Grabowiec-Gora, township Grabowiec, province Zamosc, buried in a common grave, in the war section of the Grabowiec parish cemetery.
Koscinski, Jan - kpr., 2. P. Sap. Kaniowskich, bayoneted 24/IX/39 in the town of Tyszowce-Zamlyn, township Tyszowce, province Zamosc. Buried in the war section of the Tyszowce parish cemetery.
Kozanek (Korzonek?), Jan - strz., baon KOP "Kleck", pulk KOP "Baranowicze", killed in action 1/X/39 near Wytyczno, township Urszulin, province Chelm. Buried in a common grave at the Orthodox cemetery by the Lowiszow mill near Wytyczno.
Kramek, Jan - strz., baon KOP "Kleck", pulk KOP "Baranowicze", killed in action near Wytyczno, township Urszulin, province Chelm. Buried in a common grave by the Lowiszow mill near Wytyczno.
Krzywiec, Walerian - por. uzbr., born 1/IX/1891, Warsztaty Amunicyjne Nr 1 w Warszawie, shot 24/IX/39 in the vicinity of Komarow, township Komarow-Osada, province Zamosc. Buried in an individual grave in the war section of the Grabowiec parish cemetery.
Kubaszek, Jozef - ulan, Oddzial Kawalerii Grupy "Kowel" plka Leona Koca, bayoneted 25/IX/39 in the town of Grabowiec-Gora, township Grabowiec, province Zamosc. Buried in a common grave in the war section of the Grabowiec parish cemetery.
Kubaszewski, Jozef - podofic., born 1899, z Gniezna, murdered 25/IX/39 in the town of Grabowiec-Gora. Buried in a common grave at the Grabowiec parish cemetery.
Kuszyk, Jan - kpr., shot 28/IX/39 in the town of Jablon, township Jablon, province Biala Podlaska, buried in a common grave at the Jablon parish cemetery.
Matusik, Wladyslaw - strz., from Pruszkow, baon KOP "Kleck", pulk KOP "Baranowicze", heavily wounded 1/X/39 in the town of Wytyczno, township Urszulin, province Chelm, finished off on the battlefield by the local Ukrainians. Buried in a common grave at the Orthodox cemetery by the Lowiszow mill near Wytyczno.
Mazur, Jan Franciszek - ppor. rez. piech., born 8/II/1895, zca dcy improwizowanego szwadronu Oddzialu Kawalerii Grupy "Kowel" pplk Leona Koca, killed in action during charges between the towns of Grabowiec - Grabowiec-Gora, township Grabowiec, province Zamosc. In another account, he was murdered. Buried in an individual grave in the war section of the Grabowiec parish cemetery.
Mazur, Jan - strz., baon forteczny KOP "Malynsk", pulk KOP "Sarny" wounded 1/X/39 near the town of Wytyczno, township Urszulin, province Chelm, was then further horrifically wounded by a Soviet soldier, while being transported to hospital, at the Szelibudy colony, township Stary Brus, province Chelm. As a consequence of this wounding he died shortly thereafter. Most likely buried by the road in the Wlodawa forests. The grave was lost and forgotten.
Maczynski, Stefan Mieczyslaw - ppor. rez. kaw., born 5/X/1905, 2. P. Szw. Rokitnianskich, shot 30/IX/39 near the railway station in the town of Milanow, township Milanow, province Biala Podlaska. Buried in a common grave at the Milanow parish cemetery.
Mikula, Jozef - strz., baon KOP "Kleck", pulk KOP "Baranowicze", killed in action 1/X/39 near the town of Wytyczno, township Urszulin, province Chelm. Buried in a common grave at the Orthodox cemetery by the Lowiszow mill near Wytyczno.
Moczulski, Wiktor - rtm., born 4/II/1900, dca 3. szw. 110. P. Ul. Rez., killed in action 24/IX/39 near the town of Dolistowo Duze, on the Augustow canal by its entrance into the Biebrza. Buried at the church cemetery in the village of Jamina, township Sztablin, province Suwlaki.
Moscicki, Bohdan Witold Stefan - ppor. rez. piech., born 9/IX/1912, zca dcy II plut. 1. komp. 182. PP Rez. 60. DP "Kobryn", killed in action in the town of Puchowa Gora, township Jablon, province Biala Podlaska. Buried in an individual grave at the Jablon parish cemetery. (Exhumed in March 1990 and removed to the family plot at the Wola Gulowska parish cemetery, township Adamow, province Siedlce).
Mroz, Ludwik - 2. P. Saperow Kaniowskich, bayoneted 24/IX/39 in the town of Tyszowce-Zamlynie. Buried in the war section of the Tyszowce parish cemetery, township Tyszowce, province Zamosc.
Mul (Mol?), Stanislaw - bosman-mat Flotylli Pinskiej, shot 30/IX/39 near Milanow, township Milanow, province Biala Podlaska. Buried in a common grave at the Milanow parish cemetery.
Musiol, Wladyslaw - 27. Czestochowski PP, killed in action in the town of Rogalin, township Horodlo, province Zamosc. Buried in a common grave by the road in Rogalin. Exhumed in 1952 and removed to a common grave at the Strzyzowie parish cemetery, near Hrubieszowa, township Horodlo.
Nierychlewski, Wlodzimierz - kpt. inz., taken prisoner along with por. Jozef Rautt 24/IX/39 in the town of Nieledew, township Trzeszczany, province Zamosc. Immediately hacked up by sword. Buried in a common grave, together with por. Jozef Rautt, at the Orthodox cemetery in Nieledew.
Ogorzelny, Stanislaw - 2. P. Sap. Kaniowskich, bayoneted 24/IX/39 in the town of Tyszowce-Zamlynie, township Tyszowce, province Zamosc. Buried in the war section of the Tyszowce parish cemetery.
Orzel, Jakub - kpr., murdered 25/IX/39 in the town of Grabowiec-Gora, township Grabowiec, province Zamosc. Buried in a common grave in the war section of the Grabowiec parish cemetery.
Pastwa, Aleksander - ulan, Oddzial Kawalerii Grupy "Kowel" plka Leona Koca, bayoneted 25/IX/39 in the town of Grabowiec-Gora, township Grabowiec, province Zamosc. Buried in a common grave in the war section of the Grabowiec parish cemetery.
Perczak, Teodor - kpr. pchor., murdered 25/IX/39 in the Grabowiec field hospital, township Grabowiec, province Zamosc. Buried in a common grave, under a separate cross, in the war section of the Grabowiec parish cemetery.
Pierzak, Jan - 27. Czestochowski PP, killed in action 24/IX/39 in the town of Rogalin, township Horodlo, province Zamosc. Buried in a common grave by the road in Rogalin. Exhumed in 1952 and removed to a common grave in the Strzyzowie parish cemetery, near Hrubieszowa, township Horodlo.
Pietrzak, Piotr, - 27. Czestochowa PP, killed in action 24/IX/39 in the town of Rogalin, township Horodlo, province Zamosc. Buried in a common grave by the road in Rogalin. Exhumed in 1952 and removed to a common grave at the Strzyzow parish cemetery, near Hrubieszow, township Horodlo.
Pilinski, Jan - strz., baon KOP "Kleck", pulk KOP "Baranowicze", killed in action near the town of Wytyczno, township Urszulin, province Chelm. Buried in a common grave at the Orthodox cemetery by the Lowiszow mill, near Wytyczno.
Plociennik, ... - st. strz., Brygada KOP "Polesie", wounded 1/X/39 near the town of Wytyczno, township Urszulin, province Chelm, died of his wounds at the hospital in Wlodawa. Buried without a marker in a common grave at the war cemetery in Wlodawa, province Chelm.
Poznanski, Erwin - por. rez. piech., born 16/IV/1883, 50. DP Rez. "Brzoza", killed in action 28/IX/39 in the town of Kodeniec, township Debowa Kloda, province Biala Podlaska. Buried in a common grave at the Parczew parish cemetery, province Biala Podlaska.
Prieba, Pawel Helmut - 2. P. Sap. Kaniowskich, bayoneted 24/IX/39 in the town of Tyszowce-Zamlynie, township Tyszowce, province Zamosc. Buried in the war section of the Tyszowce parish cemetery.
Ptaszkowski, Stefan - strz., 134. PP Rez., killed in action 1/X/39 near the town of Wytyczno, township Urszulin, province Chelm. Buried in a common grave at the Orthodox cemetery by the Lowiszow mill near Wytyczno.
Pyszkowski, Stefan - (from Warsaw). Together with 25 other unknown soldiers of the 27. Czestochowa PP, taken prisoner 24/IX/39 in the town of Rogalin, township Horodlo, province Zamosc. Transported to the town of Husynne, township Hrubieszow, that very same day they were all bayoneted in the manor cow-shed. Buried in individual unmarked graves in the war section adjacent to the Orthodox cemetery in the town of Husynne, township Hrubieszow, province Zamosc.
Rautt, Jozef - por. laczn., born 1/IV/1907, 1. DP Leg., hacked to death by sword following capture. Buried in a grave together with kpt. inz. Wlodzimierz Nierychlewski
at the Nieledwo Orthodox cemetery, township Trzezczany, province Zamosc.
Rozycki-Kolodziejczyk, Tadeusz - plk dypl., dca Brygady KOP "Polesie". Taken prisoner 1/X/39 following the battle at Wytyczno, township Urszulin, province Chelm, went missing - most likely murdered in the Wlodawa forests.
Ruszkowski, Leon - kpt., shot 25/IX/39 in the town of Grabowiec-Gora, township Grabowiec, province Zamosc. Buried in an individual grave in the war section of the Grabowiec parish cemetery.
Siodmak, Jozef - 2. P. Sap. Kaniowskich, bayoneted 24/IX/39 in the town of Tyszowce-Zamlynie, township Tyszowce, province Zamosc. Buried in the war section of the Tyszowiec parish cemetery.
Slawinski, Stefan - strz., 182. PP Rez., 60. DP Rez. "Kobryn", killed in action 29/IX/39 in the town of Puchowa Gora, township Jablon, province Biala Podlaska. Buried in a common grave at the Jablon parish cemetery.
Smolka, Stanislaw - mjr rez. sap., inz., born 6/I/1882, shot 24/IX/39 in the vicinity of the town of Komarow, township Komarow-Osada, province Zamosc. Buried in an individual grave in the war section of the Komarow-Osada parish cemetery.
Sobolew, Bazyli - kpt. piech., born 16/IV/1895, oficer 85. P. Strzelcow Wilenskich, zca dcy II baonu 178. PP Rez. 50. DP Rez. "Brzoza" (captain of infantry, officer of the 85th Regiment Wilno Rifles, assistant commander of the 2nd battalion, 178th Reserve Infantry Regiment, 50th Reserve Infantry Division "Brzoza"), killed in action 28 or 29/IX/39 in the town of Kodeniec, township Debowa Kloda, province Biala Podlaska. Buried in a common grave at the Parczew parish cemetery, province Biala Podlaska.    

Spica, Jozef - bomb., born 1911, 50. DP Rez. "Broza", killed in action during the bombardment of Parczew, province Biala Podlaska. Buried in a common grave at the Parczew parish cemetery.
Stachyra, Stefan - strz., baon forteczny KOP "Malynsk", pulk KOP "Sarny", killed in action 1/X/39 near the town of Mietulka, where he was buried, in the area of Wytyczno, township Stary Brus, province Chelm. Exhumed in November 1950 and removed to the war cemetery in Wlodawa, province Chelm, where he was buried in an unmarked common grave.
Stankowski, Antoni, son of Anthony - kpt., born 1912, Warszawski Baon Obrony Narodowej, wounded 1/X/39 near the town of Wytyczno, township Urszulin, province Chelm, died of his wounds 14/X/39 at the hospital in Wlodawa. Buried without a marker at the war cemetery in Wlodawa, province Chelm.
Stolarski, Stanislaw Antoni - kpt. laczn., born 22/IV/1906, oficer lacznosci baonu KOP "Dawidgrodek", Brygada KOP "Polesie". Taken prisoner 1/X/39 following the battle at Wytyczno, township Urszulin, province Chelm, was murdered that same evening in the vicinity of the town of Borysik, township Urszulin. Buried at the Wereszczyn parish cemetery, township Urszulin, in a common grave together with a number of unknown soldiers also murdered 1/X/39 in the vicinity of the town of Zabrodzie (the grave is located to the right of a common grave containing Polish Army soldiers killed in action in 1920).
Sykut, Kazimierz - strz., baon KOP "Kleck", pulk KOP "Baranowicze", murdered 1/X/39 in the town of Wytyczno, township Urszulin, province Chelm. Buried in a common grave at the Orthodox cemetery by the Lowiszow mill near Wytyczno.
Sztuft, Karol - kpr., shot 28/IX/39 in the town of Jablon, township Jablon, province Biala Podlaska. Buried in a common grave at the Jablon parish cemetery (the grave marker incorrectly lists his given name as "Kazimierz").
Szymanowski, Bonifacy - kpr., murdered 25/IX/39 in the town of Grabowiec-Gora. Buried in the war section of the Grabowiec parish cemetery, township Grabowiec, province Zamosc.
Szyszkowski, Bonifacy - kpr., murdered 25/IX/39 in the town of Grabowiec-Gora, township Grabowiec, province Zamosc. Buried in an individual grave in the Grabowiec parish cemetery.
Sniezynski, Jozef - ppor. rez., teacher from Pruzan, killed in action 1/X/39 near Wytyczno.
Swierczynski, Jozef - strz., baon KOP "Kleck", pulk KOP "Baranowicze", killed in action 1/X/39 near the town of Wytyczno, township Urszulin, province Chelm. Buried in a common grave at the Orthodox cemetery by the Lowiszow mill at Wytyczno.
Totiew, Waclaw - kpt. kaw., wounded 25(?)/IX/39 in the town of Dub, township Komarow-Osada, province Zamosc, buried at the Dub parish cemetery.
Trzpil, Jozef - ppor. rez. lek., born 1897 in the town of Podzamcze near Garwolina, died of his wounds in 1939 at the town of Wolka Wytyczka, township Urszulin, province Chelm (Most likely a physcian officer of the KOP group of general Ruckemann, wounded 1/X/39 during the battle at Wytyczno). There is a lack of reliable information regarding his place of burial.
Trzymalski, Tadeusz - kpr. w baonie Chemicznym, killed in action during the battle near Husynne 24/IX/39.
Urban, Kazimierz - st. ulan, Oddzial Kawalerii Grupy "Kowel" plka Leona Koca, bayoneted 25/IX/39 in the town of Grabowiec-Gora, township Grabowiec, province Zamosc. Buried in a common grave in the war section of the Grabowiec parish cemetery.
Warenczuk, Stefan - 2. P. Sap. Kaniowskich, bayoneted 24/IX/39 in the town of Tyszowce-Zamlynie, province Zamosc. Buried in the war section of the Tyszowce parish cemetery.
Warmszel, Marceli - strz., Zgrupowania KOP gen. Ruckemanna, wounded 1/X/39 near Wytyczno, township Urszulin, province Chelm, died of his wounds 4/X/39 at the hospital in Wlodawa. Buried in the Jewish cemetery in Wlodawa, province Chelm.
Wasiak, Mieczyslaw - kpr., 1 dak w Grupie Kawalerii "Chelm", plka dypl. Wladyslawa Plonki, killed in action 29/IX/39 in the town of Krzemien, township Dzwola, province Tarnobrzeg. Exhumed 7/VI/1952 and removed to the Janow Lubelski parish cemetery, province Tarnobrzeg. Buried in a grave shared with kpr. Jan Calkiewicz.
Wasilewski, Henryk (given name uncertain) - kpt., murdered 25/IX/39 in the town of Grabowiec-Gora, township Grabowiec, province Zamosc. Buried in an individual grave in the war section of the Grabowiec parish cemetery.
Wiaczek, Jerzy - ulan, Oddzial Kawalerii Grupy "Kowel" plka Leona Koca, bayoneted 24/IX/39 in the town of Grabowiec-Gora, township Grabowiec, province Zamosc. Buried in a common grave in the war section of the of the Grabowiec parish cemetery.
Wilczewski, Bronislaw - 23 years old, tankette driver, bayoneted 24/IX/39 in the town of Tyszowce-Zamlynie, township Tyszowce, province Zamosc. Buried in an individual grave in the war section of the Tyszowce parish cemetery.
Wislicki, Henryk - kpt. dr med., born 20/IV/1896, oficer 9. Zamojskiego PP Leg., komendant Szpitala Polowego Nr. 2, evacuated from Brzesc-nad-Bugiem to the town of Grabowiec, township Grabowiec, province Zamosc. Murdered 25/IX/39 in the doorway of the hospital. Buried in an individual grave in the war section of the Grabowiec parish cemetery.
Wisniewski, Henryk - kpr., murdered 25/IX/39 in the town of Grabowiec-Gora, township Grabowiec, province Zamosc. Buried in an individual grave in the war section of the Grabowiec parish cemetery.
Wojciechowski, Bronislaw - 2. P. Sap. Kaniowskich, bayoneted 24/IX/39 in the town of Tyszowce-Zamlynie, township Tyszowce, province Zamosc. Buried in the war section of the Tyszowce parish cemetery.
Wojciechowski, Maciej - mjr. piech., dca baonu KOP "Rokitno", pulk KOP "Sarny". Taken prisoner 1/IX/39 following the battle at Wytyczno, township Urszulin, province Chelm, then disappeared - most likely murdered in the Wlodawa forests.
Wysocki, Waclaw - strz., 182. PP Rez. 60. DP Rez. "Kobryn", killed in action 29/IX/39 in the town of Puchowa Gora, township Jablon, province Biala Podlaska. Buried in a common grave at the Jablon parish cemetery.
Zakrzewski, Stefan - ppor. rez. piech., born 16/VII/1911, z nadwyzek 18. Skierniewickiego PP, wounded 1/X/39 near the town of Wytyczno, township Urszulin, province Chelm, died of his wounds at the hospital in Wlodawa. Buried in a common grave at the Wlodawa parish Catholic cemetery, province Chelm.
Zalewski, Adam - strz., Zgrupowanie KOP gen. Ruckemanna, wounded 1/X/39 near Wytyczno, township Urszulin, province Chelm, died of his wounds 4/X/39 at the hospital in Wlodawa. Buried without a marker at the war cemetery in Wlodawa, province Chelm.
Zalewski, Janusz Adam - ppor. rez. art., born 29/IX/1908, 9. PAL, murdered 24/IX/39 in the town of Antopol, township Podedworze, province Biala Podlaska. Buried in the vaults of the Catholic church in the town of Opole, township Podedworze.
Zaslona, Henryk - plut., 5. P. Ul. Zaslawskich, Podlaska BK, killed in action 30/IX/39 at the Marynin fortifications, township Radzyn Podlaski, province Biala Podlaska. Buried under a cross on the property of an estate. In the fall of 1939 he was exhumed by his family and removed most likely to Ostroleka.         

List # 3: Unknown Soldiers (In some cases, they are buried in common graves alongside known soldiers).
County Biala Podlaska:
Jablon, township Jablon - Catholic parish cemetery.
Six soldiers are buried in a common grave. These were unarmed soldiers taken in the nearby colony of Antopol (Wantopol) on the 30th of September, 1939 and shot on the same day at a crossroads near the town of Jablon.
Milanow, township Milanow - Catholic parish cemetery.
Between 6 and 11 soldiers of the 60th DP Rez. "Kobryn" are buried in a common grave. They were killed in action on the battlefields of Milanow and Cichoso on 30/IX/39. Among them lies a lance sergeant of the cavalry who was tied to a birch tree in a Milanow park and slowly knifed by bayonets.
Parczew, Catholic parish cemetery.
In a common grave lie 6 soldiers of the 5th sappers batallion, 50. PP Rez. "Brzoza" who were killed in action 28/IX/39 in the town of Kodeniec. (This was a forward patrol of sappers who were killed by grenades with the active involvement of local Ukrainians). 
Paszenki, township Jablon - Catholic parish cemetery.
Together in one grave lie 2 soldiers of the 182nd PP Rez. 60. DP Rez. "Kobryn" who had been wounded 29/IX/39 near the town of Puchowa Gora and died that same day at the first aid station.
Poloski, township Piszczac - former Uniate cemetery, at the time being used as the Catholic parish cemetery.
Buried in a common grave lie three soldiers treacherously murdered by the local Ukrainians during the third week of September 1939. In this locality, more than a dozen Polish soldiers were murdered, among them a 7 man convoy, led by a sergeant, which was transporting the regimental cash-box. These soldiers were secretly buried in the surrounding fields, any trace of their burial obliterated by the perpetrators.
Radcze, township Milanow - Catholic parish cemetery.
In a common grave lie 3 soldiers (including a lieutenant) shot 7/X/39 near the windmill in the town of Radcze. (Most likely these were soldiers who avoided German captivity following the battle of Kock. The soldiers were not armed; their documents were destroyed by the Reds who murdered them).
County Chelm:
Osowa, township Hansk - the forest of Nadlesnictwa Sobibor.
The grave of an unknown st. strz. of the KOP batallion "Berezne", KOP regiment "Sarny", lies in the forest, some 110 metres off to the right of the road to Hansk, near the cottage of the Osowa Podlaski gamekeeper.  Wounded 28/IX/39 near the town of Szack, he died of his wounds on the following day in the gamekeeper's cottage. The grave is still obvious.
Sobibor (railway station), township Wlodawa - the forest of Nadlesnictwa Sobibor.
By the forest road, some 3 km. from the station "PKP" near the ruins of the gamekeeper's cottage "Zbereze", a 2nd lieutenant of the KOP lies buried. Wounded 1/X/39 during the battle at Wytyczno, he was staying at the cottage, recovering. One day, prior to the 10th of October 1939 he was shot by a Ukrainian, Wasyl Sawicki, of the nearby town of Stulno, township Wola Uhruska. The grave is still obvious.
Sosnowica, township Sosnowica - Catholic parish cemetery.
Three soldiers are buried in a common grave . Most likely these were soldiers of KOP general Ruckemann's group, murdered in the first days of October 1939, following the battle at the town of Wytyczno. 
Srebrzyszcze (Serebryszcze), township Chelm.
In the 3rd week of September 1939, more than a dozen soldiers of the Polish army were executed here. For the most part, they were unarmed and on their own when captured by the Red Army. Murdered, they were then buried where they fell and all traces of the graves were obliterated.
Wlodawa - war cemetary.
A few hundred men are buried here, either soldiers killed in action in September of 1939 during battles with the Germans or men wounded 1/X/39 near the town of Wytyczno, who later died of their wounds at the hospital in Wlodawa.
In November of 1950, a few dozen soldiers of the KOP were exhumed and interred in this cemetery; those killed in action 1/X/39 in the battle near the town of Wytyczno, township of Urszulin as well as those murdered following the battle who had earlier been buried in 3 common graves at the Orthodox cemetery near the Lowiszow mill near Wytyczno.
All of the soldiers buried at this cemetery are unknown and are resting in common graves.
Wytyczno, township Urszulin - war section of the Orthodox cemetery near the Lowiszow mill near Wtyczno (now known as the war cemetery of the Soldiers of the KOP).
In three common graves lie about 110 soldiers of the KOP, killed in action 1/X/39 during the battle at Wytyczno, died of their wounds or murdered following the conclusion of the battle. The largest common grave contains about 87 soldiers, laid out in 4 layers, one on top of the other. 
In November of 1950, a partial exhumation and removal was undertaken to the war cemetery at Wlodawa, encompassing only the top layer of corpses.
It is not known which soldiers, known or unknown,  were transferred.
Zlobek Duzy, township Wlodawa - the forest of Nadlesnictwa Sobibor.
In the forest, 300 metres east of the village and about 170 metres to the left of the road leading to the railway station of Sobibor, an unknown soldier lies buried at the spot where he died. Most likely this was a soldier of the KOP, who was able to cross to the far side of the river Bug following the battle at Wytyczno. During the first days of October 1939 he was discovered by an armed Ukrainian school-teacher, named Horodecka, and turned over to the local Ukrainian Communist militia who shot him in the forest beyond the village. The grave is still obvious.
County Zamosc:
Antoniowka, township Krynice - war cemetery.
In this cemetery, located just beyond the village, on the left side of the road leading from Bud to Zaboreczna, one can find the common grave of 12 or 13 soldiers, most likely officer cadets of the Polish Army, murdered with grenades during the 3rd week of September 1939 in the village of Niemirowek, 2 or 3 kilometres down the road. They were exhumed from Niemirowka and transferred to the cemetery in Antoniowka during the 1940s and 1950s, laid there to rest as unknown soldiers killed in action in battles with the Germans (sic!).
Dub, township Komarow-Osada - parish cemetery.
On the left hand side of the cemetery (when looking along the main path in the direction from the gate to the chapel), by the cemetery wall, at the level of the chapel, can be found 7 graves of "Unknown Soldiers", killed in action or murdered (evidence is contradictory) on or about 25/IX/39. These graves would likely have been marked by wooden crosses, on which would have been hung soldiers' helmets. During the post-war years, the crosses have rotted away, the helmets have disappeared.
Grabowiec, township Grabowiec - Catholic parish cemetery.
Sixteen unknown soldiers are buried in a common grave in the military quarter of the cemetery. Among them are ulans of the Cavalry Unit Group "Kowel" of pplk. dypl. Leon Waclaw Koc, taken prisoner 25/IX/39 in the town of Grabowiec-Gora and bayoneted, as well as wounded soldiers from various units, being treated at the No. 2 Field Hospital, evacuated from Bresc-nad-Bugiem to the town of Grabowiec, who were likewise murdered 25/IX/39 in Grabowiec. In an individual grave nearby lies buried an unknown major, also a patient of that hospital.
Husynne, township Hrubieszow - military quarter next to the Orthodox cemetery.
Individual graves had been prepared for 25 unknown soldiers of the 27th Czestochowa PP, taken prisoner 24/IX/39 in the town of Rogalin near Strzyzowa. They were taken to Husynne where they were bayoneted in the estate cow-barn that same day. Their commander, an unknown major, was drowned in a pool of liquid manure on the grounds of the sugar refinery "Strzyzow" in the township of Horodlo.
On the other hand, a common grave in the same quarter holds the bodies of 6 soldiers. These were unarmed soldiers, who towards the end of September 1939 were sitting by a fire in a ditch by a road near Husynne. A Soviet tank came down the road and shot them all with its machine gun.   
Komarow-Osada, township Komarow-Osada - Catholic parish cemetery.
In the military quarter, lie more than a dozen unknown soldiers in individual graves. These men had been shot some time during the period 24 - 30/IX/39 in the area of Komarowa.
Strzyzow, township Horodlo - Catholic parish cemetery.
In 1952, 9 unknown soldiers of the 27th Czestochowa PP, were exhumed from a common road-side grave by the town of Rogalin near Strzyzow and buried at this location in a common grave. They had perished 24/IX/39 during a battle in the town of Rogalin.
Teratyn, township Uchanie - Uniate cemetery.
In the third week of September 1939, more than a dozen soldiers of the Polish Army were murdered at this locality, lying at the junction of the roads Chelm-Hrubieszow and Horodlo-Krasnystaw.
Tyszowce, township Tyszowce - Catholic parish cemetery.
In one common and two individual graves lie 7 unknown sappers of the 2nd P. Sap. Kaniowskich, bayoneted 24/IX/39 after their capture in the town of Tyszowce-Zamlynie.
The lists of Part One are from the book Wojna Polsko-Sowiecka, 1939, by Ryszard Szawlowski, Warszawa, 1997, Wydawnictwo Antyk Marcin Dybowski.
Updates came from the book Ukrainski Slad Katynia, Warszawa 1995, Ministerstwo Spraw Wewnetrznych.

A list of Polish Soldiers from World War Two who lie buried at the Newark-upon-Trent Cemetery, London Road, Nottinghamshire, England
The vast majority of the Polish soldiers at this cemetery are airmen and so it is also known as the Polish Air-Force Cemetery. It occupies a portion of the Newark town cemetery.
Polish Military Cemeteries in Western Europe:
Perth, Scotland
Glasgow, Scotland
Edinburgh, Scotland
Ormskirk, England
Manchester, England
Chester, England
Newark, England
Whitchurch, England
Newmarket, England
London, England
Tidworth, England
Botley, England
Wrexham, Wales
Bayeux, France
Grainville-Langannerie, France
Thouars, France
Bressuire, France
Parthenay, France
Reims, France
Paris, France
Metz, France
Nancy, France
Montbard, France
Belfort, France
Marseilles, France
Nice, France
Leysin, Switzerland
Losone, Switzerland
Bern, Switzerland
Gebenstorf, Switzerland
Winterthur, Switzerland
Axel, Belgium
Bruxelles, Belgium
Anvers, Belgium
Lommel, Belgium
Numegen, Holland
Breda-Ginneken, Holland
Breda-Znyilen, Holland
Breda-Prinsehagen, Holland
Driel, Holland
Oosterbeek, Holland
Pappenburg, Germany
Aschendorf, Germany
Kloppenburg, Germany
Rehden, Germany
Haselunne, Germany
Furstenau, Germany
Dorpen, Germany
Meppen, Germany
Munster, Germany
AACU      - Anti Aircraft Co-Operation Unit
AFU       - Advanced Flying Unit
Ba.Dr      - Baon Drag. (Dragoon Battalion)
BG.Fl     - (Bomber) Gunnery Flight
1 Br.Spad - Samodzielna Polska Brygada Spadochronowa
            (1st Polish Independent Parachute Brigade)
1 Br.Strz - Brygada Strzelcow (1st Rifle Brigade)
CGS       - Central Gunnery School (Szkola strzelania)
C-in-C    - Commander-in-Chief
CWP       - Centrum Wyszkolenia Piechoty (Infantry Training
D.Pc.     - Dywizja Pancerna (Polish Armoured Division)
FTC       - Flying Training Command, RAF
HCU       - Heavy Conversion Unit (Jednostka przeszkolenia
            na samoloty ciezkie wielosilnikowe
            typu "Lancaster")
ObRep     - Oboz Repatriacyjny (Repatriation Camp)
OR        - Oddzial Rozpoznawczy (Reconnaissance Unit)
OTU       - Operational Training Unit (Jednostka
            dopasowania i doskonalenia bojowego)
PBP       - Pomorska Brygada Piechoty
PLSK      - Pomocnicza Lotnicza Sluzba Kobiet (WAAF)
Pres.     - President, Polish Republic
PMW       - Polska Marynarka Wojenna (Polish Navy)
PRC       - Polish Resettlement Corps
RAF       - Royal Air Force
RAFVR     - Krolewski Sily Powietrzne (Ochotnicza Rezerwa)
SFTS      - Service Flying Training School (Szkola pilotazu
            podstawowego, II stopnia)
Sqdn.     - Squadron (Dywizjon)
SzWoj     - Szpital Wojenny (Military Hospital)
Szt.Gl    - Sztab Glowny - Polish General Staff
TTC       - Technical Training Command, RAF
WP        - Wojsko Polskie - Polish Army, various units
WSL       - Wyzsza Szkola Lotnicza - P.A.F. Staff College
WSW       - Wyzsza Szkola Wojenna - Polish Army Staff
45 Gr Can - 45 Group Canada: RAF Ferry Command (Atlantic)
Polish Squadrons
300 Bomber (Ziemi Mazowieckiej - Masovian)
301 Bomber & Special Duties (Ziemi Pomorskiej - Pomeranian
                             "Defenders of Warsaw")
303 Fighter (Warszawski im. Tadeusza Kosciuszki - Warsaw
             "Tadeusz Kosciuszko")
304 Bomber & Anti-Submarine (Ziemi Slaskiej im. Ksieca
                             Jozefa Poniatowskiego -
                             Silesian "Prince Jozef
305 Bomber & 2nd Tactical Air Force (Ziemi Wielkopolskiej -                                      "Marshal Jozef
307 Night Fighter ("Lwowskie Puchacze" - Lwow "Eagle Owls")
316 Fighter (Warszawski)
RAF Squadrons in which Poles Served
53 Coastal and Transport Commands
219 Night Fighter
288 Anti-Aircraft Co-Operation
577 Anti-Aircraft Co-Operation
Twenty-six of the airmen named below were soldiers of the 1st Polish Independent Parachute Brigade (1. Br. Spad.) who died during training exercises while preparing for action at Arnhem. The accident ocurred on July 8, 1944, when two Douglas C-47 Skytrains, ferrying the Polish troops from Northamptonshire, collided in mid-air near Stamford, Lincolnshire. Eight American aircrew also perished.
For some of the soldiers on the list, age or ID number follows their name. Where the information on the headstones differs from that contained in the Commonwealth War Grave Commission records, the alternative information is displayed on the line below.
UNIT        NAME                       DATE
1 Br.Spad      Adynkiewicz, Antoni (20)          08/07/44
18 OTU         Alberti, Stefan K.                21/10/43
219            Alexandrowicz, Antoni             14/02/43
305            Andruszkow, Marian J.             14/11/43
301            Andrzejczuk, Waclaw               11/06/41
304            Andrzejewski, Edward              18/12/40
305            Anglik, Henryk                    14/11/43
1662 HCU       Babiacki, Stanislaw (20)          11/11/44
300            Badowski, Zygmunt                 24/06/44
16 SFTS        Baj, Wladyslaw                    05/02/43
305            Bala, Eugeniusz                   14/03/42
305            Baracz, Eugeniusz J.              23/12/41
305            Baster, Bronislaw                 25/05/43
58 OTU         Bauerek, Zygmunt (20)             29/05/45
18 OTU         Baczkiewicz, Egon                 17/05/42
300            Bak, Jan                          15/01/42
16 SFTS        Benedyk, Jozef                    11/12/42
PRC            Beniok, Pawel                     02/01/47
305            Bedecha, Jan                      25/05/43
300            Berdys, Stefan                    15/01/42
304            Berger, Antoni                    15/04/41
PRC            Bernatowicz, Karol                19/08/47
577            Bialecki, Roman                   21/03/44
305            Bialobrzeski, Kazimierz           25/05/43
1 Br.Spad      Bialoskorski, Tadeusz             08/07/44
300            Bialy, Czeslaw                    06/02/42
18 OTU         Bieganski, Tadeusz J.             30/01/42

1 Br.Spad      Birylo, Stanislaw                 08/07/44
300            Bluj, Feliks A.                   19/12/43
CWP            Bobitko, Michal                   28/07/44
18 OTU         Bogusiak, Jozef                   17/05/42
304            Boguszewski, Wladyslaw S.         20/10/41
1 Br.Spad      Bojakowski, Michal (19)           08/07/44
16 SFTS        Boleslawski, Jerzy (19)           18/07/41
305            Bosek, Henryk G.J.                22/01/42
18 OTU         Brill, Eugeniusz                  08/11/42
300            Brodzikowski, Witold J.           08/01/46
304            Bros, Wladyslaw                   18/12/40
300            Brezinski, Waclaw                 04/02/46
1 Br.Spad      Bugielski, Rudolf                 08/07/44
305            Buszko, Eugeniusz                 27/09/41
300            Ceglinski, Kazimierz              18/08/41
18 OTU         Chmielowiec, Andrzej              13/07/44
304            Christmann, Rudolf K.             15/04/41
301            Chrzanowski, Bernard              21/03/41
300            Churchal, Mieczyslaw              26/03/45
300            Chylewski, Franciszek             15/01/42
300            Cichowski, Wladyslaw              07/08/41
7 AACU         Cieplinski, Filip                 01/03/44
304            Cymborski, Jan Adam               06/02/41
16 SFTS        Czaplicki, Zbigniew               16/05/44
300            Czarkowski, Henryk K.             21/06/43
16 SFTS        Czarniecki, Tadeusz K.            21/04/45
304            Czerniejewski, Marcin             18/07/41
18 OTU         Czopik, Stefan R.                 19/08/42
1 OR. 1 DPc.   Dabrowski, Antoni B.              20/02/43
16 SFTS        Dabrowski, Waclaw (20)            16/03/45
304            Dabrowski, Zygmunt Z.             23/08/46
1 Br.Spad      Dobrowolski, Stanislaw            08/07/44
18 OTU         Doda, Wladyslaw                   13/07/44
219            Domanski, Zbigniew J.             14/02/43
305            Dorosz, Stanislaw                 13/01/43
305            Dranicki, Mieczyslaw K.           14/03/42
18 OTU         Drapala, Roman                    12/05/43
304            Drozdziok, Pawel                  11/08/42
16 SFTS        Dubas, Stefan M.                  25/11/41
1 Br.Spad      Dukiewicz, Jan                    26/06/43
16 SFTS        Dusza, Edward R.                  05/11/45
18 OTU         Dusza, Stanislaw                  19/08/42
305            Dutkiewicz, Karol Z.              13/01/43
300            Dymek, Stanislaw                  21/12/42
301            Dziubinski, Tadeusz K.            02/01/41
PRC            Dziwak, Wladyslaw                 06/12/46
16 SFTS        Eret, Tadeusz                     27/09/43
18 OTU         Fatyga, Stanislaw                 19/08/42
1485 BG.Fl     Felus, Kazimierz                  06/08/43
300            Firiej-Bielanski, Stanislaw F.    29/10/40
6 SFTS         Fisch, Henryk                     11/02/43
(16 SFTS)
301            Floryanowicz, Stefan              01/01/41
18 OTU         Formaniewicz, Edmund              27/09/43
                             (M. J.)
18 OTU         Frankiewicz, Mieczys. J.          12/05/43
305            Fuchs, Walery S.                  14/11/43
301            Gachowski, Ludwik                 01/01/41
301            Gajosinski, Jerzy (20)            29/04/42
                           (A. M.)
307            Gasecki, Jozef S.                 18/09/44
301            Gawad, Stanislaw                  02/10/41
16 SFTS        Gawkowski, J. (20)                19/07/42
18 OTU         Gawlik, Jan                       13/11/43
18 OTU         Gawlowski, Leon                   13/07/44
300            Goebel, Gerhard                   29/10/40
305            Golacki, Czeslaw                  23/12/41
305            Golaszewski, Jerzy                09/08/43
1 Br.Spad      Gorczynski, Mieczyslaw            08/07/44
1 Br.Spad      Gorski, Franciszek (25576)        08/07/44
16 SFTS        Gorski, Jozef (P.703911)          07/07/43
18 OTU         Gozdz, Czeslaw                    27/09/43
18 OTU         Grabarczyk, Stanislaw I.          29/03/43
16 SFTS        Grejciun, Boleslaw (20)           09/06/44
300            Groblicki, Andrzej J.             24/06/44
18 OTU         Grubski, Wieslaw                  01/08/44
16 SFTS        Grzechnik, Szymon                 14/03/46
18 OTU         Gutowski, Mieczyslaw              01/08/44
301            Guzowski, Adam M.                 01/01/41
1 Br.Spad      Harasimowicz, Leonard             08/07/44
301            Hejnowski, Jan Karol              01/01/41
18 OTU         Hesse, Marian                     02/10/42
18 OTU         Hryniewiecki, Stanislaw T.        13/07/44
305            Illg, Mieczyslaw                  28/01/44
1662 HCU       Jaguszczak, Stanislaw             21/11/44
300            Jameliniec, Aleksander            13/02/45
300            Janek, Stanislaw                  26/07/42
304            Janicki, Zygmunt                  29/07/43
18 OTU         Jankowski, Antoni J.              01/08/44
305            Januszkiewicz, Waclaw             25/06/41
1 Br.Spad      Jaremczuk, Jakub                  08/07/44
300            Jarnicki, Henryk J.               08/03/44
304            Jarno, Ryszard M.                 20/08/42
305            Jasinski, Zygmunt                 16/08/44
1 Br.Spad      Jaworski, Stanislaw               08/07/44
300            Jedrzejczyk, Wladyslaw R.         04/02/46
304            Jonczyk, Jozef                    06/02/41
12 AFU         Julski, Tadeusz                   19/08/44
300            Jura, Edmund                      07/08/41
1662 HCU       Jurka, Stanislaw                  21/11/44
16 SFTS        Juza, Stanislaw                   08/09/44

1 Br.Spad      Kaczmarczyk, Stanislaw            01/04/45
1 Br.Spad      Kadej, Marian                     08/07/44
18 OTU         Kalicecki, Eugeniusz              17/05/42
16 SFTS        Kalinowski, Bronislaw             21/12/45
16 SFTS        Kaminski, Jozef (P.1758)          28/04/43
300            Kaminski, Stanislaw (P.783767)    20/02/43
1 Br.Spad      Kania, Kazimierz                  08/07/44
301            Kasianowski, Gustaw               02/01/41
18 OTU         Kempski, Wojciech J.              18/05/42
24 OTU         Kepinski, Stefan K.               19/08/42
305            Kielich, Kazimierz M.             25/06/41
1662 HCU       Kisielewicz, Jerzy S.             21/11/44
304            Klatt, Bronislaw                  18/07/41
WSW            Klezynski, Bohdan                 20/03/44
18 OTU         Klepacki, Lucjan                  13/07/44
18 OTU         Klimczyk, Jan                     18/05/42
Szt.Gl         Klimecki, Tadeusz A.              04/07/43
91 ObRep       Klimenko, Jozef                   30/11/45
16 SFTS        Kocon, Waclaw                     04/06/42
305            Koczapski, Wladyslaw K.           25/05/43
307            Kohut, Stanislaw                  02/12/44
305            Kolacz, Henryk                    25/05/44
PRC            Konas, Jedrzej                    31/10/47
16 SFTS        Koper, Bogdan                     19/07/44
305            Korczyk, Tadeusz                  28/09/41
300            Kordys, Stanislaw                 08/01/46
18 OTU         Korol, Sergiusz                   01/08/44
16 SFTS        Korwin-Kossakowski, Mikolaj       08/09/44
301            Korycinski, Jozef                 21/03/41
18 OTU         Korzeniowski, Eugeniusz           02/01/43
1 Br.Spad      Korzonkiewicz, Teofil             08/07/44
301            Kosmalski, Czeslaw                22/01/42
304 (18 OTU)   Kosturkiewicz, Antoni             11/07/42
300            Kosznik, Edmund                   24/06/44
300            Kot, Bernard (P.704008)           21/06/43
300            Kot, Boleslaw (P.794211)          08/03/43
18 OTU         Kot, Roman (P.780470)             21/10/43
305            Kowalcze, Stanislaw               12/06/41
WP             Kozielski, Jozef                  11/06/46
1662 HCU       Kozlowski, Mieczyslaw (P.704718)  11/11/44
18 OTU         Kozlowski, Zdzislaw (17)          18/05/42
300            Kramarz, Julian                   20/02/43
16 SFTS        Kraus, Jan                        11/12/42
288            Krauz, Jozef                      26/04/42
305            Krawczyk, Jerzy                   12/06/41
300            Krenzel, Pawel K.                 15/01/42
16 SFTS        Krecik, Jan                       27/08/41
300            Kretkowski, Zbigniew L.           21/06/43
18 OTU         Krukowski, Leonard                30/11/42
1662 HCU       Kruszczak, Franciszek             21/11/44
305            Kruszynski, Franciszek            25/05/44
16 SFTS        Krwawicz, Mieczyslaw              14/06/45
300            Krynski, Stefan                   28/12/40
18 OTU         Krzesinski, Tadeusz               01/08/44
7 SzWoj        Ksok, Franciszek                  14/12/46
18 OTU         Kubera, Wladyslaw                 17/05/42
1 Br.Spad      Kuca, Boleslaw (19)               13/07/44
18 OTU         Kujawa, Czeslaw                   30/01/42
1 OR. 1 DPc.   Kukurowski, Tadeusz               20/02/43
301            Kulbacki, Hieronym                01/01/41
300 PLSK       Kulinska, Anastazja               06/07/46
18 OTU         Kulagowski, Piotr                 17/10/44
300            Kuropatwa, Stanislaw              18/08/41
305            Kurowski, Zdzislaw                23/12/41
304            Kuszczynski, Bronislaw            28/05/41
304            Kuzian, Boleslaw                  18/07/41
18 OTU         Lasko, Zbigniew                   01/08/44
300            Lenartowicz, Kazimierz            08/03/44
301            Lenczowski, Kazimierz             21/03/41
300            Leszkowicz, Antoni (20)           23/05/44
1 Br.Spad      Lewandowski, Pawel                24/05/45
18 OTU         Lewczuk, Michal                   05/03/43
18 OTU         Lewicki, Marian                   13/07/44
305            Lewoniec, Zbigniew S.             25/06/41
305            Leyche, Jerzy S.                  27/09/41
304            Lichota, Wojciech                 06/02/41
18 OTU         Lis, Stanislaw                    19/08/42
300            Liskiewicz, Gustaw                08/03/44
1 Br.Spad      Lysejko, Jozef                    15/08/44
300            Lagodzinski, Marian W.            15/01/42
300            Loksza, Aleksander                08/03/44
1 Br.Spad      Machon, Bronislaw                 08/07/44
300            Machulak, Boleslaw                08/03/44
16 SFTS        Macinski, Bernard                 14/09/41
16 SFTS        Maciula, Zdzislaw                 12/10/44
307            Madej, Stanislaw R.               18/09/44
300            Madejowski, Andrzej               24/06/44
18 OTU         Majewski, Stefan                  27/09/43
PRC            Maksymowicz, Jozef                27/05/47
16 SFTS        Malczynski, Marian                25/07/42
1662 HCU       Malkowski, Jan T. J.              21/11/44
1 Br.Spad      Malysz, Ludwik                    25/05/45
1 Br.Spad      Mamonczyk, Aleksander             27/07/44
1662 HCU       Manek, Stefan                     11/11/44
16 SFTS        Manka, Emil (20)                  25/11/41
Szt.Gl         Marecki, Andrzej M.               04/07/43
16 SFTS        Martowicz, Piotr                  18/07/41
304            Maslanka, Ludwik Z.               11/08/42
304            Matylis, Nikodem                  23/08/46
1 Br.Spad      Mazur, Michal                     08/07/44
304            Mazurkiewicz, Michal              11/07/42
304            Michalak, Stanislaw               23/08/46
16 SFTS        Mierniczek, Stanislaw             19/07/44
10 Ba.Dr       Mierzejewski, Andrzej S.          16/09/43
1 Br.Spad      Mikiciuk, Tadeusz                 20/09/44
305            Miksza, Edward (20)               25/05/43
300            Mikula, Feliks                    04/02/46
1662 HCU       Milewski, Leszek                  11/11/44
16 SFTS        Minge, Jozef J.                   06/12/42
18 OTU         Mistecki, Edmund S.               02/10/42
304            Modrzewski, Marian J.             11/08/42
305            Molenda, Jozef                    15/01/43
300            Mosiewicz, Waclaw                 15/01/42
16 SFTS        Mroczek, Euzebiusz                25/05/43
PRC            Mrowczynski, Bronislaw            06/06/47
305            Mruk, Kazimierz                   12/06/41
18 OTU         Mucha Henryk                      18/07/43
301            Murawski, Boleslaw R.             02/01/41
300            Mykietyn, Marian                  13/02/45
305            Najda, Roman                      07/12/42
PRC            Napieralski, Edmund               18/08/47
300            Niczewski, Stefan                 06/02/42
305            Niznik, Adam                      25/05/43
301            Nocon, Piotr                      22/01/42
305            Nowak, Alfons A. S.               23/12/41

300            Ochedzan, Jan Andrzej             19/12/43
300            Ogorzal, Mieczyslaw F.            13/02/42
301            Olszyna, Marian                   01/01/41
304            Omieliaszko, Michal               11/08/42
16 SFTS        Opuchlik, Jan W.                  18/11/42
18 OTU         Opulski, Tadeusz M.               12/05/43
305            Ostaszewski, Stanislaw M.         14/03/42
305            Ostrowski, Edmund (P.794586)      22/02/44
Pres.          Ostrowski, Stanislaw              22/11/82
1 Br.Spad      Panczyszyn, Michal (20)           06/08/44
305            Pasich, Kazimierz                 15/04/42
301            Pasierski, Jozef                  09/01/43
18 OTU         Pasternak, Tadeusz                12/05/43
18 OTU         Pawlik, Jozef                     20/05/44
18 OTU         Pawlowski, Piotr                  20/05/44
TTC            Petry, Tadeusz                    22/10/46
16 SFTS        Peski, Wlodzimierz                12/05/44
305            Piekarski, Leonard                05/10/44
1 Br.Strz      Pietraszek, Jan L.                11/07/42
304            Pietruszewski, Wieslaw L.         15/04/41
301            Pietruszka, Stanislaw             23/06/41
CWP            Piotrowski, Waclaw                16/03/45
1 Br.Spad      Pior, Gracjan                     08/01/45
18 OTU         Piorek, Stanislaw L.              28/09/43
1662 HCU       Piwoda, Franciszek                11/11/44
1 Br.Spad      Piwowarczyk, Jan                  08/07/44
1 Br.Spad      Plizga, Jozef                     08/07/44
305            Plusa, Andrzej                    13/01/43
1 Br.Spad      Podolski, Jozef                   08/07/44
304            Podziemski, Jan                   18/07/41
300            Pokorniewski, Fabian J.           21/06/43
18 OTU         Polczyk, Jerzy                    30/01/42
PMW            Ponikiewski, Jozef                04/07/43
16 SFTS        Popek, Mieczyslaw E.              14/01/44
300            Popowicz, Tadeusz                 24/06/44
TTC            Pozdzal, Hilary                   19/09/45
303            Prusak, Klemens                   27/02/45
16 SFTS        Pulnarowicz, Zbigniew             09/06/44
Pres.          Rackiewicz, Wladyslaw             07/06/47
1662 HCU       Radonski, Jan Sylw.               21/11/44
7 AACU         Ramert, Jerzy M.                  28/08/42
301            Rebuszynski, Wlodzimierz          25/07/41
301            Reda, Waclaw                      22/01/42
300            Robaszewski, Wladyslaw            08/01/46
304            Rodziewicz, Lech Jan              29/07/43
304            Rolecki, Jan                      19/03/43
305            Rozpara, Henryk                   23/12/41
300            Rozga, Roman                      08/01/46
301            Rozewicki, Boleslaw D.            18/11/40
1662 HCU       Rucinski, Witold W.               21/11/44
305            Rueger, Stanislaw P. (19)         29/08/42
                       (Stefan P.)
304            Ruszel, Ludwik                    20/08/42
300            Rybinski, Czeslaw                 23/05/44
305            Rymkiewicz, Czeslaw               14/03/42
1662 HCU       Rzetelny, Jan                     11/11/44
301            Sadowski, Boleslaw (P.1414)       02/01/41
18 OTU         Sadowski, Jan (P.792642)          30/01/42
16 SFTS        Sadowski, Stanislaw (P.0121)      16/03/45
300            Sadurksi, Zygmunt                 06/02/42
305            Sasin, Waclaw                     14/03/42
18 OTU         Sawicki, Jerzy                    21/10/43
301            Sawicz, Kazimierz                 02/01/41
303            Schandler, Jan                    02/01/46
16 SFTS        Schmidt, Stanislaw P. S.          05/05/43
304            Schultz, Adam L.                  16/10/42
305            Sedzimir, Bronislaw W.            02/06/42
1 Br.Spad      Siekierka, Bronislaw              08/07/44
PRC            Sieminski, Waclaw                 06/05/47
16 SFTS        Sierzega, Marian                  25/02/44
1 Br.Spad      Sikora, Jan                       08/07/44
305            Siudak, Wladyslaw M.              07/12/42
304            Siuzdak, Tadeusz M.               11/08/42
305            Siwiec, Jan                       23/12/41
16 SFTS        Skibinski, Jozef                  21/03/43
18 OTU         Skora, Aleksander K.              18/05/42
300            Slabikowski, Mieczyslaw           26/03/42
16 SFTS        Sobczyk, Boleslaw                 27/10/44
301            Sokolinski, Tadeusz W. B.         09/01/43
1 Br.Spad      Sokolski, Eugeniusz               08/08/44
18 OTU         Solecki, Mieczyslaw               21/10/43
16 SFTS        Staerz, Zbigniew                  18/02/45
18 OTU         Stanczuk, Edmund                  10/09/43
300            Staniewski, Jozef                 24/06/44
303            Stankiewicz, Ryszard F.           15/12/42
16 SFTS        Staszek, Zygmunt                  30/11/41
300            Stec, Wladyslaw                   24/06/44
305            Stefanicki, Tadeusz               12/06/41
300            Sulinski, Romuald                 04/02/46
300            Sulgut, Czeslaw K.                04/02/46
16 PBP         Syguda, Jozef                     16/05/47
304            Sylwestrowicz, Jan                18/07/41
300            Szafran, Edward J.                20/02/43
305            Szarek, Stefan                    22/02/44
300            Szczurynski, Tadeusz J.           21/06/43
305            Szela, Zbigniew                   02/06/42
PRC            Szklarski, Tadeusz                26/08/47
300            Szmajdrowicz, Tadeusz J.          29/10/40
305            Sznidel, Stefan                   15/04/42
301            Sztuba, Stanislaw M.              14/01/42
300            Szwandt, Michal                   04/02/46
16 SFTS        Szwede, Tadeusz                   25/03/44
17 SFTS        Szwedowski, Henryk                26/07/46
16 SFTS        Szylling, Jerzy H.                23/08/43
1 Br.Spad      Szymonski, Bronislaw              08/07/44
18 OTU         Switalski, Aleksander             17/05/42
TTC            Tabaczynski, Antoni (P.784873)    19/05/47
301            Tabaczynski, Ernest R. (P.793717) 09/01/43
16 SFTS        Talik, Jan                        28/04/43
301            Tegowski, Czeslaw                 23/06/41
304            Tofin, Stanislaw                  06/02/41
18 OTU         Tokarzewski, Jan A.               30/01/42
16 SFTS        Tomaszewski, Ignacy (P.704806)    19/07/44
304            Tomaszewski, Janusz (P.783678)    18/07/41
1 Br.Spad      Trybus, Stanislaw                 08/07/44
305            Trznadel, Jan J.                  16/08/44
18 OTU         Tuliszka, Edmund                  19/08/42
305            Twardowski, Jan                   14/11/43
304            Tycholis, Antoni (20)             20/08/42
301            Tyrala, Tadeusz J.                09/01/43
305            Ulicki, Jozef                     02/06/42
FTC            Urbanski, Jozef                   16/06/44
300            Veit, Wojciech                    06/02/42
316            Walawski, Janusz J.               20/05/45
16 SFTS        Walczak, Radomir                  18/02/45
16 SFTS        Wanicki, Stefan                   14/11/45
304            Waroczewski, Jan S.               28/05/41
305            Wasilenko, Wiktor (18)            27/09/41
304            Wasilewski, Leszek                20/08/42
16 SFTS        Waskowiak, Stanislaw              25/11/41
16 SFTS        Waydowicz, Stanislaw T.           02/09/43
300            Wegryn, Henryk                    29/12/40
301            Wesolowski, Zygmunt               05/07/42
305            Widawski, Antoni                  24/09/44
304            Wieczorek, Cezary                 28/05/41
305            Wieliczko, Kazimierz Z.           02/06/42
1 Br.Spad      Wierzbicki, Jan                   08/07/44
16 SFTS        Winiarek, Jan                     06/09/45
18 OTU         Wisniewski, Andrzej               18/05/42
53 ex-301      Wize, Antoni                      22/11/45
305            Wojcicki, Kazimierz J.            25/10/42
301            Wojteczko, Stefan                 07/07/42
305            Wojtowicz, Marian J. (P.0076)     12/06/41
304            Wojtowicz, Stanislaw R. (P.784066)11/08/42
307            Zakrocki, Mieczyslaw              02/12/44
18 OTU         Zakrzewski, Edward P.             12/05/43
Pres.          Zaleski, August                   07/04/72
18 OTU         Zarebowicz, Michal                29/03/43
305            Zawistowski, Jozef                02/06/42
304            Zielinski, Antoni A. (P.1954)     20/08/42
1 Br.Spad      Zielinski, Eryk (30997)           08/07/44
305            Zirkwitz, Aleksander A.           12/06/41
16 SFTS        Zmuda, Adam                       14/04/43
304            Zolnowski, Wladyslaw              06/05/41
18 OTU         Zywicki, Juliusz J. S.            23/02/44

Also, there were four others originally buried here but since exhumed:
Bychowski, J.R. (300) exhumed 24/04/74
Rewers, E.J. (16 SFTS) exhumed 16/11/49
Sikorski, Gen. Wladyslaw E. (C-in-C) exhumed 13/09/93 (and removed to the crypt of the Wawel Castle in Poland)
Wisniewski, M.E. (1662 HCU) exhumed 24/01/64

Soldiers of the Polish 1st Armoured Division who gave their lives in Northern Europe "On the Road to Poland"
An excellent website about the Division can be found at This website is in the process of creating a very detailed list of Polish casualties. Scroll down to the bottom of Part Three for a clickable link.
The Division landed in Normandy in early August 1944 with some 25,000 men and fought under the command of the Canadian Second Corps (First Canadian Army). It was engaged in battle beginning on the night of August 7/8, 1944 near Cramesnil.
Polish losses during the August fighting totalled 2,097 men. Of that total, the majority of the losses ocurred during the last 3 days of the intense fight to close the Falaise Gap (August 17-21), specifically, 325 killed, 1,002 wounded and 114 missing.
Order of Battle
Polish 1st Armoured Division
August 1944
Headquarters and Divisional Support Units
Divisional HQ including Divisional HQ Squadron
Quartermaster Section
Chaplain Service Section
Provost Squadron
1st Traffic Control Squadron
Field Security Section
8th Court Martial Section
Paymaster Section
Field Post Section
1st Forward Tank Delivery Squadron
10th Mounted Rifle Regiment
10th Armoured Brigade
Staff and HQ Squadron
10th Dragoons
24th Uhlans
1st Tank Regiment
2nd Tank Regiment
Each of the four armoured regiments consisted of a HQ Squadron, 1st-3rd Squadrons and a Support Squadron
Each standard Squadron consisted of 1st-3rd Troops, Scout Troop, Service Troop, Mortar Section
Each Support Squadron consisted of 1st Troop (Machine Gun), 2nd Troop (Machine Gun), 3rd Troop (Anti-Tank), 4th Troop (Anti-Tank), 5th Troop (Anti-Tank)
3rd Rifle Brigade
HQ Company
8th Rifle Battalion
9th Rifle Battalion
Podhalanski Rifle Battalion
1st Independent Machine Gun Squadron
Divisional Artillery
1st Artillery Regiment
2nd Artillery Regiment
1st Anti-Tank Regiment
1st Anti-Aircraft Regiment
Divisional Engineers
10th Engineer Company
11th Engineer Company
Field Park Company
Bridging Troop
Divisional Signals
(Designated Signal Battalion on 15 January 1945)
HQ Signal Squadron
2nd, 10th and 11th Signal Squadrons
Divisional Transport Troops
HQ, Divisional Service Troops
Transport Company, Divisional
10th Transport Company, Armoured Brigade
3rd Transport Company, Rifle Brigade
Divisional Workshops and Ordnance Service
Workshop Company, Armoured Brigade
Workshop Company, Rifle Brigade
1st Field Park
Divisional Medical Services
10th Light Field Ambulance
11th Heavy Field Ambulance
1st Field Dressing Station
1st Field Hygiene Station
The Black Devils' March - A Dommed Odyssey, Evan McGilvray, Helion and Company, UK, 2005
Extract from an article by a correspondent of The Daily Sketch on the Polish Armoured Division in France, 11th August, 1944:
"Their armoured car reconnaissance units are magnificent. They go miles behind enemy lines for information and prisoners....
"Yes, the Polish Armoured Division is indeed a welcome addition to the Allied strength in France. You will soon be hearing more about them."
Extract from British Ministry of Information account on role of the 1st Polish Armoured Division in the Falaise-Chambois Battle from 15th to 21st August, 1944 (dated August 28, 1944):
"It was the Poles - actually an Armoured Division - under the Command of General Maczek, who, as it is only now officially disclosed, played a leading role in sealing the Allied victory in Normandy, closing on August 21st the gap which was the only remaining outlet for the battered German Army east of Argentan. During six days of very heavy fighting the Polish Division took upon itself all the fury of two German S.S. Corps, taking about 5,000 prisoners, including one General and 140 officers."
Correspondent of The Daily Telegraph, H. D. Ziman, on Polish Armoured Division in the Falaise-Chambois battle, extract, 21st August, 1944:
"It was the Poles who took the brunt of the attempted German breakout. The enemy had concentrated in all probability the last remnants of the tank forces which had been operating in and around the pocket...
"This entire force, with supporting infantry, bore down on the Poles, who were temporarily out of touch with their Allies on either flank.
"The Poles stood their ground. Compelled to face about - for the enemy force had approached them in their rear - and with both their flanks exposed, they fought back all day against the Germans, who emerged in wave after wave from the cover provided by the forest of Gouffern... Though small parties of Germans succeeded in getting through the Polish lines, the great bulk still remained within the trap when night fell..."
Extract from the Canadian Army newsletter Maple Leaf quoting General Henry Crerar, G.O.C.-in-Chief, 1st Canadian Army, on the 1st Polish Armoured Division in Holland, 1st November, 1944:
".... During recent weeks the Poles have been fighting under extremely difficult conditions, and have established an outstanding reputation by their accomplishments.
"As stated last week by General Crerar:
'Every demand ever made on those troops has been met. Every task has been completed, no matter how bitter the enemy's defence or how unfavourable the natural conditions. With such officers and men military success and final victory can never be in doubt.'
"In all the fighting of the First Canadian Army during the past three months the Polish troops have set the finest of military standards."
Be = Belgium
Br = Great Britain
Fr = France
Ge = Germany
Ho = Holland
KW = Krzyz Walencznych (Cross for Valour)
VM = Virtuti Militari
C. = cemetery
C.Kan. = Canadian cemetery
Grob.rodz. = family plot
k/ = kolo (English "near")
ks = Prince
mjst.woj. = majster wojenny (armament artificer/specialist)
vel = aka (also known as), alias
The data given below is listed left to right as rank, surname, given name, decorations if any, locality of burial, country of burial and date of death. Where the data is missing, it is unknown. 
In most cases the date and place of birth are known. If you wish those details or would like to know the correct Polish spelling of the name (i.e. using Polish characters with diacritical marks) please e-mail me at Please mention this website and this list. 
Rank     Name and Place                            Date
ppor.    Adamczewski,Kazimierz,KW,Langannerie Fr   20/08/44
kan.     Adamczewski,Tadeusz,Langannerie Fr        21/08/44
kapr.    Adamczyk,Edmund,Edynburg,Corstorphine Hill20/04/44
         Adamczyk,Wiktor - see Stanek,Wiktor
         Adamowski,Jan - see Skierka,Jan
kapr.    Adamski,Jozef,Breda Ho                    05/10/44
drag.    Adamski,Ludwik, Langannerie Fr            16/08/44
st.strz. Ambik,Jan Zbigniew, Langannerie Fr        21/08/44
kapr.    Ambroz,Kazimierz, KW, Langannerie Fr      15/08/44
drag.    Amsterdamski,Saul,Axel Ho                 17/09/44
st.strz. Andrearczyk,Wladyslaw,Axel Ho             19/09/44
sap.     Andrejczuk,Henryk,Turnhout Be             01/11/44
kapr.    Andrelczyk,Antoni,KW,Langannerie Fr       10/08/44
         Andrus,Zygmunt - see Betanski,Zygmunt
plut.    Andrysiak,Zygmunt,Langannerie Fr          09/08/44
ul.      Andrzejak,Adam,Langannerie Fr             19/08/44
         Andrzejewski,Henryk - see Wiktor,Henryk
pchor.   Anszer,Zygmunt,Oosterhout Ho              03/11/44
         Antczak,Jozef - see Psiuk,Jozef
         Antoniak,Jan - see Schultka,Jan
         Antonowicz,Alojzy - see Krygier,Alojzy
strz.    Archutowski,T.,Wuppertal Ge               19/08/46
         Armatowski,Zygmunt - see Niklas,Zenon
         Arnowski,Pawel - see Faber,Pawel
         Babczynski,Jozef - see Egemann, Jozef
st.strz. Babiak,Zygmunt,Weer Ho                    31/12/44
strz.    Babula,Boleslaw,Aerle Ho                  21/10/44
strz.    Bachleda,Franciszek,Cramesnil Fr          08/08/44
         Badura,Franciszek - see Sniegocki,Franciszek
st.drag. Badura,Pawel,Whitchurch Br                22/11/45
strz.    Badura,Szczepan,Lommel Be                 02/10/44
ppor.    Baginski,Jerzy Henryk,Elbingerode Ho      13/02/45
plut.    Baginski,Stanislaw,VM,Langannerie Fr      19/08/44
st.strz. Bagniewski,Jan,Langannerie Fr             21/08/44
strz.    Bagnucki,Zygfryd,KW,Lommel Be             29/09/44
         Bajan,Stanislaw - see Brzozowski,Stanislaw
strz.    Bajdan,Bronislaw,Szkocja,Perth,Wellshill  26/08/45
sierz.   Bajorski,Jozef,Quackenbruck Ge            02/01/46
st.strz. Balcar,Alojzy,KW,Bruksela,Ewere Be        09/05/45
         Baldy,Emil - see Wolnik,Emil
kapr.    Banaszak,Jozef,Salzkotten Ge              31/08/46
sierz.   Banaszkiewicz,Aleksander,Ho               26/03/45
strz.    Banek,Franciszek,KW,Breda-Ginneken Ho     06/11/44
szer.    Banwic,Jerzy,Langannerie Fr               21/08/44
kapr.    Bar,Jan,Langannerie Fr                    14/08/44
plut.    Baran,Franciszek,KW,Adegem Be             10/09/44
st.drag. Baran,Marian Janusz,Langannerie Fr        08/08/44
drag.    Baran,Waclaw,Bayeux Fr                    16/08/44
         Baranowski,Jan - see Budnik,Jan
strz.    Baranowski,Jozef,Langannerie Fr           10/08/44
kapr.    Baranski,Stefan,Langannerie Fr            22/08/44
st.drag. Barczewski,Herman,Adegem Be               16/09/44
         Baron,Jozef - see Bielwany,Jozef
kapr.    Bartkowiak,Jozef Kazimierz,Lommel Be      05/10/44
strz.    Bartkowski,Jozef,Dorpen Ge                14/04/45
         Bartnik,Jozef - see Bartkowski,Jozef
mjr.     Bartosinski,Marian,VM,KW,Lommel Be        29/10/44
strz.    Bartoszek,Franciszek,KW,Lommel Be         05/10/44
kan.     Bartoszko,Czeslaw, Cayton Br              15/07/44
         Bartycha,Tadeusz - see Kirzeniewski,Tadeusz
         Barszewski,Adolf - see Hlawiczka,Adolf
st.strz. Barwina,Zygfryd,Langanneire Fr            14/08/44
st.sierz.Barylski,Stanislaw,Langannerie Fr         17/08/44
strz.    Basierak,Henryk,Breda Ho                  21/03/45
kapr.    Basista,Jozef,KW,Langannerie Fr           18/08/44
         Baskowicz,Jozef - see Osiecki,Jozef
st.strz. Baumgart,Franciszek,Lommel Be             01/10/44
strz.    Bawol,Pawel,Astwood Br                    16/09/44
         Beck,Stefan - see Glowacki,Stanislaw
         Bednarczyk,Leon - see Klawczynski,Leon
kapr.    Bednarczyk,Boleslaw,VM,Langannerie Fr     08/08/44
sap.     Bednarek,Feliks,Oosterhout Ho             03/11/44
kpt.     Bednarski,Edward,KW,Langannerie Fr        14/08/44
         Bednarski,Jan - see Plomin,Jan
strz.    Begger,Jan, Lommel Be                     04/10/44
st.strz. Begier,Roman,Langannerie Fr               16/08/44
         Bek,Aleksander - see Biecki,Aleksander
strz.    Bendik,Feliks,KW,Langannerie Fr           09/08/44
pchor.   Bendyk,Zbigniew,Lommel Be                 14/10/44
strz.    Benedyga,Andrzej,Edynburg,CorstorphineHill21/03/44
kapr.    Berendt,Maksymilian Michal,Langannerie Fr 19/08/44
strz.    Berent,Jan,KW,Zonderejgen Ho              01/10/44
drag.    Berg,Kazimierz,Rhajde Ge                  26/04/45
szer.    Berger,Arno,Casamassina Italy             04/10/45
kapr.    Bernaczek,Jozef,Munster Ge                16/02/46
strz.    Bernas,Jan,Kapelsche Veer Ho              07/01/45
drag.    Bernatowicz,Aleksander,Axel Ho            17/09/44
drag.    Berner,Ignacy,VM,Lommel Be                03/10/44
sierz.   Berych,Edmund,Filey,Old Ground Br         05/06/44
st.strz. Betanski,Zygmunt,KW,Ems Ge                20/04/45
kan.     Bialkowski,Jan,Berger Ge                  03/05/45
st.strz. Bialkowski,Henryk,St.Aignan deCramesnil Fr08/08/44
st.strz. Biecki,Aleksander,Aschenflorf Ge          06/04/46
st.strz. Bieda,Boleslaw(Waclaw),Langannerie Fr     10/08/44
strz.    Bielawny,Jozef,Langannerie Fr             14/08/44
st.strz. Bielawski,Stanislaw,Lommel Be             03/10/44
drag.    Bielec,Michal,Langannerie Fr              17/08/44
         Bielecki,Maksymilian - see Rozga,Maksymilian
drag.    Biliniec,Stanislaw,Breda Ho               12/04/45
         Bieski,Henryk - see Sadzikowski,Henryk
drag.    Biezuner,Szoel,Langannerie Fr             10/08/44
plut.    Bilinski,Jozef,VM,Lommel Be               08/01/45
         Binek,Jan - see Fojt,Jan
st.strz. Bittman,Ewald,Wroughton Br                26/04/45
         Blaszka,Franciszek - see Lieske,Franciszek
strz.    Blaszkowski,Leon,Oxford Br                25/04/45
         Bluszcz,Jozef - see Jarzabek,Jozef
kapr.    Blachowski,Zdzislaw,Breda-Ginneken Ho     07/01/45
sierz.   Blanik,Dominik,Langannerie Fr             14/08/44
kapr.    Blaszczyk,Jan,KW,Langannerie Fr           08/08/44
strz.    Blaszczyk,Ernest,Ho                       13/04/45
ppor.    Blaszkiewicz,Dariusz,KW,Rhajde Ge         26/04/45
st.strz. Blakala,Franciszek,Lommel Be              07/10/44
strz.    Blotko,Tadeusz,Breda Ho                   01/11/44
st.strz. Bobel,Jan,Papenburg Ge                    21/04/45
kapr.    Bober,Stanislaw,KW,Langannerie Fr         12/08/44
kan.     Bobrowski,Jozef,Bruksela Be               06/10/44
strz.    Bochenek,Robert,Alphen Ho                 06/10/44
kpt.     Bochniewicz,Michal,VM,Langannerie Fr      18/08/44
         Bocinski,Robert - see Bochenek,Robert
strz.    Bodanowski,Jan,Langannerie Fr             11/08/44
         Bogacki,Karol - see Piotrowski,Karol
         Boguslawski,Wiktor - see Gebalczyk,Wiktor
kapr.    Boinski,Jozef,KW,Zondereigen Be           01/10/44
st.strz. Bojanowski,Jan,Thielt Be                  08/09/44
strz.    Bikser,Pinchos,Szkocj,Glasgow,Glenduffluil01/07/46
strz.    Bolda,Leon,Papenburg Ge                   20/04/44
         Bolek,Eberhart - see Walczuk,Bernard
drag.    Bonik,Jan,Lommel Be                       05/10/44
kapr.    Borek,Antoni Stanislaw,Lommel Be          10/11/45
         Borek,Bernard - see Zolnowski,Bernard
         Borek,Edmund - see Siuda,Edmund
         Borina,Tadeusz - see Sniderski,Tadeusz
ppor.    Borkowski,Edward,Langannerie Fr           18/08/44
         Borkowski,Jan - see Hirsz,Jan
strz.    Borkowski,Jozef,Breda Ho                  01/11/44
         Borkowski,Jozef - see Karczewski,Jozef
st.strz. Borkowski,Stanislaw,Whitchurch Br         31/06/46
         Borkowski,Zygmunt - see Rupek,Franciszek
st.strz. Boron,Jozef,Breda Ho                      05/11/44
         Borowicz,Pawel - see Brachmanski,Pawel
kapr.    Borstedt,Marian Julian,Haselune Ge        08/10/45
wachm.   Boryllo,Henryk,Langannerie Fr             14/08/44
ppor.    Boryna,Jozef,VM,Langannerie Fr            21/08/44
         Borynski,Augustyn - see Strozik,Augustyn
strz.    Borys,Waclaw,Langannerie Fr               20/08/44
rtm.     Borzemski,Pawel,VM,KW,Remels Ge           02/05/45
podch.   Boy,Jan Edward,Lommel Be                  30/09/44
         Bozek,Wladyslaw - see Dolata,Wladyslaw
strz.    Bozek,Jan,Lommel Be                       06/10/44
strz.    Brachmanski,Pawel,Langannerie Fr          20/08/44
         Brak,Jan - see Chwistek,Jan
         Brandys,Pawel - see Przeor,Pawel
strz.    Bauer,Bruno,Lommel Be                     02/10/44
strz.    Braun,Jan,C. du Sud,Lille Fr              30/09/45
strz.    Broda,Franciszek,Langannerie Fr           09/08/44
drag.    Broda,Pawel,Axel Ho                       17/09/44
st.strz. Brodzinski,Aleksander,Langannerie Fr      11/08/44
strz.    Broekere,Jozef,Ramburelles Fr             07/09/44
kapr.    Bronowicki,Kazimierz,St.Aignan de Cr. Fr  14/08/44
kapr.    Brod,Wojciech,Aschendorf Ge               19/04/45
strz.    Bruchwalski,Waclaw,Langannerie Fr         20/08/44
         Brych,Franciszek - see Broda,Franciszek
st.ul.   Brychcy,Witold,Langannerie Fr             14/08/44
sierz.   Bryla,Stanislaw,Langannerie fr            14/08/44
         Brzezina,Franciszek - see Brzezinski,Alojzy
         Brzezinka,Waclaw - see Brzostowski,Waclaw
kapr.    Brzezniak,Jozef,Bois de Bonancy Fr        04/09/44
drag.    Brzezinski,Alojzy,Adegem Be               17/09/44
szer.    Brzostowski,Waclaw,Axel Ho                19/09/44
         Brzoza,Jerzy - see Goryczka,Jerzy
kapr.    Brzozowski,Stanislaw,KW,Meppen Ge         14/04/45
plut.    Brzozowski,Stanislaw,Langannerie Fr       09/08/44
         Bucha,Ludwik - see Zietarski,Ludwik
st.strz. Bucholz,Bronislaw,VM,KW,Zuidorpe Ho       16/09/44
strz.    Buchta,Alojzy,Westerstede Ge              02/05/45
st.strz. Buchwald,Marian,St.Aignan de Cramesnil    08/08/44
         Buczkowski,Franciszek - see Baumgart,Franciszek
kapr.    Budner,Tadeusz,Langannerie Fr             06/09/44
strz.    Budnik,Jan,Adegem Be                      10/09/44
st.strz. Bujak,Wincenty,Zonderesgen Ho             01/10/44
strz.    Bukowski,Grzegorz,Lommel Be               29/09/44
plut.    Bulerski,Stefan,Breda Ho                  13/11/44
         Burda,Franciszek - see Nawrot,Franciszek
rmt.     Bury,Stefan,Langannerie Fr                02/09/44
         Burzynski,Edward - see Mzyczek,Edward
strz.    Buszczak,Wladyslaw,Lommel Be              02/10/44
ogn.     Byk,Antoni,Langannerie Fr                 16/08/44
strz.    Bynisz,Sylwester,Lommel Be                04/10/44

         Celinski,Jan - see Bonik,Jan
kapr.    Chaniewski,Ryszard,Langannerie Fr         08/08/44
st.strz. Chechlowski,Walerian,Langannerie Fr       08/08/44
strz.    Chelmonski,Bernard,Alphen Ho              06/10/44
drag.    Chilczuk,Jan,Langannerie Fr               08/08/44
st.szer. Chlebowiec,Andrzej,Oxford,C.Batley Br     29/08/44
kapr.    Chmaj,Franciszek,Langannerie Fr           08/08/44
st.szer. Chmielewski,Aleksy,Langannerie Fr         22/08/44
         Chmielewski,Jerzy - see Smolik,Jerzy
strz.    Chmielewski,Jozef,KW,Langannerie Fr       10/08/44
         Chmielewski,Wiktor - see Bukowski,Grzegorz
st.strz. Chodzidlo,Augustyn,KW, Lommel Be          30/09/44
ppor.    Cholewa-Kleczkowski,Marian,Breda Ho       14/04/45
st.drag. Chrapkowski,Jan Wilhelm,Lommel Be         20/10/44
ul.      Chroszcz,Ryszard,Vollener Konigsfehn Ge   21/04/45
ul.      Chruscicki,Waclaw Franciszek,LangannerieFr09/08/44
kapr.    Chrzanowski,Walenty,St.Gervaisde SablonsFr19/08/44
kapr.    Chuba,Jozef,Langannerie Fr                23/08/44
st.strz. Chudzinski,Franciszek,Ho                  07/01/45
strz.    Chudzynski,Zdislaw,Haselunne Ge           27/02/46
strz.    Chwilka,Tadeusz,Langannerie Fr            10/08/44
st.strz. Chwistek,Jan,Breda Ho                     28/10/44
por.     Chyba,Stanislaw,Langannerie Fr            09/08/44
strz.    Chybicki,Franciszek,Langannerie Fr        08/08/44
         Chylewski,Edmund - see Babiak,Edmund
         Chyla,Franciszek - see Lisewski,Franciszek
         Cichacki,Zygmunt - see Neclaw,Robert
         Cichecki,Wiktor - see Kubica,Wiktor
strz.    Cichocki,Henryk,Breda Ho                  12/04/45
kapr.    Cichocki,Jozef,VM,Breda-Ginneken Ho       31/12/44
ppor.    Cichocki,Roman,Rhede Cm.Ew. Ge            24/04/45
strz.    Cichon,Antoni,KW,Langannerie Fr           25/08/44
strz.    Cichy,Jozef,Klein Bersen Ge               19/06/45
st.sier. Cichy,Stefan,Lommel Be                    03/10/44
         Ciechanowski,Jan - see Gumowski,Jan
strz.    Cieminski,Ignacy,Kapelsche Veer Ho        05/01/45
st.strz. Ciepiela,Aleksander,Lommel Be             20/09/44
strz.    Cieplinski,Kazimierz, Lommel Be           04/10/44
strz.    Ciesielski,Bronislaw,KW,Meppen Ge         20/04/45
st.strz. Ciesielski,Jan,VM,Everes k/Brukseli Be    14/05/45
         Ciesielski,Mieczyslaw - see Stuwe,Mieczyslaw
strz.    Cimala,Jozef,Hessel Ge                    01/05/45
         Cirocki,Brunon - see Schimichowski,Brunon
         Ciszewski,Szczepan - see Badura,Szczepan
         Ciuraj,Emanuel - see Ferdyan,Emanuel
st.strz. Coner,Bronislaw,Lommel Be                 04/10/44
strz.    Cwil,Zbigniew Tad.,Blendecques,Westhore Be05/09/44
strz.    Cybulski,Kazimierz,Goch Ge                17/07/45
         Cyganiewicz,Boleslaw - see Zakrzewski,Boleslaw
strz.    Cypcar,Jozef,Langannerie Fr               19/08/44
strz.    Cytryn,Michal,KW,Oxford, C.Botley Br      08/04/45
         Czaja,Alfons - see Plichta,Alfons
strz.    Czajka,Jan,KW,Papenburg Ge                29/05/45
st.strz. Czajko,Jozef,Breda Ho                     05/11/44
         Czajkowski,Waclaw - see Bruchwalski,Waclaw
         Czajkowski,Zygmunt - see Kaminski,Zygmunt
         Czap,Leon - see Bolda,Leon
strz.    Czaplewski,Antoni,Lommel Be               02/10/44
ppor.    Czaplicki,Florian,Cloppenburg Ge          13/01/46
kpt.     Czaplicki,Julian,Sheffield,City Rd.Cem. Br16/11/44
strz.    Czapnik,Hieronim,Bayeux CW. Fr            19/08/44
         Czarnecki,Edmund - see Przybyla,Edmund
         Czarniecki,Alfons - see Dembowski,Alfons
strz.    Czarniecki,Adam,Szkocja,Perth,C.Wellshill 24/12/43
st.strz. Czarnojan,Mieczyslaw,Dorpen Ge            14/04/45
         Czarnowski,Klemens - see Rathnow,Klemens
strz.    Czernichowski,Ludwik,Langannerie Fr       14/08/44
         Czerski,Bronislaw - see Ciesielski,Bronislaw
ppor.    Czertol,Leon, Oosterhout den Hout Ho      31/12/44
         (Corr: Czertok, submitted by relative 5/08)
kapr.    Czerwiec,Jan,Lommel Be                    09/09/44
         Czerwinski,Alfred - see Czerwinski,Szczesny
strz.    Czerwinski,Szczesny,Zuidlaren Ho          15/04/45
         Czerwinski,Jozef - see Talaska,Jozef
st.strz. Czesak,Michal,Langannerie Fr              11/08/44
szer.    Czesny,Alfred,Breda Ho                    15/04/45
st.strz. Czeszejko-Sochacki,Jan,Breda Ho           28/10/44
st.ul.   Czohara,Henryk,Estree la Campagne Fr      09/08/44
st.strz. Czopek,Jan,Langannerie Fr                 08/08/44
kapr.    Czubaszek,Marian,Rhede Ge                 16/04/45
st.strz. Czunkiewicz,Michal,Breda Ho               31/01/45
plut.    Czupich,Jozef,Furstenau Ge                28/08/46
sierz.   Czupryn,Franciszek,Bayeux CW. Fr          07/08/44
kapr.    Czyrko,Jan,Breda-Ginneken Ho              07/01/45
st.strz. Czyruk,Michal,Meyerhofen Ge               02/01/46
         Czyszewski,Franciszek - see Januszewski,Marceli
plut.    Czyz,Jozef,Langannerie Fr                 20/08/44
st.ul.   Czyzewski,Jozef,Newmarket Br              30/06/43
ppor.    Czyzewski,Wiktor,Breda Ho                 16/0?/44
strz.    Czyzewski,Zygmunt,Ahlen Ge                02/05/45
         Dabski,Alojzy - see Knoblauch,Alojzy
         Dachowski,Jan - see Jach,Jan
         Dahle,Leon - Wanderski,Leon
ppor.    Damm,Jerzy Marian, Breda-Ginneken Ho      08/11/44
         Damrat,Antoni - see Zgubinski,Antoni
drag.    Darsicki,Adolf,Langannerie Fr             18/08/44
st.strz. Daum,Wilhelm,Szkocja,Perth,C.Wellshill    22/01/46
         Dabek,Pawel - see Wnuk-Lipinski,Pawel
st.strz. Dabrowski,Antoni,Langannerie Fr           21/08/44
         Dabrowski,Bernard - see Chelmowski,Bernard
         Dabrowski,Bruno - see Brauer,Bruno
st.drag. Dabrowski,Klemens,Adegem Be               17/09/44
         Debek,Konrad - see Szyszkowski,Konrad
         Debinski,Antoni - see Dabrowski,Antoni
         Deja,Zygmunt - see Barwina,Zygfryd
kapr.    Dejna,Franciszek,Lommel Be                02/10/44
kapr.    Dejnarowicz,Jaroslaw,Langannerie Fr       14/08/44
         Dekarski,Jozef - see Dabrowski,Klemens
st.ul.   Dekowski,Ludwik,Ruissenwille Be           04/09/44
ul.      Dembek,Edmund,KW,Adegem Be                10/09/44
         Dembek,Jozef - see Szymanski,Jozef
         Dembinski,Edward - see Bittman Edward
st.ul.   Dembowski,Alfons,Lommel Be                30/09/44
plut.    Denek,Wladyslaw,KW,Breda Ho               21/03/45
strz.    Derwich,Marian,Langannerie Fr             16/08/44
         Derylo,Kazimierz - see Hips,Kazimierz
ppor.    Dembicki,Waclaw Fran.Mieczys.,VM,Lommel Be09/09/44
kapr.    Dloniak,Franciszek,KW,Oosterhout Ho       04/11/44
drag.    Dlugajczyk,Alojzy,Terover-Alphen Ho       14/10/44
st.strz. Dlugoborski,Antoni,Lommel Be              16/12/44
         Dlugoszewski,Kazimierz - see Klakus,Kazimierz
strz.    Dmyterko,Stanislaw,Breda-Ginneken Ho      03/11/44
strz.    Dobek,Leon,Breda-Ginneken Ho              03/11/44
kapr.    Dobras,Jan,KW, Breda Ho                   15/04/45
st.strz. Dobrzynski,Tadeusz,Langannerie Fr         20/08/44
         Dobski,Boleslaw - see Gburczyk,Boleslaw
strz.    Dolata,Wladyslaw, Tilburg Ho              22/02/45
drag.    Dolina,Franciszek,Flachsmeer Ge           20/06/45
         Donald,Jerzy - see Nancka,Jerzy
         Dondalski,Bernard - see Szczepanski,Bernard
strz.    Dorawa,Pawel,Breda-Ginneken Ho            27/03/45
         Dornik,Stanislaw - see Wrzask,Stanislaw
chor.    Dorosz,Jan Adam,Haselune Ge               21/07/46
         Drabinski,Alojzy - see Szczepaniak,Alojzy
strz.    Dragun,Boleslaw,Langannerie Fr            18/08/44
         Drewa,Bronislaw - Funk,Bronislaw
st.strz. Drohomirecki,Marian,Langannerie Fr        21/08/44
         Drygalski,Pawel - see Dorawa,Pawel
st.strz. Duda,Alfred,Lommel Be                     29/09/44
drag.    Duda,Jozef,Langannerie Fr                 10/08/44
sierz.   Duda,Jozef,Willebroek Be                  25/04/45
kapr.    Dudek,Antoni,Breda Ho                     28/10/44
strz.    Dudek,Karol,Langannerie Fr                02/09/44
         Dudek,Zygmunt - see Dziwok,Zygmunt
kapr.    Dunajski,Tadeusz,Langannerie Fr           21/08/44
ul.      Dura, Kazimierz, Langannerie Fr           14/08/44
rtm.     Dudzinski,Tadeusz,Langannerie Fr          08/08/44
kapr.    Dworak,Karol,KW,Holtland Ge               01/05/45
plut.    Dybala,Antoni Kazimierz,KW,Langannerie Fr 13/09/44
strz.    Dykas,Antoni,Schoonselhof Ho              07/10/44
ppor.    Dziadkowski,Henryk,KW,Lommel Be           04/11/44
plut.    Dziadus,Jozef,Langannerie Fr              20/08/44
kapr.    Dzial(k)owski,Marian,Wiesenderfehn Ge     14/05/45
         Dziedziul,Franciszek - see Szwedowski,Franciszek
st.strz. Dzieja,Stefan,Papenburg Ge                17/05/46
strz.    Dziewientkowski,Alfons,Sogel Ge           20/05/46
plut.    Dziki,Wladyslaw,KW,Abbeville Fr           03/09/44 strz.    Dziuba,Wilhelm,Haselune Ge                24/07/46
drag.    Dziurda,Wojciech,Lommel Be                01/10/44
kan.     Dziwok,Zygmunt,Langannerie Fr             16/08/44
st.strz. Ebert,Jan,Pappenburg Ge                   21/04/45
strz.    Ebertowski,Kazimierz,Breda Ho             10/11/44
strz.    Egemann,Hieronim (Jozef),Langannerie Fr   20/08/44
strz.    Elas,Jan,Breda Ginneken Ho                22/12/44
por.     Eliasiewicz,Witold,KW,Lommel Be           03/10/44
kapr.    Emilianczyk,Stefan,Breda Ho               05/11/44
st.strz. Englot,Jan,Lommel Be                      02/10/44
kan.     Faber,Henryk Pawel,Furstenau Ge           01/07/45
strz.    Fabian,Marcin,Breda Ho                    29/10/44
strz.    Fabian,Piotr,Haselune Ge                  06/09/46
st.strz. Fabik(Fabig),Bronislaw,Osterbrock Ge      04/07/46
st.drag. Falkiewicz,Leon,Heede Ge                  17/04/45
         Falski,Alojzy - see Foegele,Alfred
st.strz. Faszczewski,Zbigniew,Ho                   31/12/44
kapr.    Fazan,Jan,Marcadsmoor (Fryzja) Ge         14/08/42
kapr.    Fedyszyn,Edmund,Langannerie Fr            12/08/44
st.strz. Feliks,Walenty,Masel Ge                   05/11/45
st.strz. Feluks,Henryk,Haselune Ge                 25/07/45
kapr.    Fengler,Jan,Lommel Be                     03/10/44
bomb.    Ferdyan,Emanuel,Langannerie Fr            20/08/44
strz.    Ferenc,Jan,Bois de Bonancy Fr             04/09/44
ppor.    Fiala,Mieczyslaw,Langannerie Fr           10/08/44
strz.    Figarski,Wladyslaw,Langannerie Fr         08/08/44
drag.    Filipczyk,Antoni,Ooseterhout Ho           02/11/44
         Filipczyk,Norbert - see Sadlon,Norbert
sap.     Filipiak,Jozef,Whitchurch Br              16/06/46
strz.    Filocha,Bronislaw,Newmarket Br            25/08/43
         Fitowski,Pawel - see Gronowski,Pawel
strz.    Fizia,Franciszek,St.Paul Be               13/09/44
chor.    Flasza,Wladyslaw,Lommel Be                29/09/44
plut.    Fligiel,Edward,KW,MM,Lommel Be            30/09/44
strz.    Flisak,Franciszek,KW,Langannerie Fr       17/08/44
strz.    Flisikowski,Franciszek,Langannerie Fr     20/08/44
st.ul.   Florczak,Stanislaw,Langannerie Fr         20/08/44
         Florianski,Egon - see Majewicz,Egon
kapr.    Foegele,Alfred,Sogel Ge                   30/03/46
strz.    Fojt,Jan,Furstenau Ge                     14/04/45
plut.    Fokszej,Wlodzimierz,Ormskirk Br           25/04/45
kapr.    Forysiak,Waclaw,Langannerie Fr            16/08/44
strz.    Franiszek,Hubert,Lommel Be                29/09/44
st.ul.   Fracek,Stanislaw,Langannerie Fr           18/08/44
strz.    Frackowiak,Boleslaw,Lommel Be             17/09/44
kapr.    Fredecki,Stanislaw,Breda Ho               16/04/45
ppor.    Frenkiel,Boleslaw,Ihrhove Ge              02/05/45
sap.     Fritz,Eugeniusz Mieczyslaw,Newmarket Br   29/06/43
strz.    Frydrych,Czeslaw,Papenburg Ge             27/07/45
strz.    Fulawka,Wladyslaw,Langannerie Fr          20/08/44
st.strz. Funk,Bronislaw,Lommel Be                  05/10/44

st.drag. Gackowski,Franciszek,Adegem Be            17/09/44
ul.      Gajda,Hieronim,Langannerie Fr             14/08/44
strz.    Gajda,Jerzy,Langannerie Fr                11/08/44
strz.    Gajda,Stanislaw,Szkocja,Perth,C.Wellshill 25/08/46
strz.    Gajdzik,Leon,Breda Ho                     19/04/45
kapr.    Gajek,Jan,Langannerie Fr                  08/08/44
kapr.    Gajek,Tadeusz,Breda-Ginneken Ho           01/11/44
st.strz. Gajowski,Konrad,Schoonselfhof Ho          05/11/44
         Gajowski,Wincenty - see Szromek,Wincenty
plut.    Galewski,Bronislaw,Morpeth Churchyard Br  15/06/46
         Galikowski,Jozef - see Plutowski,Jozef
st.strz. Galinski,Leon,Breda Ho                    21/04/45
drag.    Galuba,Leon,Oosterhout Ho                 ??/10/44
kapr.    Galusinski,Waclaw,St.Omer Fr              05/09/44
strz.    Galuszka,Antoni,Schoonselhof Ho           02/11/44
kpt.lek. Garbien,Tadeusz,Newmarket Br              03/07/43
strz.    Gawlicki,Zbigniew,Breda Ho                19/04/45
st.strz. Gawlinski,Mieczyslaw,Whitchurch Br        08/06/46
kapr.    Gawronski,Jan,Lommel Be                   29/10/44
ppor.    Gadzikiewicz,Witold,KW,Meyerhofen Ge      30/06/46
drag.    Gasiorek,Wladyslaw,Langannerie Fr         16/08/44
kapr.    Gasiorowski,Jan,Koewacht Ho               16/09/44
st.strz. Gburczyk,Boleslaw,Falaise Fr              14/08/44
strz.    Gdyk,Stanislaw,Langannerie Fr             20/08/44
st.strz. Geisner,Edmund,Breda-Ginneken Ho          06/11/44
kapr.    Gembara,Edward Stefan,Lommel Be           05/04/45
strz.    Gerat,Franciszek,Lommel Be                02/10/44
strz.    Geba,Henryk,Falaise Fr                    08/08/44
plut.    Gebalczyk,Wiktor,Edynburg,Corst.Hill Br   14/12/44
por.     Giergiel,Alfred,Breda Ho                  21/03/45
strz.    Gierszewski,Edmund,Breda-Ginneken Ho      07/01/45
st.strz. Gilewski,Marian Franciszek,Bayeux Fr      18/08/44
         Gimlik,Erwin - see Gizdon,Erwin
kapr.    Gisicz,Jozef,KW,Breda-Ginneken Ho         01/11/44
strz.    Gizdon,Erwin,Oosterhout Ho                03/11/44
strz.    Glalbert,Edward,Lommel Be                 05/10/44
strz.    Glinski,Alojzy,Lommel Be                  27/01/45
strz.    Glodny,Zygfryd,Dorpen Ge                  14/04/45
         Glowacki,Kazimierz - see Kwasniewski,Kazimierz
kapr.    Glowacki,Michal,Langannerie Fr            10/08/44
strz.    Glowacki,Stanislaw,Langannerie fr         09/08/44
bomb.    Gniadek,Marian,Leer Ge                    08/05/45
strz.    Gocki,Franciszek,Langannerie Fr           09/08/44
ppor.    Godowski,Adam Stanislaw,KW, Thielt Be     08/09/44
st.strz. Godyn,Stefan,Haselune Ge                  22/02/46
strz.    Golak,Wojciech,Langannerie Fr             14/08/44
kapr.    Golankowicz,Jozef,Westerstede Ge          15/05/45
kapr.    Goldin,Michal,VM,Langannerie Fr           19/08/44
ul.      Goldstaub,Gustaw,near Humieres Fr         04/09/44
plut.    Golejewski,Piotr,Langannerie Fr           08/08/44
         Golikowski,Jozef - see Gozdzinski,Jozef
strz.    Golda,Wladyslaw,Wansin Be                 25/06/46
strz.    Golowacz,Leonard,Langannerie Fr           14/08/44
kan.     Golub,Eliasz,Haselune Ge                  30/07/46
strz.    Gomolka,Stanislaw, Goirle Ho              06/01/45
drag.    Gondela,Stanislaw,Szkoc.,Perth,C.Wellshill28/07/43
kpr.     Gosciora,Wojciech,Fontaine le Pin Fr      14/08/44
st.drag. Goral,Piotr,KW,Heede Ge                   15/04/45
         Gorecki,Karol - see Dworak,Karol
drag.    Gorecki,Ludwik,Axel Ho                    16/09/44
         Gorny,Augustyn - see Grutza,Augustyn
         Gorski,Jozef - Mateusiak,Jozef
st.strz. Gorwa,Bernard,Schoonselfhof B.C.W. Ho     02/10/44
strz.    Goryczka,Jerzy,Breda-Ginneken Ho          27/03/45
strz.    Gorzlka(Gorzolka),Jakub,Munster Ge        31/03/46
         Gosak,Alojzy - see Marszolik,Alojzy
drag.    Goslawski,Marian,Lommel Be                17/09/44
strz.    Gozdzinski,Jozef,Langannerie Fr           19/08/44
kapr.    Gozdz,Edmund,Langannerie Fr               10/08/44
chor.    Gorecki,Florian,Langannerie Fr            14/08/44
st.strz. Gorecki,Zbigniew,Wilhelmshaven Ge         24/07/45
kapr.    Gorka,Jan,KW,Meppen Ge                    03/05/45
         Gornikiewicz,Pawel - see Bawol,Pawel
strz.    Gorny,Emanuel Wiktor,Haselune Ge          10/01/46
ppor.    Gorski,Tadeusz,KW,Alphen Ho               06/10/44
st.strz. Gorski,Zygmunt,Oosterhout Ho              08/04/45
por.     Grabania,Tadeusz,VM,KW,Breda Ho           16/04/45
st.strz. Grabowski,Bernard,Tange Ho                13/04/45
         Grabowski,Bernard - see Jurczyk,Bernard
         Grabowski,Bronislaw - see Skodda,Bronislaw
         Grabowski,Franciszek - see Chudzinski,Franciszek
st.strz. Grabowski,Jozef,KW,Langannerie Fr         15/08/44
strz.    Grabowski,Kazimierz,KW,Goch Ge            16/05/45
strz.    Grabowski,Piotr,Langannerie Fr            10/08/44
st.wchm. Grabowski,Stanislaw,Langannerie Fr        11/08/44
strz.    Graczyk,Edmund,Langannerie Fr             15/08/44
ul.      Graczyk,Marian,Thielt Be                  08/09/44
strz.    Grajewski,Maksymilian,Breda-Ginneken Ho   07/01/45
kan.     Greiner,Eugeniusz,Langannerie Fr          16/08/44
strz.    Grinholz,Augustyn,Breda Ho                05/11/44
kapr.    Grochowski,Czeslaw,Filey,C.Old Ground Br  05/06/44
strz.    Grolik,Alojzy,Breda-Ginneken Ho           25/12/44
ul.      Gromadzki,Przemyslaw,Edy.,CorstorphineHill22/10/42
         Gromala,Alfons - see Pawlowski,Alfons
strz.    Gronowski,Pawel,Lommel Be                 03/10/44
st.strz. Gronzola,Alfred,Langannerie Fr            09/08/44
drag.    Gross,Konrad,VM,Breda Ho                  29/10/44
         Grotger,Pawel - see Michalak,Pawel
strz.    Gruca,Henryk,Haselune Ge                  23/08/46
strz.    Grudzienski,Stanislaw,Langannerie Fr      22/08/44
sierz.   Grudzinski,Wladyslaw,Langannerie Fr       14/08/44
strz.    Gruenbaum,Zdzislaw Mieczyslaw,Dorpen Ge   14/04/45
drag.    Grutza,Augustyn,Breda Ho                  20/04/45
st.strz. Gryga,Franciszek,Breda-Ginneken Ho        07/01/45
podch.   Grygier,Artur Stefan,Thielt Be            18/09/44
strz.    Gryglaszewski,Michal,Szk,Perth,C.Wellshill02/07/45
strz.    Gryniewicz,Bazyli,Edynb.,Corstorphine Hill28/10/43
st.strz. Gryniewicz,Pawel,Lommel Be                18/12/44
         Gryszka,Jozef - see Poloczek,Jozef
st.strz. Gryt,Gerard,Breda Ho                      08/01/45
st.strz. Grzadziel,Feliks,Rhede Ge                 21/04/45
plut.    Grzegorzewski,Mieczyslaw,VM,KW,Szko.,Perth02/02/46
strz.    Grzeluk,Antoni,Lommel Be                  07/10/44
plut.    Grzenia,Pawel Piotr,Langannerie Fr        20/08/44
drag.    Grzeszczuk,Wlodzimierz,Langannerie Fr     17/08/44
st.strz. Grzyb,Franciszek,Breda Ho                 02/11/44
kapr.    Gubala,Edmund Jerzy,Schoonselhof Ho       17/11/44
drag.    Gumowski,Jan,Axel Ho                      17/09/44
strz.    Gumowski,Kamil,Langannerie Fr             20/08/44
pchor.   Gunera,Zygmunt,Meyerhofen Ge              25/06/46
kapr.    Gusciora,Wojciech,Langannerie Fr          14/08/44
kapr.    Gusztaf(Gustaf),Jan,KW,Axel Ho            17/09/44
         Guzman,Bronislaw - see Bucholz,Bronislaw
         Gwiazda,Franciszek - see Fizia,Franciszek
drag.    Gwiazda,Henryk,Heede Ge                   15/04/45
kapr.    Habura,Jan,KW,Lommel Be                   20/12/44
strz.    Hadas,Maksymilian,Dorpen Ge               03/02/46
strz.    Hajduczek,Ryszard,Zondereigen Be          02/10/44
ppor.    Hajek-Garczynski,Emil,Langannerie Fr      08/08/44
         Halski,Florian - see Kauf,Florian
         Hampel,Pawel - Pietrek,Pawel
strz.    Hanysz,Ryszard,Zondereigen Be             02/10/44
strz.    Hapka,Lucjan,Breda Ho                     27/03/45
st.strz. Harazim,Pawel,Breda-Ginneken Ho           07/01/45
st.strz. Hasnik,Alojzy,Bruksela,C:Evere Be         28/04/45
strz.    Hawryszczuk,Jozef,Breda Ho                30/10/44
         Hejda,Alfons - see Szeja,Alfons
strz.    Helbik,Jan,Liverpool,C.Allerton Br        31/10/44
kapr.    Heldt,Jan,Breda Ho                        02/04/45
         Heldebrand,Herman - see Hildebrand,Herman
         Heliosz,Konrad - see Trybus,Konrad
kapr.    Henkel,Tadeusz,KW,Posthausen Ge           24/04/45
ppor.    Herman,Jacek Adam,KW,Breda Ho             05/11/44
strz.    Herman,Jozef,Alphen Ho                    05/10/44
ppor.    Herok,Jan,KW,Ormskirk Br                  01/04/45
kpt.inz. Hertz,Leon Ignacy,VM,Langannerie Fr       09/08/44
st.strz. Hildebrand vel Helebrand Herman,Hasselune 03/02/46
strz.    Hilscher,Jan,Meyerhofen Ge                21/11/45
strz.    Hips,Kazimierz,Lommel Be                  05/10/44
ul.      Hirsz,Jan,Geeste Ge                       08/06/45
kapr.    Hirsz,Wiktor,Langannerie Fr               11/08/44
kan.     Hliszczak,Wlodzimierz,Exeter Br           15/01/46
st.strz. Hlawiczka,Adolf,Haselune Ge               09/12/46
strz.    Hnilka,Jozef,Langannerie Fr               20/08/44
         Hofman,Jozef - see Miszewski,Jozef
strz.    Holdenmajer,Jozef,Stekene Be              14/09/44
kapr.    Holowacz,Wladyslaw,Meppen Ge              21/04/45
st.strz. Holubiec,Bronislaw,Langannerie Fr         17/08/44
st.ul.   Hromota,Jan,Cromesnil Fr                  08/08/44
kapr.    Horowski,Edward,KW,Langannerie Fr         08/08/44
strz.    Hrychorowicz,Stefan Piotr,Breda Ho        05/11/44
strz.    Hrynkiewicz,Giedymin,Zuidorpe Ho          16/09/44
st.strz. Hudes,Feliks,Bayeux Fr                    15/08/44
drag.    Hul,Antoni,Lommel Be                      29/10/44
st.strz. Humeniuk (Humieniuk),Jan,Munster Ge       17/03/46
ks.kap.  Hupa,Wiktor,VM,Langannerie Fr             20/08/44
strz.    Hitnik,Franciszek,Schoonselhof Ho         03/11/44
st.strz. Iglewicz,Leib,Falaise Fr                  20/08/44
ppor.    Iskrzynski,Zbigniew,VM,Langannerie Fr     20/08/44
strz.    Iwaszczak,Adolf,Tilburg Ho                18/05/45
kapr.    Jablonski,Bronislaw,Langannerie Fr        14/08/44
         Jablonski,Feliks - see Seroka,Feliks
kapr.    Jablonski,Franciszek,KW,Langannerie Fr    14/08/44
kan.     Jablonski,Jozef,Haselune Ge               20/06/45
st.strz. Jablonski,Stefan,KW,Langannerie Fr        20/08/44
strz.    Jach,Jan,Lommel Be                        30/09/44
strz.    Jachowski,Tadeusz,Breda-Ginneken Ho       07/01/45
st.strz. Jagla,Stanislaw,Breda Ho                  03/01/45
strz.    Jagusz,Boleslaw,Munster Ge                05/08/45
plut.    Jak,Pawel,Meyerhofen Ge                   29/08/46
kapr.    Jakala,Wladyslaw,Whitchurch Br            19/04/46
st.strz. Jakubas,Ludwik,Bouville Fr                31/08/44
st.strz. Jakubiec,Antoni,KW,Turnhout Be            02/11/44
st.strz. Jakubiszyn,Stanislaw,k/Caen Fr            08/08/44
pchor.   Jakubowicz,Jan,Langannerie Fr             09/08/44
         Jakubowski,Ernest - see Janik,Robert
strz.    Jakubowski,Jan,Lommel Be                  02/10/44
         Jakubowski,Jozef - see Nichnerowicz,Jozef
         Janeczko,Franciszek - see Gackowski,Franciszek
st.strz. Janeta,Pawel,Breda Ho                     08/01/45
st.strz. Janik,Robert,Langanneire Fr               10/08/44
drag.    Janik,Stanislaw,Alphen Ho                 06/10/44
         Jankiewicz,Jerzy - see Jankowski,Jerzy
strz.    Jankowski,Alojzy,Dorpen Ge                26/07/46
         Jankowski,Antoni - see Dudek,Antoni
strz.    Jankowski,Antoni - Papenburg Ge           25/04/45
         Jankowski,Franciszek - see Kalaczynski,Franciszek
         Jankowski,Gerard - see Gryt,Gerard
st.strz. Jankowski,Jan,KW,Breda-Ginneken Ho        07/01/45
drag.    Jankowski,Jerzy,Lommel,Be                 03/10/44
plut.    Jankowski,Jozef,VM,KW,Lommel Be           18/09/44
strz.    Jankowski,Leon,Breda-Ginneken Ho          31/12/44
         Jankowski,Pawel - see Jantzen,Pawel
plut.    Janota,Karol,Langannerie Fr               16/08/44
drag.    Janowski,Michal,Heede Ge                  15/04/45
strz.    Jantzen,Pawel,Kapelsche Veer Ho           05/01/45
         Janus,Franciszek - see Miller,Franciszek
st.strz. Janusz,Mieczyslaw,Langannerie Fr          14/08/44
sierz.   Janusz,Stanislaw,Langannerie Fr           11/08/44
chor.    Januszewski,Franciszek,Perth,C.Wellshill  03/05/46
strz.    Januszewski,Marceli,Werkendam Ho          31/12/44
strz.    Jaracz,Zygmunt,KW,Remennesnil Fr          09/08/44
         Jaranowski,Alfons - see Kwiatkowski,Alfons
st.strz. Jaroszewicz,Antoni,Remels Ge              02/05/45
pchor.   Jaroszewicz,Edward Maksymilian,Langannerie14/08/44
strz.    Jaroszuk,Franciszek,Langannerie Fr        20/08/44
st.strz. Jarzabek,Jozef,KW,Lommel Be               23/09/44
         Jasinski,Bernard - see Wilde,Bernard
kapr.    Jaskorski,Antoni,Bayeux Fr                19/08/44  Jasny,Antoni,Edynburg,Corstorphine Hill   24/02/44
st.strz. Jaworczak,Zdzislaw,Schoonselfhof Ho       06/11/44
st.strz. Jaworowski,Ludwik,Langannerie Fr          14/08/44
strz.    Jaworski,Stanislaw,Hessel Ge              01/05/45
strz.    Jazwinski,Antoni,Langannerie Fr           14/08/44
st.strz. Jelitto,Pawel,KW,Langannerie Fr           12/08/44
strz.    Jelinski,Edmund,Dorpen Ge                 14/04/45
kpt.     Jencz,Pawel,Lommel Be                     30/12/44
plut.    Jerczak,Antoni,KW,Veld Beerse Be          29/09/44
sierz.   Jermakow,Pawel,KW,Posthausen Ge           26/04/45
strz.    Jeszke,Kazimierz,Breda-Ginneken Ho        03/11/44
pchor.   Jewplow,Wladyslaw,Langannerie Fr          18/08/44
strz.    Jochnowicz,Jakub,Lommel Be                14/10/44
ppor.    Jodko-Markiewicz,Janusz,VM,Langannerie Fr 14/08/44
plut.    Jozwiak,Stanislaw,KW,Adegem Be            18/09/44
por.mgr. Juchta,Albin Franciszek,KW,Breda Ho       09/08/45
kpt.     Judkowiak,Edward,VM,KW,Breda Ho           03/11/44
kapr.    Juras,Stanislaw,Breda Ho                  22/11/44
strz.    Jurczyk,Bernard,Kapelsche Veer Ho         07/01/45
st.strz. Jurewicz,Wincenty,Papenburg Ge            21/04/45
st.strz. Jurkowski,Stanislaw Wlodzimierz,Remels Ge 02/05/45
drag.    Jutrowski,Jan,Axel Ho                     17/09/44

st.ul.   Kacperek,Henryk,KW,Tetevingen Ho          01/11/44
st.strz. Kacprzak,Henryk,Haselune Ge               07/02/46
ppor.    Kaczmarczyk,Jozef,Axel Ho                 17/09/44
         Kaczmarek,Boleslaw - see Frackowiak,Boleslaw
strz.    Kaczmarek,Stanislaw,Corstorphine Hill Br  24/05/45
plut.    Kaczor,Czeslaw Jan,Langannerie Fr         20/08/44
kapr.    Kaczor,Jan,Ter-Apel Ho                    11/04/45
kapr.    Kaczorowski,Teofil,Breda Ho               04/11/44
st.strz. Kaczynski,Franciszek Walerian,Langannerie 11/08/44
drag.    Kadela,Jozef,Oosterhout Ho                17/11/44
kapr.    Kafara,Pawel,Langannerie Fr               11/08/44
         Kajak,Jozef - see Ocelok,Jozef
         Kajetanowicz,Jozef - see Szumik,Jozef
pchor.   Kajzerek,Ryszard,St.Aignan de Cramesnil Fr08/08/44
plut.    Kalaczynski,Franciszek,KW,Remels Ge       02/06/45
szer.    Kalamojczyk,Alfred,Breda-Ginneken Ho      31/12/44
st.strz. Kaleta,Leon,Langannerie Fr                10/08/44
plut.    Kalinowski,Jozef,KW,Lommel Be             02/10/44
         Kalinowski,Karol - see Szefer,Karol
kapr.    Kaliski,Jan,Langannerie Fr                14/08/44
kapr.    Kalek,Jozef,Bruksela, Evere Be            02/10/44
st.strz. Kaluza,Pawel,Lommel Be                    01/10/44
kapr.    Kalwa,Franciszek,VM,Breda Ho              31/10/44
sierz.   Kamienski,Jerzy, Lommel Be                01/10/44
         Kaminski,Czeslaw - see Melkowski,Czeslaw
strz.    Kaminski,Henryk,Langannerie Fr            15/08/44
         Kaminski,Jan - see Jutrowski,Jan
strz.    Kaminski,Kazimierz,Lommel Be              04/10/44
st.drag. Kaminski,Pawel,Alphen Ho                  05/10/44
ppor.    Kaminski,Stanislaw Antoni,FontainelePin Fr14/08/44
         Kaminski,Teodor - Steinke,Teodor
strz.    Kaminski,Zygmunt,KW,Langannerie Fr        11/08/44
st.drag. Kamola,Waclaw,Langannerie Fr              20/08/44
strz.    Kamrowski,Ignacy,Lommel Be                07/06/44
strz.    Kanczes,Jozef,Langannerie Fr              18/08/44
strz.    Kandora,Engelbert,Meyerhofen Ge           30/08/46
kapr.    Kandula,Kazimierz,Bayeux Fr               24/08/44
kapr.    Kania,Jan,Langannerie Fr                  09/08/44
plut.    Kania,Kazimierz,Lommel Be                 03/10/44
pchor.   Kania,Michal,Dorpen Ge                    18/06/46
strz.    Kantor,Gustav,Breda Ho                    28/10/44
pplk.    Kanski,Jan Witold,VM,KW,Bayeux Fr         29/08/44
wachm.   Kanski,Boleslaw,Langannerie Fr            21/08/44
strz.    Kapera,Edward,Langannerie Fr              14/08/44
sierz.   Kapusniak,Stefan,Breda Ho                 17/04/45
sap.     Karaban,Stanislaw,Kusten Kanal Ge         19/04/45
st.ul.   Karabin,Jan,Langannerie Fr                08/08/44
kapr.    Karbowiecki,Waclaw,Langannerie Fr         08/08/44
st.drag. Karbowski,Franciszek,Heede Ge             15/04/45
strz.    Karcz,Bronislaw,Newmarket Br              08/07/43
strz.    Karczewski,Jozef,Bruksela Be              06/10/44
         Karpinski,Franciszek - see Gerat,Franciszek
strz.    Karpinski,Zygmunt,Meppen Ge               18/04/45
strz.    Karpowicz,Kazimierz,Oxford,C.Botley Br    17/10/44
strz.    Karrasch,Bernard,Lommel Be                07/09/44
kapr.    Karski,Jakub,Zondereigen Be               02/10/44
         Karszynski,Jan - Szczepanski,Jan
st.strz. Kasica,Karol,Brookwood,Surrey Br          28/07/44
st.strz. Kasik-Kasicki,Antoni,Lommel Be            26/09/44
strz.    Kasinski,Stanislaw,Adegem Be              19/09/44
st.strz. Kasperczyk,Emil,Breda-Ginneken Ho         07/01/45
sierz.   Kasperowicz,Jozef,Perth,Szkocja Br        10/06/44
st.strz. Kasprzak,Ignacy,Langannerie Fr            14/08/44
strz.    Kasprzyk,Jan,Langannerie Fr               10/08/44
strz.    Kasprzyk,Jozef,Lommel Be                  06/10/44
bomb.    Kaszkowiak,Jan,Pappenburg Ge              20/05/45
kapr.    Kauf,Florian,Terover,Alphen Ho            14/10/44
strz.    Kawicz,Piotr,Haselune Ge                  22/07/45
sierz.   Kawinski,?,Lievre Be                      01/10/44
st.strz. Kadziolka,Jozef,Pappenburg Ge             31/05/46
strz.    Kadziolka,Zygmunt,Langannerie Fr          20/08/44
         Kelbratowski,Edmund - see Schiller,Edmund
drag.    Kempa,Franciszek,Lichtfield Br            12/11/44
kapr.    Kepa,Stanislaw,Langannerie Fr             08/08/44
plut.    Kiedos,Stefan,KW,Lommel Be                07/09/44
kapr.    Kieliszek,Modest,VM,Stekene Be            15/09/44
         Kierat,Jozef - see Kurdek,Jozef
mjr.     Kiersz-Leliwa,Wieslaw,VM,KW,Langannerie Fr08/08/44
strz.    Kijas,Stanislaw,Breda Ho                  31/10/44
kapr.    Kijora,Roch,Breda Ho                      14/04/45
kapr.    Kilarski,Mieczyslaw,Corstorphine Hill Br  15/04/44
st.strz. Kin,Adolf,Lommel Be                       18/09/44
pchor.   Kirschke,Jan,KW,Langannerie Fr            24/08/44
ul.      Kierzeniewski,Tadeusz,Aschendorf Ge       20/04/45
         Kiszewski,Jozef - see Myller,Jozef
plut.    Klack,Franciszek,Langannerie Fr           14/08/44
kapr.    Klank,Zbigniew,Oberlangen Ge              27/07/45
strz.    Klaus,Franciszek,Breda-Ginneken Ho        07/01/45
kapr.    Klawczynski,Leon,Lommel Be                04/10/44
strz.    Kleban,Ludwik,Langannerie Fr              21/08/44
st.strz. Klenczewski,Jan,Breda Ho                  01/11/44
st.strz. Kletz,Stanislaw,Langannerie Fr            20/08/44
kapr.    Klesk,Jozef,Langannerie Fr                02/09/44
st.strz. Klus,Emil,Langannerie Fr                  13/08/44
drag.    Kluska,Edmund,Lommel Be                   02/10/44
ppor.    Kluz,Nikodem Edward,VM,KW,Lommel Be       30/09/44
strz.    Klad,Edmund,Holsbek Ge                    04/05/45
st.strz. Klakus,Kazimierz, Falaise Fr              10/08/44
ppor.    Klaptocz,Wladyslaw,KW,Oosterhout Ho       04/11/44
st.strz. Klek,Jan,St.Aignan de Cramesnil Fr        08/08/44
         Klos,Ryszard - see Raszka,Ryszard
wachm.   Kloskowicz,Jan,Bruksela,Everes Be         20/04/46
drag.    Kmit,Wladyslaw,Langannerie Fr             20/08/44
st.strz. Kmita,Jan,Langannerie Fr                  12/08/44
ppor.    Kneppel,Salo,Langannerie Fr               18/08/44
st.drag. Knoblauch,Antoni(Alojzy),Axel Ho          17/09/44
kapr.    Kobielarz,Marcin,KW,Haselune Ge           29/04/46
         Kobielus,Jan - see Stanko,Jan
sierz.   Kobielski,Wilhelm,VM,Langannerie Fr       14/08/44
         Kobierski,Boleslaw - see Sprysz,Boleslaw
         Kochanski,Franciszek - see Kurzynski,Franciszek
kpt.     Kochaj,Kazimierz Antoni,Munster Ge        17/12/45
         Kocur,Jan - Pytlik,Jan
drag.    Kolankiewicz,Adam,Langannerie Fr          20/08/44
         Kolazynski,Jozef - see Ulczak,Jozef
st.ul.   Kolenda,Wincenty,Langannerie Fr           14/08/44
ul.      Kolek,Jozef,Lommel Be                     30/09/44
strz.    Kolodziejski,Jan,KW,Haselune Ge           02/08/46
plut.    Kolosowski,Stanislaw,Langannerie Fr       09/08/44
         Komorowski,Aleksander - Trejder,Aleksander
ppor.    Komosinski,Zbigniew Andrzej,VM,Langannerie20/08/44
ul.      Koneczny,Kazimierz,Langannerie Fr         16/08/44
strz.    Konieczny,Wladyslaw,VM,Langannerie Fr     20/08/44
ppor.    Konstanty,Antoni,VM,Langannerie Fr        20/08/44
strz.    Kopec,Jan,Dorpen Ge                       19/04/45
st.drag. Kopiec,Franciszek,Axel Ho                 17/09/44
strz.    Kopiecki,Gerard,Langannerie Fr            20/08/44
strz.    Kopko,Jozef,Langannerie Fr                09/08/44
kapr.    Korbel,Jozef,Alphen Oostervick Ho         05/10/44
st.strz. Korhel,Pawel,KW,Breda-Ginneken Ho         08/01/45
         Kornacki,Czeslaw - see Frydrych,Czeslaw
         Kornas,Stanislaw - see Kott,Stanislaw
st.drag. Kornel,Michal,Lommel Be                   03/10/44
st.strz. Korta,Tadeusz Cyryl,Langannerie Fr        05/09/44
ppor.    Korzeniowski,Stanislaw,KW,Ormskirk Br     23/10/44
         Korzeniowski,Stefan - see Kukla,Jozef
         Kos,Jan - see Kopec,Jan
         Kos,Jan - see Tyrna,Jan
st.drag. Kos,Leon,KW,Axel Ho                       17/09/44
strz.    Kos,Senko,Langannerie Fr                  16/08/44
strz.    Kos,Zygmunt,KW,Meyerhofen Ge              12/07/45
         Kosik,Norbert - see Kuchta,Norbert
strz.    Kosinski,Mieczyslaw Jerzy,Langannerie Fr  14/08/44
strz.    Kosmala,Adam,Langannerie Fr               16/08/44
         Kosmol,Henryk - see Michalski,Henryk
strz.    Kosztubajda,Stefan Jan,KW,Breda Ho        10/04/45
kapr.    Koscianski,Michal,Langannerie Fr          09/08/44
kapr.    Koscielniak,Mieczyslaw,Bridlington Br     29/06/44
strz.    Kosciewicz,Franciszek,La Clinge Be        17/09/44
kapr.    Kosciuk,Andrzej,Lommel Be                 03/10/44
drag.    Kosmicki,Wladyslaw,Flachsmeer Ge          26/04/45
         Kot,Leon - see Strzalek,Leon
st.strz. Kot,Piotr,Pappenburg Ge                   20/04/45
st.strz. Kotas,Jan,Meppen Ge                       21/04/45
st.strz. Kotowski,Jozef(Franciszek),Perth Szkocja  28/11/45
         Kotowski,Piotr - see Kot,Piotr
sap.     Kott,Stanislaw,Breda Ho                   02/11/44
kapr.    Kotyrba,Wilhelm,Corstorphine Hill,Edynburg14/02/43
kapr.    Kowalczyk,Jan,KW,Langannerie Fr           16/08/44
kapr.    Kowalczyk,Stanislaw,KW,Breda Ho           12/04/45
drag.    Kowalczyk,Tadeusz,Adegem Be               09/09/44
         Kowalski,Benedykt - see Slupski,Benedykt
         Kowalski,Franciszek - see Mosler,Franciszek
         Kowalski,Franciszek - see Dloniak,Franciszek
strz.    Kowalski,Jan,KW,Zonderejgen Ho            01/10/44
st.strz. Kowalski,Roman,Adegem Be                  18/09/44
plut.    Kowalski,Stefan,KW,Langannerie Fr         19/08/44
st.strz. Kowalski,Wladyslaw,Axel Ho                18/09/44
sierz.   Kowerko,Jan,KW,Lommel Be                  10/09/44
kapr.    Kowiel,Aleksander,Thielt Be               08/09/44
rtm.mgr. Kownas,Waclaw,VM,KW,Lommel Be             01/10/44
strz.    Kozak,Antoni,Langannerie Fr               19/08/44
ppor.    Kozakiewicz,Jan Andrzej,Breda Ho          15/04/45
kpt.     Kozanecki,Witold,Breda Ho                 07/01/45
plut.    Koziel,Apoloniusz Gustaw,Meppen Ge        20/04/45
kapr.    Kozikowski,Leonard,KW,Langannerie Fr      10/08/44
         Koziol,Pawel - Stebel,Pawel
strz.    Koziolkowski,Michal,KW,Brual Ge           16/04/45
rtm.     Kozlowski,Zygmunt,Langannerie Fr          16/08/44
kapr.    Kozula,Kazimierz Tadeusz,Dongen Ho        23/02/45
ppor.    Krajewski,Bronislaw,Adegem Be             19/09/44
strz.    Krajewski,Jan,KW,Langannerie Fr           20/08/44
         Krakowski,Antoni - see Siewert,Antoni
kapr.    Krakowski,Edward,Langannerie Fr           28/08/44
         Krakus,Jozef - see Kolek,Jozef
st.strz. Krasica,Karol,Brookwood, Surrey Br        28/07/44
         Krasinski,Edmund - see Dembek,Edmund
strz.    Krasniej,Mikolaj,Langannerie Fr           20/08/44
drag.    Krasowski,Pawel,Eindhoven Ho              08/04/45
strz.    Krasulak,Marcin,Langannerie Fr            09/08/44
         Krauze,Klemens - see Kroll,Klemens
st.strz. Krawczyk,Jozef,Langannerie Fr             14/08/44
kapr.    Krawczyk,Jozef,Langannerie Fr             18/08/44
         Kreja,Pawel - see Nagorski,Pawel
         Kreyser-Zan - see Zan-Kreyser,Edward Zdzislaw
ul.      Kroczak,Jan Kazimierz,Alphen Ho           05/10/44
strz.    Kroczak,Michal,Langannerie Fr             14/08/44
strz.    Kroll,Klemens,Dorpen Ge                   14/04/45
kapr.    Kruczek,Jan,KW,Adegem Ho                  19/09/44
kapr.    Krukowski,Franciszek,Pappenburg Ge        21/04/45
kapr.    Krupa,Franciszek,Lommel Be                29/10/44
drag.    Krupa,Jerzy,Langannerie Fr                17/08/44
         Krupa,Zenon - see Stebner,Zenon
strz.    Kruza,Sylwester,Wettringen Ge             22/04/45
st.strz. Kruzynski,Feliks,Lommel Be                19/09/44
st.strz. Kryger,Alojzy,Breda-Ginneken Ho           08/11/44
         Kryscinski-Ubych - see Ubych,Kazimierz
         Krsykiewicz,Wiktor - see Tatarczyk,Wiktor
kapr.    Krzak,Adam,Adegem Be                      10/09/44
plut.    Krzeczek,Piotr,Lommel Be                  16/09/44
st.strz. Krzemien,Antoni,Langannerie Fr            16/08/44
strz.    Krzeminski,Mieczyslaw,Lommel Be           12/09/44
kapr.    Krzemionka,Stanislaw,KW,Abbeville Fr      01/09/44
         Krzewinski,Kazimierz - see Michlinski,Kazimierz
st.strz. Krzton,Jozef,Haselune Ge                  05/02/46
kapr.    Krzykala,Pawel,KW,Breda Ho                05/11/44
strz.    Krzyzanowski,Tadeusz,KW,Haselune Ge       04/05/46
pchor.   Krzyzakowski,Jerzy,Lommel Be              06/10/44
         Ksal,Franciszek - see Laks,Franciszek
st.strz. Ksiezarczyk,Franciszek,Langannerie Fr     14/08/44
drag.    Kubala,Jan Stanislaw,Langannerie Fr       10/08/44
kapr.    Kubas,Zygmunt Tadeusz,Bayeux Fr           22/08/44
kapr.    Kubatek,Stanislaw Jan,VM,KW,Rhede Ge      16/04/45
strz.    Kuberski,Leon,Langannerie Fr              22/08/44
st.strz. Kubica,Wiktor,Lommel Be                   29/09/44
plut.    Kubicz,Kazimierz,Newmarket Br             10/09/43
kan.     Kubski,Boleslaw,Langannerie Fr            20/08/44
st.strz. Kucbanski,Tadeusz,KW,Oosterhout Ho        08/03/45
plut.    Kucharski,Bronislaw,Langannerie Fr        14/08/44
st.strz. Kucharski,Jozef,KW,Oosterhout Ho          29/10/44
strz.    Kucharewicz,Wincenty,Langannerie Fr       14/08/44
st.strz. Kucmierz,Roman,Langannerie Fr             12/08/44
st.strz. Kuchta,Norbert,KW,Eure Be                 03/10/44
strz.    Kuczara,Wladyslaw,Langannerie Fr          20/08/44
st.strz. Kuczma,Tomasz,Breda Ho                    31/12/44
st.ul.   Kuczmunski(Kuczminski),Jan,Breda Ho       13/11/44
por.     Kuczowicz,Wilhelm,VM,Lommel Be            29/10/44
szer.    Kuczynski,Czeslaw,Sanquhar Br             06/07/45
strz.    Kuhn,Albert,Langannerie Fr                20/08/44
st.strz. Kukla,Jozef,Breda Ho                      14/04/45
st.strz. Kukulka,Wladyslaw,Lommel Be               09/09/44
kapr.    Kukurowski,Tadeusz,Newark Br              20/02/43
         Kula,Jan - see Kuczminski,Jan
plut.    Kula,Eugeniusz,KW,Langannerie Fr          09/08/44
por.     Kula,Kazimierz,VM,KW,Bruksela,C.Evere Be  08/10/44
         Kulesza,Tadeusz - see Henkel,Tadeusz
strz.    Kulhawy,Wladyslaw,Langannerie Fr          21/08/44
st.ul.   Kulisz,Albert,Tournhout Be                29/10/44
st.strz. Kupiec,Stefan,Bayeux Fr                   15/08/44
kapr.    Kupkiewicz,Antoni,Lommel Be               30/09/44
st.strz. Kurdek,Jozef,La Clinge k/Hulst Be         17/09/44
drag.    Kurjanowicz,Stefan,KW,Oosterhout Ho       29/10/44
st.strz. Kurleto,Stanislaw,Langannerie Fr          08/08/44
kapr.    Kurpas,Eryk,Dorpen Ge                     09/04/45
mjr.     Kurowski,Jan Antoni,KW,Grand-Mennier/
                                Grand-Mesnil Fr    16/08/44
strz.    Kurowski,Jan,Ubenhausen Ge                26/04/45
st.strz. Kurzynski,Franciszek,KW,Breda-Kinneken Ho 06/11/44
strz.    Kusznir,Mikolaj,Alphen Ho                 12/10/44
kapr.    Kusnierz,Karol Kazimierz,Lommel Be        18/09/44
drag.    Kutermacha,Jozef,Borger Ge                01/05/45
         Kutno,Zygfryd - see Bagnucki,Zygfryd
ppor.    Kuznik,Roman,KW,Aschendorf Ge             20/04/45
strz.    Kuzaj,Jan,Langannerie Fr                  18/08/44
         Kwaczynski,Michal - see Wisnianski,Michal
st.drag. Kwasniewski,Kazimierz,Rhede Ge            18/04/45
st.drag. Kwiatek,Julian,Langannerie Fr             11/08/44
kapr.    Kwiatkowski,Alfons,KW,Breda Ho            29/10/44
kapr.    Kwiatkowski,Andrzej,KW,Lommel Be          07/09/44
strz.    Kwiatkowski,Maksymilian,Langannerie Fr    21/08/44
strz.    Kwiatkowski,Pawel,Langannerie Fr          16/08/44
st.strz. Kwiatkowski,Wincenty,Axel Ho              18/09/44
         Kwidyn,Feliks - see Wlodarczyk,Feliks
         Kwidzinski,Franciszek - see Naszke,Franciszek
plut.    Kwiecien,Wladyslaw,KW,k/Richevorse Be     29/09/44
ppor.    Kwiecien,Zbigniew,Kapelsche Veer Ho       05/01/45

kapr.    Lachman,Bohdan,Langannerie Fr             20/08/44
st.drag. Lakotta,Oskar,Thielt Be                   09/09/44
strz.    Lamkowski,Bernard,Breda Ho                05/11/44
         Lamparski,Mieczyslaw - see Czarnojan,Mieczyslaw
drag.    Lampert,Leon,Ootmarsum k/Orienterrtafel Ho17/04/45
kapr.    Lanc,Pawel,Breda Ho                       28/10/44
         Las,Jozef - see Strunk,Jozef
         Las,Witold - see Woloszyk,Jozef
         Lasek,Pawel - see Kaluza,Pawel
st.strz. Laskowski,Alfons,KW,Tilburg Ho            05/04/45
wachm.   Laskowski,Boleslaw,KW,Breda Ho            11/04/45
strz.    Laks,Franciszek,Lommel Be                 01/10/44
         Lazicki,Franciszek - see Obracaj,Franciszek
kapr.    Lebkuchen,Franciszek,Breda-Ginneken Ho    28/10/44
st.drag. Leja,Andrzej,Lommel Be                    28/10/44
strz.    Lemanowicz,Waclaw,Breda-Ginneken Ho       29/10/44
strz.    Lemke,Jan,Langannerie Fr                  17/08/44
strz.    Leniec,Wladyslaw,Lommel Be                12/09/44
st.strz. Leppek,Jan,KW,Lommel Be                   26/10/44
         Lesniewski,Jan - see Bojanowski,Jan
         Lezczynski,Jozef - see Jablonski,Jozef
drag.    Lesniak,Jan,Bridlington Br                19/07/44
strz.    Lesniak,jozef,Langannerie Fr              14/08/44
         Lewandowski,Edward - see Glalbert,Edward
st.strz. Lewandowski,Franciszek,KW,Meppen Ge       18/04/45
         Lewandowski,Henryk - see Kaminski,Henryk
strz.    Lewko,Wlodzimierz,Langannerie Fr          20/08/44
strz.    Lewkowicz,Jan,Adegem Be                   16/09/44
strz.    Lewkut,Jozef,Langannerie Fr               18/08/44
st.strz. Lewsza,Stanislaw,Langannerie Fr           21/08/44
plk.dypl.Levittoux,Jerzy Piotr,Caen Fr             18/07/44
mjr.     Lichtarowicz,Jozef,Langannerie Fr         20/08/44
strz.    Lieske,Franciszek,Breda-Ginneken Ho       03/11/44
st.drag. Lipa,Jozef,Westhove (Blandecques) Fr      05/09/44
strz.    Lipinski,Benedykt,Sedelsberg Ge           28/04/45
drag.    Lipinski,Franciszek,Whitchurch Br.        25/10/45
         Lipka,Marian - see Nurek,Marian
         Lipski,Franciszek - see Lipinski,Franciszek
kapr.    Lipski,Tadeusz,Langannerie Fr             10/08/44
         Lis,Ernest - see Sosnica,Ernest
kan.     Lisewski,Bronislaw,Pappenburg Ge          27/04/45
kapr.    Lisicki,Teodor,Langannerie Fr             23/08/44
         Litewski,Franciszek - see Flisikowski,Franciszek
strz.    Litynski,Waclaw,Cloppenburg Ge            19/05/45
         Loba,Ludwik - see Maniora,Ludwik
         Longin,Addy - see Kuhn,Adalbert
         Lubinski,Antoni - see Pacer,Antoni
st.strz. Luftmann,Otto,Breda-Ginneken Ho           07/01/45
         Lysik,Mieczyslaw - see Nowaczyk,Mieczyslaw
         Lagowski,Pawel - see Wegner,Pawel
ppor.    Lapinski,Waclaw,KW,Alphen Ho              05/10/44
         Lazik,Feliks - see Kruzynski,Feliks
         Legowski,Wladyslaw - see Andrearczyk,Wladyslaw
plut.    Lopata,Stanislaw,Corstorphine,Edynburg Br 17/03/44
strz.    Losice,Chaim,Langannerie Fr               09/08/44
kapr.    Loza,Piotr,Lommel Be                      13/09/44
kapr.    Lucki,Stefan(Szczepan),Langannerie Fr     14/08/44
st.strz. Luczak,Jan,Langannerie Fr                 09/08/44
st.strz. Luczak,Jozef,Antwerpia Be                 05/11/44
kapr.    Lukasik,Roman Alojzy,Breda-Ginneken Ho    01/11/44
strz.    Lukaszewicz,Kazimierz,Langannerie Fr      15/08/44
strz.    Luzarowski,(Luzarowski),Jan,Langannerie Fr19/08/44
plut.    Maciazek,Lucjan,Haselune Ge               18/08/46
sierz.   Maciejczyk,Wojciech,KW,Whitchurch Br      26/09/45
pplk.    Maciejowski,Jan,VM,KW,Langannerie Fr      20/08/44
kapr.    Machlarz,Stanislaw,KW,Westerstede Ge      28/04/45
         Machnikowski,Kazimierz - see Ebertowski,Kazimierz
strz.    Mackowiak,Feliks,Zemershaar Be            29/09/44
         Maj,Jan Bernard - see Lamkowski,Bernard
ppor.    Majchrzak,Andrzej,Breda-Kinneken Ho       03/08/45
kapr.    Majda,Zygmunt,Lommel Be                   31/12/45
st.strz. Majewicz,Egon,Rhaude Ge                   25/04/45
         Majewski,Alfons - see Szelinski,Alfons
kapr.    Majewski,Konrad,Langannerie Fr            21/08/44
st.strz. Major,Julian,Breda Ho                     08/11/44
strz.    Majorczyk,Jan,Langannerie Fr              11/08/44
strz.    Makarewicz,Piotr,Langannerie Fr           08/08/44
plut.    Makowiecki,Stanislaw,Bruksela,Evere Be    22/07/45
strz.    Makowski,Stanislaw,Bruksela,Evere Be      08/12/45
         Makowski,Stanislaw - see Karaban,Stanislaw
strz.    Maksymiec,Szymon,Lommel Be                07/09/44
por.     Maksymowicz,Zbigniew,VM,Langannerie Fr    17/08/44
ppor.    Malanowski,Jan,Lommel Be                  29/09/44
kapr.    Malec,Jan,KW,Langannerie Fr               10/08/44
         Malich,Jozef - see Sliwa,Jozef
drag.    Malicki,Waclaw,Rhede Ge                   17/04/45
         Malinowski,Leon - see Jebas,Leon
         Malinowski,Leon - see Kos, Leon
mjr.     Malinowski,Mieczyslaw,KW,Langannerie Fr   09/08/44
strz.    Malinowski,Piotr,Breda Ho                 14/04/45
         Malinowski,Ryszard - see Kajzerek,Ryszard
st.strz. Malinowski,Stanislaw,Langannerie Fr       14/08/44
kapr.    Malecki,Jozef,Langannerie Fr              05/09/44
         Malecki,Karol - see Szczotka,Karol
strz.    Malek,Augustyn,Breda-Ginneken Ho          07/01/45
kapr.    Malkowski,Teofil Andrzej,Winschoten Ho    20/04/45
kpt.     Maniewski,Ignacy,Langannerie Fr           10/08/44
st.drag. Maniora,Ludwik,KW,Axel Ho                 17/09/44
pchor.   Manugiewicz,Kajetan(Antoni),Westhove Be   05/09/44
strz.    Marasinski,Benedykt,Lommel Be             03/10/44
plut.    Marcinczak,Stanislaw,KW,Lommel Be         20/09/44
ppor.    Marciniak,Alfons Stanislaw,Langannerie Fr 10/08/44
kapr.    Marendowski,Antoni,Breda Ho               04/04/45
drag.    Markiecki,Stefan,Lommel Be                03/10/44
plut.    Markiewicz,Marian,Klein Bersen Ge         18/06/45
plut.    Markiewicz,Stanislaw,Breda-Ginneken Ho    01/11/44
strz.    Marszolik,Alojzy,Lommel Be                04/10/44
kapr.    Martun,Jozef Wincenty,Langannerie Fr      21/08/44
chor.    Maszynski,Zenon,Lommel Be                 07/09/44
kapr.    Matejuk,Jozef,Lommel Be                   30/09/44
st.strz. Mateusiak,Jozef,Popel Ho                  26/10/44
kapr.    Matuszak,Franciszek,Wittes Fr             05/09/44
         Matuszewski,Stefan - see Markiecki,Stefan
kapr.    Matyjas,Zygmunt,Alphen Ho                 07/10/44
st.ul.   Matysiak,Antoni,Alphen Ho                 05/10/44
         Mazur,Albert - see Kulisz,Albert
kapr.    Mazur,Jan,KW,Langannerie Fr               19/08/44
drag.    Mazur,Marian,Ge                           26/04/45
st.strz. Mazurek,Nikodem,Newmarket Br              16/07/43
ppor.    Mazurek,Roman,KW,Langannerie Fr           09/08/44
strz.    Mazurkiewicz,Stanislaw,Lommel Be          03/10/44
pchor.   Mazurkowski,Tadeusz,Lommel Be             06/09/44
strz.    Madrowicki,Zygmunt,Langannerie Fr         09/08/44
st.ul.   Maka,Tadeusz,KW,Lommel Be                 05/10/44
plut.    Mecherzynski,Janusz,Langannerie Fr        10/08/44
strz.    Mechlinski,Jan,Langannerie Fr             11/08/44
ppor.    Medynski-Olszewski,Tadeusz,Langannerie Fr 03/03/46
kan.     Melin,Gwidom,Langannerie Fr               20/08/44
strz.    Melkowski,Czeslaw,Lommel Be               07/09/44
st.strz. Meyer,Antoni,Breda-Ginneken Ho            07/01/45
st.strz. Miakszylo,Aleksy,Langannerie Fr           11/08/44
kapr.    Miarka,Kazimierz,Groningen Ho             13/04/45
st.strz. Michalczyk,Franciszek Jozef,Cramesnil Fr  08/08/44
sap.     Michalik,Adam,Filey,Old Ground C. Br      05/06/44
st.strz. Michalik,Wladyslaw,Langannerie Fr         03/10/44
st.strz. Michlinski,Kazimierz,Breda Ho             17/04/45
         Michalski,Augustyn - see Malek,Augustyn
         Michalski,Bronislaw - see Coner,Bronislaw
strz.    Michalski,Henryk,Haselune Ge              22/08/46
strz.    Michalski,Wladyslaw,Langannerie Fr        20/08/44
st.strz. Michalek,Pawel,KW,Lommel Be               30/09/44
chor.    Michalowski,Jozef,Bruksela,Everes Be      11/06/45
plut.    Michulka,Stanislaw,Lommel Be              28/10/44
plut.    Mickiewicz,Arkadiusz,Munster Ge           25/12/45
         Mieczynski,Stanislaw - see Luftmann,Otto
st.strz. Miedzinski,Stanislaw,De Meir Be           01/10/44
st.drag. Mierzejewski,Andrzej Stanislaw,Newark Br  06/09/43
strz.    Miesikowski,Jan,Langannerie Fr            20/08/44
drag.    Mieszczanin,Stefan,Lommel Be              03/10/44
st.sier. Migala,Jozef,Perth,Welshill,Szkocja Br    09/10/44
strz.    Mik,Jan,Breda Ho                          25/03/45
st.strz. Milewski,Stefan,KW,Langannerie Fr         10/08/44
kapr.    Milikowski,Fontaine le Pin Fr             14/08/44
strz.    Miller,Franciszek,Breda Ho                17/04/45
rtm.     Mincer,Wlodzimierz,Langannerie Fr         20/08/44
strz.    Misiuk,Adam,Wellshill,Perth Szkocja Br    02/07/44
st.strz. Miszewski,Jozef,Axel Ho                   17/09/44
strz.    Mis,Alojzy,Breda Ho                       01/11/44
drag.    Mis,Jan,Lommel Be                         03/10/44
drag.    Miscieronek,Zenon,Adegem Be               17/09/44
kan.     Miziniak,Ryszard,Langannerie Fr           08/08/44
         Moch,Ernest - see Blaszczyk,Ernest
strz.    Modrzynski,Pawel,Wellshill,Perth,Szkocja  02/06/46
kapr.    Molik,Andrzej,KW,Breda Ho                 29/10/44
         Moniuszko,Maksymilian - see Zawiasinski,Maksymilia
ppor.    Morawski,Czeslaw,VM,KW,Dorpen Ge          14/04/45
         Morawski,Julian - see Major,Julian
por.     Morawski,Waclaw Kazimierz,Langanneire Fr  12/08/44
kapr.    Morgenbesser,Edmund,Lingen Ge             26/10/45
strz.    Mosler,Franciszek,Breda Ho                29/10/44
ppor.    Mozdzen,Jerzy Jozef Stan.,KW,LangannerieFr10/08/44
strz.    Mroczek,Zacheusz,Langannerie Fr           14/08/44
kapr.    Mrowka,Ludwik,Langannerie Fr              14/08/44
ul.      Mrzyglod,Emil,Whitchurch Br               10/12/45
         Mucha,Jan - see Mechlinski,Jan
ul.      Mucha,Roman,Langannerie Fr                18/08/44
kapr.    Mularz,Stanislaw,Breda-Ginneken Ho        07/01/45
drag.    Murzynski,Bronislaw,Bruksela Be           01/10/44
         Musial,Eryk - see Kurpas,Eryk
strz.    Muszak,Kazimierz,Langannerie Fr           20/08/44
sierz.   Muszalski,Zygmunt,Westerstede Ge          16/05/45
sierz.   Muszkiet,Roch,Breda-Ginneken Ho           01/11/44
st.strz. Muszynski,Zdzislaw,Breda-Ginneken Ho      06/11/44
kapr.    Mydel,Wladyslaw,Langannerie Fr            16/08/44
st.drag. Myller,Jozef,Oosterhout Ho                03/11/44
strz.    Myszke,Jan,Breda Ho                       06/11/44
kapr.    Myscich,Jan,Langannerie Fr                04/08/44
st.strz. Mytkowski,Bronislaw Kazimierz,KW,Breda Ho 29/10/44
         Mytycz,Rudolf - see Sniegon,Rudolf
kapr.    Mzyczek,Edward,Oosterhout Ho              23/12/44
st.strz. Nachaj,Pawel,La Clinge k/Hulst Be         17/09/44
         Nadolny,Franciszek - see Karbowski,Franciszek
         Nagorski,Jan - see Zakrzewski,Jan
kapr.    Nagorski,Pawel,Breda Ho                   08/11/44
         Nalepa,Jerzy - see Banwic,Jerzy
st.strz. Nancka,Jerzy,Lommel Be                    04/10/44
st.strz. Napieralski,Jan,Ho                        13/04/45
ul.      Narloch,Edmund,Lahn Ge                    10/06/45
strz.    Narloch,Stanislaw,Wettringen Ge           23/04/45
drag.    Naszke,Franciszek,VM,Lommel Be            02/10/44
strz.    Nawara,Eugeniusz,Langannerie Fr           08/08/44
         Nawrat,Konrad - see Gajowski,Konrad
st.strz. Nawrot,Franciszek,Merksplas Be            01/10/44
st.strz. Necel,Edward,VM,KW,Tilburg Ho             22/12/44
st.strz. Neclaw,Robert,Dorpen Ge                   19/04/45
strz.    Neiman,Zygmunt,Wellshill,Perth,Szkocja Br 17/09/45
sierz.   Necinski,Julian,Langannerie Fr            11/08/44
sap.     Nichnerowicz,Jozef,Breda Ho               08/11/44
st.strz. Nicki,Alfons,Breda-Ginneken Ho            22/12/44
st.ul.   Nicki,Zbigniew,Alphen Ho                  17/10/44
strz.    Niedziela,Wlodzimierz,Langannerie Fr      11/08/44
         Nierzadkowski,Alfred - see Sosna,Alfred
         Nieszporek,Jozef - see Tomecki,Jozef
plut.    Nieweglowski,Stefan,Langannerie Fr        16/08/44
strz.    Niewidziala,Czeslaw,Doost Malle Be        29/09/44
ppor.    Niewiem,Ernest,KW,Lommel Be               02/10/44
st.strz. Niewojt,Marian,Remels Ge                  17/05/45
         Nieznanski,Ignacy - see Kamrowski,Ignacy
st.strz. Niklas,Leon,Breda Ho                      13/01/45
st.strz. Noch,Jan,Bruksela,Everes Be               14/05/45
strz.    Nojman,Alojzy,Braunschweig Ge             16/11/45
st.drag. Noskowski-Sagal,Stefan,Lommel Be          03/10/44
strz.    Nowacki,Franciszek,Teteringen Ho          11/01/45
strz.    Nowacki,Franciszek,Lommel Be              29/09/44
strz.    Nowaczyk,Mieczyslaw,Langannerie Fr        18/08/44
plut.    Nowak,Antoni,KW,Langannerie Fr            08/08/44
strz.    Nowak,Boleslaw,Langannerie Fr             09/08/44
plut.    Nowak,Jozef,VM,KW,Langannerie Fr          14/08/44
st.strz. Nowak,Julian,Tilburg Ho                   05/04/45
strz.    Nowak,Roman,Corstorphine Hill,Edynburg Br 25/11/44
st.ul.   Nowak,Stanislaw,Langannerie Fr            09/08/44
st.strz. Nowak,Stanislaw,Breda Ho                  11/04/45
kapr.    Nowak,Waldemar,Langannerie Fr             21/08/44
por.     Nowak,Wladyslaw,VM,Langannerie Fr         17/08/44
kapr.    Nowakowski,Roman Swietoslaw,VM,Langannerie05/09/44
         Nowakowski,Zbigniew - see Nicki,Zbigniew
st.strz. Nowicki,Adolf,Lommel Be                   29/10/44
st.strz. Nowicki,Jozef,Lommel Be                   29/10/44
st.strz. Nowicki,Leon,Lommel Be                    01/10/44
         Nowicki,Stefan - see Hrychorowicz,Piotr
strz.    Nowotny,Zygmunt,Lommel Be                 05/10/44
bomb.    Nurek,Marian,Langannerie Fr               11/08/44
strz.    Nycz,Jozef,Adegem Be                      10/09/44
strz.    Nydza,Jozef,Merksplas Be                  12/02/45
         Nytkowski,Edward - see Necel,Edward

strz.    Oberklajd,Izaak,Langannerie Fr            14/08/44
drag.    Obloj,Wladyslaw,Lommel Be                 02/10/44
kapr.    Obora,Edward(Edmund),Oosterhout Ho        03/10/44
szer.    Obracaj,Franciszek,Meyerhofen Ge          21/07/46
st.strz. Ocelok,Jozef,Goch Ge                      28/05/45
strz.    Ochantel,Bruno,Heede Ge                   16/04/45
por.     Ochman,Tadeusz Jozef,Munster Ge           08/08/45
strz.    Ochodek,Jan,Pappenburg Ge                 21/04/45
kapr.    Olejarczyk,Jan,Lommel Be                  04/10/44
plut.    Olejniczak,Jan,Langannerie Fr             16/08/44
st.drag. Olejnik,Jan,Meppen Ge                     18/04/45
kapr.    Oleksinski,Jan,Tilburg Ho                 05/04/45
         Olesnicki,Zbigniew - see Popczyk,Kazimierz
st.strz. Oleszkiewicz,Basyli,Langannerie Fr        11/08/44
ul.      Olichwier,Jerzy,Langannerie Fr            09/08/44
strz.    Oliwka,Edward,VM,Langannerie Fr           20/08/44
plut.    Olma,Jan,Breda Ho                         14/03/45
         Olszewski,Bronislaw - see Telke,Bronislaw
         Opaszewski,Pawel - see Jelitto,Pawel
st.strz. Opiolo,Wladyslaw,Arbroath,Szkocja Br      21/06/44
drag.    Opolski,Boleslaw,Langannerie Fr           18/08/44
drag.    Opulski,Eugeniusz,Corstorphine Hill Br    04/01/43
kapr.    Orkiszewski,Antoni,Langannerie Fr         20/08/44
plut.    Orlowski,Antoni,Langannerie Fr            11/08/44
         Orlowski,Jan - see Begger,Jan
strz.    Orlowski,Konrad,Lommel Be                 29/09/44
ppor.    Orsini,Mikolaj Adam,Langannerie Fr        17/08/44
st.drag. Orzechowski,Stanislaw,Oosterhout Ho       29/10/44
drag.    Orzelek,Czeslaw,KW,Breda Ho               20/04/45
st.drag. Osiecki,Jozef,Langannerie Fr              18/08/44
         Osowski,Franciszek - see Wodzik,Franciszek
         Osowski,Jan - see Miesikowski,Jan
strz.    Ossowski,Konrad,Breda-Ginneken Ho         03/11/44
strz.    Ostrowski,Hipolit,KW,Langannerie Fr       12/08/44
st.ul.   Ostrowski,Jozef,Humieres Be               05/11/44
kpt.     Ostrowski,Stanislaw Wojciech,Bayeux Fr    19/08/44
st.strz. Osych,Jozef,Whitchurch Br                 18/03/46
st.strz. Oszmianski,Piotr,Lommel Be                07/09/44
drag.    Oslizlo,Alojzy,Cloppenburg Ge             30/06/46
         Otreba,Bernard - see Karrasch,Bernard
ppor.    Owczarek,Edward,VM,Lommel Be              17/09/44
strz.    Owczarzy,Franciszek,Remels Ge             03/05/45
st.strz. Pabich,Edward,Alphen Ho                   13/10/44
drag.    Pacer,Antoni,Lommel Be                    03/10/44
st.strz. Pachlicki,Edward,Birmingham Br            14/10/44
plut.    Pachucki,Ryszard,Lommel Be                02/10/44
st.strz. Paciorkowski,Stanislaw,Lommel Be          17/12/44
         Paczkowski,Boleslaw - see Szramowski,Boleslaw
         Padewski,Ignacy - see Berner,Ignacy
strz.    Pakura,Pawel,Breda-Ginneken Ho            07/01/45
st.strz. Pala,Emil,Bois de Bonancy,Abbeville Fr    04/09/44
ppor.    Paleczny,Jozef,Langannerie Fr             18/08/44
st.strz. Palica,Stanislaw,Lommel Be                01/10/44
kapr.    Paluch,Ignacy,Breda Ho                    29/10/44
st.ul.   Palka,Stanislaw,Langannerie Fr            14/08/44
strz.    Palkowski,Edmund,Lommel Be                03/10/44
st.strz. Pamula,Tomasz,Dorpen Ge                   14/04/45
st.strz. Panko,Jan,Langannerie Fr                  08/08/44
pchor.   Paniewski,Jan,Langannerie Fr              14/08/44
         Paprocki,Boleslaw - see Pilkowski,Boleslaw
st.strz. Parada,Kazimierz,Lommel Be                02/10/44
kapr.    Parangowski,Konstanty,Antwerpia Be        01/11/44
strz.    Parcheta,Kazimierz,Langannerie Fr         21/08/44
strz.    Parniewicz,Franciszek,Breda Ho            13/04/45
         Pason,Piotr - see Podzimski,Piotr
st.strz. Paszczewski,Zbigniew,Breda-Ginneken Ho    31/12/44
         Paszek,Antoni - see Ruzanski,Jozef
st.strz. Paszek,Franciszek,Turnhout Be             01/11/44
drag.    Pawelko,Jozef,Langannerie Fr              18/08/44
st.strz. Pawlak,Tadeusz,KW,Antwerpia Be            25/10/44
         Pawlak,Stanislaw - see Palica,Stanislaw
         Pawinski,Henryk - see Strogulski,Henryk
st.strz. Pawlowski,Alfons,Langannerie Fr           09/08/44
strz.    Pental,Jan,Streckwits Ge                  26/07/45
         Peplinski,Jan - see Leppek,Jan
strz.    Perlak,Antoni,Breda-Ginneken Ho           19/10/44
strz.    Pertek,Leon,Breda Ho                      01/04/45  Perzyk,Franciszek Jozef,Meyerhofen Ge     01/12/45
st.strz. Petka,Marian,Strucklingen Ge              27/04/45
st.strz. Petrich,Gerard,Wellshill,Perth Szkocja Br 10/07/45
         Piaskowski,Alojzy - see Buchta,Alojzy
plut.    Piaskowski,Boleslaw Jozef,Newmarket Br    20/07/43
plut.    Piaskowski,Ignacy,Langannerie Fr          16/08/44
strz.    Pick,Edward,Breda Ho                      20/04/45
         Piec,Karol - see Pryszcz,Karol
kapr.    Piecyk,Stanislaw,KW,Tilburg Ho            05/04/45
st.strz. Pieczko,Wilhelm,Langannerie Fr            14/08/44
         Piekarski,Maksymilian - see Zygmanowski,Maksymilia
strz.    Pierog,Andrzej,Lommel Be                  15/08/45
st.strz. Pierzecki,Wladyslaw,Lommel Be             01/11/44
ppor.    Pietrawski,Jozef,Langannerie Fr           16/08/44
drag.    Pietrek,Pawel,Axel Ho                     17/09/44
st.strz. Pietruczyk,Bazyli,Breda Ho                17/04/45
         Pietruszka,Kazimierz - see Cieplinski,Kazimierz
         Pietruszka,Roman - see Wolter,Roman
         Pietrzyk,Alfred - see Duda,Alfred
st.ul.   Pietrzyk,Jan,Thielt Be                    08/09/44
kapr.    Piklinski,Leon,Fontaine le Pin Fr         14/08/44
strz.    Piksa,Erwin,Breda Ho                      18/04/45
bomb.    Pilch,Wladyslaw,VM,Langannerie Fr         21/08/44
strz.    Pilkowski,Boleslaw,Lommel Be              17/09/44
         Pinecki,Brunon - see Ochantel,Bruno
strz.    Piotrowski,Karol,Turnhout Be              13/10/44
strz.    Pisarski,Henryk Leonard,Dorpen Ge         21/04/45
rtm.     Piwonski,Marian,KW,Langannerie Fr         08/08/44
kapr.    Piorkowski(Piotrkowski),Eug.,Langannerie  12/08/44
strz.    Plawgo,Jan,Antwerpia Be                   27/11/44
strz.    Plichta,Alfons,Oosterhout Ho              04/11/44
plut.    Plomin,Jan,Breda-Ginneken Ho              06/11/44
kapr.    Plucinski,Waclaw,KW,Breda Ho              05/11/44
         Pluta,Alojzy - see Sliz,Alojzy
strz.    Plutowski,Jozef,Breda-Ginneken Ho         06/11/44
drag.    Placzkiewicz,Wojciech,Langannerie Fr      17/08/44
         Plawecki,Augustyn - see Wowra,Augustyn
         Pniok,Gerard - see Kopiecki,Gerard
pchor.   Pobudkowski,Janusz,KW,Lommel Be           17/09/44
strz.    Pochylski,Jan,Langannerie Fr              10/08/44
drag.    Podedworny,Boleslaw,Oosterhout Ho         22/01/45
st.wach. Podgorski,Waclaw,Langannerie Fr           20/08/44
strz.    Podolec,Zbigniew,Langannerie Fr           18/08/44
strz.    Podzimski,Piotr,Langannerie Fr            25/08/44
plut.    Podziomek,Jozef,Thielt Be                 08/09/44
strz.    Pokorski,Aleksander,Langannerie Fr        14/08/44
ppor.    Polak,Eugeniusz,KW,Langannerie Fr         11/08/44
strz.    Poliwka,Edward,Falaise Fr                 20/08/44
strz.    Poloczek,Jozef,Breda-Ginneken Ho          03/11/44
st.strz. Polok,Karol,Breda-Ginneken Ho             22/12/44
szer.    Polowczyk,Jozef,Corstorphine Hill,Edynburg08/01/43
         Polomski,Jan - see Fengler,Jan  Pomorski,Stanislaw,Tilburg Ho             28/12/44
ppor.    Poniatowski,ks.Andrzej,VM,Grob.rodz. Fr   22/01/45
st.ul.   Popczyk,Kazimierz,Gonny sur Somme Fr      02/09/44
sierz.   Popenda,Jan Jozef,Haselune Ge             19/11/45
strz.    Popielnicki,Jan Jerzy,Langannerie Fr      14/08/44
drag.    Popiolek,Antoni,Adegem Be                 09/09/44
strz.    Popiuk,Mikolaj,KW,Langannerie Fr          09/08/44
strz.    Porombka,Edmund,Breda Ho                  13/04/45
strz.    Posilek,Eryk,Langannerie Fr               14/08/44
st.strz. Pospieszynski,Konrad,Meppen Ge            28/04/45
plut.    Potapczyk,Waclaw,KW,Langannerie Fr        09/07/44
         Potrzebny,Jan - see Wardzinski,Jan
strz.    Powada,Wilhelm,Langannerie Fr             09/08/44
st.strz. Powalka,Bronislaw,Lommel Be               22/01/45
drag.    Poznanski,Stefan,Lommel Be                01/10/44
st.strz. Prochasek,Antoni,Langannerie Fr           08/08/44
kapr.    Prodan,Jan,Lommel Be                      02/10/44
pchor.   Prokop,Tadeusz,Lommel Be                  14/10/44
st.strz. Prokopczuk,Michal,Breda-Ginneken Ho       03/11/44
kpt.     Prostak,Tadeusz,Langannerie Fr            18/08/44
strz.    Protasiewicz,Adam,Breda-Ginneken Ho       24/02/45
         Protasiewicz,Edmund - see narloch,Edmund
         Prudel,Pawel - see Janeta,Pawel
st.ul.   Pryszcz,Karol,Breda Ho                    20/04/45
st.strz. Prysko,Ignacy,Wellshill,Perth,Szkocja     16/06/45
drag.    Przeor,Pawel,Langannerie Fr               11/08/44
plut.    Przepolski,Stanislaw,Lommel Be            09/09/44
st.wach. Przewlocki,Bernard,Bayeux Fr              09/08/44
st.strz. Przyborowski,Tadeusz,Adegem Be            18/09/44
por.     Przyborowski,Zygmunt Jan,VM,Langannerie Fr19/08/44
kapr.    Przybyla,Edmund,KW,Haselune Ge            27/03/46
strz.    Przybyszewski,Stanislaw,Lommel Be         06/09/44
strz.    Przybyszewski,Wincenty,KW,Langannerie Fr  08/08/44
kapr.    Przymenski,Edmund Stanislaw,Langannerie Fr17/08/44
strz.    Przytomski,Alojzy,Klein Bersen Ge         27/04/45
kapr.    Psiuk,Antoni,przy drodze Alphen-Gilze Ho  27/10/44
         (by the road, Alphen to Gilze section)
         Pszeniczny,Michal - see Prokopczuk,Michal
         Pszczolka,Wladyslaw - see Konieczny,Michal
st.strz. Ptaszynski,Wladyslaw,Ihrhove Ge           02/05/45
kapr.    Puhacz,Stefan,Lommel Be                   29/09/44
strz.    Pukas(Pukacz),Kazimierz,Lommel Be         09/09/44
plut.    Purzynski,Antoni,Thielt Be                09/09/44
strz.    Puziak,Franciszek,Turnhout Be             12/10/44
st.strz. Pytel,Wladyslaw,Langannerie Fr            14/08/44
drag.    Pytel,Izydor,Newmarket Br                 10/09/43
strz.    Pytlik,Jan,Oosterhout Ho                  03/11/44
kapr.    Pytlinski,Leon Marian,Langannerie Fr      14/08/44
         Raczek,Franciszek - see Raszek,Franciszek
drag.    Raczkowski,Wieslaw,VM,KW,Adegem Be        17/09/44
por.     Raczkowski,Zdislaw Jozef,Langannerie Fr   09/08/44
strz.    Raczkowski,Zenon,Oosterhout Ho            24/12/44
drag.    Raczynski(Raczycki),Edwar,Langannerie Fr  16/08/44
ppor.    Raczynski,Konrad Emil,VM,KW,Zondereigen Be02/10/44
ul.      Radczyk,Jakub,Lommel Be                   30/09/44
st.strz. Radecki,Tadeusz,Lommel Be                 05/10/44
         Radke,Franciszek - see Bartoszek,Franciszek
         Radkowski,Jan - see Lemke,Jan
kapr.    Radom,Adam,Langannerie Fr                 17/08/44
ul.      Radomski,Stanislaw,Thielt Be              10/11/44
kan.     Radke,Leon,Haselune Ge                    12/07/46
drag.    Rafalski,Kazimierz,Lommel Be              13/10/44
         Rajski,Jan - see Heldt,Jan
st.strz. Raszka,Karol,Pappenburg Ge                21/04/45
st.strz. Raszka,Ryszard,Lommel Be                  04/10/44
kapr.    Rataj,Jan,KW,Lommel Be                    31/01/45
kapr.    Ratajczyk,Marian,Breda Ho                 21/04/45
strz.    Rathnow,Klemens,Geest Ho                  05/10/44
sier.    Raczka,Sylwester,Langholt Ge              24/04/45
drag.    Rega,Jan,Axel Ho                          17/09/44
         Rembowski,Adolf - see Kin,Adolf
strz.    Remont,Feliks,Aschendorf Ge               12/01/46
st.strz. Reciakiewicz,Kazimierz,Langannerie Fr     16/08/44
strz.    Redzia,Edward,Langannerie Fr              22/08/44
plut.    Richtarz,Antoni,Stekene Be                14/09/44  Robak,Jan Boleslaw,Langannerie Fr         16/08/44
         Rode,Feliks - see Bendik,Feliks
strz.    Rodycz,Stanislaw,Langannerie Fr           20/08/44
st.strz. Rodzinski,Aleksander,Soignolles Fr        11/08/44
strz.    Rogowski,Waclaw Roch,Bruksela,Everes Be   13/04/45
ul.      Roik,Wladyslaw,Langannerie Fr             14/08/44
rtm.     Romer,Stefan,VM,KW,Breda Ho               16/04/45
kapr.    Ropiejko,Waclaw,Cailly-Abeville Fr        02/09/44
por.     Rosen,Juliusz,Lommel Be                   12/09/44
strz.    Rosiek,Wladyslaw,Lommel Be                29/11/44
por.     Rouppert,Boleslaw,KW,Langannerie Fr       17/08/44
         Rozala,Leon - see Kaleta,Leon
drag.    Rozenstrauch,Jakub,Lommel Be              09/09/44
st.strz. Rozga,Maksymilian,Langannerie Fr          14/08/44
kapr.    Rozkosz,Franciszek,Langannerie Fr         10/08/44
         Roznowski,Edmund - see Geisner,Edmund
kapr.    Ruchala,Antoni,Breda Ho                   29/10/44
strz.    Rozycki,Karol,Antwerpia Be                19/11/44
pchor.   Rucki,Rudolf Adam,Langannerie Fr          21/08/44
drag.    Rudak,Mikolaj,Axel Ho                     17/09/44
st.strz. Rudnicki,Henryk,Haselune Ge               10/04/46
st.strz. Rudnicki,Jan,Langannerie Fr               10/08/44
strz.    Rudnik,Bernard,Kapelsche Veer Ho          07/01/45
pchor.   Rudnik,Jozef Antoni,Langannerie Fr        09/08/44
strz.    Rupar,Ignacy,Langannerie Fr               21/08/44
strz.    Rupek,Franciszek Zygmunt,Breda Ho         15/04/45
st.strz. Rupik,Ewald,Pappenburg Ge                 24/04/45
drag.    Rusiecki,Jozef,Langannerie Fr             11/08/44
st.sier. Rusinko,Wladyslaw,Haselune Ge             06/01/46
pplk.dyp.Rutkowski,Mieczyslaw,Liverpool,Alerton Br 15/12/44
st.strz. Ruzanski,Jozef,Lommel Be                  10/09/44
plut.    Rybinski,Jan,KW,Breda-Ginneken Ho         29/10/44
st.strz. Rybnik,Michal,Langannerie Fr              18/08/44
kapr.    Rychel,Jan,Langannerie Fr                 19/08/44
strz.    Rydlewski,Zygmunt,Breda-Ginneken Ho       07/01/45
strz.    Rygiel,Bronislaw,Remels Ge                04/05/45
st.strz. Rynkowski,Jozef,Lommel Be                 30/09/44
st.ul.   Rynkowski,Wladyslaw,Lahn Ge               10/06/45
         Rys,Ryszard - see Sartori,Ryszard
kapr.    Rzeczycki(Rzeczynski),Napoleon,KW,Langanne14/08/44
strz.    Rzedzian,Julian,Langannerie Fr            09/08/44

kapr.    Sabat,Wladyslaw,KW,Haselune Ge            19/11/45
kapr.    Sadka,Alfons,Langannerie Fr               09/08/44
strz.    Sadlon,Norbert,Uden Ho                    31/01/45
kapr.    Sadlowski,Bronislaw,Langannerie Fr        15/08/44
pchor.   Sadlowski,Mieczyslaw,VM,KW,Lommel Be      04/10/44
         Sadowski,Franciszek - see Smidtka,Franciszek
strz.    Sadowski,Jozef,Stekene Be                 14/09/44
st.drag. Sadowski,Michal,Langannerie Fr            10/08/44
kapr.    Sadza,Edward,Haselune Ge                  23/07/45
strz.    Sadzikowski,Henryk,KW,Langannerie Fr      15/08/44
plut.    Sagan,Teodor,Langannerie Fr               16/08/44
ppor.    Sakiewicz,Wladyslaw,Langannerie Fr        03/09/44
kpt.     Sakowski,Franciszek,Haselune Ge           29/12/45
st.drag. Salamon,Jozef,Langannerie Fr              05/09/44
strz.    Salamon,Konstanty,Lommel Be               04/10/44
strz.    Samojluk,Antoni,Langannerie Fr            08/08/44
st.strz. Sandomierski,Roman,KW,Cloppenburg Ge      16/01/46
         Samulski,Zbigniew - see Gawlicki,Zbigniew
drag.    Sarachman,Piotr,Rhaude Ge                 27/04/45
         Sarnecki,Jan - see Bagniewski,Jan
kapr.    Sarnes,Ludwik,Langannerie Fr              15/08/44
plut.    Sarnicki,Jerzy,Bayeux Fr                  22/08/44
strz.    Sarnikowski,Jozef,Breda-Ginneken Ho       07/01/45
         Sarny,Pawel - see Smolka,Pawel
ppor.    Saro,Tadeusz,Lommel Be                    06/09/44
st.strz. Sartori,Ryszard,Langannerie Fr            20/08/44
         Sawaczynski,Jan - see Poznanski,Stefan
pchor.   Sawicki,Leon Antoni,Langannerie Fr        08/08/44
st.strz. Saworski,Franciszek,Haselune Ge           22/05/46
kapr.    Sawula,Stanislaw,Fr                       22/08/44
drag.    Schiller,Edmund,Axel Ho                   17/09/44
drag.    Schimichowski,Brunon,Adegem Be            17/09/44
strz.    Schlambereger,Tadeusz,Langannerie Fr      11/08/44
szer.    Schmidt,Julian,Meyerhofen Ge              22/06/45
drag.    Schroder,Anastazy,Bersenbruck Ge          23/06/45
st.drag. Schultka,Jan,Lommel Be                    02/10/44
strz.    Schwabach,Franciszek,Dorpen Ge            14/04/45
st.strz. Semeniak,Jan,Langholt Ge                  23/04/45
drag.    Senedzuk,Mikolaj,Corstorphine Hill Edynbur21/03/44
         Senkowski,Jan - see Myszke,Jan
drag.    Serafin,Tadeusz,Langannerie Fr            10/08/44
strz.    Seroka,Feliks,Lommel Be                   17/09/44
strz.    Sekowski,Jozef,Breda Ho                   31/12/44
strz.    Siach,Wladyslaw,Cloppenburg Ge            29/06/45
         Sianoszewski,Jan - see Berent,Jan
ul.      Sidorowicz,Maksymilian Hieronim,Langanneri19/08/44
st.strz. Sidorowicz,Zenon,Tournhout Be             01/11/44
strz.    Sidoruk,Bazyli,Bayeux Fr                  22/08/44
st.strz. Sieczko,Tadeusz,Langannerie Fr            14/08/44
st.strz. Siek,Kazimierz Andrzej,Breda Ho           21/03/45
         Siemienski,Ignacy - see Cichocki,Ignacy
(art.ppc)Sieniec,Wladyslaw,Culerie Be              12/09/44
st.strz. Sieniewicz(Sienkiewicz),Wlodz,KW,Lingen Ge29/06/45
plut.    Sienkiewicz,Franciszek,Langannerie Fr     18/08/44
kapr.    Sieradzki,Ryszard,KW,Bergen op Zoom Ho    05/01/45
st.strz. Sierocki,Waclaw,Breda Ho                  22/11/44
st.strz. Sieronski,Stanislaw,VM,Breda Ho           07/01/45
st.strz. Siewiert,Antoni,Lommel Be                 28/10/44
pchor.   Sikora,Jozef Aleksander,Langannerie Fr    14/08/44
strz.    Sikora,Daniel,Langannerie Fr              08/08/44
         Sikora,Gustaw - see Kantor,Gustaw
kpt.     Sikora,Roman Jan,VM,Langannerie Fr        08/08/44
kapr.    Silezin,Wawrzyniec,Breda Ho               28/10/44
strz.    Similak,Walenty,Meppen Ge                 03/05/45
kapr.    Simon,Henryk,Langannerie Fr               14/08/44
kpt.     Sino vel Misiewicz,Wladyslaw,KW,Adegem Be 10/09/44
st.strz. Sirota,Igor Jerzy,Langannerie Fr          20/08/44
kapr.    Siuba,Jozef Jan,Lingen Ge                 08/06/45
st.strz. Siuda,Edmund,Breda Ho                     30/10/44
st.strz. Siwczuk,Jozef,Langannerie Fr              20/08/44
drag.    Skierka,Jan,Lommel Be                     03/10/44
por.inz. Skirmuntt,Jan,VM,Langannerie Fr           19/08/44
st.strz. Skodda,Bronislaw,Les Bois Bonancy Fr      04/09/44
kapr.    Skora,Eryk,Breda-Ginneken Ho              31/12/44
kapr.    Skorupski,Alojzy,Langannerie Fr           15/08/44
         Skowronek,Erwin - see Piksa,Erwin
         Skowronek,Hubert - see Franiszek,Hubert
st.strz. Skowronek,Ryszard,Langannerie Fr          21/08/44
drag.    Skrobacki,Konrad,Lommel Be                02/10/44
kapr.    Skrzydlo,Jan,KW,Breda Ho                  31/10/44
kapr.    Skrzypczak,Adam,KW,Tilburg Ho             05/04/45
strz.    Skrzypek,Jan,Lommel Be                    12/10/44
plut.    Skrzypek,Wladyslaw,KW,Gifhorn Ge          27/04/45
drag.    Skuliniec,Jan,Langannerie Fr              15/08/44
st.strz. Skurjat,Wladyslaw,Langannerie Fr          18/08/44
strz.    Skwierawski(Skierawski),Antoni,Breda Ho   03/11/44
         Skwierawski,Stanislaw - see Weiss,Stanislaw
strz.    Slisz,Jozef,Corstorphine Hill,Edynburg Br 19/03/45
         Slota,Jan - see Rupik,Ewald
st.strz. Slowinski,Czeslaw,Oosterhout Ho           28/12/44
st.strz. Slowinski,Zygmunt,Bedburg Ge              06/07/45
sap.     Slucki,Kazimierz,Woodland C,Scarborough Br23/06/44
         Slupianek,Jan - see Mik,Jan
drag.    Slupski,Benedykt,Langannerie Fr           17/09/44
st.strz. Smedzik,Walerian,Werlte Ge                23/06/45
strz.    Smolik,Jerzy,Breda Ho                     09/01/45
pchor.   Smolny,Kazimierz Boleslaw,VM,LangannerieFr20/08/44
kapr.    Smola,Franciszek,Langannerie Fr           14/08/44
st.strz. Smolka,Pawel,Bayeux Fr                    17/11/44
st.strz. Smorag,Jan,Cloppenburg Ge                 11/02/46
         Smuda,Pawel - see Lanc,Pawel
kapr.    Snawadzki,Zygmunt Wiktor,Langannerie Fr   09/08/44
strz.    Snela,Jan,Tournhout Be                    27/10/44
st.strz. Sobanski,Jan,KW,Bayeux Fr                 14/08/44
pchor.   Sobczak,Franciszek,Langannerie Fr         16/08/44
plut.    Soczynski,Wladyslaw,Langannerie Fr        20/08/44
bomb.    Sobieraj,Antoni,Langannerie Fr            18/08/44
ul.      Sobieski,Jan,Langannerie Fr               09/08/44
kapr.    Sobocinski,Henryk,Jort Fr                 16/08/44
strz.    Sobolewski,Karol,Langannerie Fr           08/08/44
ppor.    Socha,Albin,Jozef,Langannerie Fr          10/08/44
st.strz. Sochacki,Zdzislaw,Langannerie Fr          19/08/44
plut.    Sojka,Michal,Lommel Be                    02/10/44
         Sokol,Stanislaw - see Sieronski,Stanislaw
plut.    Solak,Edward,Langannerie Fr               11/08/44
strz.    Solich,Eryk,Lommel Be                     29/09/44
st.strz. Solski,Aleksander,Newmarket Br            29/09/43
strz.    Sosna,Alfred,Breda-Ginneken Ho            29/10/44
         Sosna,Henryk - see Sosnowski,Henryk
         Sosna,Jozef - see Herman,Jozef
strz.    Sosnowski,Henryk,Lommel Be                29/09/44
strz.    Sosnowski,Zygmunt,Goirle Ho               31/12/44
st.strz. Sosnica,Ernest,Breda Ho                   07/01/45
         Sowa,Stanislaw - see Szczepkowski,Stanislaw
st.strz. Sowinski,Jozef,Adegem Be                  18/09/44
st.strz. Sowula,Mieczyslaw Stanislaw,KW,Langannerie08/08/44
st.strz. Sozanski,Waclaw,Lommel Be                 21/09/44
st.strz. Spilka,Pawel,Lommel Be                    05/10/44
sap.     Spolnicki,Adam,Eethen Ho                  05/01/45
strz.    Sprysz,Boleslaw,VM,Langannerie Fr         21/08/44
st.strz. Spyra,Eryk,Dorpen Ge                      19/04/45
strz.    Strzalek(Stralek),Leon,KW,Dorpen Ge       19/04/45
st.strz. Stadnik,Piotr,Lommel Be                   05/10/44
ppor.    Stafij,Kazimierz,Estrees la Campagne Fr   09/08/44
st.ul.   Stalbowski,Igor,Lommel Be                 12/02/45
strz.    Stanek,Ludwik,Langannerie Fr              14/08/44
st.strz. Stanek,Wiktor,Lommel Be                   07/09/44
bomb.    Staniek,Antoni,Haselune Ge                06/06/45
         Staniek,Eryk - see Solich,Eryk
         Staniszewski,Wladyslaw - see Stawrowski,Wladyslaw
strz.    Stankiewicz,Jozef,KW,Lommel Be            29/10/44
         Stankiewicz,Roch - see Kijora,Roch
strz.    Stanko,Jan,Breda Ho                       31/01/45
st.strz. Stanko,Tadeusz,Langannerie Fr             15/08/44
plut.    Starzomski,Boguslaw,VM,Langannerie Fr     15/08/44
         Starzynski,Pawel - see Spilka,Pawel
drag.    Stasiukiewicz,Aleksander,Rhede Ge         17/04/45
strz.    Staszewski,Jozef,Langannerie Fr           18/08/44
         Staszyc,Jan - see Stencel,Jan
strz.    Stawiarski,Boleslaw,Breda-Ginneken Ho     07/01/45
kapr.    Stawiarski,Franciszek,Lommel Be           08/09/44
kapr.    Stawicki,Rajmund,Lommel Be                07/09/44
pchor.   Stawowski,Bohdan,Langannerie Fr           09/08/44
kapr.    Stawrowski,Wladyslaw,Langannerie Fr       14/08/44
strz.    Stawski,Jozef,Langannerie Fr              21/08/44
drag.    Stebel,Konstanty,Axel Ho                  17/09/44
strz.    Stebel,Pawel,Lommel Be                    08/09/44
st.strz. Stebner,Zenon(Jan),Langholt Ge            26/04/45
kapr.    Stec,Piotr,Langannerie Fr                 09/08/44
         Stechly,Henryk - see Faber,Henryk
strz.    Steinke,Teodor,Lommel Be                  07/09/44
st.strz. Stefanczyk,Jan Stanislaw,Cloppenburg Ge   27/11/45
st.strz. Stelmach,Kazimierz Czeslaw,Lommel Be      11/12/44
strz.    Stencel,Jan,Breda-Ginneken Ho             03/11/44
kapr.    Sternal,Stefan,Langannerie Fr             04/09/45
mjr.     Stepien,Konrad Leopold,VM,KW,Breda Ho     16/05/45
drag.    Stepniak,Wladyslaw,Langannerie Fr         11/08/44
ul.      Stocki,Mieczyslaw,Basum(C.Kat.) Ge        03/05/45
         Stoklosa,Franciszek - see Kopiec,Franciszek
strz.    Stolar,Arseni,Langannerie Fr              09/08/44
kapr.    Stolp,Brunon,Meppen Ge                    18/04/45
         Stomina,Zygmunt - see Slowinski,Zygmunt
strz.    Stohr,Pawel,Oosterhout Ho                 06/03/45
strz.    Strapko,Bazyli,Langannerie Fr             14/08/44
st.strz. Strawczynski,Judka,Langannerie Fr         14/08/44
drag.    Strenczak,Zdzislaw,Breda Ho               29/10/44
st.strz. Strogulski,Henryk,Lommel Be               30/09/44
st.strz. Strozik,Augustyn,Wagenburg-Hogerbeide Ho  07/11/44
kapr.    Strunk,Jozef,Lommel Be                    30/09/44
plut.    Struzik,Stanislaw,Lommel Be               10/09/44
st.strz. Strzelecki,Edward,Wettringen Ge           27/04/45
         Strzyzykowski,Jan - see Olma,Jan
drag.    Stupien,Wasyl,Langannerie Fr              10/08/44
strz.    Stuwe,Mieczyslaw,Breda Ho                 05/11/44
ogn.     Stypinski,Franciszek,Langannerie Fr       22/08/44
         Subkowski,Gustaw - see Walkowiak,Gustaw
por.     Suchecki,Jan,VM,Langannerie Fr            16/08/44
strz.    Suchecki,Tadeusz,Breda Ho                 01/11/44
strz.    Suchodolski,Wladyslaw,Langannerie Fr      10/08/44
pchor.   Suchy,Wiktor,Lommel Be                    07/09/44
st.strz. Sudak,Antoni,Breda Ho                     18/02/45
strz.    Sudol,Jozef,Langannerie Fr                20/08/44
kapr.    Sumicz,Teodor,Lommel Be                   02/10/44
strz.    Suminski,Kazimierz,VM,Langannerie Fr      18/08/44
kapr.    Sumyk,Stanislaw,Langannerie Fr            17/08/44
strz.    Surma,Marian,Tilly la Campagne Fr         08/08/44
bomb.    Surowiec,Wladyslaw,Gonny sur Somme Fr     02/09/44
         Swoboda,Pawel - see Stohr,Pawel
kapr.    Swolek,Jozef,KW,Breda Ho                  03/01/45
strz.    Synowiec,Jan,Langannerie Fr               14/08/44
pchor.   Szablewski,Jan,Newmarket Br               12/07/43
strz.    Szafranski,Jan Leon,Alphen Ho             07/10/44
kapr.    Szalowski,Henryk,Langannerie Fr           20/08/44
kapr.    Szarek,Jan,Breda Ho                       23/11/44
kapr.    Szatkowski,Stanislaw,Ypres Be             08/09/44
strz.    Szawinski,Michal,Langannerie Fr           20/08/44
por.     Szczeniowski,Waclaw Adolf,VM,KW,Alphen Ho 06/10/45
st.strz. Szczepaniak,Alojzy,Bruksela,C.Everes Be   01/10/44
strz.    Szczepanik,Jan,Lommel Be                  06/09/45
strz.    Szczepanski,Bernard,Breda Ho              01/11/44
         Szczepanski,Franciszek - see Krukowski,Franciszek
drag.    Szczepanski,Jan,Znijlen k/Bredy Ho        29/10/44
por.     Szczepanski,Ludwik,Langannerie Fr         20/08/44
chor.    Szczepanski,Michal,KW,Lommel Be           15/01/45
ppor.    Szczepanowski,Jerzy Stanislaw,Breda Ho    26/04/45
strz.    Szczepkowski,Stanislaw,Langannerie Fr     20/08/44
         Szczepski,Tadeusz - see Wysocki,Tadeusz
st.strz. Szczotka,Karol,Breda Ho                   05/11/44
strz.    Szczukowski,Alfons,Breda Ho               13/04/45
drag.    Szczurek,Dyzma,Corstorphine Hill,Edynburg 21/04/44
kapr.    Szczurek,Stefan,Langannerie Fr            15/08/44
st.strz. Szczyglowski,Stanislaw,KW,Berge Ge        28/04/45
st.strz. Szeffer,Karol,Langannerie Fr              14/08/44
st.strz. Szeja,Alfons,Adegem Be                    18/09/44
plut.    Szelag,Jozef,Langannerie Fr               14/08/44
strz.    Szelinski,Alfons,Lommel Be                04/10/44
kapr.    Szemczyk,Stefan,Whitchurch Br             20/10/45
         Szewczyk,Sylwester - see Bynisz,Sylwester
plut.    Szewereniak,Leon,VM,Langannerie Fr        17/08/44
         Szklarz,Franciszek - see Nowacki,Franciszek
kapr.    Szlawski,Jozef,Langannerie Fr             08/08/44
strz.    Szmidt,Bohdan,Langannerie Fr              11/08/44
kapr.    Szmidtka,Franciszek,Langannerie Fr        09/08/44
strz.    Szopa,Jan,KW,Lommel Be                    14/10/44
ppor.    Szperber,Adam Waclaw,VM,KW,Lommel Be      01/10/44
drag.    Szramowski,Robert,Terover-Alphen Ho       10/10/44
st.drag. Szromek,Wincenty,Oosterhout Ho            01/11/44
kan.     Szuber,Marian,Corstorphine Hill Edynburg  15/05/44
plut.    Szubert,Jan Wincenty,Bayeux Fr            14/09/44
strz.    Szulak,Michal,Stekene Be                  14/09/44
strz.    Szulc,Jan,Edynburg Szkocja                17/02/44
st.drag. Szulczynski,Jan,Corstorphine Hill Edynburg17/02/44
kan.     Szulgo,Mikolaj,Breda-Ginneken Ho          27/03/45
st.strz. Szuluk,Bronislaw,Breda-Ginneken Ho        31/12/44
drag.    Szymik,Jozef,KW,Rhaude Ge                 26/04/45
kan.     Szumlicz,Wiktor,Breda Ho                  03/01/45
strz.    Szumski,Leon,Lommel Be                    13/01/45
kapr.    Szust,Czeslaw,Langannerie Fr              09/08/44
strz.    Szuster,Kazimierz,Oosterhout Fr           04/11/44
kan.     Szwarensztajn,Jozef,Clenduffhill,Glasgow  20/05/44
strz.    Szweda,Adam,Breda-Ginneken Ho             31/12/44
st.strz. Szweda,Bernard,Langannerie Fr             14/08/44
st.strz. Szwedzik(Szwedziuk),Piotr,Langannerie Fr  14/08/44
kapr.    Szybka,Marian,Langannerie Fr              20/08/44
st.strz. Szychlinski,Alojzy,KW,Oosterhout Ho       31/12/44
kapr.    Szydlik,Szczepan,Essen Ge                 10/09/45
drag.    Szydlowski,Wladyslaw,Lommel Be            03/10/44
         Szyma,Bernard - see Szweda,Bernard
strz.    Szymanski,Jozef,Langannerie Fr            14/08/44
st.strz. Szymanski,Jozef,Merksplas Be              29/09/44
kapr.    Szymanski,Mieczyslaw,St.Aignan de C. Fr   08/08/44
st.strz. Szymanski,Piotr,Pappenburg Ge             25/04/45
st.sier. Szymczak,Leon,Langannerie Fr              09/08/44
st.strz. Szymczak,Stanislaw,Dorpen Ge              23/05/45
kapr.    Szymczyk,Stefan,Whitchurch Br             20/10/45
sap.     Szymula,Bronislaw,Wellshill,Perth Szkocja 20/03/46
st.strz. Szyrwiel,Bronislaw,Breda Ho               31/01/45
plut.    Szyszko,Tadeusz,KW,Gonny sur Somme Fr     02/09/44
st.strz. Szyszkowski,Konrad,Leer Ge                20/04/45

Polish Cemetery, Langannerie, France
photo courtesy of Piotr. P., Normandy, France

plut.    Sciubiak,Tadeusz Jakub,Oss Ho             21/01/47
kpt.     Slaski,Ludomir Stefan,Langannerie Fr      18/08/44
st.drag. Sliwa,Jozef,Cintheaux Fr                  08/08/44
plut.    Sliwa,Wladyslaw,Heede Ge                  15/04/45
kapr.    Sliwinski,Bronislaw,KW,Langannerie Fr     18/08/44
st.strz. Sliwinski,Jan,KW,Breda Ho                 06/02/45
strz.    Sliwinski,Tomasz,Dorpen Ge                19/04/45
strz.    Sliz,Alojzy,Alphen Ho                     05/10/44
strz.    Sliz(Slisz),Jakub,Breda Ho                30/10/44
st.strz. Slizewski,Bazyli,Lommel Be                02/10/44
kapr.    Smigiel,Zygmunt,Rhaude Ge                 24/04/45
strz.    Sniegocki,Franciszek,Breda-Ginneken Ho    07/01/45
drag.    Sniegon,Rudolf,Langannerie Fr             17/08/44
         Sroda,Leon - see Falkiewicz,Leon
st.strz. Swiderski,Tadeusz,k/Feltre Be             09/09/44
         Swierk,Eryk - see Skora,Eryk
strz.    Swirko,Jozef,Langannerie Fr               17/08/44
pchor.   Swiszczewski,Bohdan,KW,Langannerie Fr     09/08/44
strz.    Talaska(vel Talarska), Breda Ho           03/01/45
strz.    Taranek,Waclaw,KW,Langannerie Fr          17/08/44
plut.    Tarka,Jan,Breda Ho                        22/11/44
ppor.    Tarnowski,Janusz Hubert,VM,Langannerie Fr 14/08/44
plut.    Tarnowski,Konstanty,Langannerie Fr        14/08/44
strz.    Tatarczyk,Wiktor,KW,Goirle Ho             29/12/44
         Tatarowicz,Stanislaw - see Jagla,Stanislaw
st.strz. Telke,Bronislaw,BoisdeBonnancy k/Abbeville04/09/44
plut.    Teres,Zygmunt,Lommel Be                   21/09/44
kapr.    Tibor,Jozef,Adegem Be                     19/09/44
         Tokarz,Jozef - see Stawski,Jozef
st.ul.   Tomasik,Piotr,Langannerie Fr              14/08/44
strz.    Tomaszewski,Andrzej,Langannerie Fr        02/01/45
         Tomaszewski,Konrad - see Gross,Konrad
kapr.    Tomczak,Jozef,Langannerie Fr              14/08/44
strz.    Tomczyk,Stanislaw,KW,Langannerie Fr       18/08/44
kapr.    Tomkowiak,Franciszek,Papenburg Ge         23/08/45
pchor.   Toper,Jerzy Dymitr,KW,Lommel Be           08/09/44
st.strz. Topko,Wladyslaw,Goirle Ho                 12/02/45
kan.     Torba,Antoni,Sillenstede Ge               06/05/45
strz.    Tracz,Gerard,Dorpen Ge                    14/04/45
strz.    Trautman,Jan,Newmarket Br                 03/07/43
kapr.    Trejder,Aleksander,Breda-Ginneken Ho      04/11/44
ppor.    Treszka,Jozef,Breda Ho                    21/04/45
st.strz. Trochimowicz,Antoni,Depot de Tendie Be    29/09/44
inz.por. Trocki,Adolf,Langannerie Fr               16/08/44
         Trojak,Alojzy - see Balcar,Alojzy
ul.      Trojan,Mieczyslaw,Langannerie Fr          19/08/44
kapr.    Trus,Aleksander,Langannerie Fr            14/08/44
plut.    Trusilo,Leon,Lommel Be                    08/09/44
ppor.    Trybus,Bronislaw,KW,Turnhout Be           22/10/44
sap.     Trybus,Konrad,Breda Ho                    02/11/44
         Trzaski,Alojzy - see Mis,Alojzy
rtm.     Tucewicz,Zygmunt,VM,KW,Dorpen Ge          11/08/46
st.strz. Tucholski,Bohdan,Langannerie Fr           21/08/44
st.strz. Tur,Izydor,Langannerie Fr                 17/08/44
st.drag. Turek,Aleksander,Rhede Ge                 16/04/45
plut.    Turek,Michal,KW,Breda Ho                  04/11/44
strz.    Turkowiak,Jozef,Sleen Ho                  10/04/45
st.strz. Turonek,Eliasz,Pappenburg Ge              10/04/46
drag.    Turowski,Stanislaw,Langannerie Fr         18/08/44
drag.    Turulski,Aleksander,Langannerie Fr        11/08/44
strz.    Tuszer,Stefan,Lommel Be                   03/10/44
st.strz. Tuszynski,Feliks,Goch Ge                  28/05/45
kapr.    Tuszynski,Maksymilian,Langannerie Fr      18/08/44
strz.    Twardowski,Stanislaw,Langannerie Fr       14/08/44
sierz.   Tyburcy,Stanislaw,Breda-Ginneken Ho       05/11/44
strz.    Tyburczy,Wladyslaw,Mount-Vernon,Edynburg  12/10/45
kan.     Tyczka,Stanislaw,Langannerie Fr           14/08/44
ppor.    Tyrcz,Zbigniew,KW,Langannerie Fr          23/08/44
st.drag. Tyrna,Jan,Abbeville Fr                    01/09/44
kapr.    Tyszler,Stefan,Tilburg Ho                 13/01/45
strz.    Ubych,Kazimierz,Stekene Be                15/09/44
sap.     Ulczak,Jozef,Breda Ho                     17/04/45
         Urbanczyk,Ryszard - see Skowronek,Ryszard
strz.    Urbanek,Ryszard,Langannerie Fr            09/08/44
strz.    Urbanowicz,Antoni,KW,Langannerie Fr       31/08/44
st.strz. Urbanski,Waclaw,De Meir Be                30/09/44
pchor.   Voit,Ferdynand,Langannerie Fr             08/08/44
         Waclawek,Benedykt - see Marasinski,Benedykt
kapr.    Waclawek,Tadeusz,Langannerie Fr           08/08/44
plut.    Wajnkopf,Roman,VM,Langannerie Fr          20/08/44
plut.    Walas,Ignacy,KW,Lommel Be                 07/09/44
st.strz. Walasek,Stanislaw,Lommel Be               08/09/44
wachm.   Walczak,Karol,Langannerie Fr              05/09/44
st.strz. Walczykiewicz,Stanislaw,Langannerie Fr    09/08/44
ppor.    Walczynski,Jan Stanislaw,KW,Langannerie Fr16/08/44
st.strz. Walczuch,Bernard,Ormskirk Br              19/07/45
ul.      Walejewski,Witold,Langannerie Fr          20/08/44
strz.    Walichowski,Stefan,Langannerie Fr         14/08/44
         Waliczek,Pawel - see Broda,Pawel
st.strz. Walkowiak,Czeslaw(Gustaw),Breda Ho        03/11/44
st.strz. Walkowiak,Leon,Breda-Ginneken Ho          03/11/44
mjst.woj.Walter,Wladyslaw,Langannerie Fr           14/08/44
         Waldowski,Jan - see Klenczewski,Jan
strz.    Wanago(Wanaga),Jan,Langannerie Fr         10/08/44
st.strz. Wanderski,Leon,Langannerie Fr             20/08/44
kapr.    Wanielista,Wladyslaw,Breda-Ginneken Ho    05/01/45
plut.    Wardas,Franciszek,Breda-Ginneken Ho       04/11/44
strz.    Wardzinski,Jan,Adegem Be                  19/09/44
kapr.    Wasiewicz,Bronislaw,Lommel Be             02/10/44
pchor.   Wasilewski,Edward,Langannerie Fr          21/08/44
strz.    Wasilewski,Kazimierz,Lommel Be            07/09/44
st.strz. Wasilewski,Stanislaw,Langannerie Fr       20/08/44
         Wasilewski,Stanislaw - see Kletz,Stanislaw
kpt.     Wasilewski,Wladyslaw,Langannerie Fr       17/08/44
kapr.    Wawrowicz,Wladyslaw,Gronningen(C.Kan.) Ho 15/04/45
kapr.    Wawrzonek,Ignacy,Langannerie Fr           08/08/44
plut.    Wawszczak,Jozef,Bayeux Fr                 25/08/44
plut.    Wadrzyk,Franciszek,Langannerie Fr         14/08/44
st.drag. Wasik,Jozef,Alphen Ho                     06/10/44
rtm.     Wasowski,Jozef,VM,Langannerie Fr          15/08/44
kapr.    Wegner,Pawel,Langannerie Fr               21/08/44
st.strz. Weiss,Stanislaw,Breda-Ginneken Ho         03/11/44
kpt.     Wendeker,Jerzy Wojciech,Langannerie Fr    09/08/44
kapr.    Wenderlich,Czeslaw,Adegem Be              10/09/44
strz.    Werner,Edmund,Dorpen Ge                   15/04/45
kapr.    Wesolowski,Edmund(Edward),Langannerie Fr  15/08/44
sap.     Wesoly,Andrzej,Aschendorf Ge              07/04/46
strz.    Weglarz,Adam,Langannerie Fr               14/08/44
         Wibart,Jan - see Wasilewski,Kazimierz
kapr.    Wichlaj,Jozef,Langannerie Fr              20/08/44
strz.    Wiczkowski,Jan,Tournhout Be               07/10/44
strz.    Wieczorek,Bernard,Langannerie Fr          20/08/44
plut.    Wieczorek,Jozef,Wellshill,Perth Szkocja Br24/04/44
         Wieczorek,Leon - see Kuberski,Leon
         Wieczorek,Ludwik - see Gorecki,Ludwik
st.strz. Wieliczko,Wincenty,Lommel Be              29/09/44
kapr.    Wiercioch,Artur,VM,Breda-Ginneken Ho      01/11/44
         Wierkowski,Wladyslaw - see Wincior,Wladyslaw
por.     Wierzchaczewski,Michal Piotr Pawel,Langann09/08/44
st.ul.   Wierzchowiak,Stanislaw,Langannerie Fr     14/08/44
         Wieszowski,Konstanty - see Stebel,Konstanty
strz.    Wieckowski,Gerard,Langannerie Fr          21/08/44
kapr.    Wieckowski,Lucjan,Lommel Be               03/10/44
strz.    Wieclawek,Antoni,Corstorphine Hill,Szkocja28/10/44
         Wilamowski,Leon - see Radtke,Leon
         Wilcz,Bernard - Wieczorek,Bernard
         Wilczynski,Leon - see Walkowiak,Leon
st.strz. Wilde,Bernard,Adegem Be                   16/09/44
         Wilk,Wiktor - see Hirsz,Wiktor
st.strz. Wincior,Wladyslaw,St.Nicolas Be           14/09/44
         Winda,Zdzislaw - see Winklarz,Zdzislaw
kapr.    Winiarski,Adam Jozef,Langannerie Fr       08/09/44
st.drag. Winklarz,Zdzislaw,Lommel Be               13/09/44
         Wirecki,Leon - see Gajdzik,Leon
strz.    Wirkus,Bronislaw,Breda Ho                 30/10/44
strz.    Wislocki,Boleslaw,Alphen Ho               05/10/44
kapr.    Wisnianski,Michal,KW,Capelle-Nieuwaart Ho 10/02/45
plut.    Wisnicki,Jan,Langannerie Fr               22/08/44
         Wisniewski,Benedykt - see Lipinski,Benedykt
         Wisniewski,Bronislaw - see Wirkus,Bronislaw
st.drag. Wisniewski,Jan,KW,La Croix Fr             08/08/44
strz.    Wisniewski,Janusz,Breda Ho                20/04/45
wach.    Wisniewski,Jozef,Langannerie Fr           11/08/44
         Wisniewski,Leon - see Nowicki,Leon
         Wisniewski,Ryszard - see Urbanek,Ryszard
st.strz. Wisniewski,Walenty,Breda Ho               28/11/44
st.strz. Witczak,Czeslaw,Haselune Ge               06/04/46
st.strz. Witek,Jozef,Langannerie Fr                08/08/44
strz.    Witko,Jan,Langannerie Fr                  20/08/44
         Witold,Gwidon - see Melin,Gwidon
sierz.   Witor,Henryk,KW,Tournhout Be              05/11/44
         Witkowski,Edward - see Wittstock,Edmund
         Witkowski,Waldemar - see Nowak,Waldemar
st.strz. Wittstock,Edmund,Langannerie Fr           16/08/44
st.strz. Wlasowicz,Marian,Langannerie Fr           19/08/44
strz.    Wloch,Henryk,Alphen Ho                    08/10/44
strz.    Wloch,Konrad,Alphen Ho                    08/10/44
kapr.    Wloch,Tadeusz Jan,Lommel Be               07/09/44
st.strz. Wlodarczyk,Feliks,Langannerie Fr          14/08/44
ppor.    Wnek,Zygmunt Aleksander,VM,Langannerie Fr 15/08/44
strz.    Wnuk-Lipinski,Pawel, Lommel Be            22/10/44
kapr.    Wnukow,Sergiusz,Langannerie Fr            19/08/44
st.strz. Wodzianuk,Jan,Lommel Be                   02/10/44
strz.    Wodzik,Franciszek,Lommel Be               19/10/44
         Wojak,Wincenty - see Bujak,Wincenty
strz.    Wojciechowski,Wladyslaw,Peebles,Szkocja Br13/11/43
st.strz. Wojciechowski,Zbigniew,KW,Langannerie Fr  08/08/44
         Wojcieszek,Jozef - see Kadela,Jozef
st.strz. Wojno,Roman,Langannerie Fr                17/08/44
         Wojtkowiak,Kazimierz - see Szuster,Kazimierz
kapr.    Wojtal,Wladyslaw,Langannerie Fr           14/08/44
strz.    Wojtowicz,Jozef,Oosterhout Ho             06/03/45
plut.    Wolaniecki,Aleksander,Langannerie Fr      20/08/44
drag.    Wolf,Antoni,Rhede Ge                      17/04/45
st.drag. Wolf,Zygmunt,Rhede Ge                     17/04/45
kapr.    WolnikEmil,Langannerie Fr                 20/08/44
st.ul.   Wolter,Roman,KW,Breda Ho                  13/04/45
st.strz. Woloszyk,Witold,KW,Ge                     02/05/45
ul.      Wowra,Augustyn,Alphen-Oostervick Ho       27/10/44
ppor.    Wozaczynski,Zbigniew,Langannerie Fr       10/08/44
         Wozniak,Franciszek - see Lebkuchen,Franciszek
ul.      Wozniak,Tadeusz,Carlisle Br               05/06/43
         Woznica,Jozef - see Wojtowicz,Jozef
drag.    Woznica,Stanislaw,Oosterhout Ho           03/11/44
plut.    Wojcik,Jan,Haselune Ge                    03/07/46
szer.    Wojcik,Marian,Ormskirk Br                 06/04/45
plut.    Wojcik,Wojciech,Lommel Be                 07/09/44
kapr.    Wronkowski,Alojzy,Langannerie Fr          20/08/44
szer.    Wrobel,Eryk,Langannerie Fr                14/08/44
         Wrobel,Franciszek - Lewandowski,Franciszek
strz.    Wrzask,Stanislaw,Langannerie Fr           21/08/44
         Wrzesinski,Brunon - see Barczewski,Herman
strz.    Wrzol,Franciszek,KW,Strucklingen Ge       27/04/45
plut.    Wrzos,Leon,KW,Breda-Ginneken Ho           28/03/45
rtm.     Wyganowski,Jozef,Haselune Ge              22/08/46
kapr.    Wyrwas,Stanislaw,Bayeux Fr                14/08/44
kapr.    Wyrwiak,Bronislaw,Lommel Be               29/09/44
         Wysocki,Augustyn - see Grinholz,Augustyn
st.drag. Wysocki,Jan,Langannerie Fr                18/08/44
st.strz. Wysocki,Stanislaw,KW,Langannerie Fr       17/08/44
strz.    Wysocki,Tadeusz,Breda-Ginneken Ho         31/12/44
         Wywiorkowski,Jozef - see Rynkowski,Jozef
kapr.    Zabijak,Stanislaw,Normandia(C.Kan.) Fr    05/09/44
strz.    Zadorozny,Michal,KW,Meppen Ge             22/04/45
         Zajac,Augustyn - see Ziob,Augustyn
         Zajac,Edward - see Strzelecki,Edward
kapr.    Zajac,Eugeniusz,Langannerie Fr            11/08/44
kapr.    Zajac,Jan,Uden Ho                         18/03/45
strz.    Zajac,Wladyslaw,Corstorphine Hill Edynburg02/03/44
sierz.   Zajdel,Andrzej Antoni,Westerstede Ge      14/05/45
st.drag. Zakrzewski,Antoni,Westhove Be             05/09/44
kan.     Zakrzewski,Boleslaw,Langannerie Fr        21/08/44
pchor.   Zakrzewski,Edward,Corstorphine Hill Br    24/02/44
st.drag. Zakrzewski,Jan,Breda Ho                   01/01/45
kapr.    Zalcer,Kazimierz,Breda Ho                 20/04/45
         Zalikowski,Jan - see Jakubowski,Jan
strz.    Zalinski,Alfred,Langannerie Fr            14/08/44
strz.    Zaluski,Jozef,Langannerie Fr              14/08/44
mjr.     Zan-Kreyser,Edward,Langannerie Fr         18/08/44
kapr.    Zandecki,Edmund,Langannerie Fr            12/08/44
drag.    Zapotoczny,Pawel,Lommel Be                02/10/44
st.strz. Zaranski,Mateusz,Langannerie Fr           14/08/44
por.     Zaremba,Stanislaw,KW,Langannerie Fr       09/08/44
sierz.   Zarzyna,Jerzy,Langannerie Fr              21/08/44
por.     Zawalski,Zygfryd,VM,Langannerie Fr        08/08/44
plut.    Zawiasinski,Maksymilian,Langannerie Fr    11/08/44
strz.    Zbiegiel,Mieczyslaw,Vijfhuizen Ho         27/10/44
sierz.   Zdrojewski,Stanislaw,KW,Lommel Be         10/11/44
kapr.    Zebik,Julian,Langannerie Fr               14/08/44
strz.    Zgubinski,Antoni,Langannerie Fr           10/08/44
strz.    Ziarko,Stanislaw,Langannerie Fr           14/08/44
strz.    Zielinski,Alojzy,Breda-Ginneken Ho        07/01/45
plut.    Zielinski,Bohdan,KW,Remels Ge             02/05/45
kapr.    Zielinski,Tadeusz, Osnabruck Ge           17/04/45
st.drag. Zielinski,Teodor,Haycombe Br              18/08/44
wachm.   Ziental,Boleslaw,Langannerie Fr           14/08/44
strz.    Ziental,Mieczyslaw,Doeveren Ho            23/12/44
         Zientek,Edmund - see Porimbka,Edmund
st.drag. Zientarski(Zietarski),Ludwik,Lommel Be    10/09/44
drag.    Zimowski,Stanislaw,Estries la Campagne Fr 11/08/44
drag.    Zinger,Heinz,Bristol,Ridgeway Br          15/09/44
plut.    Zinka,Klemens,Lommel Be                   05/10/44
st.strz. Ziob,Augustyn,Sedgfield Br                27/09/44
kan.     Zmarzly,Jozef,Breda Ho                    21/04/44
         Zwara,Edmund - see Palkowski,Edmund
st.strz. Zwifla,Alfons Jan,Dorpen Ge               14/04/45
         Zwolinski,Zygmunt,Langannerie Fr          14/08/44
plut.    Zych,Aleksander,Langannerie Fr            14/08/44
strz.    Zych,Jan,KW,Langannerie Fr                09/08/44
st.strz. Zygmanowski,Maksymilian,CappellscheVeer Ho10/02/45
ppor.    Zylber,Andrzej,Lommel Be                  07/09/44

st.strz. Zaba,Jozef,Bruksela,Everes Be             30/03/46
         Zak,Jan Wilhelm - see Chrapkowski,Jan Wilhelm
strz.    Zakowicz,Stefan,Langannerie Fr            16/08/44
st.strz. Zarczuk,Piotr,Langannerie Fr              09/08/44
st.ul.   Zadlo,Jan,Langannerie Fr                  20/08/44
kapr.    Zbikowski,Stanislaw,Langannerie Fr        04/08/44
st.strz. Zeglarski,Alfons,Hessel Ge                01/05/45
strz.    Zelazik,Bronislaw,Langannerie Fr          16/08/44
plut.    Zochowski,Stanislaw,Langannerie Fr        14/08/44
drag.    Zoledziowski,Antoni,Langannerie Fr        10/08/44
kan.     Zolnowski,Bernard,Haselune Ge             21/07/45
drag.    Zolynski,Wladyslaw,Adegem Be              09/09/44
strz.    Zukowski,Jozef,Langannerie Fr             20/08/44
strz.    Zydzczyn,Michal,Werlte Ge                 10/09/45
kpt.     Zymelka,Franciszek,Breda Ho               21/03/45
plut.    Zyrmont,Edward,KW,Langannerie Fr          20/08/44
strz.    Zytynski,Tadeusz,Langannerie Fr           17/08/44
strz.    Zyzyk,Czeslaw,Hardingen,Calais Fr         24/09/44

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PART FOUR: DELETED The link to the following list at is no longer functioning: "Pelna Lista Poleglych i Pochowanych Zolnierzy Polskich pod Monte Cassino"


The Original Kenimech Polish Cemetery

Two Lists of Polish Soldiers who succumbed shortly after having joined the army of General Anders in the Soviet Union.
Polish Military Cemeteries in the USSR and Iran:
Kenimech i Jakobag
Dzal Al-Abad
Karmine, Uzbekistan, near Chiwa (Khiva)
Szachrisjab (Shakhrisabz), Uzbekistan
Kitab, Uzbekistan
Karszi (Karshi), Uzbekistan
Guzar, Uzbekistan
Narpaj (Narpay), Uzbekistan (not a town but a district in the province of Samarqand, the capital of which is Oqtosh)
Ashabad (Ashgabat), Turkmenistan
Meshed, Iran
Teheran, Iran
Pahlevi (Bandar-e-Anzali), Iran
Hamadan, Iran
Ahvaz, Iran
Explanation of Data Found in Parts Five, Six and Seven
From the book: Wykaz Poleglych i Zmarlych Zolnierzy Polskich Sil Zbrojnych na Obczyznie w latach 1939-1946, published by the Instytut Historyczny Im. Gen. Sikorskiego (now known as the Polish Institute and Sikorski Museum), London, 1952.
The personal data in the following soldiers' monographs is listed in this order: surname, given name, rank, unit or occupation, date of birth, place of birth (place, county or province, country if not Poland), date of death, place of burial (place, country), cemetery, grave number.
The absence of data, often indicated by a question mark (?), means that data is not available. A question mark which follows a unit of data indicates that there is some uncertainty as to the accuracy.
This information was compiled in 1952 from such records as existed. The data may have been updated since and may therefore not co-relate with data found in more recent works.
The Polish Armed Forces in the west (approx. 210,800 strong as of July 1, 1945) ultimately lost some 13,129 dead. Approximately 33% of those losses were men killed in action, 6% in automobile accidents, 8.5% in other accidents, and 52.5% were lost to disease.
The high rate of loss to disease can be attributed in high measure to the hunger, exposure and physical and mental exhaustion suffered by the men during their difficult ordeals in the Soviet Union. This cause of death is responsible for 75% of the 3,615 soldiers of General Anders' army who perished in the U.S.S.R. and later at the evacuation bases in Iran (Part Five). There is also a large number of men buried in Iraq at Khanaqin (see Part Seven).
General Anders commenting on his first contact with Polish soldiers liberated from Soviet camps and prisons following the German attack on the Soviet Union in mid 1941, from his book An Army in Exile:
"With great difficulty I obtained at the end of August (1941) permission to visit, and fly to, the Griasovietsk camp... I went slowly along the lines of soldiers, seeking personal contact with the men, the contact I had lost long ago. With great emotion I recognized the emaciated faces of many old friends and brother officers." (pg.58)
"On September 14 (1941), I paid my first visit to the camp at Totskoie, which consisted of small tents pitched in a forest, where the 6th Infantry Division was being formed. There, for the first time, I saw 17,000 soldiers paraded for my arrival. I shall not forget the site as long as I live, nor the mingled pity and pride with which I reviewed them. Most of them had no boots or shirts, and all were in rags, often the tattered relics of old Polish uniforms. There was not a man who was not an emaciated skeleton and most of them were covered with ulcers, resulting from semi-starvation, but to the great astonishment of the Russians, including General Zhukov, who accompanied me, they were all well shaved and showed a fine soldierly bearing. I asked myself whether I could ever make an army of them, and whether they could ever stand the strain of a campaign. But I found an immediate answer: it was sufficient to note their shining eyes, to see the strong will and faith there. I passed slowly along the front line, we looked enquiringly into one another's eyes, and the first ties were formed for the soldierly journey we had to undertake together. Old soldiers cried like children during Mass, the first they had attended for so many months, and when the hymn 'Our Free Country Give Us Back, O Lord' was sung it seemed as if the surrounding forest echoed a hundredfold answer. For the first time in my life, and I hope the last, I took the salute of a march past of soldiers without boots. They had insisted upon it. They wanted to show the Bolsheviks that even in their bare feet, and ill and wounded as many of them were, they could bear themselves like soldiers on their first march towards Poland." (pages 63,64)
Few Polish soldiers "amnestied" by Stalin in 1941 were able to join the revived Polish Army. Here are a few examples as described in the book Destiny Can Wait:
"...out of nearly 20,000 Poles working as convicts in the deadly lead-mines of Kolyma, on the Arctic Circle in eastern Siberia, barely a few hundred could leave for the nearest Polish recruiting centre, and of these, less than 20 arrived. The others had died of exhaustion, under-nourishment, exposure or lead-poisoning.
"Out of 3,000 Poles, all prisoners of war, sent to the lead-mines of North Kamchatka in August 1940, only 300, and all already dying of lead-poisonig, were still alive in March 1941. Not a single Pole returned from that locality.
"Of the thousands of Polish servicemen condemned to penal servitude in northern Novaya Zemlya one survivor only reported for service. He died of exhaustion the same day, after covering 3,000 miles - mostly on foot - including 250 miles over the ice-bound stretch of the Arctic Ocean between the island and the mainland. Those who accompanied him froze to death or died of starvation on the way. He died before he could say how many set out....
"One more example... that of the 200 Polish airmen who came to Great Britain in 1942 via Archangel. Shadows of their former selves, they were the only survivors of all the Polish Air Force personnel who had in 1939 been interned in Latvia and Estonia, and who, when Russia annexed these countries, were sent to camps in northern Russia and Siberia where they died off like flies - as convicts, not as prisoners of war."
British Major Cazalet, who visited some camps with General Sikorski in late 1941, describes daily life for Polish POWs and deportees in one of the "more bearable" camps (excerpt from his book With Sikorski to Russia):
"A great many, of course, have died; a great many more will die this year. Life in these camps follows the same routine, of which the following is a fair example. The prisoners are wakened up about two o'clock in the morning. They are given some hot water and about three-quarters of a pound of bread. A lecture is delivered to them on how and why they should become good Soviet citizens. They then march out to their allotted tasks, i.e. timber cutting, rail or road making, or digging canals; they work at their allotted tasks for twelve hours. They are then marched back and given some porridge and some bread. After that they lie on the mud floors of their houses and sleep if they can. Every ten days or so they are given some fats and allowed to wash.
List of Abbreviations Found in Parts Five, Six and Seven.   
C or Cm   cmentarz (cemetery)
CW        c wojenny (war c)
CC        c cywilny (civilian c)
CK        c katolicki (Catholic c)
CCK       c cywilny katolicki (civilian Catholic c)
CM        c miejski (local c)
CP        c Polski (Polish c)
CB        c Brytyjski (British c)
CKan      c Kanadyjski (Canadian c)
CAm       c Amerykanski (American c)
CChrz     c Chrzescijanski( Christian c)
CEw       c Ewangielicki( Evangelical c)
CProt     c Protestanski (Protestant c)
CLut      c Luteranski (Lutheran c)
CZyd      c Zydowski (Jewish c)
COrm      c Ormianski (Armenian c)
CParaf    c parafialny (parish c)
CKlasz    c klasztorny (monastery/convent c)
CRAF      British Air Force c
CRN       British Naval c
PCW       Polski cmentarz wojenny (Polish war cemetery)
MC        Military c
BC        British C
BWC       British war c
BCW       Brytyjski cmentarz wojenny
BMC       British military c
BWMC      British war military c
BWMMC     British war memorial military c
AmCW      amerykanski cmentarz wojenny
gm.       gmina (township)
p.        powiat (county)
w.        wojewodztwo (province)
Arch.     Archangielsk (the town or the province)
dz.       dzialka (plot)
dz.p.     dzialka polska (Polish plot or section)
dz.wojsk. dzialka wojskowa (army plot or section)
Eks.      ekshumowany (exhumed)
gr.       grob (grave)
k/        kolo (near, close to...)
kolch.    kolchoz (kolkoz)
n/        nad (on the river...)
obl.      oblast (Soviet province)
oboz      camp
oddz.     oddzial (branch)
ok.       okolo (approximately)
pob.      poborowy (recruit)
poch.     pochodzil (came from)
pos.      posiolek (Soviet slave labour camp)
rej.      rejon (Soviet region)
st.       stacja (station - usually railway)
st. kol.  stacja kolejowa (railway station)
st. sp.   stan spoczynku (retired)
sl. st.   sluzba stala (regular service)
zam.      zamieszkal (resided in...)
"ORP"     Okret Rzeczypospolitej Polski (Ship of the Polish
"H.M.S."  Brytyjski okret wojenny (His Majesty's Ship)
Aleks.    Aleksander
And.      Andrzej
Ant.      Antoni
Bog.      Boguslaw
Bol.      Boleslaw
Bron.     Bronislaw
Eug.      Eugeniusz
Fran.     Franciszek
Kaz.      Kazimierz
Maks.     Maksymilian
Miecz.    Mieczyslaw
Stan.     Stanislaw
Tad.      Tadeusz
Win.      Wincenty
Wlad.     Wladyslaw
Wlodz.    Wlodzimierz
Woj.      Wojciech
Zdz.      Zdzislaw
Zyg.      Zygmunt
List #1
Soldiers who perished while still in the Soviet Union, 1941 - 42. The list does not contain the names of the many who were not able to register with the army prior to their death.
General Anders describing the conditions at the newly established Polish Army base of Buzuluk in the Soviet Union, in late 1941:
"The temperature dropped to minus 52 degrees centigrade and icy winds swept the snow into drifts. Many of our men froze to death in their tents. Those who - sick, exhausted and in rags - arrived to join the army from the distant provinces of the boundless Soviet Empire were in a dreadful plight, but their transports were not allowed to remain by the Russians, who sent them on further to the south on the pretext that they would there await the arrival of the troops. But their journey did not end in the south. They were sent by rail to Turkestan, and from there by boat along the Amu-Daria for forced labour. Only a few of the many thousand men ever returned alive." (page 94)
The General later describes the conditions at Yangi-Yul in early 1942:
"Soon a flood of men began to arrive. Almost all by now had English uniforms and underwear - clothing greatly welcomed by men who had lived so long in rags. But health, owing to the lack of food, was still poor, and epidemics, particularly typhus, spread rapidly, for there is little soap in Russia and an enormous number of parasites.
People still kept reaching the army area from the north, but the Soviet authorities put more and more obstacles in their way. Whole convoys were forced to leave their trains and were left stranded in the steppes without any supplies. There was no possibility of buying food in Russia, and anyone deprived of rations simply starved to death...
At this time the Soviet authorities began to interfere with us more and more. People would leave the camps and not return, vanishing without trace as so often happens in Russia. The N.K.V.D. even kidnapped people inside the camps..." (pages 94,  95)
Later that spring:
"The N.K.V.D. were interfering more and more in Polish affairs and difficulties and obstacles were put in our way at every step. Arms had still not been supplied and less rations were being delivered. To make matters worse, there was much malaria, which took a heavy toll in lives owing to the poor state our people were in. Thousands of Poles were still held in labour camps and prisons, and rumours of the mass extermination of our missing officers were gaining currency." (page 108) 
(N. B. To save time, only the names are given below. If you recognize a name, please send an e-mail to for the Polish spelling and the personal data listed for that soldier.)
Abramajtys, Antoni
Abramowicz, Waclaw
Achrem (Ahrem), Ryszard
Adamczyk, Adam
Adamczyk, Roman
Adamski, Julian
Adamski, Stan.
Adamski, Wlad.
Ader, Stefan
Afranowicz, Anatol
Aksztel, Jerzy
Aleksandrowicz, Jozef
Aleksandrowicz, Wincenty
Aleksiejew, Aleks.
Alinski, Czeslaw
Amber, Abram
Ambroziak, Jozef
Amewski, Stan.
Andruszkiewicz, Henryk
Andruszkiewicz, Stan.
Andruszko, Pawel
Andrzejewski, Czeslaw
Angas, Fran.
Antkowski, Tomasz
Antkow, Jozef
Aplewicz, Wlad. (Wlodz.)
Arcimowicz, Jan
Artuchiewicz (Artuchewicz), Jozef
Atamaniuk, Stan.
Augustowski, Boleslaw
Augustyn, Zygmunt Jerzy
Awkunas (Awkans), Karol
Awramienko, Julian
Awtosiewicz, Bron.
Azamblowski, Marian
Babik, Jozef
Babuszka (Babuska), Wlad.
Bacher, Jan
Badula, Pawel
Baginski, Stefan (Czeslaw)
Baginski, Kaz.
Baginski, Leopold
Baginski, Miecz.
Baginski vel Boginski, Robert
Bahrynowski, Jozef
Bajda, Stan.
Bajer, Marian
Bajon, Jozef
Bajorek, Jan
Bajorek, Wawrzyniec
Bakalec, Jozef
Baksztan (Bakszta), Marcin
Bakun, Stan.
Balawajder, Kaz.
Baldwin-Ramult, Boleslaw
Baldy, Ryszard
Balinski, Szymon
Balawander, Edward
Baldysz, Boleslaw
Balut, Marcin
Banach, Antoni
Banach, Fran.
Banasiewicz, Stan.
Banasik, Jozef
Banas, Tadeusz
Bant, Jozef
Bar, Jan
Baran, Boleslaw
Baran Stan.
Baran, Stefan
Baran, Stefan
Baranowski, Bron.
Baranowski, Feliks
Baranowski, Feliks
Baranski, Janusz
Baranski, Roman
Barcewicz, Miecz.
Barkowski, Jan
Barszczuk, Wlad.
Bartel, Feliks
Bartniczak, Stan.
Bartosiak, Jan
Bartoziewicz (Bartosiewicz), Boguslaw
Bartosiewicz, Jan
Bartysel, Jakub
Bass, Wiktor
Baslyk, Wiktor
Batog, Feliks
Bauer, Stan.
Baumgarten, Leon
Bazylewski, Stan.
Bazylkiewicz, Mikolaj
Bak, Jozef
Bak, Wlad.
Bakowski, Wlad.
Beatus, Dawid
Beck, Alfred
Bednarczyk, Jan
Bednarek, Tadeusz
Bednarski, Jerzy
Bednarz, Jan
Bednarz, Jozef
Bednarz, Wojciech
Bednarz, Wojciech
Beduen, Jan
Bekienbach, Kaz. Jaroslaw
Belic, Abram
Belej, Jan
Berezowski, Jakub
Bereznicki, Michal
Berger, Norbert
Berkowski, Teofil
Berlinski, Abraham
Berman, Natan
Bester, Wlad
Betlejemski, Zachariasz
Better, Henryk
Bebenek, Wlad.
Bialczak, Edward
Bialooki, Stan.
Bialous, Aleksy
Bialoszewicz (Bialaszewicz), Szczepan
Bialynski, Wlad.
Biber, Andrzej
Biczysko (Bieczysko), Alojzy
Bidny, Jan
Biebe, Jozef
Biedka, Miecz.
Bieganski, Tadeusz
Biegaleisen, Jakub - see Bigielajzen, Jakub
Biejgo, Jozef
Biel, Florian
Bielaczyc, Leon
Bielak, Baltazar,
Bielak, Jan
Bielec, Jozef
Bielecki, Henryk
Bielecki, Henryk
Bielicki, Edmud,
Bielinski, Tadeusz Marian
Bienia, Andrzej
Bieniecki, Jozef
Bieniek, Wawrzyniec
Bier, Alfred Jerzy
Bigielajzen, (Biegeleisen), Jakub
Biliszek, Jozef
Binder, Michal
Biskupski, Fran.
Biskupski, Jan
Bistula, Antoni
Bitner, Emil
Blajke, Jan
Blechert, Edward
Bledziewski, Bron.
Blicharski, Jan
Bloch, Szepsel
Blonek, Teofil
Bluszczak, Jan
Blaszczynski, Kaz.
Blaszkiewicz, Jozef
Blaszkowski, Michal
Blaziewicz, Feliks
Blazejewicz, Adolf
Bnorowski, Stan.
Bober, Jan
Bober, Stan.
Bobin, Jan
Bobkiewicz, Kaz.
Bobrowski, Stan.
Bochenek, Fran.
Bochenek, Leon
Bochenek, Roman
Boczkowski, Czeslaw
Boczkowski, Witold
Boder, Abram
Bodlak, Wincenty
Bogacki, Piotr
Bogdan, Fran.
Bogucki, Jan
Bogucki, Stan.
Boguszewski, Wlad.
Bohda, Stan.
Bohusz, Edward
Bohuszewicz, Wlad.
Bojar, Jan
Bojarski, Michal
Bojaruniec, Stan.
Bojko, Ignacy
Boldrycz, Michal
Bolun, Jozef
Bonikowski, Zdzislaw
Borawski, Stan.
Borcz, Wlad.
Borda, Szymon
Borecki, Szymon
Borek, Walenty
Borek, Wlad.
Boren, Eugeniusz
Borensztajn, Abram
Borka vel Borko, Emilian
Borkowski, Kaz.
Borkowski, Marian
Borkowski, Roman
Borkowski (Borkawski), Stan.
Borkowski, Teofil
Borochowski, Aleks.
Borszowski, Bron.
Boryn, Stan.
Borysewicz, Jerzy
Borys, Jozef
Bosakowski, Jan
Botoryk, Stefan
Bozenstajn, Abram
Brandel, Jozef
Bratko, Jozef
Bratkowski, Jozef
Bratkowski, Mateusz
Braczkowski, Bron.
Brolis, Pawel
Broczynski, Bernard
Brodnicki, Zdzislaw
Brokowski, Czeslaw
Brondzin, Henryk
Bronfen, Jankiel
Bronicki, Adam
Bronowski, Kaz.
Brus, Jan
Brus, Zygmunt
Brykot, Wlad
Brysz, Antoni
Brysztel, Stefan
Brzezicki, Zbigniew Kaz.
Brzezinski, Stefan
Brzezinski, Wlad.
Brzezowski, Michal
Brzek, Adam
Brzekowski, Edmund
Brzozowski, Jan
Brzozowski, Jozef
Brzozowski, Stan.
Brzykcy, Jozef
Buba, Stefan
Bubienko, Stan.
Buciuta, Leon
Buciuto, Stan.
Buczak, Michal
Buczkowski, Michal
Buczma, Fran.
Buczynski, Jan
Budryk, Antoni
Budzinski, Kaz.
Budzowski, Fran.
Budzyn, Ignacy
Bugajak, Jozef
Bujak, Roman
Bujnicki, Boleslaw
Bukowski, Antoni
Bukrym, Eustachy
Buksbaum, Salomon
Bulak, Ignacy
Bulik, Jan
Bulach, Fran.
Buldak, Ludwik
Bulkowski, Pawel
Buniowski, Marcin
Buraczek, Zdzislaw
Burczewski, Jozef
Burda, Wincenty
Burek, Stan.
Burghardt, Michal
Burlinski, Ignacy
Burza, Jakub
Burzynski, Konstanty
Busilowicz, Antoni
Buszczak, Jan
Buskiewicz, Mikolaj
Butewicz, Jozef
Bykowski, Wlodz.
Bystron, Karol

Calewski, Boleslaw
Calinski, Idzi
Ceglowski, Jozef
Ceplin, Antoni
Chabinski, Jan
Chacus, Jozef
Chaladyj, Wlad.
Chalupnik, Roman
Chalus, Jan
Chalyszko, Boleslaw
Charytonik, Stan.
Charytowicz, Stan.
Chelminiak, Jozef
Chilkiewicz, Wincenty
Chirowski, Dominik
Chlistowski, Kaz.
Chmara, Jan
Chmiel, Jan
Chmiel, Stan.
Chmielarz, Stan.
Chmielewski, Walenty
Chmielewski, Zdzislaw
Chemielinski, Fran.
Chmielinski, Stan.
Chmura, Wlad.
Chodanionek, Julian
Chodorz, Jan
Chodziakiewicz, Marian
Chojan, Ludwik
Chojnowski, Piotr
Cholewa, Wlad.
Cholomiczek, Antoni
Choma, Andrzej
Choma, Kaz.
Chomak, Jozef
Chomczanowski, Pawel
Chomicki, Michal
Chorazewski, Teofil
Chotyniecki, Jan
Chrobenski, Jan
Chrusciel, Jan
Chrzanowicz (Chrzczonowicz), Aleks.
Chrzanowski, Andrzej
Chrzaszcz, Leon
Chuchra, Michal
Chudziak, Piotr
Chudzicki, Andrzej
Chudzik, Jan
Chudyko (Chudyka), Zygmunt
Chumko, Jozef
Chutkowski, Jozef
Chwopis, Pawel
Chylinski, Tadeusz
Ciaston, Tadeusz
Cichon, Tomasz
Cichonski, Henryk
Ciedeszko, Piotr
Ciepielski, Wlad.
Ciereszko, Karol
Cierpialowski, Teofil
Ciszko, Fran.
Citron, Stefan Jan
Codello, Wlad.
Cudejko, Wlad.
Cuprys, Grzegorz
Cwiek vel Cwik, Tadeusz
Czabak, Stan.
Czajka, Jan
Czajka, Tadeusz
Czajka, Wlad.
Czajkowski, Bron.
Czajkowski, Jozef
Czajkowski, Stefan
Czapla, Wlad.
Czarnota, Boleslaw
Czarnowski, Konstanty
Czartkowski, Jan
Czaszejko-Kowalec, Aleks.
Czepiel, Boleslaw
Czerech, Fran.
Czerepi, Michal
Czerkawski, Wlad.
Czernek, Stan.
Czerniawski, Antoni
Czerniecki, Wlodz.
Czerw, Stan.
Czerwinski, Grzegorz
Czerwinski, Kaz.
Czerwonka, Jan
Czoboda, Antoni
Czochanski, Kaz.
Czternastek, Tadeusz
Czubkowski, Wiktor
Czuchnowski, Jan
Czudacz, Jan
Czulo, Stan.
Czwartkowski, Jozef
Czwartkowski, Piotr
Czynciel, Stan.
Czyrkun, Anatol
Czyrkun, Aleks.
Czyz, Leon
Czyzewski, Wiktor
Cybruch, Wlad.
Cybulski, Stan.
Cyganowicz (Cycanowicz), Szloma
Cygielman, Aron
Cymmeryng, Jakub
Cyndler, Julian
Cyruliczek, Wlad.
Cytron, Stefan
Cywinski, Kaz.
Daar, Naftali
Dalinger, Zygmunt
Damm, Adam
Daniel, Maciej
Danowski, Ignacy
Darmetko, Aleks.
Darowicki (Dorowicki), Waclaw
Datkiewicz, Wlad.
Daulewicz, Jan
Dawizon, Edmund
Dab, Michal
Dabrowski, Bron.
Dabrowski, Stan.
Dabrowski, Stan.
Dabrowski, Stan.
Dabrowski, Tadeusz
Dabrowski, Wlad.
Dabrowski, Zdzislaw
Dedejczuk, Marian
Degen, Mojzesz
Dembasz, Zdzislaw
Dembinski, Adam
Dembinski, Michal
Dembkowski, Ignacy
Demczuk, Pawel
Demidowicz, Jan
Demus, Stan.
Denk, Dezyderiusz
Denko, Grzegorz
Derdzinski, Zdzislaw
Deren, Wlad.
Derwis, Michal
Deryn, Jan
Debosz, Zdzislaw
Debski, Stan.
Debogorski, Stan.
Dlugoborski, Wojciech
Dlugosz, Antoni
Dlugosz, Antoni
Dmitrowicz, Aleksy
Dmyterko, Wlad.
Dmytrow, Tadeusz
Dobiasz, Michal
Dobija, Jan
Dobrostanski, Jozef
Dobrzycki, Ignacy
Dobrzynski, Stan.
Dola, Wilhelm
Dollanc, Ferdynand
Dolega, Eugeniusz
Dolega, Jozef
Dolega, Tadeusz
Dolega, Wojciech
Dolgan (Dolhun), Gordiusz
Domanski, Wlad.
Domanski, Jozef
Domko, Fran.
Domoradzki (Domaradzki), Hubert
Donatek, Pawel
Donga, Henryk
Dorner, Waclaw
Dorosz, Zdzislaw
Dowgierd, Antoni
Dowienko, Jozef
Dowlasiewicz, Jozef
Drozdowski, Wlad.
Drabik, Marcin
Dragon, ?
Dragun, Albert
Dragowski, Henryk
Drdzen, Julian
Drewniak, Jan
Drewski, Jerzy
Driga, Benedykt
Drost, Stan.
Drozd, Edmund
Drozd, Jozef
Drozd vel Drozel, Stan.
Drozdowski, Wlad.
Drumalko, Fran.
Dryg, Teodor
Dryglak, Jan
Drzal, Jan
Dubaniewicz, Piotr
Dubanowicz, Piotr
Dubiel, Fran.
Dubinski, Stan.
Dubis, Wlad.
Duda, Jozef
Duda, Stan.
Duda, Stefan
Dudka, Jozef
Dudko, Antoni
Dudojc, Michal
Dudzik, Adam
Dudzik, Wlad.
Dudzinski, Jan
Dudzinski, Piotr
Dul, Michal
Dulak, Stan.
Duniec, Jozef
Duplicki, Jerzy
Dus, Kaz.
Dusoge, Waclaw
Duszkiewicz, Jozef
Duszyczka, Jozef
Duszynski, Wlad.
Dutkowski, Czeslaw
Dworecki, Newoch
Dyba, Antoni
Dybizbanski, Hieronim
Dyczko, Piotr
Dygas, Fran.
Dykas, Adam
Dyko, Pawel
Dylikowski, Stan.
Dymkiewicz, Fran.
Dyrak, Adam
Dyrdzinski, Wieslaw
Dyrkacz, Wlodz.
Dyszkowski, Stan.
Dziadul, Waclaw
Dziedziczak, Lucjan
Dziekonski, Izydor
Dziemidowicz, Mikolaj
Dzienis, Antoni
Dzierzanowski, Henryk
Dziewanowski, Rafal
Dziewisz, Jozef
Dziezgowski, Jozef
Dzikowski, Jozef
Dzimidowicz, Wlad.
Dzinogol, Stefan - see Dziurgol, Stefan
Dziubak, Jan
Dziuda, Andrzej
Dziurgot (Dzinogot), Stefan
Edelman, Henryk Samuel,
Eksner, Stefan
Elelman (Edelman), Jakub
Elinski, Wlad.
Eintracht (Emtracht), Julian (Juliusz)
Endruch, Jan
Engel, Bron.
Engelmann, Maks.
Englert, Kaz.
Faber, Piotr
Fabisiak, Edward
Fajt, Tadeusz
Falinski, Kaz.
Farbsztejn, Moszek
Faryna, Jaroslaw
Fatuszynski, Tadeusz
Federowicz, Teodor
Fedorczuk, Michal
Fedorowicz, Hieronim
Fedorowicz, Jan (read of his family's ordeal on the "Stories" page
Fedorowicz, Miecz.
Feigin, Boruch
Fejf, Arnold
Ferenc, Jozef
Ferenc, Tadeusz
Fic, Stan.
Fidrych (Fiedrych), Wlad.
Fijalkowski, Kaz.
Fijak, Stan.
Filip, Aleks.
Filipczyk, Boleslaw
Filipowicz, Antoni
Filipowicz, Jan
Filipowicz, Stan.
Firmanty, Czeslaw
Flicinski, Jan
Flis, Jozef
Florczak, Antoni
Folwarko, Aleks.
Folak, Jerzy
Foremny, Tadeusz
Forma, Jozef
Frankiewicz, Jozef
Frankiewicz, Marian
Frackowiak, Maks.
Fraczkowski, Czeslaw
Fritz, Henryk
Fronczek, Eugeniusz
Fron, Sylwester
Frost, Czeslaw
Fruchtman, Marian
Fudel, Mikolaj
Fulara, Julian
Furmanek, Stan.
Furmanik, Henryk
Fylyk, Jan
Gabrys, Fran.
Gaca, Stan.
Gacek, Miecz.
Gadacz, Fran.
Gadzinski, Feliks
Gaik, Waclaw
Gajdanowicz, Bron.
Gajewski, Szczepan
Gala, Stan.
Galas, Stan.
Galica, Fran.
Galica, Szymon
Galus, Adam
Galczewski, Antoni
Galczyk, Stan.
Garbicki, Walenty
Garfunkiel, Chameh
Garwolinski, Tadeusz
Gauer, Stan.
Gawel, Karol
Gawinski, Jan
Gawlak, Antoni
Gawrychowski, Aleks.
Gawrylczyk, Bron.
Gasior, Jan
Gasiorek-Gasiorowski, Andrzej
Gasiorowski, Zygmunt
Gaska, Piotr
Gaska, Stan.
Gaszowski, Kaz.
Gebauer, Teodor - see Gibauer, Teodor
Geczuta, Stan.
Genachow, Abraham
Gibala, Stan.
Gibas, Wojciech
Gibauer (Gebauer), Teodor
Gierkowski, Jan
Gilewski, Miecz.
Gilik (Giluk), Stan.
Giza, Kaz.
Glanowski, Stan.
Gleich, Bernard
Glinski, Bron.
Glinski, Bron.
Glodowski, Emil
Glodowski, Jan Kaz.
Glosny, Fran.
Glowacki, Marian
Glowacki, Michal
Glowacki, Miecz.
Glowicki, Tadeusz
Glowienka, Kaz.
Gluszczak, Pawel
Gniazdowski, Jan
Gnidec, Jan
Gnoinski, Ksawery
Gojrzewski, Stefan
Godlewski, Bron.
Godlewski, Henryk
Godlewski, Waclaw
Godlowski, Kaz.
Godowski, Antoni
Godyczko-Cwirko, Ludwik
Gold, Stan.
Goldberg, Szyja,
Goldhuber, Izydor
Goldsztein, Jerzy
Goldstein, Nucham
Goldyn, Stan.
Golec, Aleks.
Golec, Fran.
Golec, Jan
Golab, Piotr
Golab, Stan.
Golebiowski, Aleks.
Golebski, Jerzy
Golowski, Stefan
Golub, Kaz.
Golubienko, Aleks.
Gomaliszek, Piotr
Gomola, Stan.
Gontak, Antoni
Gontarz, Jan
Gonsiorowski, Mikolaj
Gon, Stefan
Gorczyca, Tadeusz
Gorgon, Jozef
Gortych, Jan
Gorzen, Stan.
Gorzkowski, Stan.
Gosk, Miecz.
Goworek, Antoni
Goral, Bazyli
Gorbiel, Aleks.
Gorski vel Stanislawski, Jozef
Grabowiecki, Szczepan
Grabowski, Czeslaw
Grabowski, Jerzy
Grabowski, Jozef
Grabowski, Wlad.
Grabowski, Zygmunt
Grabski, Antoni
Graczyk, Wlad.
Graj, Pawel
Graniczny, Jan
Gramacki, Stan.
Gradkowski, Feliks
Greczyn, Jerzy
Gregorczyk, Michal
Gregorowicz, Stefan
Grebowiec, Szczepan
Groch, Antoni
Grochowski, Jankiel
Grochowski, Stan. Seweryn
Grodski, Jan
Grodzicki, Jozef
Gromadka, Ludwik
Grumet, Maurycy
Gromol, Wincenty
Gruszewski, M. G.
Gruszka, Stefan
Gruszkiewicz, Izrael
Gruszko, Bron.
Grzegorczyk, Wlad.
Grzegorzewski, Kaz.
Grzemski, Andrzej
Grzesik, Pawel
Grzesinski, Michal
Grzeskiewicz, Jozef
Grzonkowski, Leon
Grzyb, Wlad.
Grzybowski, Aleks.
Grzymala, Aleks.
Grydziuk, Jan
Grygorczyk, Michal
Grygorowicz, Klemens
Gryminski, Aleks.
Gryncewicz, Konstanty
Gryncewicz, Boleslaw
Gryzowski, Michal
Grzyminski, Aleks.
Gubalik, Wlad.
Gubczyk, Tomasz
Gugala, Jan
Gul, Piotr
Gula, Stan.
Gumny, Stan.
Gumola, Stan.
Gurbiel, Aleks.
Gutkowski, Antoni
Gutkowski, Jan
Guzik, Jan
Gwaj, Pawel
Gwardecki, Bron.
Gwiazda, Jan
Gwiazda, Wlad.
Gwiazdon, Stan.
Gwizdz, Marcin
Gwozdziew, Wlodz.

Habrych, Piotr
Hacus, Antoni
Hacyk, Fran.
Hadala, Ludwik
Hadam, Michal
Hady, Andrzej
Hajbura, Andrzej
Hajduk, Fran.
Hajdukiewicz, Antoni
Hajtalowicz, Stan.
Halasz, Stan.
Halinski, Wlad.
Halaburda, Kaz.
Haladyj, Wlad.
Halczak, Wlad.
Halub, Michal
Halus, Antoni
Hammer, Jozef
Hamulewicz, Eugeniusz
Handerek, Jan
Hanebach, Tadeusz
Hanower, Wolf
Haupt, Miecz.
Hazenfus, Bernard
Hebda, Wlad.
Heiman, Antoni
Heller, Henryk
Hemler, Tadeusz
Herba, Tomasz
Herbec, Walenty
Helman, Dawid
Herman, Marcin
Hess, Stan.
Hladowski, Miecz.
Hoc, Kaz.
Hochhauser, Dawid
Hofler, Jozef
Hoffman, Kaz. Pawel
Holubowicz, Konstanty
Holynski, Antoni
Horbatowski, Boleslaw
Hordynski, Marian
Horodecki, Jerzy
Horodok, Kaz.
Horwat-Horbaczynski, Aleks.
Hrycaj, Antoni
Hryniak, Marian
Hryniewiecki, Kaz.
Hrynkiewicz, Piotr
Huber, Edward
Hulewicz, Stan.
Hus, Fran.
Huzarski, Jerzy
Ilczuk, Jozef
Isalski, Wlad.
Iwan, Klemens
Iwanik (Iwaniuk), Jozef
Iwanowski, Bohdan
Iwanowski, Jozef
Iwanciow, Stefan
Iwanczuk, Julian
Iwanczuk, Mikolaj
Iwanski, Sergiusz
Iwardowski, Aleks.
Iwaszko, Bazyli
Jablonski, Adam
Jablonski, Czeslaw
Jablonski, Jan
Jablonski, Miecz.
Jabluszewski, Placyd
Jacek, Bazyli
Jachimek, Jozef Tadeusz
Jachniewicz, Edward
Jackow, Mikolaj
Jakielski, Wlad.
Jakowczuk, Iwan
Jakubczyk, Andrzej
Jakubowski, Catko
Jakubowski, Jan
Jakubowski, Jerzy
Jakubowski, Jozef
Jakubowski, Stan.
Jakus, Sylwester
Jampolski, Jerzy Maks.
Jamrozik, Tadeusz
Janas, Szczepan
Janczewski, Ignacy
Jandy, Roman
Janelt, Bron.
Jania, Wincenty
Janicki, Stan.
Janicki, ?
Janiga, Antoni
Janik, Stan.
Jankiewicz, Tadeusz
Jankowski, Bron.
Jankowski, Cezary
Jankowski, Ignacy
Jankowski, Jozef
Jankowski, Kaz.
Jankowski, Michal
Jankowski, Wincenty
Janocha, Piotr
Janowski, Czeslaw
Janowski, Mikolaj
Janusz, Wojciech
Januszkiewicz, Waclaw
Januszkiewicz, Waclaw
Januszko, Adam
Janyska, Andrzej
Jara, Fran.
Jaraszkiewicz, Wincenty
Jarecki, Jan
Jarmolinski, Fran.
Jarosinski, Stan.
Jaroslawski, Jozef
Jarosz, Antoni
Jarosz, Jozef
Jarzebkowski (Jazabkowski), Stefan
Jarzebowski, Kaz.
Jasinski, Alfons
Jasinski, Antoni
Jasinski, Ignacy
Jasinski, Ludwik Jan
Jasionek, Stefan
Jaskola, Jan
Jaskulski, Wincenty
Jaszczur, Adam
Jata, Jan
Jaworski, Michal (Mikolaj)
Jaworski, Stan.
Jazowit, Stan.
Jazwinski, Daniel
Jazabkowski, Stefan
Jedlinski, Zygmunt
Jelaszkiewicz, Kaz.
Jermakowicz, Jan
Jeskowiak, Fran.
Jewsiewicki, Boleslaw.
Jezioro, Jan
Jezierski, Jan
Jedruch, Wlad.
Jedrzejewski, Stan.
Jedrzejewski, Stefan
Jedrych, Jozef
Johan, Jan
Johan, Stan.
Jopek, Leon
Jowik, Tadeusz
Jozwiak, Stan.
Jozwik, Jozef
Juchniewicz, Wlad.
Jugo, Stan.
Jundzill, Edmund
Jungier, Henryk
Jur, Michal
Juran, Benedykt
Jurczak, Aleks.
Jurecki, Jozef
Jurewicz, Michal
Jurgielewicz, Sylwester
Jurkiewicz, Jozef
Juszkiewicz, Konstanty
Jusko, Piotr
Juzyniec, Michal
Kaczanowski, Waclaw
Kaczmar, Wlad.
Kaczmarczyk, Leopold
Kaczmarek, Antoni
Kaczmarek, August
Kaczmarek, Sylwester
Kaczmarek, Wilhelm
Kaczorowski, Gothard
Kaczynski, Stan.
Kaczynski, Wlodz.
Kagan, Leon
Kajdas, Roman
Kajder, Jozef
Kaldik, Karol
Kalinowski, Stan.
Kalinowski, Wlad.
Kalisz, Walerian
Kaliszewski, Stan.
Kallas, Pawel
Kalwa, Piotr
Kaminski, Aleks.
Kaminski, Jozef
Kaminski, Ksawery
Kaminski, Stan.
Kaminski, Tadeusz
Kaminski, Zygmunt
Kamionko, Pawel
Kamont, Jozef
Kania, Stan.
Kaniuk, Edward
Kanonczuk, Waclaw
Kantorski, Eugeniusz
Kapusta, Ludwik
Kapuscinski, Konstanty
Karanik, Wincenty
Karas, Jakub
Karas, Jan
Karczewski, Adam
Karczewski, Rafal
Karczewski, Wlad.
Kardasz, Jozef
Karliszczuk, Grzegorz
Karmelita, Piotr
Karolak, Ryszard
Karolczyk, Jan
Karolczyk, Miecz.
Karpinski, Bron.
Karpowicz, Boleslaw
Karpowicz, Lucjan
Karpowicz, Pawel
Karski, Fran.
Kartanowicz, Bron.
Kartanowicz, Stan.
Karwowski, Kaz.
Kasprzak, Jozef
Kaszczyszyn, Henryk
Kaszczyszyn, Stefan
Kaszubowski, Jozef
Kas, Fran.
Kauss, Jozef
Kawa, Jan
Kawa, Wojciech
Kawecki, Tadeusz
Kazala, Jozef
Kazimierczyk, Benedykt
Kazimierczyk, Zygmunt
Katnik, Andrzej
Kempa, August
Kedzierski, Jerzy
Kesek, Jozef
Kielar, Henryk
Kielbasa, Jozef
Kielpinski, Boleslaw
Kiernozycki, Edward
Kiersnowski, Zygmunt
Kijowski, Konstanty
Kikiewicz, Roman
Kilian, Jozef
Kimbar, Stan.
Kiniarz, Adam
Kisala, Pawel
Kiszkiel, Bron.
Kitmacher, Leib
Klaiman, Abram
Klecki, Stan.
Kleczkowski, Wlad.
Kleczewski, Mojzesz,
Klegien, Jan
Klepacki, Fran.
Klepacki, Miecz.
Klepalow (Klepala), Aleks.
Kleszek, Stan.
Klek, Wawrzyniec
Kleska, Fran.
Klimaszewski, Boleslaw
Klimkiewicz, Fran.
Klimkiewicz, Wlad.
Klimkowski, Tadeusz
Klimowicz, Aleks.
Klimowicz, Zachar
Klinski, Kaz.
Klubowicz, Jan
Kluczynski, Kaz.
Kladusz, Marian
Klenik, Stefan
Klonica, Fran.
Klonica, Jozef
Klopotowski, Piotr
Klos, Jan
Klosinski, Eugeniusz
Klosowski, Stan.
Klujsza, Henryk
Klusek, Tadeusz
Kmiec, Stan.
Kmiec, Wlad.
Kmiotek, Stan.
Knapp, Jozef
Knieja, Antoni
Knoll, Daniel
Knopek, Alfons
Knopf, Michal
Knotora, Miecz.
Kobak, Aleks.
Kobus, Fran.
Kobylak, Kaz.
Kobylakiewicz, Bron.
Kobyra, Jan
Koc, Fran.
Kocan, Tadeusz
Koch, Jozef
Kochanowski, Henryk
Koczocik, Fran.
Koczorowski, Edmund
Kodybka, Kaz.
Kodz, Aleks.
Kogut, Tadeusz
Kojalowicz, Mikolaj
Kolago-Bielecki, Jozef
Kolanowski, Ireneusz
Kolarz, Zygmunt Andrzej
Kolesnik, Wlodz.
Koleto, Stan.
Kolik, Stan.
Koluch, Roman
Kolacz, Miecz.
Kolacz, Wincenty
Kolat, Jan
Kolat, Stan.
Kolcz, Jozef
Kolcz, Fran.
Koldra, Mikolaj
Kolodynski, Stefan
Kolodziej, Fran.
Kolodziej, Jan
Kolodziej, Stan.
Kolodziejczyk,(Kolodziejczuk), Tadeusz
Kolt, Jozef
Komarnicki, Kaz.
Komendera, Tadeusz
Kompala, Fran.
Konc, Jozef
Kononczuk, Dymitr
Konopnicki, Henryk
Konopka, Jozef
Konoplanski, Tadeusz
Konrad, Stan.
Konstantynowicz, Pawel
Konczakowski, Stan.
Konczyk, Jan
Kopacz, Lukasz
Kopalko, Bron.
Kopczynski, Walter
Kopel, Alfred
Koper, Sylwester
Kopij, Marian
Koprowski, Jozef
Kopta, Stefan
Korbusz, Bron.
Korczak, Bron.
Korczak, Jan
Korczynski, Kaz.
Kordas, Leon
Kordys, Fran.
Korkuc, Jozef
Kornaus, Roman
Kornel, Fran.
Korol, Jozef
Korolko, Fran.
Kortecki, Mikolaj Tadeusz
Korzeniewicz, Jozef
Korzonek, Juliusz
Korzynski, Pawel
Korzynski, Miecz.
Kos, Edward
Kosakowski (Kossakowski), Aleks.
Kosar, Michal
Kosielski, Ludwik
Kosik, Zygmunt
Kosila (Kosilo), Jan
Kosinski, Kaz.
Kosior, Jan
Kosior, Stefan
Kostecki, Zbigniew
Kostro, Czeslaw
Kostuch, Aleks.
Kostyra, Fran.
Koszalkowski, Boleslaw
Koszeniowski (Korzeniowski), Michal
Kosba (Kosla), Waclaw
Kosciar, Jozef
Kosciukiewicz, Olgierd
Kosciuszko, Antoni
Kosc, Alojzy
Kot, Feliks
Koter, Wincenty
Kowacz, Fran.
Kowacz, Stan.
Kowal (Kowol), Eryk
Kowal, Jozef
Kowal, Mikolaj
Kowal, Stan.
Kowal, Teodor
Kowal, Wlad.
Kowalczyk, Aleks.
Kowalczyk, Antoni
Kowalczyk, Eugeniusz
Kowalczyk, Jan
Kowalczyk, Jan
Kowalewski, Jan
Kowalewski, Jozef
Kowalik, Henryk
Kowalik, Rudolf
Kowalski, Jan
Kowalski, Jan
Kowalski, Ignacy
Kowalski, Jozef
Kowalski, Miecz.
Kowankiewicz, Tadeusz
Koza, Antoni
Kozak, Jozef
Kozalski, Pawel
Kozdras, Leon
Kozinski, Kaz.
Koziol, Feliks
Koziol, Ludwik
Koziolek, Jan
Kozlowski, Czeslaw
Kozlowski, Fran.
Kozlowski, Jan
Kozlowski, Marian
Kozorys, Szymon
Krainski, Edward
Krajewski, Stefan
Kralik, Konstanty
Kramarczyk, Henryk
Kramarz, Roman
Kramer, Zdzislaw
Krasinski, Edward
Krasinski, Juliusz
Kraszewski, Wlad.
Kratka (Kratko), Michal
Krawczyk, Borys
Krawczyk, Jan
Krawczyk, Kaz.
Krawczyk, Stan.
Krawczyk, Stan. Marian
Krawczynko (Krywczynko), Antoni
Krawiec, Stan.
Krawiec, Wlad.
Kresteli, Aleks.
Krolikowski, Aleks.
Kronsztein, Ludwik
Krosniak, Piotr
Krol, Wojciech
Krolasik, Jan
Kruczek, Antoni
Kruczkowski, Tadeusz
Kruk, Fran.
Krupa, Stan.
Krupa, Tadeusz
Kruszynski, Stan.
Kruszynski, Stan.
Krzanowski, Marian
Krzysik, Piotr
Krzysik (Krzesik), Wojciech
Krzywicki, Kaz.
Krzysztof, Fran.
Krzysztofko, Edward
Krzyzanski, Kaz.
Krycun, Konrad
Kryczkiewicz, Stan.
Kryczko, Jakub
Krynski, Piotr
Krysciak, Jozef
Krysko, Feliks
Kubiak, Stan.
Kubic, Jozef
Kubinkiewicz, Jozef
Kubowicz, Jan
Kuc, Kaz.
Kucharski, Pawel
Kucharski, Kaz.
Kucharski, Stan.
Kucharski, Stefan
Kuchta, Antoni
Kuciel, Boleslaw
Kucinierowski, Edward - see Kucmierowski, Edward
Kucz, Wlad.
Kucza, Stan.
Kuczynski, Czeslaw
Kuczynski, Eugeniusz
Kuczynski, Kaz.
Kucmierowski (Kucienirowski), Edward
Kud, Wlad.
Kuder, Jozef
Kuderna, Jerzy
Kukielko, Antoni
Kulesinski, Edward
Kulesza, Michal
Kulesza, Tadeusz
Kulisa, Antoni
Kulpa, Teofil
Kulakowski, Stan.
Kulakowski, Witold
Kunc, Stan.
Kunik, Stan.
Kupczyk, Lucjan
Kupferman, Henryk
Kurasiewicz, Jozef
Kurczyk, Tadeusz
Kurij (Kuryj), Wlad.
Kurjata (Kurjta), Antoni
Kuriszczuk (Kurbiszczuk), Grzegorz
Kurowski, Bron.
Kurowski, Jozef
Kurowski, Romuald
Kurpiejewski (Kurpijewski), Jozef
Kurzawa, Stan.
Kurylowicz, Wiktor
Kusiach, Aleks.
Kusiak, Czeslaw
Kusz, Dymitr
Kuszela, Romuald
Kusmider, Michal
Kusmidrowicz, Jan
Kut (Kud), Wlad.
Kuta, Antoni
Kwapis, Pawel
Kwas, Stefan
Kwasniak, Mikolaj
Kwasniak, Stan.
Kwasny, Andrzej
Kwiatek, Jerzy
Kwiatkowski, Stefan
Kwiecinski, Marian
Kwiek, Stan.
Lach, Pawel
Lachowicz, Stan.
Lamprycht, Marian
Landa, Jan
Landau, Marian
Langa, Antoni
Lange, Pawel (syn Maksymiliana)
Lange, Waclaw
Langer, Zygfryd
Langer, Florian
Laskowski, Jozef
Laskowski, Stefan
Lasota, Ludwik
Lauga, Antoni
Legerski, Stan.
Lekowski, Wojciech
Lelek, Andrzej
Lemanski, Aleks.
Lendnau, Fran.
Leniewicz, Jozef
Lenioszek, Antoni
Lentnow, Fran.
Lep, Stan.
Lepa, Michal
Lepak, Edward
Lertz, Jan
Lesiak, Stan.
Lesicz, Antoni
Leszczynski, Eugeniusz
Leszczynski, Michal
Leszczynski, Stan.
Lesniak, Aleks.
Lesniak, Kornel
Lewandowski, Aleks.
Lewandowski, Stefan
Lewandowski, Wlad.
Lewicki, Ignacy
Lewicki, Szymon
Lewinski, Edward
Lewoski, Jan
Lichota, Stan.
Lichtblau, Jozef
Ligocki, Feliks
Linda, Tadeusz
Liniewicz, Jozef
Lipa, Kaz.
Lipinski, Antoni
Lipinski, Jan
Lipinski, Jozef
Lipinski, Stan. Antoni
Lipka, Miecz.
Lipnic, Szymon
Lipowski, Michal
Lipski, Wlad.
Lipski, Zygmunt Romuald
Lipschutz, Jakub
Lis, Jan
Lis, Jozef
Lisowski, ?
Litniowski, Aleks.
Litwinowicz, Stan.
Litwinowicz, Waclaw
Litynski, Ferdynand
Lode, Albert
Logorski, Wiktor
Lorenc, Wlad.
Lortz, Jan
Lubanski, Tadeusz
Lubelski, Zygmunt
Lubicki, Antoni
Lubieniecki, Piotr
Lubienski, Emil
Ludnik, Wlad.
Ludnowski, Henryk
Lulak, Jozef
Lulek, Piotr
Lustgarten, Alfred
Lusnia, Zbigniew
Luty, Marcin

Labko, Teodor
Labuc, Michal
Lacinnik, Michal
Ladydo, Jan
Lagodzicz, Jan
Lagodzinski, Bogdan
Lagowski, Tadeusz
Laguna, Wlad.
Lakomski, Stan.
Lakomy, Alojzy
Lanski, Hirsz
Laskarzewski, Czeslaw
Laskarzewski, Dyonizy
Laszewski, Stefan
Laszuk, Jozef
Latos, Jan
Latuszynski, Tadeusz
Lawinski, Zygmunt
Lawrenczuk, Jan
Lawrynowicz, Izydor
Lazar, Boleslaw
Lazarewicz, Antoni
Laczny, Tomasz
Leniosiek, Antoni
Lobos, Marian
Lodkowski, Adam
Lodzinski, Jan
Logowski, ?
Lojewski, Stan.
Lopatko, Ignacy
Losiak, Jan
Losik, Stan.
Lozinski, Kaz.
Lozinski, Lech
Lozowski, Stan.
Lozniewski vel Lozninski, Wlad.
Lozwinski, Ludwik
Loj, Henryk
Loj, Michal
Lubniewski, Miecz.
Lucki, Andrzej
Luczaj, Jozef
Luczko, Michal
Luczyk, Stan.
Luk-Paszyc, Miecz.
Lukasik, Marian
Lukawski, Czeslaw
Lukomski, Mikolaj
Lukow, Michal
Lukowski, Jozef
Luksza, Piotr
Luniewski, Fran.
Lupicki, Tadeusz
Lupinski, Romuald
Luszczkiewicz, Henryk Pawel
Luszczynski, Czeslaw
Lysak, Fran.
Lyczek, Wojciech
Lysakowski, Jozef
Mach, Marcin
Machaj, Stan.
Machnicki, Antoni
Machocki, Jozef
Machowski, Antoni
Machura, Jozef
Maciaszek, Marceli
Maciejczyk, Stefan
Maciejewicz, Czeslaw
Maciejewski, Wiktor
Maciejowicz (Maciejewicz), Stan.
Maciejowski, Boleslaw Dominik Tadeusz
Maciesza, Waclaw
Maciuba, Kaz.
Macorski, Zygmunt
Maczugowski, Fran.
Magiera, Alfred Eugeniusz
Magiera, Witold
Magrys, Fran.
Majbroda, Mikolaj
Majchrzycki, Antoni
Majdajski, Jan
Majek, Jan
Majer, Marceli
Majer, Stan.
Majerowski, Ignacy
Majewski, Adolf
Majewski, Antoni
Majewski, Boleslaw
Majewski, Ludwik
M<ajewski, Michal
Majewski, Wlad.
Majka, Antoni
Makar, Piotr
Makar, Tadeusz
Makarczuk, Jakub
Makarajski, Roman
Makowiec, Andrzej
Makowski, Antoni
Makowski, Boleslaw
Makowski, Boleslaw
Makowski, Zbigniew
Malawski, Adam
Malczarek, Jozef
Malec, Jozef
Malej, Jan
Malicki, Wincenty
Malinowski, Bazyli
Malinowski, Jozef
Malinowski, Kaz.
Malinowski, Piotr
Malinowski, Stan.
Malinowski, Werner
Malinczak, Pawel
Malecki, Stefan
Malek, Jan
Malyszko, Boleslaw
Maniura, Alfons
Mann, Fran.
Mankiewicz, Stan.
Manko, Bron.
Manko, Mateusz
Mankowski, Stan.
Maracz, Jozef
Marasek, Marek vel Marcin
Marchewka, Boleslaw
Marchut, Wlad.
Marciniak, Andrzej
Marciniak, Jan
Marciniak, Jozef
Marciniak, Kaz.
Marciniak, Roch
Marcinkiewicz, Jan
Marcinkiewicz, Stan.
Marcinkowski, Marian
Marcinkowski, Szymon
Marcyniak (Marcyniuk), Mikolaj
Marczyk, Teodor
Mardas, Bernard
Marek, Edward
Markiewicz, Henryk
Markowicz, Stefan
Markowski, Kaz.
Markowski, Stan.
Marozik, Fran.
Marszal, Feliks
Marszelewski, Fran.
Marszewski, Karol
Masinski, Jan
Masiulanis, Miecz.
Maslowski, Czeslaw
Masztalerz, Ludwik
Maslanka, Stan.
Maslanko, Boleslaw Bron.
Matla, Michal
Matusik, Jozef
Matwiejczyk, Jozef
Matuszek, Jozef
Matuszewski, Kaz.
Matyjaszek, Henryk
Matysiak, Wlad.
Matys, Antoni
Matysniak, Leon
Mazankiewicz, Michal
Mazur, Adam
Mazur, Boleslaw
Mazur, Fran.
Mazur, Jan
Mazurek, Jan
Mazurkiewicz, Boleslaw
Macko, Romuald
Madzalewski, Fran.
Medyk, Michal
Melodysta, Jakub
Menciuk (Meciuk), Bron.
Mendel, Antoni
Mendryk, Piotr
Menkal, Aleks.
Mentel, Stefan
Mera, Jan
Mercik, Kaz.
Mercik, Teodor
Mes, Jakub
Meyer, Eugeniusz
Miazga, Jan
Michalak, Jan
Michalcewicz, Konstanty
Michalczyk, Oswald
Michalczyk, Stanislaw
Michalewicz, Aleks.
Michalewicz, Ignacy
Michalski, Fran.
Michalkiewicz (Michalkiewicz), Wincenty
Michalowski, Feliks
Michalowski, Fran.
Michalowski, Jan
Michalowski, Jan
Michno (Michna), Mikolaj
Miciak, Stan.
Micek, Bron.
Miczejko, Witold
Midura, Stefan
Mielich, Fran.
Mielnik, Kaz.
Mierzejewski, Jozef
Miezechowski, Lukasz
Mietrzak, Jan
Mieturka, Piotr
Mikler, Alfred
Mikolajczyk, Tomasz
Mikula, Jan
Milchior, Miecz.
Milczarek (Mielczarek), Jakub
Milewicz, Henryk
Milewski, Bronislaw
Milaszewicz (Michalszewicz), Stan.
Milek, Fran.
Milek (Mitek), Jozef
Milek, Kaz.
Miotelka, Fran.
Mirek, Jozef
Mironowski, Jan
Misiak, Stan.
Misik, Fran.
Misiun, Kleofas
Miska (Misla), Stan.
Miszkiewicz, Stan.
Mitek, Jozef - see Milek, Jozef
Mitura, Wojciech
Mizio (Miezio), Fran.
Mlynarczyk, Karol
Mlynarczyk, ?
Mlynek, Jan
Mlynik, Julian
Mocarski, Zygmunt
Moch, Andrzej
Moczarski, Adam
Modzelewski, Stan.
Mojsa, Kaz.
Mokrzycki, Piotr
Morawicz, Marian (Morawiec, Adolf)
Morawiec, Antoni
Morawiec, Teodor
Morawski, Marian
Morawski, Stan.
Morawski, Stan.
Morawski, Stan.
Morawski, Tadeusz
Mordas, Bernard
Morozik, Jan
Moskwa, Kaz.
Moss, Jan
Mostakow, ?
Mostowski, Teodor
Moszczynski, Waclaw
Moszkowicz, Abram
Motloch, Adam
Mowel, Jozef
Mozes, Samuel
Mozirer, Wlad.
Mroczyk, Bron.
Mroz, Fabian
Mruczuk, Boleslaw
Mrugalski, Stan.
Muchin, Jerzy
Muchowski, Alfons
Mudrak, Jan
Mudrecki, Wlad.
Mudryk, Eugeniusz
Muler, Mikolaj
Murawski, Stan.
Murdzek, Michal
Musial, Aleks.
Musial Witold
Musialek, Jan
Musierowicz, Edward
Muszynski, Tadeusz
Muller vel Miller, Tadeusz Wlad.
Mydlarz, Tadeusz
Myslowski, Stefan
Mysza, Wlad.
Myszak, Stan.
Myszko, Piotr
Myszkowski, Jozef
Myslinski, Marian
Nadkierniczny, Kaz.
Nadwodny, Kaz.
Nahaj, Piotr
Nahalski, Waclaw
Najduch, Edmund
Nalewajko, Jan
Nalecz, Czeslaw
Napierala, Jozef
Napiorkowski, Stan.
Narkiewicz-Jodko, Roman
Nawara, Jan
Nawoj, Jan
Nawrocki, Waclaw
Nawrot, Stan. Antoni
Nawrot, Wlad.
Naumiak, Miroslaw
Nekanda-Trepka, Wlad
Neugebauer, Henryk
Nedza, Leon
Niczko, Jaroslaw
Niechiadowicz (Niechwiadowicz), Adolf
Niedruszlanski, Pawel
Niedzialowski, Kamil
Niedzwiedzki, Jaroslaw
Niejadlik, Jozef
Nielubowicz, Jozef
Niemiec, Edward
Niemier, Stan.
Niemira, Boleslaw
Niepla, Stan.
Niepsuj, Kaz.
Niesporek, Jozef
Niewiadomski, Tadeusz
Niewiarowski, Antoni
Niezbrzycki, Wlad.
Niszczak, Wlad.
Nitkowski, Szczepan
Nogaj, Jan
Nowacki, Jozef
Nowak, Andrzej
Nowak, Antoni
Nowak, Fran.
Nowak, Jozef
Nowak, Jozef
Nowak, Marian
Nowak, Stan.
Nowak, Stan.
Nowak, Wlad.
Nowar, Jan
Nowialis, Romuald
Nowicki, Aleks.
Nowicki, Boleslaw
Nowicki, Jan
Nuckowski, Alfons
Nyklasa, Konrad
Obiedzinski, Jan
Obiala (Obiela), Roman
Obuchowicz, Stan.
Ochalek, Fran.
Odwazny, Fran.
Ogiela, Julian
Ograbek, Stan.
Ogrodnik, Stefan
Ogrodowczyk, Jerzy
Oko, Stan.
Okonski, Piotr
Okrzesiak (Okrzysiak), Stan.
Oksztel, Jerzy
Okuniew, Salomon
Olbert, Stan.
Olchawski, Jan Antoni
Olchowicz, Michal
Olchowski, Jan
Olechowicz, Ferdynand
Olechnowicz, Jan
Olechnowicz, Marian
Olejarnik, Tadeusz
Olejniczak, Bernard
Olejniczak, Stan.
Oleksiuk, Fran.
Oleksiuk, Sylwester
Olender, Jan
Olenski, Waclaw
Olesmierowicz, Stefan
Olifer, Piotr
Oliwka, Jan
Olszak, Jan
Olszaniecki, Jan
Olszewski, Bron.
Olszewski, Jozef
Olszewski, Piotr
Olszewski, Zenon
Olszynski, Stan.
Opajnicz, Jan
Opfer, Abraham
Opilka, Leon
Opolski, Boleslaw
Opora, Jozef Jan
Orlanski, Jozef
Orlanski, Kaz.
Orlinski, Piotr
Orlon, Waclaw
Orlowski, Witold
Osipowicz, Stan.
Ostachowski, Fran. (syn Franciszka)
Ostapiuk, Stan.
Ostaszewski, Fran.
Ostaszewski, Stan.
Ostrowski, Adam
Ostrowski, Antoni
Ostrowski, Jozef
Ostrowski, Tadeusz Fran.
Osuch, Jan
Oszust, Jan
Otlowski, Waclaw
Owczarek, Jan
Owczarek, Kaz.
Owczarczyk, Piotr
Owczarz, Jan
Owsiak, Jan
Owsiany, Bron.
Owsiany, Marian
Ozimek, Jerzy
Ozieblowski, Marian
Paciorek, Stan.
Paczulski, Stan.
Pajaczek, Stefan
Pajaczek, Jan
Pajak, Michal
Pajak, Michal
Pajak, Wlad.
Pajewski, Eugeniusz
Pajko, Jan
Pajor, Stan.
Palczewski, Antoni
Palczyk, Jan
Palgan, Jozef
Palka, Feliks
Panas, Jan
Panasiuk, Roman
Panek, Stan.
Papurzynski, Waclaw
Partula, Piotr
Paschek, Wlad.
Pasierb, Miecz.
Pasiut, Teofil
Pasternak, Wlad.
Pastuchowski, Wiktor
Pastuszka, Jan
Paszkiewicz, Kirylo
Paszkiewicz, Witold
Paszkowski, Andrzej
Paszkowski, Edward
Paszkowski, Eugeniusz
Paszkowski, Tadeusz
Patyk, Zachariasz
Paukszt, Julian
Paul, Marian
Pawlata, Jozef
Pawlik, Eugeniusz
Pawlik, Wlad.
Pawluk, Pawel
Pawlukowski (Pawikowski), Julian
Pawlowicz, Bron.
Pawlowicz, Zbigniew
Pawlowski, Stefan
Pawlucki, Fran.
Pakala, Roman
Pejka, Sylwester
Pelczynski, Roch
Perchau (Perchal), Stan.
Pereginiec, Michal
Perka, Wlad.
Perkowski, Aleks.
Perkowski, Boleslaw
Perpinski, Jerzy
Petrow, Arsen
Petryk, Konstanty
Petrykowski, Antoni
Peszczyk, Wlad.
Pecherek, Jozef
Pekala, Jan
Peksik, Tadeusz
Pianko, Fran.
Pianko, Jozef
Piasecki, Edward
Piatkowski, Jan
Piatkowski, Wlad.
Pichner, Andrzej
Picyk, Jozef
Piechota, Tadeusz
Pieczonka, Jan
Pielecki (Pilecki), Jan
Pienczykowski, Henryk Tadeusz
Pierozenski, Konstanty
Pietkiewicz, Antoni
Pietranik, Zygmunt
Pietraszewski, Andrzej
Pietraszewski, Jan
Pietrzkiewicz, Tadeusz
Piecorak, Kaz.
Piksa, Ignacy
Pikul, Jan
Pilarski, Lech
Pilecki, Adam
Pilecki, Jan - see Pielecki, Jan
Pilejko, Piotr
Pink, Piotr
Pinkas, Adam
Pinkowski, Karol
Piotrowicz, Jan
Piotrowski, Eugeniusz
Piotrowski, Zygmunt
Pioro, Stan.
Pisarek, Bogdan
Pisarek, Bron.
Piskolowski (Piskorowski), Wojciech
Piskor, Wojciech
Pis, Jan
Pitryczak, Julian
Piworowicz, Boleslaw
Plackowski, Kazimierz
Plizga, Jan
Plaszczuk, August
Plodowski, Zdzislaw
Plonczak, Jozef
Pluszczak, Pawel
Pobiedzinski, Witold
Podbielski, Czeslaw
Podlipny, Stefan
Podolanczyk (Podolanczak), Pawel
Pogoda, Wlad.
Pokorski, Wlad.
Polak (Poluk), Telesfor
Polewski, Jan
Polipski, Stan.
Politylo (Polityla), Marian
Polowiec (Polowiecz), Jozef
Polujanczyk (Polujanski), Antoni
Pomaliszek, Piotr
Poniatowski, Kaz.
Poplawski, Aleks.
Poppe, Bogdan
Porebny, Adam
Porebski, Kaz.
Porolniczak, Stan.
Portas, Antoni
Portula, Piotr
Posuchowski, Stan.
Potocki, Karol
Powierza, Wieslaw
Polchlopek, Stan.
Praczek, Jan
Prajsner, Bron.
Predenkiewicz, Tadeusz
Preiss, Walenty
Predys (Prendys), Boleslaw
Prochownik, Kaz.
Procinski, Edmund
Prociow, Piotr
Proczyszyn, Aleks.
Proc, Mikolaj
Procko, Mateusz
Proniewicz, Roman
Propner, Fran.
Prosar, Piotr
Proszko, Leon
Protas, Jozef
Protasiewicz, Jozef
Prochnik, Czeslaw
Prozner, Fran.
Prus, Michal
Pruszynski, Jan
Pruszynski, Stan.
Przednikiewicz, Czeslaw
Przesmycki, Florian
Przeszlak, Mikolaj
Przybylski, Rudolf
Przybyla, Stan.
Przybytek, Jan
Przychodzko, Henryk
Przygoda, Tomasz
Przygubowicz, Eugeniusz
Ptak, Jozef
Puchalski, Euzebiusz
Pucilo, Czeslaw
Puczko, Kaz.
Puder, Antoni
Pudlowski, Stan.
Pudzianowski, Stefan
Pugacz, Waclaw
Pupko, Grzegorz
Pustelniak, Andrzej
Purzyc, (Puzyc), Eliasz
Pyt (Pyk), Henryk
Pytel, Wlad.
Pytlak, Marcin

Rabuszko, Fran.
Rachwal, Wlad.
Racicki, ?
Raczkowski, Edward
Raczycki, Fran.
Radkiewicz, Stefan Anatol
Radon, Tadeusz
Raduch, Stefan
Radzian, Bron.
Radzimowski, Stan.
Radziszewski, Jan
Rafalowicz, Wlodz.
Rajchenbach, Szulim
Rajman, Leon
Rajtel, Kaz.
Rak, Stan.
Rak, Szymon
Rakiecki, Wlodz.
Rakowicz, Fran.
Ranosz, Szymon
Ras, Aleks.
Ratajczak, Wawrzyniec
Ratajczyk, Wlad.
Ratuszny, Jan
Rawa, Jan
Raczkowski, Stan.
Rejmowicz, Stan.
Reszynski, Jan
Rezler, Edmund
Richer, Fran - see Rychter, Fran.
Robaczewski, Jan
Robakiewicz, Wincenty
Rodo, Kaz.
Rodziewicz, Edward
Rodziewicz, Mikolaj
Rodzen, Adam
Rogalski, Fran.
Roginski, Robert
Rogodzinski, Fran.
Rogowiec, Jan
Rogozinski, Boleslaw
Rogozinski, Ernest
Rogozinski, Stefan
Rogolski, Fran.
Rogudzki, Kaz.
Rogulski, Fran.
Rojan, Jan
Rojek, Jan
Rokosz, Michal