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This page continues the series of lists found in Part Seven of the page "Fallen Soldiers1"
E-mail me at if you would like more information about a name listed below or the proper spelling using Polish characters. Please mention this website and the exact list the name appears on. 
Part Seven, List 4: France, 1939-40
Part Seven, List 5: France, 1941-46
Part Seven, List 6: Switzerland, 1940-46
Part Seven, List 7: Norway, 1940
Part Seven, List 8: Polish Independent Parachute Brigade, 1940-46 (Polska Samodzielna Brygada Spadochronowa)
Part Eight: Navy (Marynarka)
Part Nine: Air Force (Lotnictwo)
Part Ten: Headquarters and Units in Great Britain 1940 - 46 (Dowodztwo i oddzialy w Wielkiej Brytanii)
Part Eleven, List One: Women in the Armed Forces (Kobiety c Sluzbie Sil Zbrojnych)
Part Eleven, List Two: Female Cadets (Junaczki)
Part Eleven, List Three: Red Cross (Czerwony Krzyz)
Part Eleven, List Four: Male Cadets (Junacy)
List of Name Abbreviations Used Throughout the site:
Aleks   = Aleksander
And     = Andrzej
Ant     = Antoni
Bog     = Boguslaw
Bol     = Boleslaw
Bron    = Bronislaw
Eug     = Eugeniusz
Fran    = Franciszek
Kaz     = Kazimierz
Maks    = Maksymilian
Miecz   = Mieczyslaw
Stan    = Stanislaw
Tad     = Tadeusz
Win     = Wincenty
Wlad    = Wladyslaw
Wlodz   = Wlodzimierz
Woj     = Wojciech
Zbig    = Zbigniew
Zdz     = Zdzislaw
Zyg     = Zygmunt
City and Country List:
Poludniowa      = South Africa
Belgia          = Belgium
Bialorus        = Belarus
Budapeszt       = Budapest
Czechoslowacja  = Czechoslovakia
Dania           = Denmark
Francja         = France
Hiszpania       = Spain
Jerozolima      = Jerusalem
Jugoslawia      = Yugoslavia
Kanada          = Canada
Litwa           = Lithuania
Lotwa           = Latvia
Niemcy          = Germany
Norwegia        = Norway
Oswiecim        = Auschwitz
Pahlevi         = Bandar-e Pahlavi or
                  Bandar-e Anzali
Palestyna       = Palestine
Rumunia         = Romania
Rzym            = Rome
Zjednoczone     = United States
Szkocja         = Scotland
Szwajcaria      = Switzerland
Szwecja         = Sweden
Wegry           = Hungary
Wielka Brytania = Great Britain
Wlochy          = Italy
Common abbreviations:
dz.w.           = dzialan wojskowy (military section)
dz.p.           = dzialan polski (Polish section)
gr. zbiorowy or
gr. wspolny     = common grave
pochowany w
morzu           = buried at sea 
w morzu         = in the ocean (sea)
w szpitalu      = in the hospital
LIST FOUR: France 1939 - 1940

CLICK HERE to be taken to a history of the War cemetery at Dieuze in France which contains the remains of a number of Polish soldiers who perished during the German attack on the Maginot Line in 1940.

The page at the link above is in the French language. Briefly, it details the efforts made to find, identify and properly rebury the remains of Polish (approximately 500 members of the First Polish Grenadiers Division) and French soldiers who perished during the German invasion of France at the Maginot Line in June, 1940. The effort began 2 years after the battle ended and was spearheaded by French lieutenant Robardet, a POW of the Germans. Many of the dead Poles did not wear dog-tags nor did they carry personal identification and so a number of them are remembered by a marker as "Unknown Soldiers." The efforts to identify the soldiers has continued over the years but the task is a difficult one. 
If you scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the photo of the grave marker on the left hand side,  you will be taken to a list of those Poles known to be buried there. Click on the British flag for the English language version.

Polish Military Cemeteries in France:
Considering that an estimated 1,400 Polish soldiers were killed in action (4,500 wounded) during the fall of France in May and June 1940, this list is very incomplete. Due to the fact that France was quickly overrun by the Germans there was no possibility of collecting information and certainly no chance of having reports filed. Polish units were cut off and encircled, some annihilated. Once it became obvious that the defeat of France was imminent, preventing the soldiers from being captured became the priority. General Sikorski in London broadcast orders to all Polish soldiers to scatter and head to France's Atlantic sea ports for evacuation to Britain. Only the 2nd Infantry Division, stationed at the south end of the French defensive line, was able to cross into Switzerland more or less intact.
The First Grenadier Division, under the command of General Bronislaw Duch, and under the operational command of French XX Corps (Gen. Hubert) was deployed southwest of Nancy and was in Luneville by May 16, 1940. The Divisional artillery fought at the Maginot Line from May 26 to June 14. The full Division then engaged the enemy at the Lening - Altwiller sector but had withdrawn to Guermange by the 16th. Heavy fighting occurred at Dieuze.  Its major battle was fought at Lagarde on June 17 and 18, 1940. On the evening of the 18th, the Division withdrew to the Baccarat Forest and continued to fight defensive battles on the 19th and 20th. With the defeat of France imminent, General Sikorski issued the order to fight with the French until their surrender, then to head for Southern France or Switzerland. The Division fought in the Raon-l'Etape area on the 21st and the Division was finally disbanded by General Sikorski's order that night. The Division had lost some 900 KIA and some 2,800 wounded. 
The Second Infantry Fusiliers (Riflemen) Division (2-ga Dywizja Strzelcow Pieszych), commanded by Gen. Prugar-Ketling, was deployed near Belfort, not far from the Swiss border. It was engaged in a two day battle at Clos-du-Doubs on June 17 and 18 but was ordered to cross the Swiss border, after having run out of ammunition, which it did on the evening of June 19-20, 1940. The Division was interned by the Swiss and remained in Switzerland until 1945. Losses were 41 KIA, 2,544 missing and 134 wounded.
The Tenth Armoured Cavalry Brigade (10 Brygada Kawalerii Pancerno-Motorowej), commanded by General Maczek, fought in the area of Champaubert and Montbard, some 60 miles northwest of Dijon. It too was ordered to break off its engagement with the enemy, having run out of fuel and ammunition near Moloy, and so on the evening of June 16, 1940, it destroyed its equipment and the men scattered, mostly towards the south of France. The Brigade had lost 50 men KIA, 1,020 missing and 120 wounded. A portion of the Brigade, waiting to see action at Paris, was evacuated in its entirety to Britain.
In June 1940, the third and fourth Infantry Divisions were still in the process of being formed. A lack of weapons also hampered their usefulness and by the 20th of June, the 3rd Division, on orders of its commanding officer, Col. Tadeusz Zieleniewski, disbanded. Most of the soldiers either headed home or to Britain.
The 1/4 strength and weaponless 4th Infantry Division (Gen. Rudolf Dreszer) headed to the port of La Pallice but only 20% of its soldiers were able to be evacuated to Britain.
The Independent Podhalanska Rifle Brigade, arriving in France via Great Britain, following its battles in Norway, was thrown against the full weight of the German attack, short of weapons, of course. Very few soldiers were able to be evacuated to Britain and so, the entire Brigade was tragically wasted.
Other Polish units, including a number of anti-tank companies, had been distributed among the French forces. 
The final tally: of some 84,500 Polish soldiers in France, 17, 205 were evacuated to Britain, together with 6,339 men of the Polish Air Force.
In Syria, a French possesion, the men of the 3rd Carpathian Brigade refused to surrender with the French and 4,432 Polish soldiers crossed the border into Palestine, a British possesion.
Paryz = Paris
pochowany na polu walki = buried on the battlefield
pod = at
polegl = killed in action
przy katedrze = by the cathedral
w rejonie = in the area of
wartownik = guard
zginal = missing in action (implies that the soldier was killed, not captured)
zmarl w szpitalu = died in the hosptital
Surname, Given Name, Rank, Date of Death (dd/mm/yy), Place of Burial
Bando, Fran., ppor., 18/06/40; Thouars
Berecki, Jan, kpt., 20/06/40, Eysnies k/Bordeaux, CK.
Bieniek, Stan., strz., 14/06/40, ranny utonal w rz. Saonne (wounded, drowned in the river) [*current information states that he is buried in the cemetery at Seveux.*]
Bornstedt, Aleks. Artur, ?, 16/06/40, St. Remy, dep. Seine et Oise
Brand, ?, pchor., ?,polegl we Francji (killed in action in France)
Bregula, Teofil, strz., 16/02/40, Bressuire, Deux-Sevres
Chacia, Wiktor, por., 18/06/40, Thouars
Cislo, Fran., gren., ?/40, Dieuze, Moselle
Czaplicki, Zbig., szer., 06/03/40, Parthenay, Deux-Sevres
Czarnota-Bojarski, Tad. Olgierd Dymitr, ppor., ?/06/40, Dieuze, Moselle
Czerny, Wlad., ppor., 18/06/40, Thouars
Deker, Leopold, plut., 17/06/40, cmentarz pod Belfort
Derejski, Stan. Jerzy, major inz., 18/06/40, Thouars
Dolega, ?, kan., 15/06/40, zginal pod Bagneux La Fosse
Domin, Jan, kan., 13/06/41, Goumois
Dziad, Ant., st. ogn., 17/06/40, cm. pod Belfort
Dzierlatka, N., strz., 16/06/40, Gensering, k/Nancy, Lotaryngia
Finar, Karol, plut., ?, Francja
Firlejczyk, Michal, mjr., 18/06/40, Thouars
Forys, Tad. Fran., mjr., 18/06/40, Thouars 
Furga, Czeslaw, ppor. inz., 18/06/40, Thouars
Gable, Miecz., mjr., 29/01/40, Paryz (Paris)
Gluch, ?, strz., ?, polegl we Francji
Gosztyla, ?, ppor., 18/06/40, polegl pod B. de la Garenne
Gorka, Ryszard, ppor., 18/06/40, Thouars
Gronkowski, ?, st. ulan., 16/06/40, Montbard, Cote d'Or
Grzebien, ?, strz., 16/06/40, Rorbach, k/Nancy, Lotaryngia
Grzegorczyk, Fran, bomb., 17/06/40, cm. pod Belfort
Grzelka, ?, st. strz., 16/06/40, Gensering, k/Nancy, Lotaryngia
Grzonka, Fran., por., 18/06/40, Thouars
Hess, ?, pchor., ?, polegl we Francji
Irzykowski, Jozef, kpt., ?/06/40, Francja
Jablonski, Stan., ul., 16/06/40, Montbard, Cote d'Or
Jamka, And., szer., 16/02/40, Bressuire, Deux-Sevres
Jasinski, Jerzy, ppor. inz., 18/06/40, Thouars
Jaworski, Tad., ppor. inz., 09/01/40, Paryz
Jazdrzyk, ?, ulan, 16/06/40, Montbard, Cote d'Or
Kaczmarek, Tad., plut., 05/05/41, cm. w Marsylli
Kalczynski, Jerzy Kaz., ppor., 18/06/40, Thouars
Kania, Stan., ppor., 18/06/40, Thouars
Kantoch, Miecz., ?, ?/40, Vancourt, Meurthe et Moselle
Karpinski, Fran., sap., 18/06/40, Thouars
Kasper, Ant., st. strz., 16/02/40, Bressuire, Deux-Sevres
Karszniewicz, Jan., mjr., 19/06/40, Bethoncourt (Montbeliard), dep. Doubs
Kadziela, Michal, ppor., 16/06/40, Lostroff, Lotaryngia
Kolonko, Jan, kapr., 25/05/40, Parthenay
Konieczka, Stefan, kapral, 10/05/40, Lion-Bron
Kot, Stefan, kapr., 28/05/40, Champagny, dep. de Vaucluse (Meuse)
Kowalski, Bol., st. sap., 16/02/40, Bressuire, Deux-Sevres
Kowalski, Jan., strz., 19/06/40, Maillechat, Gaumois
Kozman, Jozef, strz., 19/06/40, polegl pod Trevillers, Doubs
Kropacz, Tad., kapr., ?, zmarl w szpitalu, Francja
Krzyzanowski, ?, kapr., 15/06/40, Honschion, Lotaryngia
Krzywiecki, Kaz., ppor., 18/06/40, polegl pod Montbelier
Kubisz, Kaz., kpt., 18/06/40, Thouars
Lejsza, Bol., mjr., 18/06/40, Thouars
Lubanski, Fran., kapr., 18/09/40, Marsylia
Lazarz, Fran., ul., 15/06/40, Gorgancon, Marne
Malanowski, Wlad., por., 17/06/40, pochowany 40 km od Dijon
Malek, Adolf, szer., 21/05/40, Parthenay
Manasterski (Monasterski), Stefan, kpt., 18/06/40, Thouars
Matusik, ?, ppor., 18/06/40, pochowany na polu walki w Vancourt
Matusz, Piotr, kapr., 06/06/40, polegl pod Manicamp, dep. Compiegne
Mieczkowski, Bol., asp., 19/06/40, Bethoncourt
Monkiewicz, Jan edmund, pplk., 18/06/40, Thouars 
Morawski, Jozef, kpt., 18/06/40, Thouars
Mucha, Jozef Ignacy, ktp. (sic), ?/06/40, polegl we Francji
Myrietyn (Mykietyn), Piotr, ?, 18/08/40, Reims
Nowak, Edmund Ziemowit, ppor., 18/06/40, Thouars
Nowak, Fran., st. sap., 19 or 20/06/40, Bordeaux
Nowak, Marian, por., 18/03/40, Niort, Deux-Sevres
Oborski, Artur, kpt., 18/06/40, Thouars
Oleksiak, Stefan, sierz., 16/06/40, polegl w rejonie La Virton, k/Orleans
Oleksy, Jozef, szer., 27/05/40, Parthenay
Oliwniczak, Stan., ppor., 18/06/40, Thouars
Ostrowski, Stefan, kapral, 16 or 17/06/40, Montbard, Cote d'Or
Piasecki, Jozef Bol., ppor., 18/06/40, Thouars
Piechota, Fran., strz., 19/06/40, Damprichard, Doubs, cm. gminny
Podoski, Stan., por., 21/06/40, Raon l'Etape, Hurbache
Popa, Ant., plut., 17/06/40, Bethoncourt (Montbeliard, Doubs), cm. pod Belfort
Presz (Presch), Julian, kpt. inz., 20/06/40, Eysines, k/Bordeaux, CK.
Przytula, Edmud, ppor., 18/06/40, Thouars
Regula, Teofil, ?, 16/02/40, Bressuire, Deux-Sevres
Rosolek, ?, ?, 10/05/40, Lion-Bron
Rost, Edward, st. strz., 16/02/40, Bressuire, Deux-Sevres
Rys, Eug., bomb., 17/06/40, cm. pod Belfort
Sapieha, Leon, pchor., 13/06/40, Fromstiere (Champaubert), CCK.
Saczewski, Ludwik, por., 18/06/40, Thouars
Serafin, Juliusz, kapr-pchor., 09/06/40, Bulligny (Meurthe et Moselle)
Sienkiewicz, Jozef, strz., 18/06/40, polegl we Francji
Slowik, Kaz., strz., 14/06/40, pochowany w lesie (buried in the forest) obok m. Alibandieres (Alibaudieres), k/Fresnay
Slowik, Woj., ?, 16/02/40, Bressuire, Deux-Sevres
Skupinski, Jan Karol, kpt., ?/43, Francja
Spirydowicz, ?, ppor., 17/06/40, pochowany na polu walki w Vancourt
Stefanow, N., st. strz., 16/06/40, Gensering k/Nancy, Lotaryngia
Szablewski, Tadeusz Teofil, ulan, 16/06/40, Montbart, Cote d'Or
Sztendel, Ant., ulan, 16/06/40, Montbart, Cote d'Or
Szydlowski, Walenty, mjr., 18/06/40, Thouars
Sroda, Jozef, szer., ?/06/40, zginal we Francji od bomby lotniczej (went missing in France by Luftwaffe bombardment)
Swietochowski, Ryszard Zdz., 20/06/40, La Verdun
Tulman, Wilhelm, ppor., 18/06/40, Thouars
Tuszynski, Jan, kpt., ?/06/40, polegl we Francji
Tycholis, Aleks., plut., 19/06/40, Damprichard, Francja
Uchlig, Otomar, st. strz., 04/06/40, Fruele la Petite
Uliaszek, Michal, kapr., 19/06/40, zginal w czasie bombardowania St. Nazaire (went missing during the bombardment of St. Nazaire)
Urbanowicz, Feliks, plutonowy, 17/06/40, cm. pod Belfort
Wanczycki, ?, strz., ?(16)/06/40, Rorbach, Lotaryngia
Wanczyk, Jozef, kan., 18/06/40, Maiche, Doubs, cm. gminny
Wankowicz, Jan, pplk., 18/06/40, Thouars
Wardzinski, Fran., asp., 18/06/40, Vancourt, Meurthe et Moselle, cm. komunalny
Wierzbicki, Henryk, ppor., 01/06/40, Angers
Wisniewski, ?, st. strz., 15/06/40, Honschirn, Lotaryngia
Wozniak, ?, kapr., ?, polegl we Francji
Wojcik, Stan., kapr., 16/02/40, Bressuire
Wrebiak, ?, ulan, 16/06/40, Montbard, Cote d'Or
Wykowski, Wieslaw, por. inz., 18/06/40, pochowany na polu walki w B. de la Garenne
Zabielski, Jan, ulan, 16/06/40, Montbart, Cote d'Or
Zalewski, Bol. Leszek, kpt., //06/40, zginal w rejonie Saroyeux nad rz. Saonne [*current information states that the village name is Savoyeux, his rank was lt., that he was commander of the 5th company of the 2nd battalion commanded by lt.col. Konas, 5th regiment, 2nd division de chasseurs polonais, and that he is buried in the cemetery at Seveux].    
Zawistowski, Jerzy, ppor. inz., 18/06/40, Thouars
Zdanowski, Zyg., kapr., 16/02/40, Bressuire, Deux-Sevres
Zielinski, Jan, por., 18/06/40, pochowany na polu walki w Vancourt
Zielinski, Stan., ulan, 16/06/40, Montbard, Cote d'Or
Zietkiewicz, Wlad., plk., 21/06/40, polegl pod Raon l'Etape, St. Die
Znamirowski, Wlad., szer., 16/02/40, Bressuire, Deux-Sevres
Zukowski, Stan., kpt., 18/06/40, Thouars
Zultowski, Stefan, kapr., ?, polegl we Francji
LIST FIVE: France 1941 -1946
Bartoszynski, Tad., kapr., 14/01/46, Avignon, St. Veran CC.  
Bienkowski, Jozef, sierz., 15/05/46, Epinal, CC.
Blaszczyk, Jozef, wartownik K.W., 25/12/45, Mourmelon, C.paraf.
Bolonchowa, Aleks., szer., 13/03/45, Parisien de Bagneux
Braun, Jan, szer., 30/09/45, Lille, du sud section 82. gr. 1.25
Buczak, Pawel, szer., 07/01/46, Poste Boucheporne, C. Zimming
Buksa, Leopold, szer., 29(30)/01/46; Reims, C. du Sud.
Bulak, Dymitr, szer., 26/05/46, Laffaux, Aisne, dz. amer., gr. 0-609
Cehak, Leopold Jan, gen. bryg., 08/05/46, Nicea, CW. Cancade
Charko, Lukasz, ?, 05/06/45, Grand Failly, U.S.M.C.
Chodak, Roman, kapral, 02/06/45, Andilly, U.S.M.C.
Chrzanowski, Gustaw, ?, 15/06/42, Nicea, CC. Cancado
Chudorlinski, Waclaw, strz., ?/03/44, Bouzonville, Moselle, CC. przy kosciele
Cieplucha, Stan., watrownik O.W., 28(29)/04/46, Nancy, Maxeville
Czajka, Zyg., strz., 25/08/44, Argenteuil
Czuruk, Otton, plk. dypl., inz., 05(18)/02/45, Montmorency k/Paryza
Dmowski, Ryszard, rtm., 17/08/46, Reims, C. wsch.
Dobosz, Jan, szer., 29/01/46, Thionville, CW.
Dolata vel Florian, Jan, kapr., 22/06/44, zabity miedzy Dourges a Evin Malmaison
Domachowski, Feliks, st. strz., 07/06/46, Stenay, CW.
Drozd, Wlad., plut., 15/07/44, zabity pod Carmeaux, Tarn
Dulik, Marian, strz., 13/07/45, Metz, C. de l'Est.
Dwernicki, Jozef, por., 17/08/44; Lyon, C. Fort Mont-hue.
Florian, Leon - see Dolata, Jan
Fornal, Jozef, szer., 10/01/46, Zimming, Poste Boucheporne
Gajewski, Stefan, st. strz., 18/08/44, Montceaules-Mines
Gillmeister, Edmund, kapr., 19/07/46, Sorgues
Gorski, Marian, sierz., 07/07/45, St. Pierre, Marsylia
Hanusik, Fran., szer., 22/06/45, Sorgues
Harwas, Jan, strz., ?/08/44, C. nieznany, rozstrzelany przez Niemcow.
Jachymski, Szczepan, szer., 15/06/45, Audilly, Moselle
Janik, Ludwik, strz., 05/11/45, St. Pierre, Marsylia
Janasik, Jozef, szer., 01/06/45, Audilly, CW. U.S.A.
Jawor, Jozef - see Prandl, Jozef
Jurek, Wlad., por., 03/02/46, Dijon, CCCentr.
Kaczmarek, Jan, strz., 30/03/45, Sorgues, dep. Vaucluse
Karczewski, Jozef, sierz., 29/06/45, Lauris, dep. Vaucluse
Korcz, Adam, szer., 28/11/45, Hayange, k/ Thionville, CW.
Korczyk, Wlad., por., 11/07/46, Lille, CCK du Sud.
Kornicki, Piotr, strz., 04/09/45, Metz, C. de l'Est.
Koscinski, Karol, plut., 30/01/46, Thionville, CW.
Kowalenko, Wlodz., szer., 03/11/45, Reims, C. przy szpitalu sw. Szczepana
Kowalski, W., ?, Epinal, CW. ameryk.
Kozlowski, Marian, kapr., 17/06/44, Francja, zginal w walce z Niemcami
Krol, Stan., plut., 17/01/45, Haimcourt, Pas-de-Calais, w grobowcu rodzinnym
Krukowski, Jozef, 09/06/46, Langannerie, CP.
Krysiak, Lobislaw, ?, 22/07/45, Grand Failly, CW. amer.
Kucharczyk, Waclaw, strz., 05/03/46, Nancy
Kuliniec, D. R. G., ?, 14(15)/08/44, Bayeux (Calvados), CW.
Kunysz, Wlad., st. strz., 03/09/44, Cuesmes
Kurz, Bron., por. dr., 25/08/45, Hauteville
Kuszniar, Woj., kapr., 25/02/46, Tronche k/Grenoble
Lewandowski, Stefan, strz., 29/07/46, Marsylia, CC. St. Pierre
Liberadzki, Ryszard, strz., 23/11/45, Clermont-Ferrand
Mroz, Fran., ?, 13/07/45, CW. ameryk., 30 km od Toul
Muller, Tad., mjr., 29/12/45, Cambo-les-Bains
Nakoniecznikoff, Henryk, por., 07/04/45, Paryz, C. Parisien de Bagneux.
Nowak, Tad., szer., 13/03/46, Laffaux, dep. Aisne, CP.
Olejnik, Tad., strz., 30/06/46, utonal w Mozeli kolo Neuf Maison
Opala, Stan., szer., 18/06/46, Metz
Orzechowski, Waclaw, ppor., 06/06/45, Paryz, C. St. Mande.
Osika, Stefan, strz., 05/09/46, La Valette
Paszkiewicz, Mateusz, strz., 13-19/06/46, Langannerie, CP.
Pawlowski, Leon, strz., 27/07/44, Massif du Vercours, Isere
Piwowar, Ant., strz., 06/0446, Marsylia, CC. St. Pierre.
Pociecha, Stan., strz., 29/09/45, Metz., C. de l'Est.
Pomarancz, Adam, plut., 08/07/46, Francja
Prandl vel Jawor, Jozef, ppor., ?/02/43, Fresnes pod Paryzem
Przybyla, Woj., ?, 15/06/45, Paryz, C. Prautin.
Przybyszewski, Aleks., st. strz., 27/04/45, Paryz, C. St-Mande.
Puc, Jan, szer., 19/11/45, Autreville, Aisne, C. paraf.
Pucilowski, Ant., por., 16/06/44, Maise de St-Didier de Formen, Aisne, gr. 4 (wspolny).
Reszetin, Piotr, plut-pchor., 14/09/44, Gehee, Indre, CC.
Rutkowski, Ryszard, strz., Paryz, C. St. Mande
Ryncarz, Wincenty, ppor., 03/09/44, ?, Francja
Sagan, Jan, kapral, 11/12/45, Marsylia, C. St. Pierre.
Senger, Edward, strz., 05/04/45, Sorgues, dep. Vaucluse
Sielecki (Sielicki), Witold, plut., 31/07/45, Sorgues, Vaucluse
Siemek, Feliks, ?, 03/06/45, Champigneul, Marne
Sieniawski, Michal, strz., 09/12/45, Marsylia, C. St. Pierre.
Skorupski, Henryk, strz., 15/09/44, Nancy
Smolski, Jakub, st. strz., 14/05/46, Mourmelon le Grand, CCK.
Spira, Emanuel, szer., 11/06/45, Sorgues
Stadnicki, Stefan, kapr., 13/06/46, Epernay, C. obok szpitala.
Stybicz, Jan Stan., och., 18/12/44, Paryz, C. St. Mande 
Suszko, Stefan, szer., 27/10/45, Reims, C. du Sud.
Szastak, Wieslaw, strz., 03/09/44, Loos en Gohelle
Szymaniak, Jan, szer., 11/08/46, Le Havre, CW.
Sliwienski, Stan., gen. bryg., 20/06/46, Aix-les-Bains
Slusarczyk, Wlad., szer., 22/09/45, Soissons
Smiejkowski, Leon, strz., 07/09/44, Jemeppe sur Meuse
Swiderski, Stefan, strz., 17/05/45, St. Denis, CC.
Swietoszak, Stan., szer., (24/03/46), Laffaux, Aisne, C. polowy, dz. ameryk.
Teodorowicz, Grzegorz Feliks, Ant. Jerzy, por., 13/08/45, Paryz, amery. CW. Solers.
Tkacz, Jozef, szer., 29(30)/01/46, Reims, C. du Sud.
Tyszkowski, Jozef, szer., 14/12/45, Paryz, ameryk. CW. Solers.
Urbaniak, Piotr, szer., 29/01/45, Paryz, C. St. Mande,
Wielkopolan, Stan., 25/04/45, Paryz (zmarl w hotelu Dieu)
Wilk, Czeslaw, szer., 27/11/45, Reims, C. du Sud.
Wodrowski, Wlad., szer., 16/07/46, La Courtine
Wojcik, Fran., strz., 18/07/45, Metz, C. de l'Est.
Wysopolski, Edward, sierz., 06/02/46, Paryz, C. St. Maude.
Zielinski, Wlad., szer., 26/07/45, Avignon,
Ziolkowski, Zygfryd, strz., 19/02/46, Metz
Polish Military Cemeteries in Switzerland:
Leysin, Valais  
Araszkiewicz, Wlad., strz., 16/04/43, Leysin
Arminski, Zigniew, plut-pchor., 10/05/44, St. Gallen, C. "Feldli"
Baclawski, Aleks., strz., 29/08/45, Leysin
Baran, Tadeusz, kapr., 30/12/42, Leysin
Barasinski, Wlad., strz., 26/09/43, Solura, Bern, CK. Sta Catharina
Bartlinski, Marian, kan., 19/02/43, Rosenberg, Winterthur
Bakowski, Fran., strz., 16/08/41, Wiesendangen
Bednarczyk, Ludwik, strz., 25/03/42, Leysin
Bednarek, Stefan, bomb., 30/05/41, Bienne, Madretsch
Berzowski, Stan., plut., 18/10/42, Seewis, Grisons, CK.
Braterado, Fran. strz., 23/06/40, Saignelegier k/Berna
Brozynski, Stan., strz., 08/12/43, Lignieres, Neuchatel
Brzoskwinia, Ant., st. strz., 26/05/44, Wiesendangen, CProtest.
Buczkiewicz, Jerzy, strz., 16/09/45, Winterthur
Bucko, Wlodz. Kaz. Jastrzebiec, bomb., 01/07/43, St. Leonard, Fribourg
Bugara, And., kan., 08/08/44, Leysin
Burliga, Jan, strz., 25/03/42, Wiesendangen, CProtest.
Chanaj, Stan., kapr., 18/11/43, Cazis, Graubunder, CK.
Chlipalski, Miecz., ppor. dr med., 28/02/42, Wiesendangen, CProtest.
Chmielowiec, Wlad., kapr., 16/05/44, Wiesendangen, CProtest.
Chmura, Stan., kan., 26/04/44, Meggen
Chojnowski, Bohdan, pplk. dypl., 02/03/45, Leysin
Chremeta, Jozef, plut., 29/06/42, Kollumbey kolo Illarsar, sek. Rhone
Cyron, Alojzy, ppor., 30/08/43, Ilanz, Graubunder
Czaplinski, Czeslaw, st. strz., 14/05/42, Leysin
Czuchra, Pawel, kapr., 21/06/42, Truns, Grisons
Dmytryk, Michal, strz., 13/03/43, Chur, Graubinden, CK. przy katedrze (by the cathedral)
Drob, Stan., strz., 19/09/45, Bienne, Bern, C. Madretsch
Dulemba, Stan., plut., 08/10/43, Egolzwil, Luz
Dura, Fran., strz., 01/08/42, Cazis, CK.
Dybas, Jan, strz., 17/11/40, Lotzwil
Filipowski, Zyg., plut., 14/12/41, Churwalden
Fiuk, Jozef, strz., 31/07/42, Losone, Tessin
Flinta, Zyg., plut., 07/06/43, Alpnachdorf, Obwalden
Fratczak, Fran., strz., 21/06/40, Saignelegier, Bern
Gabala, Jan, st. sierz., 18/05/45, Bern
Gac, Roman, st. ulan., 22/06/41, utonal w rzece Tecino Giubiasco
Galary, Michal, strz., 27/03/45, Samaden, Graubunder
Gaszek, Ludwik, st. strz., 11/11/43, Bremgarten, Bern
Gawin, Julian, st. ogn., 15/05/44, Cressier, Neuchatel
Gawlik, Adam, ogn., 19/08/43, Tramelan, Bern, CK.
Gozdzik, Julian, st. strz., 07/06/43, Alpnachdorf, Obwalden
Gorecki, Jozef, kapr., 19/05/44, Leysin
Dudas, Stefan, kan., 09/08/41, Buren a/A, Bern, C.Ewang
Halik, Kaz., strz., 16/10/44, Glis k/Brig., Valais
Halka, Julian Jozef, st. strz., 10/06/44, Winterthur, C. miejski "Rosenburg"
Halaj, Czeslaw, kan., 29/01/41, Brugg, Aargau
Hetnal, Wlad., st. strz., 10/07/42, Liepstadt, Aaargau
Horbacz, Piotr, strz., 09/05/44, Leysin
Jajszczok, Jozef, strz., 10/02/44, Losone, Tessin, CK.
Jakubowski, Stan., kan., 05/11/44, Bienne, Bern, C. Madretsch
Jezak, Jozef, strz., 11/07/42, Leysin
Jezyk, Fran., 13/12/43, Giswil, Oberwalden, CK.
Jurek, Stefan, kapr., 28/03/43, Gebenstorf, Aargau
Kacy, Stan., strz., 30/11/45, Bremgarten, Bern
Kaczmarek, Bron., st. strz., 04/07/42, Gebenstorf, Aaargau
Kamienski, Kaz., wachm., 01/04/43, Wiesendangen, Zurich
Kanski, Ryszard Eligiusz, ?, 30/12/42, Chur, Graubunder, CK. przy katedrze
Karecki, Fran., strz., 06/01/41, Bern, CK. "Bremgarten Friedhof"
Karasinski, Jerzy, por., 23/12/41, Gebenstorf, Aargau, C. Gminny
Kadziolka, Eug., kan., 01/09/41, Schwyz
Kicka, Henryk, strz., 30/08/43, Leysin
Kielbratowski, Henryk, strz., 09/05/45, Alpnachdorf, Oberwalden, CK.
Klich, Wlad., st. strz., 01/04/42, Leysin
Kluch, Michal, strz., 10/01/41, Sumiswald
Klosowski, Jan, st.strz., 31/03/43, Gebenstorf, Aargau
Knichnicki, Ant., st. strz.,  15/12/45, Bremgarten, Bern
Koch, Ignacy, strz., 13/01/41, Bienne, Biel
Kokoszka, Wawrzyniec, strz., 28/12/43, Cham, Zug
Kornbaum, Hersz, st. strz., Friesenberg, Zurich
Kowala, Fran., bomb., 10/04/42, Fehraltorf, C. Protest.
Kowalski, Ant., sierz., 15/09/44, Wiesendangen, Zurich, C. Protest.
Kozyra, Jan, st.strz., 24/08/45, Hornili Friedhof, Basel
Kraska, Stan., 18/05/42, Fluntern, Zurich
Krupa, Jozef, kapr., 25/11/41, Chur, CK. przy katedrze
Kulik, Fran., plut., 02/11/42, Tavanasa-Danis, Grisons, CK.
Kurpyna, Jan, strz., 22/02/43, Leysin
Kurzeja, Bernard, st. sierz., 08/10/44, Huttwil, Bern
Kusmierek, Feliks, strz., 31/05/44, Leysin
Lech, Stan., st. sap., 04/10/40, Soubey, Jura Bernois k/Berna
Lechowicz, Jozef, kapr., 05/09/44, Liestal, C. Gminny
Lewicki, Jozef, strz., 25/03/44, Leysin
Lipiec, Stan., kan., 26/01/44, Sachseln, Oberwalden, CK.
Lis, Edward, strz., 02/05/42, Leysin
Maciejuk, Mikolaj, sierz., 27/05/43, Nyon
Maciuba, Feliks, kapr., 09/05/42, Neuchatel, C. Ewang. "Beauregard"
Majczak, Fran., st. strz., 28/09/42, Martigny, Valais, sek. Rhone
Malek, Wlad., kan., 13/08/45, Leysin
Maszka, Jozef, st. strz., 02/05/41, Sumiswald, Bern
Michalek, Wlad., plut., 04/01/41, Aeschi k.Solothurn, CK.
Mieczypor, Jozef Fran., strz., 21/12/43, Madretsch, Bienne, Bern
Mital, Stan., kapr., 14/03/42, Cazis, Grisons, CK.
Molenda, Stan., kapr., 21/12/40, Aegerten, Bern, C.Ewang.
Mroczek, Jan, sap., 06/10/40, Soubey, Jura Bernois, k/Berna
Mroczek, Mikolaj, sap., Soubey, Jura Bernois, k/Berna
Niedziela, Jan, sap., 21/02/41, Sion
Niemczyk, Ant., plut-pchor., 25/08/43, Brugg, Aargau, C. miejski
Nowotniak, Zyg., kapr., 03/12/45, Wiesendangen, Zurich
Olszewski, Jan, st. sierz., 20/09/43, Reichenburg, Schwyz
Olczyk, Marian, st. strz., 20/05/43, Losone, Tesyn, CK.
Okupski, Fran., kan., 19/01/43, Sion, Valais  
Ordon, And., st. strz., 09/12/44, Wauwil-Egolzwil, Lucerne, C. paraf.
Ostrowski, Wlad., Strz., 24/01/42, Lozanna, C. "Bois de Vanse"
Pacula, Miecz., plut., 20/05/42, Losone, Ticino, CK.
Palczynski, Jozef, bomb., 30/01/44, Sarnen, Oberwalden, CK.
Parlamuter, Wlad., strz., 24/02/41, Bern, C.Zyd.
Pawlowski, Jan, kan., 24/11/43, Flumenthal, CK.
Perkowski, Stefan, kapr., 30/07/44, Leysin
Pianiak, Piotr, strz., 23/06/40, Tramelan, k/Berna
Piatek, Marian, ogn., 10(11)/05/42, Madretsch, k/Bienne, C. ogolny
Pieprz, Leopold, bomb., 06/07/42, Gebenstorf, Aargau
Pieprzyk, Ant., plut., 11/12/44, Sarnen, Oberwalden
Pieterwas, Jan, strz., 01/07/44, Giswil, Oberwalden
Pietrzak, Leon, strz., 10/06/45, Fluntern, Zurich
Plader, Tomasz, kan., 25/11/45, Wiesendangen, Zurich
Plebaniak, Stan., st. strz., 13/09/42, Martigny, Valais, sek. Rhone
Plewinski, Jan, kan., 08/08/43, Madretsch, k/Bienne
Policht, Woj., strz., 01/01/41, Lausanne
Przyluk, Alfred, plut-pchor., 04/03/45, Bonaouz (Graubunden)
Pytko, Jan, kan., 14/09/44, Brugg, C. gminny
Rachwalski, Fran., st. strz., 10/07/40, Aeschi, Solothurn
Rowdo, Jozef, kan., 06/12/42, Bremgartenfriedhof, Bern
Rodko, Leon, plut., 14/01/44, Bremgartenfriedhof, Bern, oddz. dla Francuzow
Rodejko, Daniel, kan., 22/09/41, Liestal, Spitalfriedhof, Basel
Sawicki, Jakub, strz., 27/04/45, Bauregard, Neuchatel
Sekulski, Edmund, plut., 04/01/44, Sursee (Luzern)
Senkow, Fran., sierz., 09/10/43, Leysin
Skoratko, Jan, strz., 20/06/40, Poprentruy (or Pruntrut)
Skowren, Czeslaw, st. strz., 12/09/40, Sumizwald, k/Berna, C. Protest.
Sloniewski, Pawel, kan., 29/07/41, Charmanvillers
Smokorowski, Emilian, kan., 17/06/41, Schupfen, Bern
Sobolak, Stan., strz., 23/06/40, Solothurn
Sochanczak, Teodor, strz., 16/08/41, Bellinzona, CK.
Spendel, Teodor, strz., 06/08/44, Sachseln
Stawski, Stan., chor., 13/09/42, Wiesendangen, Zurich, C. Ewang.
Straczek, Walenty, kan., 03/10/42, Gebenstorf, Aargau, Gemeindefriedhof
Strucki, Julian, kan., 23/09/40, Lausanne, C. "Bois de Vaux"
Sumka, Mikolaj, strz., 28/05/41, Kempten-Wetzikon
Szczepaniak, Piotr, strz., 20/06/40, Tramelan, Jura Bernois k/Berna
Szczepanski, Tad., kpt., 31/01/45, Wangi (Thurgau), CK.
Szwec, Stan., sap., 12/01/41, Epauvillers
Szkutnik, Jan, strz., 30/01/42, Leysin, Valais, C. gminny
Szmitka, Jan, strz., 20/06/40, Saignelegier, Bern
Sztymelski, Jan, ?, 09/02/46, Winterthur, C. "Rosenberg"
Szychalski, Leon, strz., 09/09/41, Junkerchloss, Helikon bei Wegenstetten, Basel
Szymanski, Marian, kapr., 15/09/43, Chur (Graubunden), CK.
Szymanski, Stan., st. strz., 08/09/40, Meikirch k/Berna
Swider, Jozef, st. strz., 26/12/41, Bevaix k/Neuchatel, C. Ewang.
Switoniak, Marian, kan., 31/07/40, Merlingen, CEwang.
Talarczak, Ludwik, kpt., 04/01/41, Interlaken, CK.
Tomaszkiewicz, Ant., kapr., 18/12/44, Winterthur, C. miejski "Rosenberg"
Tymcio, And., kan., 01/07/41, Lausanne
Tymoczko, Jozef, sap., 21/10/40, de Saint-Braise
Urban, Jozef, sap., 07/10/41, Fehraltorf 0945 bei Zurich, C. przy zborze ewangelickim
Warminski, Marian, sap., 17/05/44, Leysin
Warta, Ant., st. sierz., 15/08/45, Leysin
Wawrowicz, Jozef, kapr., 03/08/44, Sarnen, Oberwalden
Wawrzkiewicz, Henryk, bomb., 27/06/44, Alpnachdorf
Wawrzyniak, Ant., st. strz., 02/09/43, Solura, Bern, CK.
Watkowski, Aleks., strz., 12/09/45, Burgdorf, Bern
Widuch, Jan, strz., 25/10/43, Fischlisbach, Aargau
Wieczerzak, Zyg., kapr., 27/08/43, Leysin
Wiedeman, Roderyk, kpt., 28/02/44, Schassbalden, Bern, CK.
Wielgosik, Jan, st. strz., 13/06/42, Stans, C. przy kosc. OO. Kapucynow.
Wilk, Ant. Tomasz, strz., 24/12/44, Fehraltorf, Zurich
Wilk, Jan, strz., 28/09/40, Lausanne
Wojtasik, Jan, strz., Burgdorf, k/Berna
Wojtasik, Wawrzyniec, strz., 30/06/41, utonal w jez. Genewskim (drowned in Lake Geneva)
Wojcik, Jozef, sierz., 18/09/44, Bremgarten, Bern
Zakrzewski, Waclaw, strz., 17/10/43, Meiringen, Bern, CProtest.
Zamojski, Jakub, kapr., 03/07/41, Interlaken
Zieminski, Wlad., chor., 02/12/43, Madretsch, Bienne (Bern)
Znoj, Wlad., ?, 27/09/45, Martigny, Valais
Zwierzchowski, Jan, kpt., 03/05/45, Lausanne, C. "Bois de Vaux" sek. 46.
Zelasko, Stan., kan., 06/10/44, Solothurn, C. St. Katharina
Zurek, Tad., plut., 03/10/43, Madretsch, Bienne (Bern)
LIST SEVEN: Norway 1940
Polish Military Cemeteries in Norway:
According to the Norgwegian government web-site:
"Polish war graves
Most of the Polish war dead lost their lives during the fighting for control of Narvik in 1940. They are buried in separate plots at Håkvik cemetery and in a common grave at Narvik new cemetery. The remainder are buried in individual graves at Moholt cemetery in Trondheim and in a common grave at Vestre Gravlund cemetery in Oslo."
The Polish destroyer "Grom" was sunk in Rombak Fjord.
The Polish Independent Highland Rifle Brigade, also known as the Polish Independent Podhalanska Rifle Brigade (Samodzielna Brygada Strzelcow Podhalanskich), was one of the units formed in France in 1940 and received specialized training in mountain warfare. Under the command of General Zygmunt Szyszko-Bohusz, the Brigade sailed to Norway to meet the German invasion in May, 1940. However, on the eve of May 31, it had received orders to return to France and join in the battles there. It arrived at the port of Brest on June 17, only days before the capitulation of France, taking part in the defense of Brittany before disbanding. Its soldiers escaped to Britain and Egypt or joined the French underground.
na wzg. = na wzgorze = on hill ...
Bebel, Antoni, strz., 28/05/40, C. Skole-Haakwik
Bednarczyk, Ignacy, strz., 28/05/40, C. Skole-Haakwik
Bialousz, Stan., strz., 28/05/40, C. Sloke-Haakwik
Blumental, Jan, strz., 28/05/40, C. Skole-Haakwik
Bolek, Stan., kapr., 28/05/40, C. Skole-Haakwik
Chodzicki, Ryszard, st. strz., 28/05/40, C. Skole-Haakwik
Ciapula, Kaz., strz., 29/05/40, C. Ankenes
Cielebak, Bol., strz., 28/05/40, C. Skole-Haakwik
Demusz, Jozef, st. strz., 01/06/40, wzgorze 844 k/Narwiku
Drapniewski (Drapiewski), Ant., plut., 29/05/40, C. Skole-Haakwik
Dudkiewicz, Stan., ppor., 28/05/40, C. Skole-Haakwik
Dudziak, Czeslaw, strz., 28/05/40, C. Skole-Haakwik
Forys, Wlad., strz., 28/05/40, C. Skole-Haakwik
Galka, Jan., Kapr., 20/05/40, C. Skole-Haakwik
Gastal, Henryk, kapr., 20/05/40, C. Skole-Haakwik
Gmyr, Tomasz, strz., 28/05/40, C. Skole-Haakwik
Golabek, Jozef, plut., 28/05/40, C. Skole-Haakwik
Golebiowski, Piotr, strz, 17/05/40, C. Skole-Haakwik
Grutzmacher, Jozef, strz., 28/05/40, C. Skole-Haakwik
Harsze (Hersche), Marian, strz., 18/05/40, C. Skole-Haakwik
Janeczek, Grzegorz, strz., 29/05/40, C. Ankenes
Jankowski, Tad., st. strz., 28/05/40, C. Skole-Haakwik
Jaczak (Jonczak), Edward, kapr., 27/05/40, C. Skole-Haakwik
Jedzrejak, Jozef, st. strz., 280/5/40, C. Skole-Haakwik
Kalyniak (Kaliniuk), Bohdan, strzelec, 29/05/40, C. Skole-Haakwik
Karpinski, Jan, strz., 31/05/40, C. Skole-Haakwik
Kempny (Kepny), Adolf, ppor., 28/05/40, C. Skole-Haakwik
Kiesmach, Fran., strz., 27/05/40, C. Skole-Haakwik
Kilisch, Teodor, strz., 23/05/40, C. Skole-Haakwik
Kimczak, Leopold, strz., 28/05/40, C. Skole-Haakwik
Kirschner (Kirchner), Fran., strz., 28/05/40, C. Skole-Haakwik
Kolacz, Tad., strz., 02/06/40, Frondenes
Koranicki, Iwan, strz., 11/05/40, Horstad
Kowalczyk, Stan., st. strz., 28/05/40, C. Skole-Haakwik
Kowalski, Julian, kapr-pchor., 17/05/40, C. Skole-Haakwik
Kozak, Woj., ?, 31/05/40, C. Skole-Haakwik
Koziol, Jan, kapr., 28/05/40, C. Skole-Haakwik
Kubinski, Piotr, strz., 27/05/40, C. Skole-Haakwik
Kulej, Piotr, st.strz., 28/05/40, C. Skolw-Haakwik
Kulig, ?, ?, 28/05/40, C. Skole-Haakwik
Kupiec, Tad., strz., 24/05/40, C. Skole-Haakwik
Malinowski, Ant., strz., 28/05/40, C. Skole-Haakwik
Majewski, Piotr, kapr., 18/05/40, C. Skole-Haakwik
Matwijowski, Leon, kapr., 20/05/40, C. Skole-Haakwik
Michas, Ludwik, kapr., 18/05/40, C. Skole-Haakwik
Miszczak, Stan. Jan, strz., 20/05/40, C. Skole-Haakwik
Misztal, Piotr, strz., 28/05/40, C. Skole-Haakwik
Molski, Alfons, strz., 28/05/40, C. Skole-Haakwik
Moren, Aleks., kpt., 28/05/40, C. Skole-Haakvik
Najda, Jan, strz., 28/05/40, C. Skole-Haakwik
Niemczyk, Ant., strz., 28/05/40, C. Skole-Haakwik
Nowicki, Adam, kapr., 27/05/40, C. Haakwik
Owczarek, Stefan, strz., 28/05/40, gr. w lesie k/Ankenes
Pec, Tad., kapr., 29/05/40, C. Skole-Haakwik
Peczenik, Jakub, sierz., 19/05/40, C. Bakenkengen k/Skole-Haakwik
Pelc, Jakub, kapr., 29/05/40, C. Skole-Haakwik
Pickman, Stan., kapr-pchor., 31/05/40, C. Skole-Haakwik
Pilarczyk, Stefan, strz., 20/05/40, zginal nad jieziorem Maczjorden
Popielak, Aleks., st. strz., 29/05/40, C. Skole-Haakwik
Poreba, Jozef, st. strz., 28/05/40, C. Skole-Haakwik
Sarna, Wlad., strz., 02/06/40, Torstad, Norwegia
Seroka, Tadeusz (Teodor), strz., 23/05/40, C. Skole-Haakwik
Siwicki, Jan, strz., 28/05/40, C. Skole-Haakwik
Skowron, Stan., strz., 18/05/40, C. Skole-Haakwik
Slomiany, Czeslaw, strz., 28/05/40, polegl na wzg. 773 k/Narwik
Smaczny, Bertold, st. strz., 28/05/40, C. Skole-Haakwik
Soja, Jozef, strz., 28/05/40, C. Skole-Haakwik
Suchy, Wasyl, st. strz., 28/05/40, C. Skole-Haakwik
Szelinski (Szeliski), Jan, st. strz., 28/05/40, C. Skole-Haakwik
Smiglewski, Jan, strz., 28/05/40, C. Skole-Haakwik
Tracz, Jozef, strz., 28/05/40, C. Skole-Haakwik
Trabka, Wlad., st. strz., 28/05/40, C. Skole-Haakwik
Trebaczkiewicz, And., plut-pchor., 18/05/40, C. Skole-Haakwik
Ugarenko, Wincenty, st. strz., 28/05/40, C. Skole-Haakwik
Ulatowski, Zyg., strz., 28/05/40, C. Skole-Haakwik
Welke, Stan., strz., 28/05/40, C. Skole-Haakwik
Welna, Pawel, kapr., 28/05/40, C. Skole-Haakwik
Wyplata, Ant., strz., 27/05/40, C. Skole-Haakwik
Ziembowicz (Ziemblowicz), Michal, strz., 27/05/40, C. Skole-Haakwik
LIST EIGHT: Polish Independent Parachute Brigade 1940 -1946

CLICH HERE for a quick synopsis of the Polish story.


The Polish Independent Parachute Brigade (Brygada Spadochronowa) was an elite unit formed in Great Britain specifically for the purpose of taking part in the liberation of Poland. Instead, it was used in Operation Market Garden (September 17 - 26, 1944) to help seize and hold bridges over the Rhine in advance of the British XXX Corps infantry and armour.
A portion of the brigade of 1,732 men, under the command of General Stanislaw Sosabowski, either landed by glider or dropped by parachute near the towns of Driel and Arnhem between the 17th and 21st of September, 1944. By September 24, the British land forces had arrived to join up with the airborne units and by September 26, the Polish troops began the march to Nijmegen to help consolidate the positions there.
The brigade was later attached to the First Polish Armoured Division and after the war, saw occupation duty until it was disbanded.
Major-General R. E. Urquart, General O.C. First Airborne Division, to General K. Sosnkowski, C.-in-C. of the Polish Forces, on fight at Arnhem of the Polish Parachute Brigade under Major-General S. Sosabowski (extract), 2nd October, 1944.
"It is requested that you will forward to the Commander of the Polish Independent Paratroop Brigade Group my appreciation of their services whilst they were under my command for Operation Market.
"The Glider element of the Brigade landed on 19th September, and were with us throughout the battle. The Parachute Brigade Group was landed on the south bank of the River Rhine opposite our bridge-head on 21st September. Fifty men were ferried across to join us on the evening of the 22nd, and a further 150 arrived the following evening. These welcome additions to our already hard-pressed forces at once came into action and gave us very valuable assistance.
"The losses sustained both before and during the evacuation were heavy. It may, however, be a satisfaction to know that these losses were not in vain and that the name of the Polish Independent Parachute Brigade Group will be linked to that of the 1st British Airborne Division in connection with the memorable battle at Arnhem."
Belgia = Belgium
Holandia = Holland
Niemcy = Germany
Szkocja = Scotland
W. Brytania = Great Britain
Wlochy = Italy
dz. p. = dzialka Polska = Polish section
Abramiuk, Dymitr, strz., 3 Baon., 25/09/44, Oosterbeek pod Arnhem, Holandia
Adamczyk, Jan, strz., Pow. Komp. Zaop., 28/01/46, Furstenau, Niemcy
Adynkiewicz, Ant., strz., 3 Baon., 08/07/44, Newark, W. Brytania
Aniol, Boleslaw, kapr., Pow. Komp. San., 25/09/44, Driel, Holandia, CK.
Antoniak, Bogumil - see Ciechanowski, Bogumil
Anszer, Zyg., ppor., 03/11/44, Akkers, Holandia, grob zbiorowy
Badura, Jan, strz., Pow. Komp. San., 01/07/46, Furstenau, Niemcy
Balcer, Zbigniew, ppor., 07/01/46, Furstenau, Niemcy
Banas, Bron., K.W., strz., 3 Baon., 26/09/44, Arnhem, Holandia
Barkiet, Tomasz, kapr., 3 Boan., 24/09/44, Driel, Holandia, CK.
Bednarski, Jan, kan., Pow. Dyonu Art. Ppanc., 22/09/44, Driel, Holandia
Bereznicki, Piotr, strz., 1 Baon., 08/05/44, Tidworth, W. Brytania, CW.
Bialoskorski, Tad., strz., 3 Baon., 08/07/44, Newark, W. Brytania
Bielecki, Jan, por., 2 Baon., 07/09/45, Furstenau, Niemcy
Bier, Anatol, strz., 3 Baon., 22/09/44, Driel, Holandia
Birylo, Stan., strz., 3 Baon., 08/07/44, Newark, W. Brytania
Bisiorek, Zyg., st. strz., 1 Baon., 25/09/44, Driel, Holandia, CK.
Blaszko, Michal, st. strz., Pow. Komp. Zaop., 22/09(10)/44, Driel, Holandia, CK.
Blazejewicz, Miecz., K.W., st. strz., 3 Baon., 26/09/44, Rhenen pod Arnhem, Holandia
Bogdziewicz, Kaz., por., Pow. Komp. Zaop., 13/09/44, Bruksela, Belgia. C. Everes.
Bojakowski, Michal, strz., 3 Baon., 08/07/44, Newark, W. Brytania
Borner, Florian, st. strz., 2 Baon., 24/07/45, Standord, Niemcy, C. Niem.
Borowiec, Miecz., kapr., 2 Baon., 10/10/44, Bruksela, Belgia, Everes
Borsukiewicz, Stefan And., Srebrny Krzyz Zaslugi z Mieczami, ppor., Oddz. 118 (2 Baon), 21/08/42, Manchester, W. Brytania, Southern Cem.
Bramski, Roman, strz., 2 Baon, 25/04/46, Furstenau, Niemcy
Bronicki, Henryk, ppor., 22/08/46, Campo Varano, Wlochy, CW., dz. p.
Bugielski, Rudolf, por., 3 Baon., 08/07/44, Newark, W. Brytania
Bzowy, Mikolaj, strz., 3 Baon., 23/09/44, Oosterbeek pod Arnhem, Holandia
Chartonowicz, Kaz., bomb., Pow. Dyonu Art. Ppanc., 25/09/44, Oosterbeek pod Arnhem, Holandia
Chemen, And., sap., Pow. Komp. Sap., 20/05/44, Perth, Szkocja, C. Wellshill, dz. p.
Chlopinski (Chopinski) Kaz., st. strz., 1 Baon., 29/09/45, Furstenau, Niemcy, dz. wojsk.
Chryst, Alfred, strz., 2 Baon., 01/07/45, Dinslaken, Niemcy, CM.
Ciechanowski vel Antoniak, Bogumil, st. strz., 27/01/46, Whitchurch, W. Brytania, CM.
Dec, Adam Julian, K.W., strz., 3 baon., 26/09/44, Bensichen, Holandia, CW.
Dobrowolski, Stan., strz., 3 Baon., 08/07/44, Newark, W. Brytania
Dryll, Stan., ppor., 06/07/43, Manchester, W. Brytania, Southern Cem.
Dukiewicz, Jan, st. strz., 26/06/45, Newark, W. Brytania
Gacek, Mateusz, bomb., 04/09/45, Furstenau, Niemcy
Gajewnik, Czeslaw, st. strz., 26/09/44, Gorinchen, Holandia, CW.
Gazurek, Ignacy, K.W., kpt., 3 Baon., 24/09/44, Oosterbeek pod Arnhem, Holandia
Gocal, Kaz, sap., 04/01/43, Manchester, W. Brytania, Southern Cem., dz. p.
Gorczynski, Miecz., plut., 08/07/44, Newark, W. Brytania
Goszko, Stan., kan., 19/09/44, Arnhem, Holandia, CW.
Gostomski, Walerian, ppor., 26/10/42, Edynburg, Szkocja, C. Corstorphine Hill
Gorski, Fran., strz., 08/07/44, Newark, W. Brytania
Grosfeld, Witold, plut., 18/07/45, Furstenau, Niemcy
Gruszkiewicz, Michal, strz., 23/04/43, Perth, Szkocja, C. Wellshill, dz. p.
Grych, Ant., kapr., 25/09/44, Driel, Holandia, CK.
Gulbinski, Jozef, ppor., 29/01/46, Furstenau, Niemcy
Harasimowicz, Leonard, st. strz., 08/07/44, Newark, W. Brytania
Hewak, Kaz., strz., 25/09/44, Driel, Holandia, CK.
Horodynski, Boguslaw, Srebrny Krzyz Zaslugi z Mieczami, plut-pchor., 25/09/44, Driel, Holandia, CK.
Hill, Michal, st. sierz., 19/05/45, Edynburg, Szkocja, C. Corstorphine Hill
Iwaszkiewicz (Iwankiewicz), Michal, st. sap., 07/12/43, Perth, Szkocja, C. Wellshill, dz. p.
Jablonski, Piotr, st. strz., 21/09/44, Driel, Holandia, CK.
Jankiewicz, Zdz., strz., 01/10/44, Ravenstein, Holandia, CK.
Jankowiak, Jozef, plut., 01/12/45, Furstenau, Niemcy
Jankowski, Jan - see Zolnowski, Jan
Janocha, Fran., st. strz., 15/08/43, Manchester, W. Brytania, South Cem.
Jaremczuk, Jakob, strz., 08/07/44, Newark, W. Brytania
Jaworski, Stan., plut., 08/07/44, Newark, W. Brytania
Jaworski, Waclaw Jacek, ppor., 23/09/44, Arnhem, Holandia, CB.
Jozefowicz, Kaz., kapr., 31/08/45, Furstenau, Niemcy
Kaczmarek, Stan., plut., 01/04/45, Newark, W. Brytania
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Kaluza, Zygfryd, st. strz., 02/06/45, Bedburg, Niemcy, C. 77 Br. G.H.
Kanda, Piotr, strz., ?, zmarl z ran w niewoli (died of his wounds while a prisoner)
Kania, Kaz., st. strz., 07/08/44, Newark, W. Brytania
Kadziola, Fran., plut., 25/09/44, Oosterbek pod Arnhem, Holandia
Kisiel, Fran., strz., 29/09/43, Perth, Szkocja, C. Wellshill, dz. p.
Klapuchy, Stan., st. strz., 25/09/44, Nijmegen, Holandia, C. 3 C.C.S.
Kolasinski, Tad., ppor., 24/09/44, Arnhem, Holandia, BCW.
Koprowski, Waclaw, plut., 09/08/45, Furstenau, Niemcy
Kornilowicz, Stan., strz., 25/09/44, Driel, Holandia, CK.
Korzonkiewicz, Teofil, st. strz., 08/07/44, Newark, W. Brytania
Kosakowski, Fabian, strz., 20/03/46, Perth, Szkocja, C. Wellshill
Kossakowski, Jan., plut., 21/09/44, ladowisko pod (landing field at) Driel, Holandia
Kostrz, Edward Florian, plut-pchor., 25/09/44, Nijmegen, Holandia, C. 3 C.C.S.
Koszela, Tad., kapr., 25/09/44, Driel, Holandia, CK.
Kowalski, Jerzy, st. strz., 13/12/45, Furstenau, Niemcy
Kowalski, Lucjan, st. strz., 26/09/44, Nijmegen, Junkers Boh School, Holandia
Kozak, Lukasz, strz., 25/09/44, Oosterbeek pod Arnhem, Holandia
Kozakiewicz, Jozef, sap., 31/08/43, Perth, Szkocja, C. Wellshill, dz. p.
Krukowski, Zbigniew, ppor., 25/09/44, Driel, Holandia, CK.
Kruszynski, Edward, st. strz., 11/05/46, Furstenau, Niemcy
Krzeczkowski, Miecz., K.W., strz., 3 Baon., 24/09/44, Oosterbeek pod Arnhem, Holandia, pozostal niepochowany na placu boju (was left unburied on the battlefield)
Krzeszczyk, Teodor, kapr., 15/05/45, Bedburg, Niemcy, C. 77 Br. G.H., gr. przy kostnicy (grave by the mortuary) 4.63.
Kuca, Bol., strz., 13/07/44, Newark, W. Brytania
Kuczewski, Wlad., st. strz., 26/09/44, Elst pod Arnhem, Holandia
Kulikowski, Jan, st. strz., 29/09/44, Nijmegen, Holandia, C. 3 C.C.S.
Kutrzeba, Jan Woj., K.W., por., 3 Baon., 24/09/44, Oosterbeek pod Arnhem, Holandia
Kuzbik, Jan, ?, 22/08/45, Huntenburg, Niemcy
Lach, Wlad., strz., 04/12/43, Perth, Szkocja, C. Wellshill, dz. p.
Leszczyk, Bol., st. strz., 04/12/43, Perth, Szkocja, C. Wellshill, dz. p.
Lewandowski, Pawel, strz., 24/05/45, Newark, W. Brytana
Liczner, Aleks., strz., 27/10/44, Apeldoorn, Holandia, CC.
Lipecki, Tad., K.W., strz., 2 Baon., 01/10/44, Nijmegen, Holandia, C. 10 C.C.S.
Litwin, Miecz. Jozef, kpt., 04/11/45, Furstenau, Niemcy
Lukaszewicz (Lukasiewicz), Fran., strz., 03/10/43, Einthoren-Woensel, Holandia
Lysejko, Jozef., st. strz., 15/08/44, Newark, W. Brytania
Machaj, Piotr, kapr., 12/07/45, Furstenau, Niemcy
Machel, Czeslaw, st. strz., 24/09/44, Driel, Holandia, CK.
Machon, Bron., kapr., 08/07/44, Newark, W. Brytania
Macura vel Stankiewicz, Jan, strz., 08/06/45, Perth, Szkocja, C. Wellshill
Malinski, Jozef, st. strz., 09/07/46, Furstenau, Niemcy
Malysz, Ludwik, chor., 25/05/45, Newark, W. Brytania
Mamczak, Wlad., strz., Perth, Szkocja, C. Wellshill, dz. p.
Mamonczyk, Aleks, strz., 22/07/44, Newark, W. Brytania
Mania, Bol., st. strz., 07/10/44, Neerloon, Holandia, CK.
Markefka, Alojzy, por., 25/12/44, Perth, Szkocja, C. Wellshill, dz. p.
Maslorz, Piotr Pawel, sierz., 19/09/44, St. Michiels, Gestel, Holandia
Mazur, Michal, strz., 08/07/44, Newark, W. Brytania
Mazurek, Fran., strz., 08/05/44, Tidworth, W. Brytania, CW.
Maczkowski vel Michalak, Maks., st. strz., 19/06/45, Perth, Szkocja, C. Wellshill
Medecki, Edmund, por., 12/03/42, Perth, Szkocja, C. Wellshill, dz. p.
Mentlik, Emil, strz., 25/09/44, Oosterbeek pod Arnhem, Holandia
Michalak, Maks. - see Maczkowski, Maks.
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Milewski, Waclaw, strz., 16/04/44, Tidworth, W. Brytania, CW.
Misiuda, Hubert, K.W., ks. kap., 3 Baon., 26/09/44, Arnhem, Holandia
Moczarski, Witold, kpt. lek., 09/05/43, Edynburg, Szkocja, C. Corstorphine Hill
Morawski, Antoni, plut., 03/09/45, Furstenau, Niemcy
Morhonowicz, Edmund (Edward), K.W., 3 Baon., plut., 23/09/44, Hemelsche Berg, Oosterbeek pod Arnhem, Holandia
Moszowski, Michal, K.W., strz., 3 Baon., 26/09/44, Rhenen pod Arnhem, Holandia
Musial, Fran., strz., 14/05/45, Bedburg, Niemcy, BCW.
Mykiciuk, Tad., sap., 20/09/44, Newark, W. Brytania
Niedzwiedzki, Michal, K.W., strz., Komp. San., 25/09/44, Driel, Holandia, CK.
Nowak, Marian, strz., 29/06/44, Perth, Szkocja, C. Wellshill, dz. p.
Nowak, Marian, K.W., st. strz., 3 Baon., 26/09/44, Arnhem, Holandia
Nowak, Kaz., kan., 19/09/44, St. Michiels, Gestel, Holandia
Nycz, Walenty, st. strz., 26/09/44, Arnhem, Holandia
Olszewski, Stan., K.W., strz., 3 Baon., 25/09/44, Oosterbeek pod Arnhem, Holandia
Ostojski, Tad., st. strz-pchor., 25/09/44, Driel, Holandia, CK.
Palul, Bol., sierz., 31/01/46, Furstenau, Niemcy
Palka, Wlad., st. strz., 25/09/44, Arnhem, Holandia, CB.
Panczyszyn, Michal, strz., 06/08/44, Newark, W. Brytania
Paszko, Piotr, kapr., 21/09/44, Driel, Holandia, CK.
Paulski, Bol., strz., 02/12/44, ?, Holandia
Pawluczuk, Zyg., sap., 01/10/44, Nijmegen, Holandia C. 3 C.C.S.
Perucki, Jan, kapr., 06/07/45, Furstenau, Niemcy
Pienczykowski, Stefan Konstanty, mjr. lek., 23/09/42, Perth, Szkocja, C. Wellshill, dz. p.
Pietrzykowski, Henryk, st. ul., 23/10/43, Perth, Szkocja, C. Wellshill, dz. p.
Pior, Gracjan, bomb., 08/01/45, Newark, W. Brytania
Piwowarczyk, Jan, kapr., 09/07/44, Newark, W. Brytania
Plichta, Stefan, kapr., 07/10/44, Arnhem, Holandia, CB.
Plizga, Jozef, kapr., 08/07/44, Newark, W. Brytania
Plaza, Jozef, strz., 20/05/43, Perth, Szkocja, C. Wellshill. dz. p.
Podolski, Jozef Jerzy, strz., 08/07/44, Newark, W. Brytania
Przybylek, Euzebiusz Anastazy, por., 06/07/44, Perth, Szkocja, C. Wellshill, dz. p.
Psiuk, Jozef, st. szer., 30/01/43, Perth, Szkocja, C. Wellshill, dz. p.
Ptaszek, Stan., ?, 27/05/45, Goch, Niemcy, Nowy C.M.
Pudelko, Miecz. Jozef, K.W., por., 3 Baon., 26/09/44, Oosterbeek, Holandia
Pyrgiez, Stefan, st. strz., 29/06/45, Furstenau, Niemcy
Racis, Jerzy, Srebrny Krzyz Zaslugi z Mieczami, ppor., 1 Baon., 25/09/44, Driel, Holandia, CK.
Ratowski (Ratkowski), Jozef, kan., 19/09/44, Oosterbeek pod Arnhem, Holandia
Reinhold, Jozef, kapr-pchor., 09/05/44, Tidworth, W. Brytania, CW.
Rodo, Michal, st. sap., 21/09/44, Driel, Holandia, CK.
Ropiecki, Miecz., st. sap., 13/01/44, Perth, Szkocja, C. Wellshill, dz. p.
Ryszkowski, Wlad., por., 14/12/41, Perth, Szkocja, C. Wellshill, dz. p.
Rzazewski, Zbigniew And., kapr-pchor., 08/05/44, Tidworth, W. Brytania, CW.
Rzepka vel Tarnowski, Antoni, st. sap., 09/08/45, Furstenau, Niemcy
Sadkowski, Leon, kapr., 06/01/43, Manchester, W. Brytania, Southern Cem., dz. p.
Salwuk, Ant., sierz., 22/09/44, Driel, Holandia, CK.
Seweryn, Jan, kapr., 27/07/45, Hunteburg, Niemcy, CK.
Siekierka, Bron., strz., 08/07/44, Newark, W. Brytania
Siemaszko, Eug., strz., 05/12/42, Manchester, W. Brytania, Southern Cem.
Sikora, Jan, strz., 08/07/44, Newark, W. Brytania
Siniak, Mateusz, K.W., kapr., Pow. Dyonu Art. Ppanc., 19/09/44, Arnhem, Holandia
Sitek, Stan., st. strz., 25/09/44, Driel, Holandia, CK.
Skaczko, Jozef, K.W., bomb., Pow. Dyonu. Art. Ppanc., 25/09/44, Oosterbeek pod Arnhem, Holandia
Skiers, Wlad., strz., 21/09/44, Driel, Holandia, CK.
Skowron, Zyg., strz., 11/05/46, Whitchurch, W. Brytania, CM.
Sobota, Pawel, strz., 26/09/44, Duurstede, Holandia
Sokolski, Eug., st. strz., 08/07/44, Newark, W. Brytania
Soskow, Tad., V.M.,strz., 3 baon., 26/09(10)/44, Rhenen pod Arnhem, Holandia
Standarski, Karol Edward, K.W., kan., Pow. Dyonu Art. Ppanc., 25/09/44, Oosterbeek pod Arnhem, Holandia
Stankiewicz, Jan - see Macura, Jan
Sukiennik, Ant., strz., 27/02/45, Manchester, W. Brytania, Southern Cem.
Sulislawski, Leon - see Zacharewicz, Reginald Alfred Jan
Szkuncik, Wiktor, strz., 18/10/44, Liverpool, W. Brytania, Allerton Cem.
Szkwarek, Jozef, st. strz., 09/10/44, Nijmegen, Holandia, Junkers Boch School Cem.
Szylak, Ant. (Artur), strz., 22/09/44, Driel, Holandia, CK.
Szymonski, Bron., sierz-pchor., 08/08/44, Newark, W. Brytania
Slesicki, Stan. Ant., K.W., por., 3 Baon., 22/09/44, Driel, Holandia, CK.
Slizowski, Kamil, mjr.-aud., 10/10/43, Perth, Szkocja, CM. Wellshill, dz. p.
Tarnowski, Ant. - see Rzepka, Ant.
Tice, Ryszard (Richard Kresge), V.M., ppor., 3 baon., 22/09/44, Driel pod Arnhem, Holandia 
Tkaczyk, Jan., st. strz., 25/09/44, Driel, Holandia, CK.
Tomalka, Bernard, kapr., 09/08/45, Furstenau, Niemcy
Trybus, Stan., ppor., 08/07/44, Newark, W. Brytania
Twardzik, Marian And., por., 05/12/42, Perth, Szkocja, CM. Wellshill, dz. p.
Tyburski, Jozef, kapr., 07/12/45, Furstenau, Niemcy
Wawros, Alojzy, bomb., 25/09/44, Arnhem, Holandia
Wesolowicz, Konstanty, K.W., st. strz., 3 Baon., 24/09/44, Oosterbeek pod Arnhem, Holandia
Wierzbicki, Jan, strz., 08/07/44, Newark, W. Brytania
Wiecek, Stan., K.W., strz., 3 Baon., 26/09/44, Rhenen pod Arnhem, Holandia
Wija, Jozef, por., 14/02/44, Perth, Szkocja, CM. Wellshill, dz. p.
Wolbin, Piotr, strz., 25/09/44, Driel, Holandia, CK.
Wyrwas, Wlad., kapr., 24/07/46, Perth, Szkocja, CM. Wellshill, dz. p.
Zacharczonek, Wlodz., st. strz., 25/06/44, Perth, Szkocja, CM. Wellshill, dz. p.
Zacharewicz, Reginald Alfred Jan vel Sulislawski, Leon, ppor., 15/06/46, Furstenau, Niemcy
Zaik, Bron. (Alojzy), kapr., 29/03/46, Furstenau, Niemcy
Zalewski, Tad., ppor., 29/09/41, Manchester, W. Brytania, Southern Cem., War Commissions Graves.
Zalewski, Tad., strz., 22/09/44, Driel, Holandia, CK.
Zapalowski, Zdz. Szczepan, ppor., 31/08/45, Furstenau, Niemcy
Zielinski, Eryk, plut-pchor., 08/07/44, Newark, W. Brytania
Zielinski, Jozef, strz., 26/02/45, Manchester, W. Brytania, Southern Cem.
Zjawin, Zbigniew, Jan, kapr., 25/09/44, Oosterbeek pod Arnhem, Holandia
Zlotnicki, Stan. Stefan, plut-pchor., 14/09/44, Bruksela, Belgia, C. Everes
Zolyniak, Bron., strz., 23/09/44, Arnhem, Holandia, CB.
Zebrowski, Ignacy Jerzy, st. strz-pchor., 26/09/44, Mijmegen, Holandia, C. 3 C.C.S.
Zolnowski vel Jankowski, Jan, st. strz., 15/12/44, Manchester, W. Brytania, Southern Cem.
Zukowski, Waclaw, bomb., 22/10/45, Furstenau, Niemcy 

Extract from an Admiralty communique, 8th June, 1941.
"Details are now available of the very gallant and efficient part played by the Polish destroyer 'Piorun' (Commander E. Plawski) during the destroyer phase of operations against the 'Bismarck.' The 'Piorun' was attached to the force commanded by Captain P. L. Vian, D.S.O., R. N., and it was from the 'Piorun' that the first sighting of the 'Bismarck' by the destroyer force was made shortly after 10:30 on the night of 26th May.
"The 'Piorun' continued to close the enemy, after first sighting, and came under heavy fire from the 'Bismarck's' main and secondary armament. Owing to the skilful handling of the 'Piorun' by her commanding officer she sustained no damage or casualties.
"The 'Piorun' herself engaged the 'Bismarck' with her armament in the most spirited manner.
"The following signal was made from Captain Vian to 'Piorun': 'Many congratulations that you were the first ship of our force to sight the enemy. I  hope you may be with me next time I go into action.'
"The captain of the 'Piorun' replied: 'We are proud to have been in your company and it will be the greatest honour for us to be in action under your command against the 'Tirpitz.' "
Information given in this order: Surname, Given Name, Rank, Date of Death (d.m.y), Ship or Place of Burial
Date of Death (unless otherwise stated):
ORP GROM:  4.5.40
A destroyer of the "Grom" class, commanded by Cmdr. A. Hulewicz, the ORP GROM was sunk in the Rombaken Fjord by a German He111, while shelling German troops in the Narvik area. There were 59 casualties and 154 survivors.
ORP ORZEL:  8.6.40
A submarine of the "Orzel" class, commanded by Lt. Cdr. J. Grudzinski, the ORP ORZEL sailed off on a patrol on May 23, 1940 into the North Sea and was never heard from again. It is suspected that she hit a mine and was destroyed. June 8 was chosen as the official date of the loss.
ORP GARLAND:  27.5.42
A "G" class destroyer, the ORP GARLAND was escorting convoy # PQ-16 on its journey from Iceland to Murmansk. The convoy was repeatedly attacked by the Luftwaffe during May 25 to May 28, 1942, with the ORP GARLAND suffering the loss of 22 dead.
Extract from Commodore E. Keble Chatterton's book The Royal Navy, April, 1942 - June, 1943, published in January 1946. 
May, 1942
"A Polish destroyer, O.R.P. 'Garland,' was to play a heroic part on the Soviet Arctic lifeline. During her last voyage she fought her way into, through and out of a combined sea-air attack, particularly vicious in the frenzy of the frenzied enemy; when the convoy was safe, the decks of the destroyer were a shambles. One seaman-gunner, mortally wounded, crawled painfully across her deck and wrote in his own blood on the vessel's superstructure: 'Poland! How sweet it is to die for thee!' Then he died. The enemy had none of that stamp..."
Extract from the News Chronicle on the fighting of the O.R.P. "Garland" in a convoy to Russia, 19th August, 1942.
"For five days and five nights the Polish destroyer 'Garland,' one of the ships escorting a convoy to North Russia, fought back attacks by enemy dive-bombers and torpedo-carrying planes. So well indeed did she fight back that the torpedo-carrying planes could not approach to a decisive range and all the torpedoes missed.
"On the fourth day a JU 88 succeeded in dropping a stick of four bombs close to the 'Garland.' A wall of water and smoke hid her.
"Later the commanding officer of one of the British escorts said 'When I saw this happen I said to my officers, 'That's finished the Poles - what a tragedy! They fought so magnificantly.'
"But I didn't have time to finish what I was saying as out from behind a wall of smoke and water emerged the 'Garland' still firing with all her guns.'
"The 'Garland' was undamaged and able to carry on the fight, but several of her crew had been killed or wounded by splinters. The ship fought on for another seven hours until the raids ceased.
"The wounded were attended to and the killed were immediately replaced at their posts, so that the fight could be carried on. Meanwhile the ship's doctor operated in the ward-room on several severely wounded men. For 32 hours he was without a moment's rest.
"The gunnery officer, himself wounded in the neck, did not for a moment allow the gunfire of his ship to cease, and when no more gunners were left on some of the guns he organised crews of mechanics and cooks, who carried on magnificently and kept the guns in action.
"One rating, sole survivor of one of the gun crews, continued unaided to keep his gun in action until a reserve crew came to help him.
"A supply petty officer, mortally wounded and knowing that his last moments had come, calmly handed over his duties and the keys of the store rooms to a colleague.
"Another rating, while he was dying, sang at the top of his voice to his friends manning the guns, cheering them on and encouraging them to keep up the fight.
"There was not an officer or man in the 'Garland,' whole, wounded, or dying, who did not fulfil his duties until the end with courage and calmness.
"And the convoy got through."
ORP KUJAWIAK:  16.6.42
An escort destroyer of the "Hunt II" type, the ORP KUJAWIAK was mined and sunk off of Malta leaving 25 men dead.
ORP ORKAN:  8.10.43
A class "M" destroyer commanded by cdr. S. Hryniewiecki, the ORP ORKAN was hit by a Gnat from the German sub U-378 while escorting convoy # SC-142 in the North Atlantic. It sunk within minutes. Although the HMS MUSKETEER picked up one officer and 43 sailors, 178 Polish and 20 British crewmembers went down with the ship.
ORP DRAGON:  8.7.44
A "D" class light cruiser the ORP DRAGON was damaged on July 8, 1944 off the beaches of Normandy, suffering the loss of 37 men killed and 14 wounded. The ship was scuttled for use as a breakwater.
ORP = Okret Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej
HMS = His Majesty's Ship
RCM = (unknown)
mar. woj.      = navy (warships)
mar. handl.   = merchant navy
The losses listed below represent some 12.5% of the Navy's personnel (as of July 1, 1945); 87% of these men were killed in action while 11% died of illness, 2% other causes. 
Adamczyk, Czeslaw, mar., ORP ORKAN
Adamczyk, Jan, mat., ORP GROM
Adamowicz, Jozef, bosman, ORP ORZEL
Adaszynski, Fran., mar., ORP ORKAN
Adas, Aleks., bosmanmat, ORP ORKAN
Alinski, Alfons, mar., ORP ORKAN
Andrusyszyn, Mikolaj, mar., 17.4.44, Perth, Szkocja, CM. Welshill
Andryka, Jan, mar., ORP ORKAN
Andrzejewski, Jozef, st. mar., 19.8.42, Porthmouth, W. Bryt., RCM Haslar Line 44, Nr. 5
Antochow, Ludwik, mar., 13.11.44, Perth, Szkocja, CM. Wellshill
Balda, Tadeusz Ryszard, mar., ORP ORKAN
Baran, Andrzej, mar., ORP ORKAN
Baraniok vel Bakowski, Engelbert, mar., ORP DRAGON
Baranowski, Stan., mar., ORP ORKAN
Bartkowiak, Florian, st. mar., ORP DRAGON
Bartosiewicz, Kaz., bosmanmat, ORP ORKAN
Baumert, Stefan, bosman, ORP GROM
Bakowski, Engelbert - see Baraniok, Engelbert
Bednarz, Jan, mat., ORP GROM
Begiel, Teodor, mar., ORP ORKAN
Benes, Kaz., mar., ORP ORKAN
Berkowicz, Fran., st. mar., 19.5.45, Glasgow, Szkocja, B.C. Cardonald Cem., Comp.
Bialous, Michal, st. mar., ORP ORKAN
Bielak, Edmund, mat., ORP GROM
Biernacki, Boguslaw, mar., ORP ORKAN
Biernacki, Jerzy Boleslaw, mar., ORP ORKAN
Biernacki, Jozef, st. mar., ORP KUJAWIAK
Biernat, Stan., mat., ORP ORKAN
Bilinski, Jozef, mat., ORP GARLAND
Bilinski, Wlad., mat., ORP ORKAN
Blaszkiewicz, Kaz., st. mar., ORP ORKAN
Blazewski, Karol, mar., ORP ORKAN
Bloniarz, Adolf, mar., ORP ORKAN
Bojarski, Waclaw, mar., ORP ORKAN
Bojba, Kaz., mar., ORP ORKAN
Bolbot, Jan, mar., ORP ORKAN
Borek, Wiktor, bosman, ORP GROM
Borkowski, Jozef, bosmanmat, ORP GROM
Borowski, Jan, mar., ORP ORKAN
Boryczko, Henryk, st. mar., ORP GROM
Bosek, Edward, mat., ORP ORKAN
Brocki, Edmund, pchor. mar., ORP ORZEL
Brusilo, Feliks, mar., ORP ORKAN
Brzezina vel Dubienko, Reinhold, ORP DRAGON
Brzeczka, Jan, bosman, ORP ORZEL
Buchowski, Jan, kpt. mar. woj., 12.4.43, Brookwood, W. Bryt., CK
Budek, Fran., mat., ORP ORKAN
Buraczewski (Burczynski), Zenon, mat., 29/30.4.41, Devonport, W. Bryt., Weston Mill Cem.
Byk, Jozef, mar., ORP ORKAN
Chelminski, Jan - see Knoof Maks.
Cherkowski (Sikorski), Maks., mar., 14.9.45, Rosyth, W. Bryt., BNC
Chitt, Jan, mar., ORP ORKAN
Chlus, Michal, st. mar., ORP ORKAN
Chodkiewicz, Stan. Karol, mar., ORP ORKAN
Chojecki, Fran., st. mar., ORP ORZEL
Choroszej, Piotr, st. mar., ORP DRAGON
Chwialkowski, Leopold, mat., ORP ORKAN
Chylewski, Leon, mat., ORP GROM
Chiapciak, Jan, ?, 18.11.42, Glasgow, Szkocja, Cardonald Cem., Lair
Ciborowski, Antoni, mat., ORP ORKAN
Cichocki, Leon Stan., st. mar., ORP DRAGON
Cierebiej, Jan, mar., ORP ORKAN
Cyppel, Stefan, mat., 4.4.42, Devonport, W. Bryt., Weston Mill Cem., R.C.
Cytowicz, Waclaw, st. mar., ORP GROM
Czajkowski, Jan, mar., ORP ORKAN
Czechowski, Edward, mat., ORP GROM
Czerniecki, Jan, mar., ORP ORKAN
Czerny, Stan., pchor. mar., 24.5.41, HMS HOOD
Czerwinski, Tadeusz I, mat., 7.2.44, ORP BLYSKAWICA
Czesnowicki, Alojzy, kmdor-por., inz., 3.8.43, Edinburgh, Szkocja, Corstorphine Hill Cem.
Czopp, Pawel, mat., ORP ORZEL
Czub, Miecz., st. bosman, 2.5.42, ORP JASTRZAB, mistakenly destroyed by Allied ships.
Czuprynski, Henryk, st. mar., 1.8.41, Devonport, W. Bryt., Weston Mill Cem., R.C., "C"
Czyrnik, Jozef, mar., ORP DRAGON
Cwiklik, Stan., bosmanmat, ORP ORKAN
Cwiklik, Wlad., mar., ORP ORKAN
Daab, Leopold, ppor. mar., ORP ORKAN
Dabrowski, Ludwil, bosmanmat, ORP ORKAN
Dabrowski, Marian, mar., ORP ORKAN
Dabrowski, Stan., bosmanmat, ORP KUJAWIAK
Dabrowski, Tad., por. mar., 2.1.42, Devonport, W. Bryt., Weston Mill Cem., R.C.
Dabrowski, Wiktor, bosman, ORP ORZEL
Debicki, Jozef, mar., 6.4.45, Brighton, W. Bryt., Borough Cem., Milit. Plot.
Debnicki, Stefan, mar., ORP ORKAN
Dlugolecki, Fran., mat., ORP ORKAN
Dmochowski, Kaz., bosmanmat, ORP GROM
Dolinski, Jozef, mar., Devonport, W. Brytania, Weston Mill Cem., "C"
Domicz, Edmund, st. bosman, ORP GROM
Dominiak, Slawomir, mar., ORP DRAGON
Dorosiewicz, Waclaw, mar., 9.12.45, Edinburgh, Szkocja, Mount Vernon Cem., Liberton
Drabinski, Maciej, ppor. mar., ORP ORKAN
Drozd, Stan., st. mar., ORP DRAGON
Dubienko, Reinhold - see Brzezina, Reinhold
Dutkiewicz, Stefan, st. mar., ORP DRAGON
Dwornicki, Tad., mat., ORP GROM
Dworzecki-Bohdanowicz, Wlad., mat., ORP ORKAN
Dyki, Boleslaw, mar., ORP ORKAN
Dyszczakowski, Fran., st. mar., ORP DRAGON
Dziak, Tad., st. mar., ORP GROM
Ebertowski, Teodor Bonifacy, mar., ORP GROM
Fajkowski, Jozef, ppor. mar., ORP ORKAN
Faryon, Leon, bosmanmat, 12.4.42, Glasgow, Szkocja, Cardonald Cem.
Ficek, Sylwester, st. mar., ORP GARLAND
Figas, Wlad., mar., 12.11.42, ORP BLYSKAWICA
Fischer, Kaz., mar., ORP ORKAN
Forgiel, Julian, mar., ORP ORKAN
Fornalik, Jan, st. mar., ORP GROM
Foterek, Waclaw, chor. mar., ORP ORZEL
Fuhrman, Stan., mar., ORP ORKAN
Gallas, Michal, chor., ORP ORKAN
Gamza, Afanazy, mar., ORP ORKAN
Garbowski, Wincenty, mar., ORP DRAGON
Gasik, Florian, st. mar., ORP ORKAN
Gasiorowski, Zbigniew, mar., ORP GROM
Gettka, Alojzy Engelbert, st. mar., ORP ORZEL
Gieldon, Pawel, bosmanmat, ORP ORZEL
Gieracha, Ignacy, mar. handl., 18.1.41, Wemyss, Szkocja, C. Methylhill
Gierzod, Michal Ludwik, kmdor. ppor., 15.11.40, swept overboard during a storm, ORP GARLAND
Gietka, Jan, mar., ORP DRAGON
Girdziusz, Mikolaj, mar., ORP ORKAN
Giza, Jozef, mar., ORP GARLAND
Glazewski, Jerzy, st. mar., ORP GROM
Glowacki, Wlad., st. mar., ORP GROM
Glowski, George, mar., 19.8.42, Portmouth, W. Bryt., R.N.Cem., Haslar Line
Gniady, Tad., st. mar., ORP ORKAN
Gortat, Jan, st. mar., ORP DRAGON
Gorzalak, Ernest, mat., ORP ORKAN
Gorzelanczyk, Walenty, mar., ORP DRAGON
Gozdek, Marian, mar., ORP ORKAN
Gorny, Pawel, mat., ORP ORZEL
Gorski, Eugeniusz Wlad., bosma, ORP ORKAN
Gorzycki, Tad., st. mar., ORP GROM
Grabowski, Henryk, st. mar., ORP ORZEL
Gromulski, Marian Zygmunt, st. mar., ORP ORKAN
Grudzinski, Jan, kmdor-ppor., ship's commander, ORP ORZEL
Gruza, Adolf, st. mar., ORP ORKAN
Grzenien, Tad., st. mar., 12.11.42, ORP BLYSKAWICA
Grzesiak, Lucjan, st. mar., ORP DRAGON
Grzonka, Jozef, chor. mar. woj., ORP ORKAN
Gwiazdzinski, Wlad., st. bosman, 4.12.41, Devonport, W. Brytania, Weston Hill Cem., "C" ground R.C.
Gwozdz, Czeslaw, mar., ORP ORKAN
Gwosdz, Pawel, st.mar., 13.5.41, Glasgow, Szkocja, C. Cardonald
Hadrys, Boleslaw, st. mar., ORP ORKAN
Hagno, Roman, st. mar., ORP ORZEL
Halaczek, Waclaw, mat., ORP ORZEL
Haponik, Henryk, mat., 8.7.40, ORP DRAGON
Hardonin, Edward, mar., ORP DRAGON
Herszfeld, Stan., mat., 6.6.42, ORP GARLAND
Hetman, Wojciech, bosmanmat, ORP ORZEL
Hojlo, Jan, st. bosman, ORP GROM
Holowacz, Andrzej, bosman, ORP KUJAWIAK
Holowiecki, Kaz., st. mar., ORP ORKAN
Horbaczewski, Benjamin, st. mar., ORP ORKAN
Hryniewiecki, Edward, por. mar-lekarz, 11.6.43, ORP SLAZAK
Hryniewiecki, Stan., kmdr-por., ship's commander, ORP ORKAN
Hurkot, Mikolaj, mar., ORP ORKAN
Huzarski, Pawel, bosman, ORP ORKAN
Idzi, Jan, mar., ORP ORKAN
Imbirowski, Fran., mat., ORP ORKAN
Iskra, Leon, bosman, ORP ORKAN
Iwanski, Leon, st. mar., ORP GARLAND
Jablonski, Albin, st. bosman, 6.12.44, ORP BLYSKAWICA
Jadkowski, Wlad., mar., ORP ORKAN
Jagielski, Adam Jozef, kpt. mar.woj., 9.1.46, Portmouth, W. Brytania, RNC Heslar Line 4, gr. 6., off. plot.
Jakubiszyn, Kaz., mar., ORP ORKAN
Jakubowski, Wieslaw, st. mar., ORP ORZEL
Janaszak, Stefan, mat., ORP ORZEL
Janicki, Jan, mar., 17.3.41, Devonport, W. Brytania, Weston Hill Cem., R.C.
Jankowski, Jan, mat., ORP DRAGON
Jankowski, Jozef, st. mar., ORP KUJAWIAK
Jankowski, Wieslaw, kpt. mar.woj., 22.1.44, Brookwood, W. Bryt., R.C. Section
Januszewski, Kaz., bosman, ORP GROM
Jarczynski, Wlad., st. bosman, ORP GROM
Jarmuz, Jozef, st. mar., ORP ORZEL
Jarosz, Tadeusz, bosmanmat, ORP GARLAND
Jasic, Jozef, mar., ORP ORKAN
Jasinski, Roman, st. szer., ORP ORZEL
Jasionowski, Edward, st. mar., ORP KUJAWIAK
Jata, Marian, mar., ORP ORKAN
Jekiel, Bron., mar., ORP ORKAN
Jemielita, Aleks., mat., 30.9.44, ORP KRAKOWIAK
Jurkowski, Jerzy, bosman, ORP GROM
Kaczmarek, Zygmunt, mar., ORP ORKAN
Kaczorek, Klemens, st. mar., ORP ORKAN
Kaczorowski, Jerzy, mar., ORP ORKAN
Kalicki, Czeslaw Kaz., mar. ORP DRAGON
Kalinowski-Szczur, Wlad., bosmanmat, 29.9.39, ORP GROM
Kamecki, Aleks., bosman, ORP ORZEL
Kaminski, Henryk, por. mar., ORP ORZEL
Kaminski, Ludwik, mar. ORP ORKAN
Kaminski, Waclaw, bosmanmat, ORP GROM
Kapiec, Stan., mar., ORP ORKAN
Kapuscinski, Jozef, mat., ORP ORZEL
Kapuscinski, Michal, mar., ORP ORKAN
Karasewicz, Adolf, mar., ORP ORKAN
Karasinski, Wlad., mat., ORP ORKAN
Karczewski, Otton, mat., ORP ORKAN
Karnat, Tad., mat., ORP GARLAND
Karpisiak, Teofil, inwentarzowy, 24.12.40, Glasgow, Szkocja, St. Peter Cem., Sect. 18
Kasprzak, Jan, bosmanmat, ORP ORZEL
Kawa, Zbigniew, mar., ORP ORZEL
Kedziora, Czeslaw, mat., 3.5.42, na norweskim kontrtorpedowcu (on a Norwegian destroyer)
Kempa, Walenty, chor. mar., 25.12.43, Bristol 4, W. Bryt., Arnos Vale Cem., T.T.T.953
Kicinski, Tad., st. mar., ORP DRAGON
Kielbinski, Edward, ppor. mar. lek., ORP ORKAN
Kisielewski, Jan, mat., ORP GARLAND
Klencypar, Stefan, mar., ORP ORKAN
Kluczwald, Longin, bosmanmat, 4.1.44, ORP BURZA
Klusek, Fryderyk, mar., ORP DRAGON
Klosowicz, Jozef, st. mar., ORP ORZEL
Knoof, Maks. vel Chelminski, Jan, mar., ORP DRAGON
Kobylecki, Bron., mar., ORP DRAGON
Kociolek, Eugeniusz, mat., ORP ORKAN
Kolakowski, Jan, bosman, ORP DRAGON
Kolakowski, Miecz., ORP GROM
Koltowski, Fran., mar., ORP ORKAN
Komor, Jozef, st. mar., 16.9.43, Perth, Szkocja, CM. Wellshill
Konieczny, Adam, bosmanmat, ORP ORKAN
Konopka, Fran., mar., ORP ORKAN
Kopczynski, Edward, mat., 26.11.40, F.S. MEDOC
Kostecki, Wlad., st. mar., ORP GROM
Kostuch, Waclaw Jan, mat., 26.9.43, Malta, RNC Capuccini N. 22 war grave, R.C.
Kotecki, Henryk, st. bosman, ORP ORZEL
Kotlubaj, Kaz., mat., ORP ORKAN
Kowal, Tad., st. mar., ORP ORKAN
Kowalewski, Czeslaw, st. mar., ORP GARLAND
Kozakow, Aleksy, bosman, ORP KUJAWIAK
Koziejko, Michal, st. mar., 1.8.45, C.C.Kopenhaga, Dania, Bispebjerg, Allied Soldiers Row, p.a.a.
Kozowy, Julian, bosman, ORP ORZEL
Kohna, Stefan, mat., ORP GROM
Krajewski, Jan, mat., ORP GARLAND
Krasicki, Eustachy, mat-pchor., 26.11.40, F.S. MEDOC
Kraska, Stan., st. mar., ORP ORKAN
Krawczyk, Boguslaw Dionizy, kmdor-ppor., 19.7.41, Dundee, Szkocja, Western, Necropolis C.
Krakowski, Aleksy Leszek, kpt. mar., ORP GROM
Krecioch, Wlad., st. mar., ORP ORKAN
Krystek, Emil, st. mar., ORP ORZEL
Ksionzek, Ryszard, mat., ORP GROM
Kubalski, Edward, mat., ORP GROM
Kubik, Miecz. Arkadiusz, bosmanmat, ORP KUJAWIAK
Kucharski, Jozef, bosman, ORP GROM
Kuczynski, Wlad., mar., ORP ORKAN
Kurek, Jozef, bosman, ORP GROM
Kuston, Antoni, mat., ORP ORKAN
Kuzemko, Wlodz., st. bosman, 30.7.42, Devonport, W. Bryt., Weston MIll Cem., R.C.
Kuhn, Maks. Rudolf, st. mar., ORP ORZEL
Kwasniewski, Jan, pchor. mar. woj., ORP ORKAN
Lesniak, Edmund, bosmanmat, ORP ORZEL
Lesniak, Kaz., st. mar., ORP ORKAN
Leszczynski, Stan., bosman, ORP GROM
Lewandowski, Jerzy, mar., 20.3.41, Devonport, W. Brytania, Weston MIll Cem., "C"
Lewandowski, Ryszard, mar., ORP DRAGON 
Lichwala, Czeslaw, bosmanmat, ORP ORKAN
Lacic, Jozef, mar., 24.5.42, Swanscombe, Kent, W. Bryt.
Lapin, Arnold, mat., ORP ORKAN
Lukasiewicz, Jozef, mar. mar. handl., 21.6.44, Morpeth, W. Bryt., CCK
Lukasiewicz, Miecz., mar., ORP ORKAN
Luszczewski, Jozef, bosmanmat, ORP GROM
Lyskawka, Marcin, bosmanmat, ORP GROM
Major, Kaz., mar., ORP GROM
Makowski, Jan, mar., ORP GARLAND
Malczynski, Jozef, st. mar., 25.8.45, Felixtowe, W. Bryt., Public Cem., Service Section
Malecki, Stan., st. mar., ORP DRAGON
Malolepszy, Alfons, st. mar., ORP GARLAND
Marcinkowski, Eug., mar., ORP ORKAN
Marko, Bazyli, mar., ORP ORKAN
Marks, Karol, por. mar. woj., ORP DRAGON
Mastalerz, Daniel Lucjan, bosmanmat, 16.9.43., Edynburg, Szkocja, Corstorphine Hill Cem.
Materka, Miecz., st. mar., ORP GROM
Matuszewski, Edward, st. mar., ORP GARLAND
Mazurek, Roman, st. mar., ORP ORKAN
Mazurkiewicz, Kaz., st. mar., ORP ORZEL
Mazuro, Filip, mar., 11.11.42, Devonport, W. Brytania, Weston Mill Cem., R.C.
Maczarski, Mariusz, st. mar., ORP ORZEL
Mejdus, Stan., bosmanmat, ORP GROM
Michalski, Tadeusz, mar., ORP ORKAN
Mielniczuk, Wlad., mar., ORP ORKAN
Mietlinski, Stan., st. mar., 19.1.43, Winsley n/Bath, W. Brytania, Churchyard Cem.,
Migda, Ludwik Bron., mar. ORP ORKAN
Mikonowicz, Jan, mar., ORP ORKAN
Misztal, Piotr, st. mar., ORP GROM
Mlodzik, Fran., bosman, ORP ORKAN
Mokrski, Marian Tad., por. mar., ORP ORZEL
Monko, Zdzislaw, st. mar., ORP ORZEL
Moszczynski, Henryk, st. bosman, ORP ORKAN
Mucha, Stan., bosman, ORP ORKAN
Muchar, Zygmunt, mar., 5.5.40, z ORP GROM, zmarl na okr. szpit. "Atlantis" (from the ORP GROM, died on board the hospital ship Atlantis)
Musserowicz, Wlad., mat., 23.11.42, z ORP BLYSKAWICA, zmarl w 220 Field Ambulance Unit, Bougie, Algier.
Muszynski, Ludwik, bosman, ORP ORKAN
Narkiewicz, Wlad., st. bosman, ORP ORZEL
Nicijewski, Aleks., mar., ORP ORKAN
Niedzielski, Wlad., st. mar., 2.5.42, ORP JASTRZAB, mistakenly sunk by Allied warships
Niedzwiedz, Stan., mar., ORP ORKAN
Niewiadomski, Andrzej, mar., ORP ORKAN
Noga, Pawel, bosmanmat, ORP GROM
Nowacki, Feliks, bosman, 28.1.45, Dundee, Szkocja, Western Necropolis, Balgay Cem.
Nowaczewski, Adam, bosmanmat, ORP ORKAN
Nowak, Jan, mar., ORP GROM
Nowak, Jozef, mar., ORP ORKAN
Nowak, Julian, mar., ORP ORKAN
Nowak, Zygmunt, st. mar., ORP ORZEL
Nowosad, Jozef, mar., ORP GARLAND
Olejnik, Jan, bosmanmat, ORP ORZEL
Olszanski, Andrzej, mar., ORP ORKAN
Olsztyn, Edward, mar., ORP KUJAWIAK
Opiat, Wlad., mar., ORP ORKAN
Owczarek, Zdzislaw, st. mar., ORP GROM
Owczarczyk, Waclaw, bosmanmat, ORP DRAGON
Pajewski, Wincenty, st. bosman, ORP DRAGON
Palowicz, Leonard, st. mar., ORP ORZEL
Pastuszko, Tadeusz, mar., ORP ORKAN
Paszek, Jozef, st. mar., 25.3.42, Bighi, Malta, C.C.Carb. Cem.
Paszkowski, Jozef, mar., ORP ORKAN
Pauka, Fran., mat., ORP GROM
Pawelczyk, Edward, bosmanmat, ORP GARLAND
Pawlowski, Czeslaw, st. mar., ORP GARLAND
Peissert, Bron., mar., ORP GROM
Perkowski, Waclaw, st. bosman, ORP GROM
Piasecki, Andrzej, kpt. mar., ORP ORZEL
Piechota, Teofil, bosmanmat, ORP ORZEL
Piechowicz, Tad., mar., ORP ORKAN
Piecyk, Miecz., mat., ORP GARLAND
Piegza, Jan, bosman, ORP ORZEL
Pierzchlewski, Stan., kpt. mar., ORP ORKAN
Pieta, Jan, mat., ORP ORKAN
Pilarz, Adam, ppor. mar., ORP ORKAN
Pilat, Jan, bosmanmat, ORP ORKAN
Piotrowski, Bron., mat., 29.9.45, Devonport, W. Bryt., Weston Mill Cem., R.C.
Piotrowski, Wojciech, ppor. mar., 31.1.42, HMS CULVER
Piskala, Stefan, mar., 5.9.45, Brookwood, W. Bryt., CCK
Plucinski, Jerzy, mar., 2.12.43, C.C.Bari, Wlochy, Br. Milit. Section
Plaza, Stan., st. mar., ORP ORKAN
Pniak, Jozef, bosman, ORP GROM
Podstolak, Tad., st. mar., ORP GROM
Pokrywka, Teodor, bosmanmat, ORP ORZEL
Ponikiewski, Jozef, por. mar. woj., 4.7.43, Newark, W. Brytania, dz. p.
Pozniak, Bron., mat., ORP ORKAN
Press, Roman, mat., ORP GROM
Prociuk, Jozef, mar., ORP ORZEL
Prokudowicz, Bron., bosmanmat, ORP ORZEL
Przadka, Tomasz, bosmanmat, ORP ORZEL
Przybylla, Edmund, mat., ORP ORKAN
Pryfke, Waclaw, por. mar., ORP ORKAN
Ptasinski, Fran., mar., ORP ORKAN
Pulsakowski, Lucjan Stan., mar., ORP ORKAN
Raciborski, Stan., mar., ORP DRAGON
Radko, Waclaw, mat., Devonport, W. Bryt., Weston Mill Cem., "C", R.C.
Rapiejko, Edward, mar., 8.10.42, ORP ORKAN
Rebizant, Henryk, mat., ORP ORZEL
Reut, Miecz., kmdor-ppor., 5.9.45, Devonport, W. Bryt., Weston Mill Cem., "C"
Roga, Aleksy, bosmanmat, 24.1.46, Brighton, W. Bryt., Borough Cem., Milit. Plot
Roszak, Florian, kpt. mar., ORP ORZEL
Roszak, Jozef, st. mar., ORP ORKAN
Rozanski, Henryk, st. mar., ORP ORKAN
Rozanski, Michal, kpt. mar., ORP ORKAN
Rupinski, Leon, mar., ORP ORKAN
Ruszkiewicz, Stan., st. mar., ORP GROM
Rykowski, Kaz., mar., ORP ORKAN
Rytter, Fran. Wojciech, mat., ORP ORKAN
Rzeszodko, Jan, mar., ORP DRAGON
Saczuk, Szymon, st. mar., ORP GARLAND
Sadowski, Stan., bosmanmat, ORP KUJAWIAK
Samotus, Stan., bosman, ORP ORZEL
Sawiuk, Mikolaj, mar., ORP ORKAN
Schmelter, Bron., bosmanmat, ORP ORKAN
Schymik, Ryszard, st. mar., ORP GARLAND
Sejbuk, Jan, mar., ORP GROM
Sewruk, Czeslaw, mar., ORP ORKAN
Sewruk, Fran., mar., ORP ORKAN
Siedlarski, Miecz., st. mar., ORP DRAGON
Siemaszkiewicz, Jozef, mar., ORP ORKAN
Sikorski, Jan, mar., 17.5.42, Glasgow, Szkocja, Cardonald Cem., Sect. "E", R.C.
Skarbek, Julian, bosmanmat, ORP ORZEL
Skop (Skod), Jozef, mar., ORP ORKAN
Skorski, Jerzy, mat., ORP GROM
Skrzyniak, Jozef, mat., ORP GARLAND
Smolinski, Piotr, mar., ORP ORKAN
Sobala, Feliks, st. bosman, 23.2.40, Devonport, W. Bryt., Weston Mill Cem., "C", R.C.
Sokolowski, Janusz Justyn, por. mar., 16.10.40, na scigaczu "S.I." (on the motor torpedo boat "S.I."
Solek, Jozef, mar., ORP DRAGON
Sopocko, Eryk, ppor. mar., ORP ORKAN
Soroka, Jan, mar., ORP ORKAN
Sorokaniuk, Leon, mar., ORP ORKAN
Sosnowski, Jerzy, por. mar., ORP ORZEL
Sosnowski, Zygmunt, bosmanmat, ORP ORZEL
Spychala, Ryszard, mar., 19.3.41, Glasgow, Szkocja, Cardonald Cem., Lair Nr 91, Compart E
Sroka, Jan, chor. mar., 31.10.43, Edynburg, Szkocja, Corstorphine Hill Cem., B
Stachurka, Andrzej, st. mar., 9.2.43, S/S ZAGLOBA
Staniewicz, Wincenty, st. mar., 13.3.44, Statek PELEUS
Stankiewicz, Roman, kmdor - por., 26.11.40, na F.S. MEDOC
Stasiewicz, Zygfryd, st. bosman, 15.11.40, ORP GARLAND
Stelmaszyk, Jozef, chor. mar., ORP ORZEL
Stepien, Andrzej, st. mar., ORP ORKAN
Swedrowski, Jozef, mar., 21.3.42, Devonport, W. Bryt., Weston Hill Cem. "C"
Synoracki, Leon, st. mar., ORP ORKAN
Szal, Jan, st. mar., ORP ORZEL
Szalk, Pawel, st. mar., 2.4.42, Killingbeck, W. Bryt., CK.Sect.B.V.
Szat, Borys, mar., 8.10.42, ORP ORKAN
Szczepanik, Stan., mat., ORP ORKAN
Szczepanski, Jan, mar., ORP ORKAN
Szczepanski, Michal, st. mar., ORP ORKAN
Szczygiel, Tomasz, bosman, ORP ORKAN
Szlomiak, Jozef, mar., ORP DRAGON
Szmacinski, Stefan, st. mar., ORP ORKAN
Szmuniewski, Zbigniew, mar., ORP ORKAN
Szpularz, Antoni, mar., 22.1.43, Devonport, W. Bryt., Weston MIll Cem., R.C.
Szubert, Waclaw, bosmanmat, ORP ORZEL
Szwarc, Stan., bosmanmat, ORP KUJAWIAK
Szwechtowicz, Jozef, mar., ORP GROM
Szymalski, Kaz., mar-pchor., 24.5.41, HMS HOOD
Szymanski, Zygmunt, st. mar., ORP ORKAN
Sliwinski, Jan, st. mar., ORP DRAGON
Slizewski (Slizewski), Wlad., st. mar., 22.4.46, Norwich, W. Bryt., CK
Slusarski, Leonard, mar., ORP GARLAND
Swiebocki, Ignacy, bosmanmat, ORP ORZEL
Swietlik, Jozef, mar., ORP ORKAN
Swistun, Michal, mar., ORP ORKAN
Tarnawski, Miecz., st. mar., 8.6.43, Edynburg, Szkocja, Corstorphine Hill Cem.
Terlecki, Alojzy., mat., ORP GARLAND
Tomaszewicz, Antoni, mar., ORP ORKAN
Torbus, Jan, bosmanmat, ORP ORZEL
Treder, Walenty, st. mar., ORP DRAGON
Trocki, Antoni, st. mar., ORP ORKAN
Trybulski, Stan., mar., 18.6.41, Dundee, Szkocja, Western Necropolis, Section J.J.
Trynda, Ignacy, bosman, ORP ORKAN
Trzebiatowski, Jan Raymund, mar., ORP GARLAND
Trzebiatowski,-Zmuda, Leon, mar-pchor., 24.5.41, HMS HOOD
Uliczny, Stan., mar., ORP ORZEL
Walkowiak, Leonard, mat., ORP DRAGON
Walach, Alojzy, st. mar., 24.11.44, Edynburg, Szkocja, Corstorphine Hill Cem., "B"
Warso, Stan., mat., ORP ORKAN
Wawrzynczyk, Pawel, chor. mar., 31.10.42, Glasgow, Szkocja, Cardonald Cem., Lair E.
Weber, Alfons, chor. mar. woj., 2.9.46, Devonport, W. Bryt. Weston Hill Cem., R.C.C.
Wieczorek, Kaz., mar., ORP ORKAN
Wiercinski, Juliusz, kpt. mar., 8.5.46, Kantara East, Egipt, BWC
Wiezewski, Jozef, st. mar., ORP GROM
Wilner, Zdzislaw, mat., 8.6.40, ORP GROM (ORZEL?)
Wisniewski, Zenon, st. mar., ORP ORKAN
Witczak, Jozef, mar., 31.12.42, Rugby, W. Bryt., CCK
Witoszynski, Jan, mar., 12.3.44, Perth, Szkocja, C. Wellshill
Wlodarczyk, Edmund, st. mar., ORP ORKAN
Wojdylo, Michal, st. bosman, ORP GROM
Wojtas, Leon, mar., ORP ORKAN
Wojtasik, Wlad., ORP ORKAN
Wojtuch, Jozef, ORP ORKAN
Wozniak, Stan., mar., ORP ORKAN
Woznicki, Eug., mar-pchor., ORP ORKAN
Wypych, Jozef, st. mar., ORP GARLAND
Zajac, Kaz., mat., 8.19.43, ORP ORKAN
Zajaczkowski, Michal, bosmanmat, ORP KUJAWIAK
Zawada, Jozef, mar., 8.2.46, Glasgow, Szkocja, Cardonald, Cem., Comp. E.
Zawadzki, Antoni, bosman, ORP ORKAN
Zegartowski, Stan., mat., ORP GROM
Zeifert, Aleks., st. mar., ORP ORKAN
Zielinski, Bron., mat., ORP ORKAN
Zielinski, Wlad., mat., ORP GROM
Zimny, Boleslaw, mat., ORP ORKAN
Zyber, Marek, mar., 4.11.42, Devonport, W. Bryt., Weston Hill Cem., R.C.C.
Zych, Edward, st. mar., ORP KUJAWIAK
Zysk, Czeslaw, mar., ORP KUJAWIAK
Zukowski, Wlad., st. mar., ORP GARLAND
Zurek, Kaz., mar-pchor., 24.5.41, HMS HOOD
Zyzniewski, Dominik, bosmanmat, ORP GROM
Extract from a joint Admiralty and Air Ministry announcement, 10th January, 1943.
"... Deteriorating weather during the following day brought a short lull in the battle, but with nightfall the U-boats again made determined attempts. Towards midnight the Polish destroyer 'Burza' sighted a U-boat on the surface and attempting to close the convoy. Then started what the destroyer's commanding officer later described as an 'exhilarating chase.' The U-boat zig-zagged in a vain attempt to escape and, as the range closed, she crash-dived - a maneouvre which was assisted by depth charges from the 'Burza.' Several minutes after the last depth charges had exploded a further heavy underwater explosion was heard..."
Captain G. W. Simpson, Commander of British Submarines operating from Malta on the flotilla's achievements in the last two years, quoted from "Manchester Guardian."
"Just below periscope depth the 'Sokol' was caught in a torpedo net. Enemy motor-boats appeared and one arrived over the submarine before she got free, after eight minutes. Her commanding officer said it was 'not a nice situaton,'  but he went back the next day and avoiding the net, torpedoed an enemy destroyer. Two nights later he torpedoed a fully laden merchant ship bound for Africa... "
Extract from Gordon Holman's book "The Little Ships," published October, 1943.
"The Poles have found in Coastal Forces a natural outlet for their dash and constant desire to be at the enemy. They, too, have proved themselves in action.
"Of the Poles, a British officer once said to me 'They are terrific fighters. To show them anything German is worse than showing a hungry dog a bone. Yet they are the most charming people to meet in their own ships or anywhere else'...."
Extract from Communique No. 18, issued from Supreme H.Q., Allied Expeditionary Force (SHAEF), 14th June, 1944.
"Shortly after midnight seven enemy M class minesweepers were intercepted west of the Minquiers Rocks by the Polish warship O.R.P. Piorun and H.M.S. Ashanti while on patrol. Action was joined at about 3,000 yards, the enemy being illuminated with star shells. The enemy vessels were repeatedly hit.... Of the seven enemy vessels engaged, three were observed to sink and one was seen to receive such damage that its survival is considered unlikely. Of the remaining three, two were left stopped and burning fiercely."

CLICK HERE to visit a web site which discusses World War II warships. Learn about the Polish Navy ships involved including those that were sunk in September 1939.

CLICK HERE to learn about the ORP ORZEL

  • Polish Air Force ranks do not correlate efficiently with their nominal English equivalent. For example, the Polish rank of both Marian Andruszkow and Waclaw Andrzejczyk is listed as plutonowy, yet the former's English rank is listed as flight sergeant while the latter's is corporal. Polish non-com pilots were often considered to be Sergeants by the British. 
  • A number of air crew were lost on missions but the location where they went down is unknown. Some airmen are known to have been buried in a particular town or cemetery but the exact location of the grave or the grave number is unknown. In these cases, a "?" signifies the place of burial.  
  • Total losses of the Polish Air Force in Great Britain (including Polish airmen who flew with R.A.F. units) stood at 2,191 as of July 1, 1945. Out of a total personnel count of 13,480 men, the losses stand at 16% of the total. Eighty-eight per cent of the losses are due to battle and training flights, 2.5% to automobile accidents, 2.5 % to other accidents and some 7% to illness and disease.
  • A grateful thank you goes out to Mr. Adrian den Houdijker and family of Amsterdam for providing additional information about Polish airmen buried at Nieuwe Ooster War Cemetary in Amsterdam. Of the 16 airmen buried there, two are unknown (died May 20, 1941 and July 20, 1942).


The Times (England) in an article on the occasion of shooting down the 500th German plane by Polish Air Force in Great Britain.

1st January, 1943.

"The Polish Air Force operating from these shores yesterday shot down its 500th German enemy. One squadron, No. 303, proudly named after Kosciuszko - claims 200 of them. To the 500 have to be added many more aircraft probably destroyed. In the Battle of Britain the Poles accounted for 195. This has been the work of the fighters. For their part, the bomber squadrons have carried out 3,200 raids and dropped 9,000 tons of bombs on enemy targets. No fewer than 120 airmen have been decorated. The figures eloquently epitomise an inspiring enterprise. The rise of the Air Force from the tragic ruins and seeming obliteration of September 1939 symbolises the undying spirit of the whole nation. Its own motto 'We shall return' expresses both a faith and a resolve. Poland, fated to a new and worse crucifixion, looks across its own scarred and despoiled lands to the west for a sign and does not look in vain.

"The strength of the Polish Air Force is now double what it was at the outbreak of war with Germany. Its losses have not been light. All told, 1,000 of its members are listed as killed, missing or captured. Many rest in the cemetery at Newark. The stone cross under whose shadow their graves lie is inscribed: 'For Freedom....' Each Polish airman regards himself as a 'self-appointed instrument of justice.' "


Extracts from the book There's Freedom in the Air - the official story of the Allied Air Forces from the occupied countries, prepared for the Air Ministry by the Ministry of Information (1944).

"Poland was a country under conscription; the number of recruits to the Air Force each year was therefore considerable. If its reserves of aircraft were poor and soon to be used up, its reserves of men were enormous. If it was not possible to save the planes from destruction by the Luftwaffe, it became evident, as early as September 14th, that it would be possible to save the men. Before active Polish resistance in Poland had ended, therefore, the escape of thousands of men of the Polish Air Force - and also of the Polish Army and the Polish Navy - had been planned. This escape, both because of its size and because of the triumphs over hardship and distances, was one of the most remarkable in history...

"The first of these men of the Polish Air Force began to reach England in early December, 1939; only three months after the collapse of their country. In a sense they were fortunate. Europe had not crumbled; France was still a free country; the avenues of escape were still open. For these reasons they were to be followed by many thousands of their countrymen. Meanwhile many Polish airmen had reached France. They had skied across the Carpathians. They had been through the prisons of Hungary. They had stolen boats and had rowed down the Drava River into Yugoslavia. They had come by steamer to Marseilles. They found themselves in a France on the verge of defeat and disunity.

"So in June, 1940, their escape began again. There was now only one country left for them - England....

"As time went on they (i.e., Norwegians) became a powerful force, second in numbers only to the Poles among the Allies in Britain...

"By July, 1940, the first two Polish bomber squadrons, Nos. 300 and 301, had been formed, though they were not to begin operating until September; and the first Polish fighter squadrons, Nos. 302 and 303.

"Within three weeks of each other, on August 7th and August 26th, 1940 respectively, the Poles and Czechoslovaks had their first success in battle. On the first date the Polish Squadrons No. 302 and 303 shot down five enemy planes without loss to themselves.

But on September 7th, exactly a month after their first victory, the Poles did even better. That day, indeed, they did magnificantly. At about half-past four in the afternoon a formation of 16 Hurricanes of No. 303 Squadron took off to meet a large enemy bomber formation protected heavily by enemy fighters. An extremely fierce encounter took place over Essex, where the Poles had kept a rendezvous with one of the most famous of all R.A.F. squadrons, the thirty-year-old No.1. In a short time the Poles alone had scored the following successes: - 10 Dornier 215s destroyed, 3 Messerschmitt 109s destroyed, 2 Dornier 215s probably destroyed, 3 Messerschmidt 109s probably destroyed, 2 Dornier 215s damaged.

"For this magnificent achievement the Poles paid with three Hurricanes, from which two pilots jumped safely; the third was wounded. The day was historic. The Poles had given to the world their first real demonstration of that fanatical courage, determination and skill for which they have since become famous....

"The new phase had even then begun; the Battle of Britain had simply overshadowed it. It was the offensive by Bomber Command; the offensive in which the Allied Air Forces had begun to take part in September, when the first Polish bomber air-crews, flying the Battles of which we now never hear, had bombed enemy shipping in the harbour of Boulogne. Two squadrons had taken part in this operation, Nos. 300 and 301, and both had been formed in July of that year..... 

"All this time the strength of the Poles was growing. The coloured map of Europe with its bright strings of retribution was becoming more and more interesting. From the Atlantic coast of France to the Baltic ports of Germany, the strings were growing closer and closer together into a solid fan. This fan represented, in 1941, the dropping of a total load of 1,200,000 lb. of bombs on German and German-occupied soil. But in the first six months of 1942 it represented a total load of nearly two and a half million lb. of bombs. The Polish power to hit back had been doubled and doubled again.

"The defence of Great Britain, in which many of their compatriots had played a splendid part, was only part of the immense plan of the war. To carry the war into Germany, to demonstrate to the citizens of Cologne and Bremen some of the experiences of the citizens of Warsaw, to make war a horrifying, positive and striking evil whose evidence could be smelt in the house, the factory and the street - all this seemed to the Polish bomber crews a clear course towards its end. Poles have been at war with Germans for something like a thousand years. It is consequently natural that they should feel they know them well.

"The Poles, therefore, were not only proud, but extremely satisfied, at their part in these enormous raids of the summer of 1942, for by it they were carrying the answer common to all the disinherited nationals of Europe - that the subjection of one nation by another is ultimately an impossible thing. A nation cannot fight with abstract qualities like faith and honour and resolution; but its people can endure by reason of them. And if they can endure long enough and somehow support that resolution and honour and faith with tanks and guns and aircraft and bombs, they can accomplish a miracle. To the Poles the great bomber raids were the first part of that miracle. It must have seemed an uneasy miracle for the people of Germany. For who in Germany could have guessed that, three years after the crushing defeat of Poland, a resurrected Polish Air Force would raid the cities of Germany in greater strength than it possessed in 1939? 

"All these great raids, and many others, were not made without loss. Though not comparatively greater than British and other Allied losses, they were nevertheless considerable. And since it is the story of the returning aircraft, not the aircraft lost, that the public almost invariably hears, the story of Polish courage in the nights over Germany will never be fully written or known.

"But the stories of those who return are also great. Behind the big victories, which are world news, lie the little victories, which time turns into something like local legend. So the public probably read, after one Bremen raid, the story of five Polish Sergeants and a Polish Flying Officer in a Wellington.....

"Behind all such exploits lies a single inspiration. It is perfectly expressed in an inscription that hangs above an altar in the hangar of a Polish bomber squadron. Almost all Polish airmen in this country are Catholics. Their altar of devotion is rightly very close to the scene of their action and sacrifce. In the huge dark hangar, among the black bombers, it shines with its inscription that in its profound and touching simplicity is the voice not only of Poles, but of all the disinherited peoples of Europe everywhere: 'Lord, please bring back our country's freedom'."


Information listed in this order: surname, given name, rank, date of death (day/month/year), place of death/burial

Abraham, Julian, szer., 11.9.42, ? in Great Britain

Adach, Henryk, plut-pchor., 13.6(7).41, utonal w morzu kolo Montrose, Szkocja (drowned in the ocean near Montrose, Scotland)

Adamek, Miecz., por., 18.5.44, Northwood, W. Bryt., sect. H

Adamiak, Jan, st. sierz.pil., 24.6.44, ?
Adamik, Wilhelm, plut., 20.10.41, ?, teren nieprzyjacielski (enemy territory)
Adamowicz, Klemens, sierz.pil., 21(20).12.43, Milltown, Belfast, W. Brytania
Adolf, Waclaw, kapr., 5.11.41, Perth, Szkocja, C. Wellshill
Alberti, Stefan, kpt.obs., 21.10.43, Newark, W. Bryt.,
Alexandrowicz, Antoni, por.pil., 14.2.43, Newark, W. Bryt., Serv.Plot
Anders, Bohdan, ppor., 2.6.41, Pembrey, Carmarthans, W. Bryt., St. Illtyd Parish Cem.
Andruszkiewicz, Kaz., ppor., 12(13).6.42 (12.6.41), Remlingrade, 8 mil pld-zach, od m. Wuppertal, Niemcy
Andruszkow (Andruszkow), Tadeusz., sierz.pil. (Sgt.), 27.9.40, Northwood, W. Bryt., 303 Squadron, chased by a number Messerschmitts, he was shot in the chest and head, his plane crashing to earth at Holywych Farm, Cowden.  
Andruszkow, Marian, plut., 14.11.43, Newark, W. Bryt.
Andrzejczyk, Waclaw, plut., 11.6.41, Newark, W. Bryt.
Andrzejewski, Edward, kapr, 19.12.40, Newark, W. Bryt., dz. wojsk.
Andrzejewski, Fran., plut., 5.11.40, Kemble, W. Bryt., Churchyard
Anglik, Henryk, sierz., 14.11.43, Newark, W. Bryt.
Antonowicz, Jerzy, kpt., 23.10.41, Exeter, W. Bryt., Higher Cem.
Antoszczyszyn, Michal, ?, 5.11.45, ?
Apanasik, por., 13.6.43, Brookwood, W. Bryt. 
Arabas, Jan, st. szer., 8.6.44, Edynburg, Szkocja, C. Corstorphine Hill
Arcimowicz, Jaroslaw, szer., 2.1.45, Hawarden (Flint), W. Bryt.
Ardelli, Kaz. Jan, plut., 19.6.42, ?
Arentowicz, Tad., kpt., 8.7.41, ?
Armanowski, Jozef, plut.(kapr.), 26.1.42, Bath, W. Bryt., C.Heycombe
Assman, Ludwik Karol, ppor., 5(6).4.42, ?
Astramowicz, Teofan (Stefan), st. sierz., 29.8(9).41, Newton, W. Brytania
Augustyn, Wlodz., kapr., 27.8.44, Budapeszt, Wegry, BCW, 1.D., grob zbiorowy 7-10.
Babiacki, Stan., kapr., 11.11.44, ?, W. Brytania
Babianski, Miecz., ppor.pil., 4.4.40, ?, Francja (buried : Gonnards Cemetery in Versailles - Thank you Piotr P. for that information)
Babiarz, Jozef, ppor., 2.3.45, Lommel, Belgia, CP
Babraj, Zdislaw, kapr., 5(6).4.42, Lovain Heverle, Belgia, BCW
Badowski, Zygmunt, plut., 24.6.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
Bagrowski, Tad., ppor., 2.12.40, Astondown, W. Bryt.
Baj, Wlad., kapr., 5.2.43, Newark, W. Bryt.
Bakas, Kaz. Tad., sierz., 8.6.45, Plymouth, W. Bryt., CK. Weston Mill
Bakun, Waclaw, ppor., 12.6.44, wyspa (island) Urk, Holandia
Bala, Eug., kapr., 14(13).3.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Balcarek, Wilhelm, plut., 28.8.44, ?
Balicki, Roman, ppor.pil., 25.6.42, ?
Balon, Wlad., ppor., 28.8.42, Leconfield, W. Bryt., Parish Churchyard
Balucki, Jozef, kapr., 13(12).4.42, Eindhoven, Holandia, C. Woensh
Banachowicz, Antoni, por., 2(1).8.41, Cranwell, W. Bryt.
Banasik, Tad., sierz., 2.9.44, ?
Bankowski, Piotr Ryszard, plut., 19(18).6.41, Nes Ameland, wyspy Fryzyjskie, Holandia
Banys, Jan, plut., 2.1.45, Failly, Francja, CAm.
Bar, Zbigniew, kapr., 2.9.44, ?
Baracz, Eug. Jerzy, plut., 24(23).12.41, Newark, W. Bryt.
Baran, Ludwik, szer., 20.9.43, Stoke upon Trent, W. Bryt., C. Tunstall
Baranowski, Fran., por.pil., 17.1.45, Ormskirk, W. Bryt., CK, dz. p.
Barcikowski, Jerzy Witold, kapr-pchor., 31.1.44, Bath, W. Bryt., C. Heycombe
Barcikowski, Jozef, ppor., 23.2.45, ?
Bardecki, Antoni, kapr., 2.10.44, Cambridge, W. Bryt., RAF Regional C.
Barszczewski, Ludwik Henryk, plut., 27.3.44, Dalcross, Inverness, Szkocja, Old Petty Parish Churchyard
Barteczko, Michal, st. szer., 21.7.42, ?
Barlicki, Jerzy, plut-pchor., 14.6.41, Perth, Szkocja, C. Wellshill
Bartnik, Witold (Vete Chester), szer., 5.5.43, Inverness, Szkocja
Bartosiak, Eug., kapr., 25(24).6.43, ? (Niemcy)
Baryga, Jan, st. sierz., 15.10.45, utonal (drowned
Bardzo, Stan., por.obs., 3.5.42, ?
Bardzo, Wlad., st. sierz., 17(16).9.43, C. Slagille, Lejre, Dania
Bardzo (Bardzo), Rajmund, 13(12), 6.44, Gelsenkirchen, Niemcy
Baster, Bron., por.-pil., 25.5.43, Newark, W. Bryt.
Bauerek, Zygmunt, plut., 29.5.45, Rednal, W. Bryt.
Baworowski, Michal Rudolf, ppor., 1(2).9.44, Budapeszt, Wegry, BCW gr. wspolny
Bay, Fran., sierz., 18(17).4.42, ?
Bazak, Bron., kapr., 10.1.44, Brookwood, W. Bryt., 
Baczkiewicz, Egon, ppor., 17.5.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Bak, Jan, kpt., 15.1.42, Newark, W. Brytania
Becko (Becko), Stan., por.pil., 6(5).9.41, Montrose, Szkocja
Bednarski, Piotr, kapr., 12(11).5.43, teren nieprzyjacielski (enemy territory
Bednarski, Zdzislaw, por., 26.1.42, ?
Bednarz, Jozef, kapr., 1.2.43, Portmadoc, W. Bryt.
Beeger, Pawel, plut., 3.8.43, Krempe k/Neuminster, Niemcy
Beer, Ryszard Aleksander, plut., 23.9.44, Brindisi, Wlochy
Befinger, Mieczyslaw Franciszek, por.pil., 16.5.45, Esex, W. Bryt., C. Epping
Belina-Prazmowski, Janusz Jozef, kapr., 22(23).4.43, rej. Lorient, Francja
Beller, Wlad. Henryk, sierz-pchor., 3.1.46, Jurley, W. Bryt., C. Northwood
Belc (Belc), Marian, ppor.pil., 27.8.42, Northolt, W. Bryt., C. Northwood
Belza, Stan., por., 11.4.45, Essex, W. Bryt., C. Epping
Benedyk, Jozef, plut., 11(12).12.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Benoit, Wieslaw, ppor., 18.11.42, Northwood, W. Bryt.
Berdeha, Jan, plut., 25.5.43, Newark, W. Bryt.
Berdys (Berdys), Stefan, ppor., 25.5.43, Newark, W. Bryt.
Berger, Antoni, plut., 15.4.41, Newark, W. Bryt.
Bergner, Miecz. Jozef, por., 22(23).5.44, Krefeld, Bochum, Niemcy, CM
Bernas, Kaz., ppor.obs., 18.6.41, ?
Bernatowicz, Fran., por., 2.3.41, Montrose, Szkocja
Besko, Stan., st. sierz.pil., 29.3.40, Marrakech, Marokko, ?
Bettcher, Jerzy, ppor.pil., 29.8.41, ?
Bedkowski, Ruszard, szer., 25.10.41, Bridgewater, W. Bryt., C. Quantock
Bialecki, Roman, plut., 21.3.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
Bialek, Stan., st. sierz., 7(6).5.41, ?
Bialobrzeski, Kaz., st. szer., 25.5.43, Newark, W. Bryt.
Bialoszewski, Adam Szczepan, sierz., 2.9.44, ?
Bialobrowka, Mikolaj, sierz., 22(21).6.43, ?
Bialy, Lech Jozef, st. szer., 16(15).10.42, ?
Bialy, Czeslaw, st. sierz., 6.2.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Biedrzycki, Stan., st. sierz., 17.9.44, Warszawa, Polska, ?
Bieganski, Tadeusz, por.obs., 30(20).1.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Bielawski, Jozef, kapr., 22.5.43, Halton, Aylesbury, W. Bryt.
Bielec, Stan., plut., 9(8).10.42, Helder Algemeene, Holandia
Bielicki, Jozef, plut.pil., 15.8.44, ?
Bielka vel Koczwara, Jerzy, 1.1.45, Lommel, Belgia, CP
Bielkiewicz, Bogdan, ppor.pil. (P/O), 13.2.41, Market Drayton, W. Bryt., ?, 306 Squadron, killed when his Hurricane hit trees near the airfield.
Bielski, Antoni, kapr., 25(24).6.43, Munchen, Gladbach, Niemcy, CM
Bieszka vel Bojenski, Jozef, kapr., 13.4.45, ferma Klaushide, Kr. Benheime, Niemcy, ?
Bienkowski, Jan Zenon, por.pil., 2.8.43, Cherbourg, Francja
Bienkowski, Waclaw, szer., ?.2.40, Babadag, Rumunia, ?
Bijowski, Jan, kapr., 25(24).6.43, Munchen, Gladbach, Niemcy
Bilan, Juliusz, ppor.pil., 12.6.44, ?
Blach, Tad., ppor., 9.8.41, St. Clear's, W. Bryt., ?
Blachowski, Jerzy, por., 3.7.43, ?
Blachowski, Zygfryd, kapr., 5(4).9.42, ?, Niemcy
Bladowski, Feliks Stan., sierz., 12(13).6.44, Wijdenes k/Haoorn, Holandia
Blayda, Jozef, por., 27.6.43, ?
Bluczynski, Witold, st. szer., 15.4.42, Porthcawl, W. Bryt.
Bluj, Feliks Antoni, kapr., 19.12.43, Newark, W. Bryt.,
Bluszcz, Jerzy, kapr., 29.7.41, Nuneaton, W. Bryt.
Blachowski (Blachowski), Marian, kapr., 12.10.43 (11.10.42), Apenrade, Dania, ?
Blasinski, Wlad., por.pil., 5.9.41, Clevington, W. Bryt.
Blaszczak, Kaz., kapr., 24(19), 6.42, ?
Blaszczyk, Jan, por., 3.12.43, Tel-el-Kebir, Egipt, ?
Blazejewski, Jan, kpt.pil., 16(17).12.41, Dunkierka, Francja, CM
Blazejewski, Lech, st. szer., 16(15).8.43, ?, wyspy Fryzyjskie, Holandia
Blazejewski, Wawrzyniec, kapr., 2.9.44, ?
Blazenski, Romuald, st. szer., 6.1.44, Brindisi, Wlochy, C.OO Kapucynow
Blyskal, Fran., kapr., 26.11.40, Benson, W. Bryt., ?
Bober, Miecz., plut.pil., 6.6.42, ?
Bobitko, Michal, ppor., 28.7.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
Bochaczek, Antoni, st. szer., 26.3.42, ?
Bochenski, Kaz., plut. (Sgt.), 17.2.41, Blackpool, W. Bryt., 307 Squadron, killed when the Defiant he was aboard together with Sgt. Kazimierz Frackiewicz, dove into the ground while making aerobatic figures, the pilot possibly having lost consciousness during the manoevre.
Bock, Harry Ludomir, ppor.pil., 21.7.42, ?
Bockowski, Zygmunt, plut.pil., 11.4.45, Epping, W. Bryt.
Bogusiak, Jozef, kapr., 17.5.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Boguslawski, Stefan Miecz., por.naw., 28(29).6.43, Petersrode k/Bruksela, Belgia, C. Paraf.
Bogusz, Kaz., kapr., 1.7(30.6).44, Beauvilliers, Loire et Cher, Francja, grob. wspolna
Boguszewski, Boleslaw, ppor., 20(26).7.42, Westerland Sylt., Dania
Boguszewski, Wlad. Sylwester, st. strz., 20.10.41, Newark, W. Bryt.
Bohanes, Stefan, plut., 17.8.44, ?
Bohuszewicz, Witold, por.pil., 5(6).1.44, Brindisi, Wlochy, C.OO.Kapucynow
Bojakowski, Tad., sierz.pil., 9(8).5.41, ?
Bojarczuk, Romuald, st. sierz.pchor., 18.1.46, Honington, W. Bryt.
Bojenski, Jozef - see Bieszke, Jozef
Boklazec, Mikolaj, plut., 29.11.42, City of Herenford, W. Bryt., CK.
Bokros, Jan, kapr., 12.6.44, ?
Boleslawski, Jerzy, kapr., 18.7.41, Newark, W. Bryt.
Bondar (Bonder), Jozef, ppor.pil., 28.6.41, Aubers-Ridge k/Lille, Francja, B.C.?.
Bondarczuk, Arkadiusz, plut., 27.9.43, ?
Bonk, Leon Stan., plut., 13(12).7.43, Pontaudemer, ?, CW (NOTE: September 14, 2011 - an update from Piotr P. who lives in France:
Nawrot Jerzy
Bonk L.S.
Lewicki N.S.  
Died on 13.07.43 They are buried in the municipal cemetery in Pont Audemer (department Eure, France). They were members of RAF 138 Squadron. Other crew members are buried in the Polish cemetery at Langannerie.
Bonkowski, Roman, sierz.pil., 18.6.41, ?
Borecki, Bol., kapr., 22(23).1.42, ?
Borkowski, Bron., sierz., 20.12.45, Kloppenburg, Niemcy, C.10.kanad.szpitala.
Borkowski, Henryk, por., 18.8.44, Vauroux, Francja (see photo below - buried at Langannerie-Urville - thanks to Piotr. P. in Normandy for the update)
Borkowski, Stan., st. szer., 22.5.43, Halton, W. Bryt.
Borowicz, Ludomir, por.obs., 8(9).11.42, Fourfeldt, Dania, Gravelund Eisberg
Borowski, Jan, por., 18.10.40, Northwood, W. Bryt.
Borusiewicz, Zbigniew, ppor., 28.4.42, ?
Borzecki, Stan., ppor.pil., 20.10.41, ?
Bosek, Henryk, kapr., 22.1.42, Newark, W. Bryt.,
Bozek, Wlad., ppor.pil., 22.7.41, ?
Branszted, Jan, ppor., 2.2.45, ?
Bregman, Jerzy, ppor., 18.7.44, ?
Breyner, Stan., plut., 17.2.45, Bruksela, Belgia, C.Evere
Bril, Eug., kapr.pil., 18.11.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Brodzikowski, Witold, por., 8.1.46, Newark, W. Bryt.
Bronicki, Miecz., kapr., 22(21).6.43, ?
Bros, Wlad., plut., 19.12.40, Newark, W. Bryt.
Brozda, Zdzislaw, plut., 7.8.41, ?
Brych, Ryszard, kapr., 14(13).10.42, ?
Brygider, Roman Marian, ppor.pil., 19.14.44, Northwood, W. Bryt.
Bryk, Antoni, por.obs., 16.10.41, Blakenburg, Belgia
Bryla, Zbig., szer., 16.5.42, Basra, Irak, BCW
Brzazgacz, Aleks. Bol., pplk.pil., 4(2).11.41, Haverfordwest, W. Bryt., Corporation-Cem.
Brzezina, Stan., ("Breezy"), plk-Gr., 13.2.46, Orpington, W. Bryt., St. Mary Cry.
Brzezinski, Jozef, kpt., 15.3.42, Exeter, W. Bryt., Higt Cem.
Brzezinski, Jan, mjr., 22.11.45, Ilminster, W. Bryt., Churchyard
Brzezinski, Waclaw, st. sierz., 4.2.46, Newark, W. Bryt.
Brzostowski, Wlad. Fran., ppor.pil., 8(9).5.41, Wilhelmshaven, Niemcy, ?
Bubowicz, Walenty, ppor.pil., 13.5.40, Clermont, Francja, ?
Buczynski, Stan., por.obs., 7.11.45, Morpeth, W. Bryt., Churchyard
Bucko, Julian, st. szer., 6.1.44, Brindisi, Wlochy, C.OO.Kapucynow
Buda, Fran. Jan, kapr., 31(30).8.43, Rotterdam, Holandia, Crosswick
Budzalek, Czeslaw, ppor.pil., 7.9.41, ?
Bujak, Wincenty, st. szer., 25(26).2.42, ?
Bujnowski, Stan., plut., 14.8.44, Langannerie, Francja
Bukowiecki, Grzegorz, por., 3.4.42, Exeter, W. Bryt.
Bukowski, Jozef, plut., 30.6.44, Beauvilliers, Francja, ?
Burak, Ant., kapr., 14.7.42 (15.7.41), ?
Burda, Jerzy, kapr., 15(14).1.43, ?
Burkiewicz, Henryk Marian, ppor.pil., 12(13).6.44, Remligrade k/Wuppertal, Niemcy, ?
Bursztyn, Kaz. Jozef, por.pil., 25.5.40, ?
Bury-Burzymski - see Burzymski
Burzymski (Burzynski), Jan, ppor. (P/O), 24.10.40, Leconfield, W. Bryt., Churchyard, ? (proper name was Bury-Burzymski), 303 Squadron, crashed and killed in his Hurricane while engaged in dog fight practice. 
Burzynski, Jan Wilhelm, st. szer., 20.3.44, ?
Burzynski, Kaz., kpt.pil., 25.4.44, Montreal, Kanada, C. Cotes des Neiges
Buszko, Eug., sierz.pil., 27(26).9.41, Newark, W. Bryt.
Bychowski, Jan Ryszard, kapr., 23(22).5.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
Bylinski, Eug., por., 17.7.41, St. Rauraer, Wingtonhill, W. Bryt., ?
Bylczynski, Stan., kpt., 21.2.41, Rothesey, Szkocja, CM
Byrczek, Miecz., 16.7.45, ?, utonal (drowned
Bystrzynski, Witold, plut.pchor., 1.8.41, ?
Bzowski (Janota-Bzowski), Jerzy, kpt.pil., 14(15).7.41, Bremen, Niemcy, C. Waler, gr. wspolny
Cacko, Kaz., kapr., 26(25).6.42, Niemcy, ?
Calinski, Stan., ppor.pil., 20.5.44, ?
Cebrzynski, Arsen, por., 11.9.40, Northwood, W. Bryt. (F/O Cebrzynski, 303 Squadron, was on his first outing when shot down, his plane crashing at Pembury while he fell nearby. He was shot in many places with one leg blown off. It is likely that his harness was severed and he fell out of the plane as it turned upside down. Taken to hospital unconscious, he died within the week).  
Cebrzynski, Wiktor, por., 21.7.45, Brookwood, W. Bryt.
Cebula, Edward, szer., 16.11.40, Babington, Warwick, W. Bryt.
Cechrzycki, Jerzy, ppor., 9(29).10.41, Manby, W. Bryt., St. Mary Cem., dz. RAF
Ceglinski, Kaz., sierz., 18.8.41, Newark, W. Bryt.
Ceglowski, Edward, kapr., 26(27).2.42, Aaberaa, Dania
Cembala, Ant., kapr., 10.6.41, Edynburg, Szkocja, C. Corstorphine Hill
Cent, Walerian, plut., 29.8.44, ?
Cesarz, Wilhelm, sierz-pil., 7.8(6).44, Langannerie, Francja, CP
Charbowski (Chabrowski), Stan., sierz., 23(22).5.44, ?
Chetnicki, Stefan, kapr., 1(2).3.45, Margraten, Holandia, CAm
Chlistowski, Jan, kapr., 30.7.43, Brookwood, W. Bryt.
Chlopicki, Kaz. Ant., sierz., 25(26).8.44, Quebeck, Kanada, Seven Isles, ?
Chlopik, Tadeusz, kpt.(F/O), 15.9.40, Southend on Sea, W. Bryt., Suton Cem. (was killed in a mid-air collision with a Dornier, his body recovered from the Thames Estuary).
Chmielowiec, Andrzej, kapr-pchor., 13.7.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
Chodzicki, Jerzy, st. szer., 1(2).1.42, Fulford, W. Bryt., Burial Ground, ?
Chojnacki, Waclaw, ppor.pil., 1.1.45, Lommel, Belgia, CP
Chomka, Waclaw, por.obs., 14.1.44, ?
Choms, Wieslaw, ppor., 14.8.41, ?
Chowanski, Zygmunt Jan, plut., 11.6.41, ?
Christman, Rudolf, por.pil., 15.4.41, Newark, W. Bryt.
Chrostowski, Tad., kpt.obs., 6.8.41, ?
Chrzan, Stan., kapr., 20.4.46, Padwa, Wlochy, BCW
Chrzanowski, Bernard, plut., 21.3.41, Newark, W. Bryt.
Chrzanowski, Gustaw, st. szer., 15.6.42(7/8.11.41), Nicea, Francja, C. Consorde, ? (300 sqdr., died 15.06.42, buried at Caucade Cem., Nice, FR. - thank you to Piotr P. for that information)
Churchal, Miecz., szer., 26.3.45, Newark, W. Bryt.
Chwalibog, Zygmunt Marian, plut., 25.11.44, ?
Chylewski, Fran., kapr., 15.1.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Ciach, Marian, por.pil., 16.7.43, ?
Ciaston, Fran., kapr., 23.9(12.3.).43, Fulfort, W. Bryt., ?
Cibor, Czeslaw, ppor., 3(2).11.41, Montrose, Szkocja, ?
Cichowicz, Stan., por.obs., 6(7).12.42, Boulogne sur Mer, Francja
Cichocki, Wlad. Henryk, por., 7(6).8.41, Newark, W. Brytania
Ciechanowski, Wiktor Zygmunt, por.pil., 14.1.44, ?
Ciechanowski, Wlad., ppor.pil., 2.12.42, ?
Cielinski, Stan. Tad., por.pil., 18.4.43, Pentyrch k/Cardiff, W. Bryt., Church of England Cem., ?
Cieplinski, Filip, por.pil., 1.3.43, Newark, W. Bryt.
Ciesplik, Maks., kapr., 29(28).6.43, St. Petersrode k/Bruksela, Belgia, CParaf.
Cieslik, Stan., plut., 29.10.44, Hucknall, W.Bryt.
Cieslicki, Stan., st. szer., 22.9.44, Fretin, Nord, Francja, ?
Cioch, Stan., ppor.obs., 8.8.41, ?
Ciolek, Jakub, por.obs., 5(6).8.42, Lorient, Francja
Ciuchcinski, Jan Stefan, kapr., 22(21).6.43, ?
Ciundziewicki, Antoni, plut.pil., 10.11.44, ?
Ciurkot, Eug. Henryk, plut., 27.12.43, Barrow in Furness, W. Bryt.
Cupryk, Stan., plut.pchor., 29.9.41, Nuneaton, W. Bryt.
Cwenar, Stan., kapr., 7(2).3.45, Lommel, Belgia, CP
Cwojdzinski, Bol. Michal, ppor., 1.7.(30.6).44, Beauvilliers, Francja
Cymbala, Kaz., kapr., 28.1.45, ?
Cymborski, Jan Adam, plut., 6.2.41, Newark, W. Bryt.
Cynkier, Konstanty, ppor.pil., 3.9.44, ?
Czabinski (Czabanski), Stan., ppor.pil., 14.8.44, Langannerie, Francja, CP
Czachowski, Jozef, ppor.pil., 24.7.41, ?
Czajkowski, Fran., por.pil., 25.10.42, Exeter, W. Bryt., Higher Cem.
Czapiewski, J., ppor., 19.5.41, ?
Czapinski, Jozef, kapr., 8(14).11.41, Hunstanton, W. Bryt.
Czaplicki, Waclaw Stan., pplk., 10.9.43, Porthcawl, W. Bryt.
Czaplicki, Zbig., kapr., 16.5.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
Czapski, Zdzislaw, kapr., 3(2).7.42, ?
Czarkowski, Henryk, kapr., 21.6.43, Newark, W. Bryt.
Czarnecki, Kaz., kapr., 13.8.43, utonal w Zatoce Biskajskiej.
Czarniecki, Tad., kapr., 21.4.45, Newark, W. Bryt.
Czarnowski, I, 31.7.40, Lommel, Belgia, CP
Czekalski, Waclaw, sierz.pil., 10.4.44, ? 
Czempas, Jerzy, plut., 13.5.41, Edynburg, Szkocja, C. Corstorphine Hill
Czerniak, Jerzy, por.pil., 9.8.41, ?
Czerniawski, Stan., plut., 21(20).12.43, Milltown, Belfast, W. Bryt. ?
Czerniejewski, Marian, kapr., 18.7.41, Newark, W. Bryt.
Czerwinski, Andrzej, por.pil., 7.12.44, zginal nad Norwegia (missing over Norway)
Czerwinski, Tad., kpt.pil., 22.8.42, Longuenesse, Francja, Souvenir Cem.
Czerwonka, Jozef, plut., 5(6).6.42, Uitdam, Ijsselmeer k/Amsterdam, Holandia, ? (301 Squadron, Nieeuwe Ooster Cem.)
Czopik, Roman Stefan, plut.pchor., 19(12).8.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Czternastek, Stan., ppor.pil. (P/O), 5.2.41, Hartings, W. Bryt., ?, 615 Squadron, killed following a mid air collision with P/O Bronislaw Wydrowski, as his Hurricane crashed at Appleton Farm, Marlon near Dover.
Czyzewski, Jan, kapr., 23.9.(12.3).43, Fulford, W. Bryt., ?
Czyzewski, Stefan, ? (F/O), 21.7.42, Monktor, Preswick, W. Bryt.
Czyzyk, Henryk Tad., plut., 26(25).7.44, ? 

Local Tribute to a Downed Polish Pilot
Henryk Borkowski, killed at Vauroux, (photo: Piotr P., Normandy)

Nieuwe Ooster, Amsterdam 2006 -A. den Houdijker
Some of the Polish Airmen buried here are in the graves located in the background.

Pilots of 79 Squadron in November 1940, were involved mostly in patrolling the coast and their base at Pembrey with the chance for a kill rarely presenting itself. The fruitless patrols and the boredom of waiting were sometimes interrupted by well remembered events. Donald Stones relates two stories about Sgt. Wlodzimierz Mudry (courtesy Poles in Defence of Britain):
"We had two artists in the squadron now. John Parker, who was already established as the keeper and illustrator of our unofficial Squadron diary, and Sergeant Mudry, one of three newly acquired Polish pilots...
"Parker and Mudry decorated the walls of our mess with exciting drawings in coloured chalk of near-nude chorus girls and caricatures of aerial battles in which 79 Squadron always came off badly. Of the girls, one magnificent specimen with much leg and what we call an air-cooled chest, wore only a short pair of black French knickers, attached by drawing pins to the wall. A visiting VIP of high rank fell into the trap and through unendurable curiosity, casually lifted the knickers, to be confronted with a card bearing the message: 'You have a dirty mind. Put 2s 6d in the beer kitty.' "
On another occasion:
"Sergeant Mudry, who was a bit gullible, was persuaded to climb on to the roof of our hut while we all snoozed inside, near the tortoise-stove glowing with almost incandescent coke, and put a Very light cartridge down the chimney. The result was most impressive. The cartridge exploded, the stove lost its lid and stocking-doo, the hut was filled with red smoke, while hot cinders flew in all directions and small fires started. Oddly, no one was killed or injured. No hut was ever more quickly evacuated. Mudry was grounded for two days... "
Sgt. Baranowski and the Goose:
The theft of one of his geese compelled a country policemen to begin an investigation into the matter. By chance he discovered the missing goose being held and fed by Polish airmen, and even walked on a leash around the aerodrome. The case was settled in a court of law at Newcastle-upon-Tyne:
"The defendant, Sgt. Baranowski, 317 Squadron, when asked if he pled guilty, replied that before answering the question he would like to make a short explanation to the court. The judge permitted him to speak, and waited for what the Pole was going to say in his broken English. The sergeant, as befits a soldier, looked the judge straight in the eyes, and related briefly, as if reporting, the story of his fighter squadron, which had not even encountered the Germans, to say nothing about scoring a victory. At the same time British squadrons in the area were enjoying more luck. After researching the question in detail, he found that every other squadron had a mascot, while the Polish unit had none. One day, walking through the village, he saw a goose. He recalled the story of the geese in ancient Rome that saved the city. So, he decided to steal a goose. At night, while everybody else was having a good time in the Sergeants' Mess, he accomplished his plan. That was all he had to say in his defence.
" 'Well', asked the judge ironically, 'has a German aeroplane fallen into the hands of the defendant, too?'
"The counsel for the defence, a British officer, asked permission to speak, which was granted by the judge.
" 'Two days after the goose was brought to the aerodrome', said the consel, 'the defendant shot down a Dornier during a patrol...'
"... On hearing this the policeman asked the court to close the case, paid several pound sterling in costs, and shook the Polish airman's hand, saying 'sorry'."

Extract from the Air Ministry News Service, 9th June, 1944.
"Since dawn on D-day until Thursday night a Polish sector in the Second T.A.F. had a record score against the Germans of 30 destroyed and others probably destroyed and damaged. Their own losses were 10 aircraft but two pilots were saved.
"The Wing also holds another record, top score on D-day plus one - 16 enemy aircraft destroyed, together with probables and damaged, for four aircraft missing, which perfectly illuminates the Polish fighting spirit."
Extract from the Air Ministry News Service, 8th September, 1940.
"... Flying their Hurricanes against the enemy for the fourth day in succession the Polish Squadron played havoc over the Thames Estuary with a formation of Dornier heavy bombers. Out of 40, closely guarded by Messerschmitt fighters, the Polish pilots shot down 10 bombers and three fighters. They probably accounted for two more Dorniers and two fighters...
"This Squadron has destroyed 25 raiders in four days.
"...Another pilot praised the courage of the Poles. 'They are tremendous fighters,' he said. 'Their enthusiasm is infectious. When they go tearing into the enemy bombers and fighters they go so close you would think they were going to collide'."
Extract from the Air Ministry News Service Bulletin, March 25, 1941.
"Since its beginning, the 303 Squadron has gone on to account for 117.5 enemy machines destroyed in the defence of Britain... In the September blitz this Polish Squadron shot down a total of 67 enemy aircraft in five separate days... On one of these days they broke up a formation of 150 machines setting out for an ambitious attack on London and shot down seven of the bombers, three fighter bombers, and four fighters, forcing the rest to drop their bombs in the Channel and retreat to France. On September 15th, the record day, when 185 of the enemy were shot down by Fighter Command, the Polish Squadron claimed 16. They played a key part in helping to break up a force of 400 bombers and fighters as they came up from the Kent coast towards London."
Dadej, Stan., por.pil., 12.8.44, Malakal, Afryka, CChr., grob wspolny (common grave).
Dam, Adam, ppor., 19.8.42, ?
Dangel, Jerzy Marian, kapr., 13.8.43,?
Daniel, Stan., mjr.obs., 15.8.44, Pogwizdow, p. Bochnia, Polska
Danieluk, Jan, st. sierz., 26(25).7.44, ?
Danik, Jan, plut., 5(6).6.42, Huisduinen, Holandia, General Cem.
Daszewski, Kaz., por., 4.4.42, ?
Dabrowski, Andrzej, plut., 9.11.44, Epping, W. Bryt., ?
Dabrowski, Ant., sierz., 2.2.43, Newark, W. Bryt.
Dabrowski, Jozef, kapr., 14.6.43, Northwood, W. Bryt.
Dabrowski, Tad., ppor., 25.10.40, Pwllheli, W. Bryt.
Dabrowski, Waclaw, kapr., 16.3.45, Newark, W. Bryt.
Dabrowski, Zygmunt Zdzislaw, por.pil., 23.8.46, Newark, W. Bryt.
Dec, Jozef Walenty, por., 24.4.43, Northwood, W. Bryt.
Deckert, Leopold, kapr., 12.6.40, ?
Derewienko, Jozef, plut., 2.9.44, ?
Derulski, Zdzislaw, kapr., 6.12.42, Boulogne, Francja, East Cem.
Desaga, Witold Kamil, ppor.pil., 20.4.40, Lyon, Francja
Debowski, Ireneusz, kapr., 23(22).4.43, ?
Dindorf, Karol, kapr.pchor., 20.4.41, Nottage k/Porthcawl, W. Bryt., ?
Dobosz, Aleks., plut., 10.5.40, Lyon, Francja, C. Guillotiere, ?
Dobromirski, Krzysztof Leon, por.pil., 17.12.42, Bighi, Malta, Naval Cem.
Dobrzynski, Witold, por.pil., 19.4.40, Lyon, Francja, C. Guillotiere
Dobrowolski, Stefan, kapr., 18.11.43, Gaza, Palestyna, ?
Dobrucki, Tad., ppor.pil., 28.2.42, ?
Doda, Wlad., kapr., 13.7.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
Dolata, Edmund Jozef, plut., 25(26).2.42, ?
Dolewski, Wojciech Jan, por., 3.6.44, St Johns Joints, Nowa Funlandia, CW
Domanski, Jozef, sierz., 18(19).6.41, ?
Domanski, Ludwik, ppor., 5(6).8.42, Lorient, Francja
Domanski, Stan., plut., 3.7.44, ?
Domanski, W., por., 6.5.42, ?
Domanski, Zbig. Jan, ppor., 14.2.43, Newark, W. Bryt.
Domaradzki, Tad. Jozef, kpt.nawig., 5(6).1.44, Casamassima, Wlochy, CP
Domin, Zdzislaw, plut., 12.7.45, Udine, Wlochy, CW, rz. C.
Domiter, Zygmunt, kapr.pil., 21(22).11.41, Blackpool, W. Bryt., ?
Donocik, Jan Piotr, plut.pil., 21.2.45, ?
Dorman, Jan Piotr, sierz.pil., 8.5.41, Amsterdam, Holandia, C. Nieven, Osterbergrawplatz (305 Squadron, Nieuwe Ooster Cem.)
Dorosz, Stan., plut., 13(12).1.43, Newark, W. Bryt.
Drabsiak, Boguslaw, st. strz., 24.3.40, Clermont-Ferrand, Francja
Danicki, Miecz. Kaz., ppor.pil., 14(13).3.42, Newark, W. Bryt., ?
Drapala, Roman, kapr., 12.5.43, Newark, W. Bryt.
Drecki, Wlad., kpt.pil., 13.9.43, Milazzo East, Sycylia, BCW
Dreka, Jozef (Czech), ? (LAC), 13.7.41, Stranraer, W. Bryt. ?
Drag, Jerzy, sierz., 6.1.44, Brindisi, Wlochy, ?
Drozdowicz, Romuald, plut., 2.1.45, Grand Failly, Francja, AMCW
Drozdzik, Karol Jozef, st. szer., 25(26).2.42, ?
Drozdziok (Dryzdziak), Pawel, kapr., 11.8(12.7).42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Drozdz, Jozef, kapr., 28.2(27.5).41, ?
Druciak, Wlod., kapr., 14.1.44, ?
Drynek, Jan, sierz., 4.2.41, Nuneaton, W. Bryt.
Dubas, Stefan Michal, por., 25.11.41, Newark, W. Bryt.
Dubas, Zbigniew, por.pil., 22(23).6.42, West Tershelling (wyspy Fryzyjskie), Holandia, ?
Dubowski, Tad., plut., 15.8.44, ?
Duchaczek, Jan, kapr., 28(27).5.44, Hansden, Holandia, ?
Duchnicki, Stan. Feliks, ppor., 6(7).5.41, utonal w morzu (drowned in the ocean)
Dudek, Ignacy, por., 8.5.41, ?
Dudwal, Hieronim Fran., por.pil., 7.6.40, St. Germain sur Eaulne, Francja, CM, ?
Dudziak, Janusz, kapr., 25(24).4.44, Michelstadt k/Manheim, Niemcy, CW, ?
Dudziak, Jozef, st. szer., 17.8.44, Olszyny, p. Gorlice, Polska, ?
Dundera, Fran. (Czech), ? (LAC), 13.7.41, utonal w morzu
Dunin, Piotr Jerzy, por., 25.2.42, Dumfries, Szkocja, ?
Dunin-Horkowicz, Konstanty, ppor., 28.8.44, ?
Dunin-Rzuchowski, Zbigniew, ppor.pil., 19.3.45, ?
Dunski, Zygmunt, plut.pil., 6.1.44, Brindisi, Wlochy, C.OO.Kapucynow
Dusza, Edward, st.majst., 5.11.45, Newark, W. Bryt.
Dusza, Stan., st. sierz., 19.?.42. Newark, W. Bryt.
Duszynski, Stan., kapr., 11.9.40, ? (Sgt. Duszynski, 238 Squadron, and his Hurricane crashed at Little Scotney Farm, Lydd).
Dutkiewicz, Karol, sierz.pchor., 13(12).1.43, Newark, W. Bryt.
Dwornik, Karol, st. szer., 10.5.40, Lyon, Francja, C.Guillotiere, ?
Dworski, Stan., plut., 18.9.44, ?
Dydzul (Dydziul), Marian Jozef, kpt.obs., 25(26), 6.42, utonal w morzu
Dylewski, Stefan, kapr.pil., 2.1.43, Kiltearn-Evantien
Dymek, Stan., kapr., 21.12.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Dyszkant, Stan., szer., 22.2.45, Cambridge, W. Bryt., CM
Dziadula, Fran., kapr., 11.9.44, Budapeszt, Wegry, BCW, grob wspolny
Dzialkowski, Stan., st. sierz.pil., 19.3.42, Perth, Szkocja, CM. Wellshill
Dziekonski, Czeslaw, sierz., 20(29).6.42, Bochum, Niemcy, CLut.
Dzierzbicki, Lech Stan., por.pil., 24(25).4.42, Wittmund, Niemcy, CW
Dziegielewski, Ant., por.pil., 19.5.43, ?
Dziubek, Edward, plut.(Sgt.), 10.4.41, Bath, W. Bryt., C. Heycombe, (fitter, 307 -Night Fighter- Squadron; see Frychel, Maks.) 
Dziubinski, Tadeusz, ppor.pil., 1.1.41, Newark, W. Bryt.
Dzwigajewski, Bohdan, kapr.pil., 8.12.44, Edynburg, Szkocja, C. Corstorphine Hill
Dzwon, Fran., sierz., 4.5.43, Halhen, W. Brytania
Eberhardt, Karol, mjr., 4.10.40, Cranwell Village, Lincs., W. Bryt.
Eckert, Tadeusz, sierz., 22.8.43, ?
Eckhardt, Jozef, por.obs., 28.3.44, ?
Egierski, Tadeusz, kapr., 13.10.40, West Bridgeford, W. Bryt.
Ehrlich (Ehrich), Stan., kapr., 26.7.43, ?
Elmerych, Stan., por.pil., 12.5.43, ?
Erdt, Jozef, kapr., 4(3).5.42, ?
Eret, Tadeusz, kapr., 27.9(3).43, Newark, W. Bryt.
Eustachiewicz, Kaz., ppor., 1.6.42, ?
Fatyga, Stan., kapr.pil., 19.8.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Fedak, Jerzy, kapr., 3.7.43, ?
Fedak, Jozef, kapr., st. szer., 6.5.41, ?
Fedorenko, Aleks., por.pil., 25(24).4.44, Michelstadt k/Manheim, Niemcy
Fedzinski, Wlodz., plut.pil., 11.9.44, ?
Feil, Jozef, ppor., 12.6.44, ?
Felczykowski, Konrad, 26.11.43, Blackpool, W. Bryt., C. Layton
Felus, Kaz., sierz.pil., 6.8.43, Newark, W. Bryt.
Fenger, Augustyn, kapr., 7.6(12).42, ?
Fengler, Dominik, por.pil., 8.8.40, Nuneaton, W. Bryt.
Ferenc, Stefan, kapr., 28(27).4.42, ?
Feric, Miroslaw, por., 14.2.42, Northwood, W. Bryt.
Feruga, Jozef, sierz., 1.3.45, Grand Failly, Francja, AmCM
Fiedorczuk, Eug., por.pil., 15.8.42, Forniley, W. Bryt., Our Lady's Cem.
Figura, Ryszard, por.(kpt.).pil., 26.8.44, Dely-Ibrahin, Alger, Afryka
Fijalkowski, Jerzy, por., 28.4.45, Donington, W. Bryt.
Filek, Jacek, plut., 2.3.45, Lommel, Belgia, CP
Filipek, Adam, ppor.pil., 24(23).2.45, Niefern, Niemcy, CC, ?
Filipiak, Bol., kapr., 2.3.45, Margraten, Holandia, AmCW.
Finder, Roman, ppor., 6.1.44, ?
Firlej-Bielanski, Stan. Feliks, por.obs., 29.10.40, Newark, W. Bryt.
Fisch, Henryk, strz., 11.2.43, Newark, W. Bryt.,
Flegier, Henryk Andrzej, plut(sierz)., 5.10.43, Newtonards, W. Bryt.
Flisnik, Adam Marian, por.pil., 26.2(4).42, w morzu
Florkowski, Jan, plut., 17.8.44, ?
Floryanowicz, Stefan, mjr.pil., 1.1.41, Newark, W. Bryt.
Foczpaniak, Miecz., 10(11).9.44, Belgrad, Jugoslawia, CB, grob wspolny
Fojer, Henryk, kapr., 15(14).9.43, ?
Formaniewicz, Edmund, plut., 27.9.43, Newark, W. Bryt.
Franaszczuk, Stan., plut.(sierz.), 19(18).6.41, ?
Franczak, Stan., por.pil., 11.9.44, ?
Franczak, Stan., plut.pil., 6.4.44, ?
Frankiewicz, Miecz., kapr., 12.5.43, Newark, W Bryt.
Frankowski, Ant., kapr., 6(5).8.42, Kerentrech, Francja
Frantisek, Jozef, sierz. (Sgt.), 7.10.1912, Prostejow, Czechoslowacja, 8.10.40, Northwood, W. Bryt. (303 Squadron, awarded British DFM, Polish Virtuti Militari.)
Frackiewicz, Kaz., kapr. (Sgt.), 17.2.41, Blackpool, W. Bryt., killed during training (see Bochenski, Kaz.).
Friedel, Leopold Marcin, kapr., 5.3.41, Dumfries, Szkocja
Frychel, Maks., plut.(Sgt.), 10.4.41, Bath, W. Bryt., C. Heycombe (307 -Night Fighter- Squadron, was flying a Defiant with Sgt. Dziubek, air testing a new R/T when another aircraft crossed their path. In avoiding the collision the Defiant entered a spin and crashed 3 miles northwest of Bath at Rooks Manfield.)
Fuchs, Walery Stan., por.obs., 14.11.43, Newark, W. Bryt.
Fudali, Wlad., plut., 1.7(30.6).44, Beauvilliers, Francja, ?
Fudala, Jozef, kapr.pil., 23.2.44, ?
Fugiel, Fran., ktp.obs., 25.2.42, ?
Furmaniak, Jozef, kapr., 6.12.42, Boulogne-sur-Mer, Francja
Fusiara, Ryszard, sierz.pil., 11.6.44, Neu Bad, Zwischenann, Niemcy
Fusinski, Jan, por., 28(27).5.43, Badbergerstt k/Quakenbruck, Niemcy, CEw
Gachowski, Ludwik, plut., 1.1.41, Newark, W. Bryt.
Gadomski, Stefan, plut., 18(17).4.43, ?
Gadus, Romuald, plut.pchor.(ppor.), 1(2).10.41, St. Mary Taunton, W. Bryt., CM
Gaik, Zygmunt, kapr., 30.4.41, Nuneaton, W. Bryt.
Gajek, Waclaw Wiliam, szer., 8.11.42, Exeter, W. Bryt., Higher Cem.
Gajewski, Ant., sierz., 10.1.41, Arlesly, W. Bryt.
Gajewski, Henryk, plut.r.nawig., 7.8.44, ?
Gajosinski, Jerzy, plut., 29.4.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Galiczyn, Stan., kapr., 26.7.44(25.7.43), Dortmund, Niemcy, C. Glowny
Galas, Miecz., kapr., 13(12).5.43, ?
Galaszewski, M., kapr., 26.3.42, ?
Galat, Kaz., ppor., 25(26).7.44, Orleans, Francja, Le Grand Cim.
Galazka, Jan, kapr., 31.5.42, ?
Gandurski, Wiktor, kapr. (Sgt.), 10(9).1.41, Blackpool, W. Bryt., C. Layton, 307 Squadron, gunner, drowned during a forced landing in the water, his body was found in the cockpit the next day (see Joda, Antoni).
Garbacz, Wincenty, kapr., 28(27).4.42, Charbroc ?
Garbatt, Tomasz Ryszard, st. sierz., 5.5.44, ?
Garczynski, Edmund, kapr., 27.6(25.7).43. Dortmund (Portmund), Niemcy, C.glowny, dz. jencow (POW section
Garstka, Stan., plut.pchor., 10(11).1.42, ?
Gastol (Gastor), Edward, kapr., 8(7).10.42, ?
Gaudyn, Jozef, por., 15.1.42, Hucknall, W. Bryt., ?
Gauze, Czeslaw, ppor., 15.11.40, Whyteleafe, W. Bryt., ?
Gawad, Stan., st. szer., 2.10.41, Newark, W. Bryt.
Gawkowski, Jozef, szer., 19.7.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Gawlak, Feliks, sierz., 28(27).8.42, ?
Gawlik, Jan, plut., 13.11.43, Newark, W. Bryt.
Gawlik, Konsanty, sierz., 22.8.43, prawdopodobnie w morze (most likely in the ocean
Gawlik, Pawel, kapr., 3.1.42, Babinton k/Coventry, W. Bryt.
Gawlikowski, Jan, mjr., 10.6.41, Isle of Man, W. Bryt., C. Ramsey, ?
Gawlowski, Leon, sierz.pil., 13.7.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
Gaysler (Geysler), Witold Jozef, ppor., 27.9.41, Exeter, W. Bryt., C.Devon
Gagala, Edward, sierz., 18(19).1.45, Brindisi, Wlochy, ?
Gasak, Stan., por.pil., 26.1.42, Bath, W. Bryt., C.Heycombe 
**Gasecki, Jozef, por., 17.9.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
** F/O Gasecki (r/navigator, 307 squadron) and his pilot carried out a daring daylight attack on an enemy long-range radar station in a lone Mosquito.
Por. Gasecki, nawigator, wraz ze swoim pilotem pojedynczym samolotem typu Mosquito wykonali smialy atak na stacje radarowa n-pla.**
Gasior, Bol., kapr., 20.2.43, ?
Gebaczka (Gebaczka), Czeslaw, kapr., 25.11.42, Bergen, Holandia, CW
Gerber, Zdzislaw, st. szer., 1.10.41, Montrose, Szkocja, ?
Germasinski, Karol, sierz., 12(11).5.43, ?
Gebik, Karol, por.obs., 14.9.43, ?
Gebicki, Jan, por.pil., 13.10.40, West Bridgeford, W. Bryt.
Geca (Geca), Bol., por., 7.6.44, Blang k/Port l'Eveque, Francja, ? (306 sqdn - for: 164 and 316 sqdn - killed at Blangy le Château (near Pont l'Eveque) Calvados, France, buried in the polish War Cemetery in Urville-Langannerie,  grave: II, AA, n° 1, courtesy Piotr. P.)
Gidaszewski, Walerian, plut(ppor)., 26.2.42, Aabenraa, Dania, grob wspolny
Gierczycki, Jerzy, kapr., 27.4.43, Northwood, W. Bryt.
Gil, Jozef, por., 31.12.42, ?
Gilis, Leonard, plut., 17.2.43, spalony w samolocie (burned to death in an airplane)
Gindera, Jan Piotr, kapr., 20.4.42, Exeter, W. Bryt., Higher Cem.
Ginter, Tadeusz, por.pil., 17.4.43, ?
Gising, Waclaw, por., 14.5.44, Brookwood, W. Bryt.
Gisman, Adam Edward, por.obs., 20.10.41, Wilhelmshaven, Niemcy, ?
Glass, Miecz., kapr., 22(21).6.43, Castrian, Holandia, CProt.
Glowacki, Adam, ppor., 21.7.42, ?
Glowacki, Jan, szer., 13.2.41, Halton, W. Bryt.
Glowacki, Jerzy Jan, ppor.pil., 3.12.43, Tel-el-Kebir, Egipt, ?
Glowacki, Wincenty, ppor.pil., 1(2).6.42, Lommel, Belgia, CP
Glowacki, Witold Jozef, ppor.pil., 24.10(9).40, Guines, Francja, CM, ? (shot down over France near Albermuse, he survived the crash landing and even appeared alive in German propaganda photographs, but succumbed in the Luftwaffe hospital that evening).
Glod, Miecz., por.pil., 6.5.43, Moneton, New Brunswick, Kanada, ?
Glowczynski, Tadeusz, plut.pchor., 29.1.43, ?
Glydziak, Piotr, por.pil., 24.5.44, ?
Gmiter, Michal, kapr., 3.1.42, Cirencester, W. Bryt.
Gmur, Feliks H., kapr., 30.8.40, Epping, W. Bryt., ? (shot down, crashed at Jacks Hatch with him still in the cockpit of his 151 Squadron Hurricane).
Godlewski, Sylwester, por.pil., 29.5.42, Northwood, W. Bryt.
Goebel, Gerhard, sierz.pil., 29.10.40, Newark, W. Bryt.
Gohres, Walenty, st. szer., 6(5).8.42, Kerentrech, Francja
Golczewski, Aleks. Roman, por.(kpt), 26.2.42, Aabenraa, Dania
Gold, Waclaw, plut., 9(10).4.45, ?
Golec, Michal, plut., 13(12).6.44, ?
Goldhaar, Jerzy, kpt.pil., 20.2.45, Lagens, Azory, ?
Golacki, Stan. Czeslaw, ppor.pil., 24(23).12.41, Newark, W. Bryt.
Golaszewski, Jerzy Marian, kapr., 9.8.43, Newark, W. Bryt.
Golaszewski, Miecz., plut., 26(27).3.42, Dusseldorf, Niemcy, ?
Golabek, Boguslaw, szer., 16.12.41, Middelkerke, ?, P.P.M.M.4152
Golebiowski, Konstanty, sierz., 9(8).5.41, ?
Goldowski, Lucjan Stan., kapr., 13.2.45, ?
Gorzenski, Miecz., kapr., 26.2.42, ?
Gosiewski, Antoni Henryk, pplk., 19.12.41, Maidenhead, W. Bryt.
Gosiewski, Stan., kapr., 15(14).1.43, ?
Gottowt, Eug., por., 7.7.43, Northwood, W. Bryt.
Gozdecki, Dariusz, ppor.pil., 28.8.41, ?
Gorecki, Jerzy, por., 31.1(10).42, Kerentrech, Francja, CC
Gorka, Fran., plut., 13.8.43, ?
Gorny, Kaz. Maciej, kapr., 29.8.42, St. Trond, Belgia
Gorski, Jozef, por.pil., 28.2.42, ?
Gorski, Jozef, kapr.pil., 7.7.43, Newark, W. Bryt.
Gorski, Kaz. Szczepan, pplk., 30.11.45, Brookwood, W. Bryt.
Gozdz (Gozdz), Czeslaw, por.pil., 27.9.43, Newark, W. Bryt.
Grabarczyk, Stan., st. szer., 29.3.43, Newark, W. Bryt.
Grabowski, Stan., sierz., 14.8.44, Langannerie, Francja, CP
Graff, Bol., plut., 27(28).8.44, ?
Grajnert, Dominik, kapr.pchor., 5(6).4.42, St. Trond, Belgia, ?
Gramiak, Grzegorz Piotr, st. szer., 20.8.42, Blackpool, W. Bryt., CP, Talbot Td., dz. p., ?
Grejciun (Grejchun), Bol., kapr., 9.6.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
Groblicki, Andrzej, ppor., 24.6.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
Grochowski, Stan. Wojciech, st. sierz., 16.6.43, Khartoum, Sudan, ?
Grodzicki, Slawomir, por.pil., 14.4.45, Bologna, Wlochy, CP
Grodzicki, Stan., pplk., 13.2.46, Orpington, W. Bryt., St. Mary Cry
Grodzki, Alfred, por.pil., 6.12.42, ?
Grondowski, Stan., st. sierz., 11.9.43, Balleyran c/o.Down, W. Bryt., ?
Gronek, Tad., por.pil., 9.4.40, Lyon, Francja, C. Guillatiere, ?
Gross, Jozef, kapr., 19(20).11.42, ?
Gross, Stan., plut., 3(4).5.42, ?
Groszewski, Bernard, kpt., 8.12.41, Boulogne, Francja
Grubski, Wieslaw, ppor., 1.8.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
Grudzinski, Bogdan, kapr., 24(23).7.44, ?
Grudzinski, W., ppor.pil., 23.11.41, ?
Gruszczak, Stefan, plut.pil., 13.5.44, Market Drayton, W. Bryt.
Gruszecki, Stan., ppor., 17.1.42, ?
Gruszka, Franciszek., por.pil., 18.8.40, ? (listed missing until 1971-75 when remnants of his 65 Squadron Spitfire were discovered buried deep in the Grove Marsh in Kent with his body still at the controls; buried with full military honours at Northwood Cem.).
Grycz, Czeslaw, ppor., 26(27).3.42, Dusseldorf, Niemcy, North Cem., grob wspolny
Grzanka, Roman, kpt., 28(27).6.43, Pemberg, W. Bryt., CParaf.
Grzech, Jan, por.pil., 23.11.41, Dunkierka, Francja, CM
Grzechnik, Szymon, kapr., 14.3.46, Newark, W. Bryt.
Grzegorz, Rudolf, por.pil., 6.12.41, Cowley, W. Bryt., C.Caberley, ?
Grzesiak, Zygmunt, plut., 20.2.44, ?
Grzeszczak, Bohdan, 28.8.41, Northwood, W. Bryt.
Grzeskowiak, Stefan Marian, plut., 3(2).8.43, Krempe k/Neumenster, Niemcy, ?
Grzywacz, Feliks, plut., 26.6.43, ?
Gusowski, Alojzy Pawel, plut., 19.6.42, ?
Gut, Wlad., ? (LAC), 10.9.45, Kloppenburg, Niemcy, C.10.Szpitala, ?
Gutowski, Miecz., kapr., 1.8.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
Guzowski, Adam Marian, plut., 1.1.41, Newark, W. Bryt.
Gwozdz, Zdzislaw, plut.pil., 8.5.41, Alkmaar, Niemcy, ? (305 Squadron, Nieuwe Ooster Cem., Amsterdam, Holandia)
Gzell, Henryk Leon, kapr., 3.2.43, Oostermeer, Holandia, C. Friesland
Habela, Adam, por., 14.5.43, Northwood, W. Bryt.
Han, Mieczyslaw, ppor., 12(13).6.44, Amersfoort ond Lensden, Holandia
Halastra, Jan, ppor., 1(2).6.42, Lommel, Belgia, CP
Hajduk, Jozef, plut.pil, 20(21).1.45, Steenderen, Holandia, CM
Halenda, Wlad. Stefan, kapr., 30.8.41, Mauby, W. Bryt., RAF.Plot
Halewski, Tadeusz, mjr.pil., 7.11.42, Lossiemouth, Szkocja
Halik, Piotr, plut., 6.1.44, Brindisi, Wlochy
Hamankiewicz, Jerzy, por.pil., 1.9.44, ?
Hampel, Leon, plut., 7(6).5.41, ?
Hanzelka, Tad. Piotr, plut., 5.4.43, Gloucester, W. Bryt., Old Cem., ?
Hara, Jerzy, kapr., 22.11.44, Worcester, W. Bryt.
Hawryszkow, Karol Kaz., plut., 20.3.43, Tel-el-Kebir, Egipt
Hegenbarth, Tad. Ryszard, kapr.pchor., 17.7.41, ?
Heilman-Rawicz, Jan Kaz., ppor.pil., 9.12.43, Sharbury, W. Bryt., St. Mary Cem.
Hejne, Walenty Marian, 2(3).1.45, Pierrepont, Francja, French National Cem., dz. w.
Hejnowski, Jan, plut.pchor., 1.1.41, Newark, W. Bryt.
Hejnowski, Jan, plut., 16.10.41, ?
Heller, Wlad. Eug., plk. dypl.obs., 18.10.43, Ballycastle, Irlandia, ?
Henneberg, Zdzislaw, kpt.pil., 12.4.41, ?, (Squadron Leader, 303 Squadron, Battle of Britain veteran, crashed into the sea after taking a hit during a Rhubarb sortie over France. His body was never found.)
Herman, Otto, sierz., 3.7.41, Vechta, Niemcy
Hermanowski, Stan., kpt.obs., 4.10.41, Nuneaton, W. Bryt.
Hesse, Marian, kapr.pil., 2.10.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Hildebrandt, Stefan, sierz., 16.10.41, ?
Hipp, Tad. Adolf, kapr., 14.3.42, Nuneaton, W. Bryt.
Hirsch, Gerhard, szer., 8.12.44, Antwerpia, Belgia, ?
Hirszbandt, Robert Juliusz, mjr.pil., 2(1).6.42, Manchester, W. Bryt., South Cem. (Flt. Lt. R. J. Hirszbandt, O.B.E. (1941), D.F.C. (1942) of No. 305 Bomber Squadron, born in Warsaw on 11th September, 1899, was a pre-war major in the Polish Air Force and a university-trained mechanical engineer. He was killed, together with his crew, on 1st-2nd June, 1942, while returning from an attack on Essen. The citation for his D.F.C. reads as follows: "Flt. Lt. Hirszbandt has completed 19 sorties over enemy territory involving over 99 flying hours. As a captain of aircraft he is outstanding... On one occasion, when detailed to attack Hamburg, the aircraft he was piloting was caught and held by searchlight, and heavily engaged by enemy flak. He determined notwithstanding to press home his attack as he was carrying a single bomb of 4,000 lbs. and he therefore came down to 8,000 feet to bomb the target and a direct hit was claimed.
"After the attack, by skilful pilotage, he succeeded in escaping from the searchlights and flak and set a course for base. When over the sea in the region of Heligoland, his aircraft was attacked by an enemy fighter which damaged his aircraft and wounded his rear gunner. As a result of the encounter, which was shaken off by his skilful evasive tactics, his air-speed indicator was unserviceable, one propeller was damaged, his fuel and oil gauges ceased to function and the tail unit, rear turret, fuselage and mainplanes were also damaged. His outstanding airmanship alone enabled the plane to be brought to base, and though his aircraft was damaged in landing, he undoubtedly by his efforts saved the lives of his crew and much valuable equipment...")
Hoene, Zygmunt, ppor.pil., 12.8.41, Southwick, W. Bryt.
Hojden Tad., ppor.pil., 27.3.41, ? (Hoyden, aka "Rumun," 315 Squadron, while returning from a patrol, was vectored erroneously by the Operations Room and, running out of fuel, crashed his Hurricane into the sea and was lost.)
Homan, Jerzy, por., 25.2.42, Dumfries, Szkocja, ?
Horak, Andrzej, kapr., 26(25).7.41, ?
Horbaczewski, Eug., kpt.pil., 18.8.44, ?
Horbajczuk, Emil, plut., 26(27).3.42, ?, (301 Squadron, Nieuwe Ooster Cem., Amsterdam, Holandia)
Horn, Zdzislaw, sierz., 22.8.42, St. Omer des Brugeres, ?
Horobiowski, Jan Roman, kapr., 2.3.45, Cologna ?, Guard Division Cem.
Horoch, Jan Wojciech, kapr., 10(11).9.42, Rotterdam, Holandia, Crosswick Cem.
Horwacki, Eug., ppor., 23.7.44, ?
Hrabowski, Wlad., mjr.pil., 5.5.44, ?
Hryniewicz, Lucjusz, plut., 19.6.44, Northwood, W. Bryt.
Hryniewiecki, Stan. Tad., plut.pchor., 13.7.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
Hupalo, Aleks., plut., 18(17).4.42, ?
Hurko, Bol., st. szer., 2.6.40, Lyon, Francja, CW Guillotiere
Hytka, Zdenak, ? (LAC), 14.7.41, Stranraer, W. Bryt., ?
From the Air Ministry News Service, 9th September 1944.
"In one patrol off the Norwegian coast, six pilots of the Deblin fighter squadron shot down eight enemy aircraft and shortly afterwards, in the region of Paris, 12 members of the same squadron met 60 F.W.190s. Within 15 minutes 16 of the enemy were destroyed, three were probably destroyed and one was damaged..."
From the Air Ministry News Service, 8th December, 1944. 
"Polish pilots of an R.A.F. Fighter Command Mustang Squadron wiped out nearly half of a force of German fighters which attempted to intercept them over the Norwegian coast yesterday afternoon.
"Six Me.109s and FW.190s were destroyed and others severely damaged for the loss of one Mustang.    
"The battle took place off the island of Gossen, 50 miles north-east of Aalesund, and nearly 500 miles from the northernmost tip of Scotland.
"This is the second time in the last few months that this Polish squadron has tackled the enemy over Norway. In their first engagement on a similar mission they destroyed seven of the enemy without loss.
"A fortnight later the same squadron foiled a Luftwaffe attempt to give air support to their fleeing army in France, shooting down 16 of 60 FW.190s in 15 minutes of dog-fighting over the Beauvais area."

Ditched in the Channel
No. 300 and No. 301 Squadrons were inspected by the A.O.C.-in-C. Bomber Command, Air Marshal Sir Richard E. C. Peirse on the 11th of June 1941, then by H.R.H. the Duke of Kent on the next day.
It was shortly after that No. 305 Squadron suffered a most painful loss. Squadron Leader K. Kielich, an outstanding commander, a gifted pilot and a fine comrade, lost his life on the night of 24th-25th June, 1941. He was in command of an aircraft which had just bombed Boulogne - really quite a simple operation. But his port engine was damaged by flak and stopped as he was flying back over the Channel. The crew baled out. The rear gunner jumped frst and a favourable wind carried him safely to English soil. The others were less lucky and all came down in the sea some miles from the coast. The only one saved was Flying Officer Z. Idzikowski, a man of exceptionally powerful physique and great endurance. His account of the ordeal has been preserved:
"This was Sqn. Ldr. Kielich's thirteenth operational flight. Before taking off, we had pulled his leg about it... The outward trip was uneventful. Flak popped away at us over the target half-heartedly, we delivered the goods and were well over the Channel when the port engine began to sputter. The skipper told us it was only his No. 13 Gremlin at work, that we were not to worry, the number was really his lucky one. In spite of that, the engine stopped soon after and of course the propeller followed suit. Kielich accelerated the other engine.
"We at once changed our course, heading for the nearest section of the coast and the nearest aerodrome. The starboard engine was doing its best but we were getting lower and lower. I rapidly calculated our position and distance from land. We sent an S.O.S. to our base, giving our course and altitude. We all got ready to bale out the moment we reached land but none came in sight. The altimeter showed we were dropping slowly but steadily. Only 3,000 feet... the minutes passed... only 2,400 feet, and still no coast. Then, at 01.12 hrs. the front gunner reported we were flying over land.
"The skipper ordered the rear gunner to bale out. The altitude was now 1,800 feet. Keeping my eyes on the instrument I crammed all I could into my pockets. I put out the light. I mechanically did everything usually done on landing and leaving the kite. It was 1,400 feet as I went to the tail. I opened the hatch in the floor and waited until the wireless operator baled out. I baled out three seconds later and, believe me, I didn't delay opening up my 'chute too long.
"Then I saw the coast-line three or four miles away and the sea under me. The wireless operator's 'chute was about 300 feet below me. I barely had time to blow up my Mae West (life preserver) when the water hit me. I choked and lost consciousness but I soon got to the surface - in fact just as the Wellington dived into the sea. There I was, all alone in the darkness and silence broken only by the quiet splashing of the waves. I undressed and began to swim. From time to time I shouted and the wireless operator responded some score yards away. Other voices came over the wind and I wondered if they were the skipper's and the rest of the crew or people calling from the shore.
"The waves were high and buffeted me about, and the salt water was biting my eyes painfully. I did my best to swim towards the voices but seemed to make no progress against the current. They became fainter and fainter and, an hour later, I could no longer hear them. Darkness, cold and menacing silence. The kind of silence that makes the ears ache. I shouted again and again, but my voice was lost in the troughs of the huge waves. I lost all hope of being rescued, and had no idea where land lay - undressing in the water and getting free of the parachute had made me lose my bearings.
"I got very tired and began to feel numb. The intensely cold water seemed to nip at my chest and constrict my throat. It was difficult to breathe and my muscles felt 'pasty' and weak. I kept on swimming, slowly, slower and slower. The electric torch behind the collar of my Mae West was still shining. 'Fine idea,' I thought to myself bitterly, 'as if somebody knows just where to look for me. Useless!'
"I felt fish slither against me every now and again. A faint, greenish, phosphorescent gleam appeared on the waves in places and once the water all around looked like an illuminated aquarium. I could see my legs. My arms gathered up smudges of light - strange indeed in that black night. My watch stopped at 2:30 a.m. - when I had been 75 minutes in the water. My swimming got clumsier and slower. Every movement was a tremendous effort and to make matters worse the harsh salt water bit into the sensitive places under my knees and on my arms where the parachute straps had scraped off the skin. My numbness was getting worse and I took a dimmer view of my situation than ever. Chums all lost - what a fine team we had been - there I was alone.
"The waves swamped me more and more often. I had to keep my mouth open all the time to get enough air so the water got in every time a wave came over. A breeze sprung up and whitecaps appeared on the waves. I was tired, so tired and hopeless that death seemed a merciful release. I made ready to die.
"Suddenly searchlights shot out from the coast. The lights slid along the water. They must be looking for us. I swam towards the beams but they were too far for me and I was at the end of my tether. A tiny light caught my eye. It was moving through the waves and the darkness. Must be a rescue launch. But would it see me?
"I began to shout and pray in turn. I put all I could into my hails. How I wanted to live now! I shouted again and they heard me. As they dragged me on deck, I giggled feebly. Very funny... I was still alive... I was living. I would live." (Fg. Off. Idzikowski would live for nearly 18 months more, until 2:30 a.m. on December 17, 1942.)
Destiny Can Wait, Wm. Heineman, 1949

Idrian, Ryszard, sierz., 23.5.46, Etan, Indie
Idzikowski, Zbigniew August, ppor.obs., 17.12.42, Bighi, Malta, C. Cappencini (No. 138 Special Duties Bomber Squadron, killed with with the rest of the crew when their Halifax crashed after taking off from Malta aerodrome - see also his story above, "Ditched in the Channel."). 
Ignaszak, Ant., por., 26.11.40, Benson, Oxon, W. Bryt., ?
Ilinski, Olgierd, por.pil., 16.8.43, Le Havre, Francja, CW
Illg, Miecz., sierz.pil., 28.1.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
Imiolek, Henryk, plut., 15(14).1.43, ?
Ingling, Zdzislaw, por., 7(8).3.44, Birmingham, W. Bryt., Robin Hood Cem.
Iwanicki, Leopold, sierz., 15.11.41, Warrington, W. Bryt., ?
Jablonski, Jan, por.pil., 25.2.42, ?
Jablonski, Tad., mjr.pil., 29.1.41, Blackpool, W. Bryt., C. Layton
Jablonski, Wiktor, st. sierz., 15(14).9.43, ?
Jacenik, Wiktor, st. sierz., 22(21).6.43, ?
Jacewicz, Sergiusz, kapr., 25(24).6.43, ?
Jachimowicz (Jakimowicz), Wlad. Zbygniew, ppor.pil., 25(26).7.41, Reichswald Forest, Niemcy, BCW
Jachna, Ludwik, sierz., 4.2.41, Nuneaton, W. Bryt.
Jagiello, Jan, 25(24).4.44, Michelstadt, Niemcy, ?
Jagiello, Wlad., por.obs., 26.6(7).43, ?
Jagiello, Wlad., sierz., 23.8.44, ?
Jaguszczak, Stan., kapr., 21(22).11.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
Jaksztas, Ludwik, por.nawig., 7(8).6.44, Langannerie, Francja, CP
Jakubiec, Jozef, kapr., 5(4).9.42, ?
Jakubowski, Fran., kpt.obs., 26.3.42, Bergen-Op-Zoom, Holandia, BCW
Jakubowski, Jan, por., 19.4.43, Northwood, W. Bryt.
Jakusz-Gostowski, Fran., kpt.pil., 14.9.43, ?
Jama, Stefan, kapr., 22(21).6.43, ?
Jameliniec (Jamieliniec), Aleks., kapr., 13.2.45, Newark, W. Bryt.
Janas, Brunon, kpt.pil., 2(3).1.45, Pierrepont, Francja, French National Cem., dz. p.
Janas, Stan., ppor.obs., 13.10.42, ?
Janczewski, Leopold, kapr., 10.11.44, Hucknall, W. Brytania
Janczyk, Aleks., kapr., 13.7.41, ?
Jander, Witold, por.pil., 25.10.42, Exeter, W. Bryt., Higher Cem.
Janek, Stan., szer., 27(25).7.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Janicki, Bron., plut., 6.4.44, ?
Janicki, Fryderyk, plut., 18.7.44, ?
Janicki, Henryk, kpt., 22.3.42, Perth, Szkocja, C. Wellshill
Janicki, Zbigniew, por.(kpt.), 16(13).6.44, Le Mans, West, Francja
Janicki, Zygmunt, mjr., 29.7.43, Newark, W. Bryt.
Janik, Jozef, kapr., 27(28).8.43(42), ?
Janik, Jozef, kapr., 10.4.42, ?
Jankiewicz, Henryk Aleks., por.obs., 19(20).6.42, Raalte, Holandia
Jankiewicz, Jerzy, mjr.pil., 25.5.42, ?
Jankiewicz, Jozef, kapr., 27.6.45, Quackenbrick, Niemcy, CParaf., dz. p., ?
Jankowiak, Kaz., plut., 23(22).5.44, Reichswald, Forest, Niemcy, BWC
Jankowiak, Wiktor (Witold), por.(kpt.), 26.3.42, Amsterdam, Holandia, New East Cem., dz. 85, grob wspolny (301 Squadron, Nieuwe Ooster Cem.)
Jankowski, Ant., st. sierz., 1.8.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
Jankowski, Ant., por.pil., 3.5.42, ?
Jankowski, Bernard, plut., 28(27).5.44, ?
Jankowski, Edward, por., 14.4.42, ?
Jankowski, Jan, pplk.obs., 6(5).3.43, Munchen, Niemcy, Gladbach
Jankowski, Tad., sierz.pil., 20.9.44, Jutphaas, Holandia, CK, ?
Jankowski, Witold, por., 23.5.43, ?
Jankowski, Wlad., kapr., 23.4.42, Wittmund k/Wilhelmshaven, Niemcy
Janowicz, Edward Robert, szer., 27.10.41, Cirencester, W. Bryt.,
Janusz, Erwin, sierz., 22.8.43, Le Havre, Francja
Januszkiewicz, Waclaw, sierz.pil., 24(25).6.41, Newark, W. Bryt.
Januszewicz, Wojciech, por(kpt.).pil., 5.10.40, Northwood, W. Bryt.
Janczyk, Jozef, ? (Sgt.), 6.2.41, ?
Jarnicki, Henryk, ppor., 7(8).3.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
Jarno, Ryszard Marian, plut.pil., 20.8.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Jarosz, Wlodz., kapr., 3.11.43, ?
Jaroszyk, Witold, Stan., 26(27).3.42, Dusseldorf, Niemcy, North Cem.
Jarzembowski, Stan., plut., 1.8.42, Exeter, W. Bryt., Higher Cem.
Jasinski, Bol., ppor., 28.8.44, ?
Jasinski, Stan., por.pil., 6.8.41, ?
Jasinski, Wawrzyniec, st.sierz.pchor., 26.1.43, ?
Jasinski, Wlad., ppor., 24.4.44, ?
Jasinski, Zygmunt, por.pil., 16(15).8.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
Jastrzebski, Fran., kpt.pil., 25(26).10.40, Sylt, Dania (302 Squadron)
Jas, Jozef, plut., 2.9.44, ?
Jaskiewicz, Jozef, plut., 25.6.42, ?
Jaskowiak, Stan., plut., 15.6.41, ?
Jaworski, Eug., plut., 28.4.44, Market Drayton, W. Bryt.
Jaworski, Jozef, kapr.pil., 27.4.44, ?
Jaworski, Kaz., ppor.pil., 18.9.44, ?
Jawoszek, Stan., kapr., 25(24).6.43, ?
Jednaki, Jozef, kapr., 15(14).1.43, Maupertus, Cherbourg, Francja, ?
Jednaki, Stan., kapr., 8.92.42, Shrewsbury, W. Bryt., St. Mary Churchyard, ?
Jencka, Tadeusz, por.obs., 16(17).8.44, Olszyny, Gorlice, Polska, ?
Jenko-Sokolowski (de), Jerzy, ppor., 1.10.40, Benson, W. Bryt.
Jiezierski, Feliks, sierz., 7(6).8.41, ?
Jezierski-Lewald - see Lewald-Jezierski
Jeziorowski, Zbigniew A., kapr., 2.1.43, ?
Jezewski, Konrad, por.obs., 19.6.42, ?
Jezowicz, Jozef Antoni, kapr.pil., 25.10.41, Dalcross, W. Bryt., Petty Burial Ground, ?
Jedzrejczyk, Wlad., por., 4.2.46, Newark, W. Bryt.
Joda, Antoni, plut.(Sgt.), 10(9).1.41, Blackpool, W. Bryt., 307 Squadron, due to radio failure, Sgt. Joda's Defiant did not receive a homing signal following a night patrol in the Formby area. Probably lost and out of fuel, he attempted to land on what appeared to be a beach near Barmouth but was in fact a strip of sand under three feet of water. Upon contact with the water, the plane flipped, trapping Sgt. Joda and his gunner under water, where both drowned, unable to free themselves from the plane. Sgt. Joda's body was recovered three days later.
Jodis, Edward, kapr., 27.8.44, ?
Jonczyk, Jozef, plut., 6.2.41, Newark, W. Bryt.
Jonski, Edward, sierz.pil., 12(13).7.43, Langannerie, Francja, CP
Joszt, Kaz., kpt.obs., 31.10.(1.11).42, Lorient, Francja
Joskowiak, Stan., kapr.pil., 15.6.41, Montrose, Szkocja, Skeppyhillock Cem.
Jozepajt (Jozepajt), Jan, ppor.pil., 29.9.41, Nuneaton, W. Bryt.
Jozefowicz, Eug. Stan., ppor., 12(13).6.44, Replingrade, ?
Julski, Tadeusz, st.sierz.pil., 19.8.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
Jura, Edmund, kpt.(mjr.), 7(6).8.41, Newark, W. Bryt.
Jurewicz, Feliks, kapr., 2.2.45, ?
Jurewicz, Henryk, ppor.pil., 22.9.43, Evreux, Francja, Souvenir Francis Cem.
Jurewicz, Zenon, kapr.(sierz.), 4.7.44, Carew, Cheritan, W. Bryt.
Jurka, Stan., kapr., 21(22).11.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
Jurkowski, Jozef, szer., 14.11.40, Babington, W. Bryt.
Juszczak, Stan., ppor., 11.8.41, ?
Juza, Stan., 8.9.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
Kabacinski, Wlad., plut., 20.2.44, ?
Kabulski, Jan, plut., 25.7.44, ?
Kaczalski, Czeslaw, plut., 14(15).7.41, prawdopodobnie pochowany w (most likely buried in) Bremen, Niemcy, C. Naller
Kaczan, Henryk Tadeusz, por., 25(26).2.45, Reichwald Forest, Niemcy
Kaczmarczyk, Stan., st. szer., 20(19).6.42, ?
Kaczmarek, Stefan, kapr., 20.1.44, Plymouth, W. Bryt., Weston Mill Cem.
Kaczmarz, Antoni, plut., 13.2.45, ?
Kaczorkiewicz, Jan, por.pil., 13.3.46, Edynburg, Szkocja, C. Corstorphine Hill
Kajor, Eug., st. szer., 19.9.41, Lyneham, W. Bryt., ?
Kalarus, Stefan, ppor., 8(9).1.42, Bodorgan, W. Bryt., Llangawadar Parish Churchyard, ?
Kaliciecki, Eug., szer., 17.5.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Kalina, Stefan, por.obs., 3(4).2.43, ?
Kalinowski, Bron., majster wojsk., 21.12.45, Newark, W. Bryt.
Kalinowski, Kaz., st. sierz., 12.10.44, Hucknall, W. Bryt.
Kalkus, Waclaw, ppor.obs., 23(24).6.43, Amsterdam, Holandia, New Eastern Cem., gr. wspolny (138 Squadron, Nieuwe Ooster Cem.)
Kalkus, Wlad., gen. bryg., 25.2.45, Blackpool, W. Bryt., CK
Kalpas, Rajmund, ppor.pil., 1.6.40, Lyon, Francja, ?
Kalat, Kaz., sierz., 8.2.41, Black Bourton, W. Bryt., Brilenorton Churchyard
Kamecki, Ryszard Edward, plut.pil., 1.3.45, Pierrepont, Francja, French National Cem.
Kaminski, Jozef, ppor., 28.4.43, Newark, W. Bryt.
Kaminski, Stan., kapr., 20.2.43, Newark, W. Bryt.
Kamyszek, Tadeusz, sierz., 26(25).6.42, ?
Kanciak, Stan., sierz., 11.12.40, Blackpool, W. Bryt., C. Layton
Kaniewski, Zdzislaw Antoni, por., 14.9.41, Watchfield, W. Bryt.
Kantowski, Jan, kapr., 27.8.44, Budapeszt, Wegry, BCW, grob zbiorowy
Kapa, Jerzy (Kaz.), kapr., 22.6.42, Schiermonnikoog, ?, New Section
Kapciuk, Zdzislaw, ppor.pil, 2(3).2.45, Bad Tolz k/Monachium, Niemcy, ?
Kapuscinski, Wlad., sierz., 5.10.45, Norwich, W. Bryt., ?
Karbowski, Bron., kapr., 20.4.42, Krentl, Bawaria, Niemcy, ?
Karcz, Ludwik, st. szer., 8.5.41, Amersfoot (Oud Leusden), Holandia
Karczewski, Leszek Jerzy, kpt.pil., 24(25).7.41, Operdoes, Holandia, ?
Kardasiewicz, Zdzislaw, plut., 29.8.44, ?
Karny, Jan, sierz.(szer.), 15.10.42, Campigny k/Le Havre, Francja, ?
Karubin, Stan., sierz.pil., 12.8.41, Southwick, W. Bryt.
Karwowski, Lech, por., 23.10.41, Exeter, W. Bryt., Higher Cem.
Kasianowski, Gustaw, plut., 1.1.41, Newark, W. Bryt.
Kasprzak, Eugeniusz Piotr (N.B. a cousin of the pilot reports that the middle name should be Pawel, not Piotr, 04/2008), plut., 17(16).9.43, Slaglille, Lejre, Dania, ?
Kaszny, Fran., mjr.pil., 18.3.40, St. Jean d'Angely, Francja, ?
Kawczynski, Julian, ppor.pil., 6.7.42, Northwood, W. Bryt.
Kawczynski, Olech Antoni, ppor.pil., 8.5.41, Pembley, W. Bryt., C.RAF
Kawczynski, Zygmunt, kapr., 21.2.45, Donington, W. Bryt.
Kawencki (Kawenoki), Abram, kapr., 2/(23).9.43, Liverpool, W. Bryt., ?
Kawinski, Andrzej Jan, plut., 6.9.44, Arnhem, Holandia, (e.77), C. Moscowa, dz. bryt.
Kawnik, Erwin, por.pil., 2.7.41, ?
Kempski (kemski), Wojciech Jerzy, strz., 18.5.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Kepa, Waclaw, szer, 11.5.40, Luxcennill, Francja, ?
Keryluk, Julian, plut., 9(8).6.42, ?
Kedzierski, Stan., st. sierz., 3.6(2.7).42, ?
Kedzierski, Zygmunt, st. szer., 29.11.40, Barrow, W. Bryt., Churchyard, ?
Kedzior, Jozef, kapr., 30.5.40, Rennes, Francja, ?
Kedzior, Zdzislaw, ppor.pil., 8.9.45, Bologna, Wlochy
Kepinski, Stefan Krystian, ppor.obs., 19(29).8.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Kesicki, Kaz., ppor., 20.12.43, Edynburg, Szkocja, C. Corstorphine Hill,
Kiciak, Wlad., kapr., 29.7.41, Yatesbury, W. Bryt., CM, ?
Kidziak, Kaz., sierz., 24(23).6.43, Amsterdam, Holandia, New Eastern Cem., grob wspolny (138 Squadron, Nieuwe Ooster Cem.)
Kielan, Sylwan Jozef, ppor.pil., 13.8.43, ?
Kielich, Kaz. Maciej, mjr.pil., 24(25).6.41, Newark, W. Bryt.
Kierski, Kaz. Maks., ppor.pil., 31.3.43, Northwood, W. Bryt.
Kiewnarski, Antoni Wlad., mjr., 25.3.44, ?, Niemcy, Stalag Lft. 3. (see the "Great Escape" below at the end of the "K" section.
Kinel, Jacek Zygmunt Fran., sierz.pil., 8.5.44, Pembrey, W. Bryt., Churchyard, ?
Kinel, Zygmunt Jan, por., 8.5.41, Northwood, W. Bryt.
Kirkilewicz, Mikolaj, por.pil., 2.3.45, ?
Kisielewicz, Jerzy, por.pil., 21(22).11.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
Kita, Marian, st. sierz., 5.10.44, Lyonshall, Titley, W. Bryt., ?
Kiwacz, Rajmund, por.obs., 1(2).6.42, Lommel, Belgia, CP
Klatt, Bron., por.obs., 18.7.41, Newark, W. Bryt.
Kleczynski, Bogdan, pplk.pil., 20.3.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
Klein, Zygmunt, kapr., 18.11.40, ?, (152 Squadron)
Kleinschmidt, marian, st. sierz., 29(28).6.43, St. Petersrode, Belgia
Kleniewski, Alfred, kapr.(sierz.), 17.2.42, Bighi, Malta, C.OO.Kapucynow
Kleniewski, Stefan, ppor., 26(27).8.44, Budapeszt, Wegry, CW., gr. wspolny
Klepacki, Lucjan, kapr., 13.7.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
Klewicz, Tadeusz Jozef, por., 10.1.42, Barkum, ?, CLut.
Kleybor, Stan., por.naw., 22.11.45, Ilminster, W. Bryt.
Klimczak, Jan, st. szer., 28.1.43, Henlow Village, W. Bryt., ?
Klimczak, Jan, ppor.pil., 18.5.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Klimiuk, Ryszard, st. szer., 20.10.41, ?
Klisz, Roman, kpt.naw., 3.6.44, Oran, Marocco, CAm., ?
Klocek, Jan tadeusz, por.naw., 29(28).8.42, St. Trond, Belgia, ?
Klucha, Julian, plut., 12.6.44, ?
Klosinski, Antoni, mjr.obs., 22.5.43, Halton-Aylesbury, W. Bryt.
Klosowski, Bron., kapr., 27.8.44, Budapeszt, Wegry, CB., gr. wspolny
Klyszcz, Karol, kapr., 28.3.41, Ilfacombe, Marlborough, W. Bryt. ?
Kmiecik, Edward, szer., 31.8.44, Halton, W. Bryt., Churchyard
Knebloch, Tadeusz, st. szer., 29(28).6.43., ?
Kniazycki, Tadeusz Wlad. Zbigniew, kapr., 9(8).4.43, ?
Knoll, Feliks, por.pil., 10.7.42, El-Alamein, Afryka Pln., CW
Knott, Witold Jozef, kapr., 17.5.42, Leconfield, Beverly, W. Bryt.
Koch, Tadeusz, kapr., 15.5.41, Grangemouth, Szkocja, C. Gransable, ?
Kocon, Eugeniusz, plut., 27.7.45, Marsylia, Francja, C. Marzarques
Kocon, Jozef, por.naw., 12.6.44, ?
Kocon, Waclaw, kapr., 4.6.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Koczapski, Wlad. Karol, por.obs., 25.5.43, Newark, W. Bryt.
Koczor, Ryszard, ppor.pil. (P/O), 4.12.40, Bagington, W. Bryt., 308 Squadron. P/O Koczor's section flew into a balloon barrage in bad weather with the result that P/O Koczor hit a balloon cable, severely damaging his Hurricane and causing him to lose speed, leading to a fatal crash.  
Koczwara, Jerzy - see Bielka, Jerzy
Kokur, Stan., ppor.pil., 5.6.40, Lyon, Francja, C. Gouillotiere, ?
Kohut, Stan., kpt., 2.12.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
Kolanowski, Wlodz., por.obs., 7.1.41, ? (see the "Great Escape" below at the end of the "K" section.)
Kolacz, Henryk, por., 25(24).5.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
Kolecki, Tad., por.pil., 20.9.43, Blackpool, W. Bryt., C. Layton
Kolek, Wlad., plut., 11.9.43, Byllycran co. Down, Irlandia
Kolkowski, Ant., plut., 18(19).2.44, ?
Kolodziej, Wlodz., st. szer., 6.4.44, ?
Koloszczyk, Tadeusz, plut.pil., 27.9.44, ?
Komenda, Henryk, kapr., 9.7.42, Moville Cem., ?
Komlacz, Jan, por.obs., 16.12.41, Pihen, ?
Komorowski, Antoni Eug., kapr., 1.1.45, Lommel, Belgia, CP
Konarzewski, Jan, por.pil., 20.2.45, ?
Konderak, Izydor, plut., 18(17).8.42, ?
Kondracki, Lech, por.pil., 9.8.43, Boulogne, Francja, East Cem.
Konieczka, Stefan, kapr., 10.5.40, ?
Konieczka, Tadeusz, plut., 10.5.40, Lyon, Francja, C. Gouillotiere, ?
Kontny, Jerzy, kapr., 18.7.41, Carcay Cheritan, W. Bryt., Parish Churchyard
Kopa, Walenty, kapr., 20.2.42, ?
Koper, Bogdan, plut., 19.7.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
Kopka, Jozef, kapr., 12.7.43, Cambridge, W. Bryt.
Korab-Brzozowski, Hubert, sierz., 28(29).6.41, ?
Korczyk (Korczak), Tadeusz, kapr., 28(26).9.41, Newark, W. Bryt.
Kordasiewicz, Marian, kapr.pil., 9.10.42, Northwood, W. Bryt.
Kordys, Stan., plut., 8.1.46, Newark, W. Bryt.
Kordys (Kordys), Wlad., sierz., 8(7).10.43, ? 
Korecki, Edward Roman, por.naw., 11(12).11.43, Graveres, Francja, ?
Korepta, Jan Stan., kapr., 28(29).8.42, Lourain, Heverle, Belgia, gr. wspolny
Kornafel, Florian, kapr.pchor., 15.10.42, ?
Korol, Sergiusz, kapr., 1.8.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
Korubin, Stan., sierz., 12.8.41, ?
Korwel, Waclaw, plut.pil., 16.8.43, ?
Korwin-Kossakowski, Mikolaj, kapr., 8.9.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
Korycinski, Jozef, por.obs., 21.3.41, Newark, W. Bryt.
Korzeniowski, Eugeniusz, st. szer., 2.1.43, Newark, W. Bryt.
Korzon (Korzen), bigniew, st.szer.pil., 13(12).3.42, ?
Kos, Miecz., plut.pil., 15.5.44, Market Drayton, W. Bryt.
Kosarz, Wilhelm, sierz., 8(7).11.40, Northwood, W. Bryt.
Koscik, Bron., plut., 7.3.42, Exeter, W. Bryt., Higher Cem.
Kosinski, Bron., kpt., 26.1.42, ?
Kosior, Edmund Stan., st.szer., 13(12).3.42, ?
Kosmalski, Czeslaw, st. szer., 3.5(22.1).42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Kosmalski, Grzegorz, plut. pchor., 23.11.41, ?
Kosmowski, Janusz, por.pil., 23.7.41, ?
Kosmowski, Leon, ppor., 31.12.42, ?
Kosowski, Marian Boleslaw, por.pil., 16.10.41, w morzu (in the ocean)
Kostanski, Edward, kapr., 24.6.43, St. Petersrode k/Bruksela, Belgia, CParaf., ?
Kosturkiewicz, Antoni, st. sierz.pil., 11.7.42. Newark, W. Bryt.
Kosznik, Edmund, plut., 24.6.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
Kot, Bernard, kapr., 21.6.43, Newark, W. Bryt.
Kot, Bol., kapr., 7(8).3.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
Kot, Fran., sierz.pil., 13.10.44, ?
Kot, Roman, st. sierz., 21.10.43, Newark, W. Bryt.
Kotarba, Henryk, kapr., 25.4.44, Northwood, W. Bryt.
Kotecki, Tadeusz, por., 14.9.43, ?
Kotewicz, I., ?, 30.7.44, Lommel, Belgia, CP
Kowal, Cezary, por.obs., 26.3.42, Dusseldorf, Niemcy, ?
Kowalak, Tadeusz, plut., 4.9.42, ?
Kowalcze, Stan., ppor.obs., 12.6.41, Newark, W. Bryt.
Kowalczyk, Stan., plut., 9.8.43, ?
Kowalewicz, Pawel, plut., 21(20).12.43, Belfast, W. Bryt., Milltown, ?
Kowalski, Alfons, st. sierz., 3.2.43, ?
Kowalski, Czeslaw, kapr., 23.2.45, ?
Kowalski, Edward Jozef, por., 12.12.42, Driffield, W. Bryt.
Kowalski, Edward, por.obs., 27(28).4.42, Charleroi, Belgia, grob wspolny
Kowalski, Tad., plut., 11.9.45, Perth, Szkocja, CM
Kowalski, Zygmunt, plut.pil., 21.3.44, Formby, W. Bryt., Our Lady Cem., ?
Kozak, Jan, por.pil., 5(6).6.42, ?
Kozakiewicz, Adam, st. szer., 6.12.42, ?
Kozanecki, Kaz. Feliks, plut., 23(22).5.44, ?
Koziel, Andrzej, ppor.pil., 25.2.42, ?
Koziel (Koziol), Wlad., ppor., 28.8.44, ?
Koziolek, Jerzy, kapr.pil., 27.5.44, ?
Kozlowski, Bernard, kapr., 3.2.43, Oostermeer, Holandia, C. Friesland
Kozlowski, Czeslaw, szer., 30.10.42, ?
Kozlowski, Edward, sierz., 9(8).8.41, ?
Kozlowski, Fran., por.pil., 13.3.43, Dieppe, Francja, Le Vertus, CB, ?
Kozlowski, Miecz., kapr., 23.9.44, ?
Kozlowski, Miecz., plut., 11.11.44, East Ferry, W. Bryt., ?
Kozlowski, Tolimir, ppor.obs., 29(30).1.43, Kerfantras (Brest), Francja, C. Finistre
Kozlowski, Wlad., por.pil., 14.3.42, Nuneaton, W. Bryt.
Kozlowski, Zbigniew, ppor., 11.9.44, ?
Kozlowski, Zbigniew, kapr., 18.5.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Kozlowski, Zenobiusz, kapr., 3.11.42, ?
Krakowski, Antoni, por., 26.8.45, Niemcy, ?
Krakowski, Stan., por.pil., 7.11.42, Bida, Srodkowy Wschod (Middle East), ?
Kramarczyk, Karol Jerzy, plut., 13.3.43, ?
Kramarz, Julian, kapr., 20.2.43, Newark, W. Bryt.
Kramin, Jan, ppor.pil., 25(26).6.42, w morzu (in the ocean)
Krasinski, Stefan Piotr, sierz., 9.4.45, ?
Krasnodebski, Henryk, por.obs., 2(3).7.42, Lemmer, Zuyder Zee, Holandia, ?
Krassowski, Jerzy, ppor.pil., 18.6.41, ?
Kraus, Jan, kapr., 11.12.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Krauz, Josef, kapr.(sierz.), 26.4.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
**Krawczyk, Jerzy, kapr., 12.6.41, Newark, W. Bryt.
**Sgt. Jerzy Krawczyk (wireless operator, 305 squadron), before the war was a gliding instructor at Ustianowa in the Bieszczady mountains of southeast Poland. Hundreds of Polish pilots made their first solo from this airfield, the local terrain being ideally configured for teaching gliding skills.
Sierzant Jerzy Krawczyk, radio-operator, przed wojna instruktor szybowcowy w Ustianowej w Bieszczadach, szczegolnie pamietne miejsce dla polskich lotnikow; setki pilotow w tym miejscu wykonalo swoj pierwszy samodzielny lot.**
Krawczyk, Kaz., ppor.pil., 13(12).1.43, Heanor, W. Bryt.
Krawczyk, Stan., por.pil., 1.11.42, ?
Krawczynski, Edmund, por., 21.12.41, Freshfield k/Formby, W. Bryt., ?
Krakowski, Antoni, por.pil., 27.8.45, Celle, Niemcy, BCW
Krelowski, Czeslaw, kapr., 23(22).4.43, ?
Kremski, Jan Bernard, ppor.pil., 15.8.41, ?, Niemcy, Heldenfriedhof, ?
Krenz, Marian, sierz., 16(15).4.44, Shrewsbury, W. Bryt.
Krenzel (Kreuzel), Pawel Konrad, plut., 15.1.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Kretkowski, Zbigniew, por., 21.6.43, Newark, W. Bryt.
Krecik, Jan, st. szer., 27.8.41, Newark, W. Bryt.
Krepski, Walenty, ppor.pil., 7.9.40, ? (It is suspected that P/O Krepski's 54 Squadron Spitfire I hit the water while flying low near Flamborough and that "his very limited English vocabulary was certainly a contributory factor in this unlucky and regretted mishap.")
Krieger, Tad., sierz.pil., 17.3.42, Northwood, W. Bryt.
Kristiani, Michal, por., 24.6.44, Weeton, ?
Krompiewski, Bron., por.pil., 7.12.40, ?
Kropacz, Jan, kapr., 20(19).6.42, ?
Kropiwnicki, Eugeniusz, plut., 24.8.41, Taunton, W. Bryt., St. Mary Cem.
Krol, Stan., kapr., 22.5.40, Lyon, Francja, C. Gouillotiere, ?
Krol, Stan. Zygmunt, ppor.ipl., 25.3.44, ?, Niemcy, Stalag Lft. nr.3 (see the "Great Escape" below at the end of the "K" section.)
Krol, Tadeusz, kapr., 8.3.42, Barrow Furnes, W. Bryt.
Krolikowski, Stan., plut., 20.9.44, Nord Fretin, ?
Krukowski, Leonard, st. sierz., 30.11.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Krus, Leonard, ppor., 12.2.46, Brookwood, W. Bryt.
Kruszczak, Fran., kapr., 21(22).11.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
Kruszyna, Edward, kapr., 27.12.44, Brindisi, Wlochy
Kruszynski, Fran., kapr.pchor., 25(24).5.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
Kruszynski, Fran., szer., 13.6.41, Perth, Szkocja, C. Wellshill
Krynski, Stefan, kpt.pil., 28.12.40, Newark, W. Bryt.
Krysiak, Karol, kapr., 24.4.44, ?
Kryszczuk, Fran., kpt.naw., 29.12.44, Praga, Czechoslowacja, BCW
Krzeczewski, Eug. Stan., st.sierz., 29.12.44, Praga, Czechoslowacja, BCW
Krzeminski, Edmund, kpt.pil., 29(31).10.44, Numansdorp, Holandia, Hallinxwegxweg Commun.
Krzeminski, Fran., st. strz., 14.11.40, Bagington, W. Bryt.
Krzesinski, Tad., plut., 1.8.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
Krzysztoszek, Jozef, kapr.pil., 11.7.42, Silloth, W. Bryt.
Krzywon, Tadeusz, plut., 14.1.44, w morzu
Krzyzowski, Gerhard, szer., 8.12.44, Antwerpia, Belgia, ?
Ksiezyc, Jan, kapr., 29.9.41, Nuneaton, W. Bryt.
Kubacik, Fran., kapr., 16.10.42, ?
Kubera, Wlad., st. szer., 17.5.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Kubica, Fran., por., 16.5.45, ?
Kubiak, Kaz., plut.pchor., 31.5.41, North Weald k/Epping, W. Bryt.
Kubiak, Teofil Jerzy, st. sierz., 7.3(2.7).42, ?
Kucharski, Stefan, ppor., 9.4.45, ?
Kuchta, Jozef, plut., 4.5.42, Hucknall, W. Bryt., ?
Kucza, Kaz., por.obs., 22(21).7.42, Wanne Eckel, ?, Woodland Cem.
Kuczkowski, Zdzislaw, plut., 15(14).9.43, ?
Kuc, Henryk, kapr., 26(25).6.42, ?
Kuderski, Piotr, ppor., 22(21).7.42, Duisburg, ?
Kuflik, Naftali Hirsz Pawel, plut., 21(20).12.43, Belfast, W. Bryt., Milltown, ?
Kujawa, Czeslaw, kpt.pil., 30.1.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Kula, Kaz., por.pil., 3.7.41, Vechta, Niemcy
Kulbacki, Hieronim, por.obs., 1.1.41, Newark, W. Bryt.
Kulczycki, Wlodz., kapr., 14.11.40, Hereford, W. Bryt. ?
Kulesza, Feliks, kpt.pol., 25.10.41, Oshogbo, Nigeria, Afryka
Kulicki, Jozef, por., 26.7.43, w morzu
Kulik, Jozef, st. szer.pil, 9.12.41, Petty Tollcross, Szkocja, ?
Kulik, Mikolaj, kapr., 2.3.45, ?
Kulikowski, Edmund, kapr., 2.3.45, Lommel, Belgia, CP
Kulikowski, Eug., kapr., 24(23).5.43, Dusseldorf, Niemcy, CW 
Kulinski, Jozef Stan., ppor.obs., 25.9.40, Honnington, W. Bryt. ?
Kulpinski, Zdzislaw Ludwik, por., 29.7.44, Blackpool, W. Bryt., C. Layton
Kulagowski, Piotr, sierz., 17(15).10.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
Kulakowski, Andrzej, ppor., 5(6).6.42, Huisduinen Den Helder, Holandia, General Cem.
Kunka, Feliks, kapr., 22.5.43, Halton Aylesbury, W. Bryt.
Kurek, Janusz, por.obs., 10.1.42, ?
Kurek, Zdzislaw, por.pil., 13.2.42, Exeter, W. Bryt., Higher Cem.
Kuroczycki, Florian (Franciszek), ppor.pil., 16.2.45, Rzym, Wlochy, C. Camp Verano, ?
Kuropatwa, Stan., sierz.pil., 18.8.41, Newark, W. Bryt.
Kurowicki, Stan., por.pil., 11.9.43, Le Havre, Francja, CW
Kurowski, Jan Kaz., por.pil., 21.5.44, Abbeville, Francja, Parish World War Cem.
Kurowski, Ludwik Jozef, kpt.pil., 24(25).4.44, ?
Kurowski, Ludwik Taduesz Jozef, st. szer., 6(5).8.42, Kerentrech, Morbihan, Francja
Kurowski, Zdzislaw, kapr., 24(23).12.41, Newark, W. Bryt.
Kurpiel, Fran., por., 6(2).10.44, Chevington, W. Bryt., East Cem., ?
Kurzak, Jerzy, kapr., 12(11).5.43, ?
Kusek, Fran., kpt.obs., 25.6.42, ?
Kuszczynski, Bron., por.pil., 28(27).5.41, Newark, W. Bryt.
Kusmierz, Jozef Jan, por.pil., 17(18).4.42, w morzu
Kutkowski, Kaz., kapr., 14.8.45, ?
Kuzian, Bol., por.pil., 18.7.41, Newark, W. Bryt.
Kuzmicki, Miecz., kpt.obs., 6.1.44, Brindisi, Wlochy, C. OO. Kapucynow
Kuzminski, Tad., plut., 13.3.43, ?
Kuzniacki, Andrzej, por.pil., 25.4.44, Montreal, Kanada, C. Cotes des Neiges, ?
Kuznicki, Zdzislaw, szer., 6.7.45, Orpington, W. Bryt., C. St. Mary Crayed, ?
Kuhn, Kaz., plut., 23.9.44, ?
Kuhn, Kaz. Fran., sierz., 23.9.44, w morzu
Kuhne, Zygmunt, por.pil., 12.8.41, ?
Kwak, Tadeusz Jan, por.(kpt.).pil., 23.4.42, Wittmund, Niemcy
Kwasniewski, Zbigniew Czeslaw, por., 21.12.40, ?
Kwiatkowski, Henryk Rafal, kapr., 4.2.41, Nuneaton, W. Bryt.
Kwiecien, Andrzej, plut., 26.3(10.1).42, Huisduinen, Holandia
Kwiecinski, Jerzy, kapr., 26.3.42, ?
Kwiecinski, Jozef., (?).pil.(Sgt.), 12.8.40, ? (145 Squadron)

By late 1943, the only Polish bomber unit remaining in the British Isles in the service of the R.A.F.'s Bomber Command was No. 300 Squadron and its attendant No. 18 O.T.U. (Operational Training Unit). On the 1st March, 1944, No. 300 Squadron was transferred to R.A.F. Station, Faldingworth and the Squadron began to prepare itself for operations on the newly arrived Lancasters.
"Suddenly, one day in March, the whole station was in an uproar. News had been received, unbelievable news that the Germans had murdered R.A.F. prisoners of war, caught after an escape from their camp. Among the victims were Polish airmen, including some from No. 300 Bomber Squadron. The Squadron hoped it was a greatly exaggerated version or even an unfounded rumour, but full confirmation soon came."
What follows is an original account written by one of the organizers of this escape, Wing Commander M. Brzozowski, O.C. No. 301 (Pomeranian) Squadron, who had been taken prisoner on 2nd July, 1942, when shot down near Gronigen in Holland:
"Stalag Luft III
"Some 80 miles west of the Polish-German frontier is a small place called by the Germans Sagan, where they prepared a prisoner of war camp in which were put some 2,000 R.A.F. officers, including a number of Poles. In international conventions concerning prisoners of war it is forbidden to extort undertakings not to escape from camp; on the contrary, it is recognised that all combatants have a duty to try and escape from captivity. So, despite the immense difficulties and risks involved, the prisoners at Zegan soon conceived the idea of organising a mass escape.
"In the camp were civil engineers, electricians, radio specialists, physicists, chemists, tailors, cartographers, experts from every walk of life who pooled their knowledge and skill to make the scheme a practical success. Out of the 2,000 prisoners some 600 took part in the scheme and divided themselves into two main groups, one for Escaping and Security, the other for Planning.
"The first group had to see that all secrets were zealously kept. It had to satisfy itself that all who worked on the scheme were absolutely reliable and that all details of the plan were practicable. It had to pick out the German agents masquerading as prisoners, who were from time to time introduced into the camp. Theirs was the responsibility of throwing dust into the eyes of the camp officials, and of organising an intelligence corps so that every advantage might be taken of local conditions in preparing for the Great Day. 'Duty Pilots' were detailed to guard vital workers and to give warning of the approach of danger.
"Of course the Plan, though by far the most ambitious, was not the only one. Only those with a reasonable chance of success were approved, and those that fully succeeded could be counted on one hand. The supreme skill of the camp tailors in reproducing German uniforms correct in every detail played no small part in what success was achieved.
"There was the delousing party, proceeding seemingly on its lawful purposes outside the camp confines under its seemingly official guard, which enjoyed a freedom cut short by the arrival of the authorised delousing party at the camp gates only a few minutes later. There was an alarm and speedy recapture.
"There was the Polish officer whose resemblance to one of the guards was uncanny. He was fitted with the appropriate German uniform and started off while his friends in their own quarters plied his double with Red Cross coffee, chocolate and cigarettes which were not ersatz. Meanwhile the 'guard' was making for the open country through the quarters of the camp staff. Unfortunately the detailed information about his new personality, name, age, place of birth, etc., did not include a list of the 'friends' who might be encountered or what to say to them. One of these buttonholed him and asked to see some photographs, and would not be put off with a reply in somewhat broken German that it was neither the time nor place for producing snaps. The upshot was that the 'guard' was arrested before he broke out of the camp. There was some compensation when the real guard was discovered by his senior C.O. in a verboten barrack enjoying verboten luxuries in verboten company and was rudely asked to explain how he came to be there at all when he had just been placed under arrest.
"The other main group planning the escape was divided into numerous sections, each with its own experts. Some had to see to the excavation and construction of the tunnels, others to prepare maps, documents, tickets, food, to dye cloth, to make civilian clothes and so on. Every sort of human skill was needed, found and used.
"Three tunnels were planned, each about 170 yards long and each with ingeniously concealed entrances. One entrance, planned by Flt. Lt. B. Mickiewicz, was under a stove, from which the tunnel sloped gradually to a depth of nearly nine feet. This deep burrowing was essential to defeat the listening apparatus of the guards, who in fact failed to hear any tunnelling activities.
"Inside, the tunnels were strengthened with boards taken from the beds. Normally each bed had seven boards, of which two were sacrificed to the Cause. Some officers gave all seven, making do instead with hammock-like nets made from string.
"As the tunnels grew, electric light was fitted in them, and rails, mostly wooden, were laid down along which the sandy soil was pushed in tubs to the entrances. Thence it had to be distributed in bags slung round the body or pockets specially stitched in trouser-legs, and then surreptitiously buried in the camp garden or wherever chance offered. Many were the plans for maintaining constant movement in the camp, so that this soil disposal would be unsuspected. For instance, concerts were organised which nobody wanted, and compared to which even E.N.S.A.'s worst efforts seemed inspired. There were other shows equal to London's best. but whether good or bad these concerts were an excuse for movement, and movement meant concealement.
"Soon air-conditioning apparatus was required, and a glorified blacksmith's bellows, hand-operated, was made; well-camouflaged air-shafts were constructed at intervals along the tunnels, and the diggers carried on. The passages themselves were wide enough for only one-way traffic, but every 30 yards or so there were recesses where it was possible to turn around, to meet oncoming workers or tubs and to store the tools and other equipment. Thus working parties could conveniently work in shifts.
"Unfortunately, in June 1943 the Germans discovered the tunnel leading from Barrack 123, and work which had gone on night and day thenceforward ceased at dawn. There were further difficulties when the Germans began to hold roll-calls at arbitrary times, occasionally as often as four times a day.
"More precautionary measures were taken and stricter secrecy enforced, but nobody lost heart in the venture. Listening to the B.B.C., now that the war news was becoming better and better, helped to keep up everyone's spirits. Between bulletins the receiving sets, obtained by devious ways and used exclusively for the news, were dismantled or carefully concealed.
"In March 1944 one tunnel was finished. The work had taken a year to complete under most difficult conditions. The workers were enthusiasts for freedom, but they were severely handicapped by the physical weakness of the undernourished. Lots were drawn to decide who was to leave in the first batch of 200. The winners were supplied with civilian clothes tailored in the camp and with appropriate documents and maps, all expertly prepared. Each had a different route for his escape, so that the difficulties of the pursuers would be multiplied, and travelling in large groups avoided. As soon as possible after leaving the tunnel, the escapers were to disperse. Some were to go entirely on foot, others had railway tickets, some for long, others for short journeys. Most of the routes were toward the Baltic, France or Czechoslovakia.
"On the night of the 24th-25th March, 1944, the inhabitants of Barrack 104, where the tunnel started, had to evacuate to make room for the lottery winners. The escape began.
"The failure of the current and thus the intense darkness in the tunnel made progress slower than had been expected. Only 78 of the 200, among whom were six Poles - Sqn. Ldr. A. Kiewnarski, Flt. Lt. W. Kolanowski, Ft. Lt. J. Mondszajn, Flt. Lt. S. Krol, Flt. Lt. K. Pawluk, Flt. Lt. P. Tobolski - got away. Then, as luck would have it, some of them were seen by guards in the wood near the exit, the secret of which was betrayed by footprints in the snow.
"The alarm was given. The remaining maps and documents were to have been destroyed but there was no time. The Germans ordered all those in the barrack to strip in front of the block and everything that was not permitted property was confiscated. All were placed in close arrest for 14 days.
"A few days later we heard that almost all who had got away had been recaptured. Rumour had it that they had fallen into the hands of the Gestapo and would not return to the camp.
"Several weeks later a batch of dispirited officers returned with the news that those who had been captured had been taken to Gorlice for cross-examination by the Gestapo. While there they themselves had seen other fugitives from Stalag Luft III, including Sqn. Leader A. Kiewnarski. All of them were quite fit and expecting to return to the camp.
"When they did not reappear at the camp, the senior officer went to the German commandant to make enquiries. The German replied by showing him a list of 41 of the escaped officers who, he asserted, had been killed while trying a second time to get away. Not long after another list was forthcoming, making 53 in all.
"All those who returned to the camp were agreed that at Gorlice there had been no idea of attempting further escape. The story that there had been such an attempt did not ring true - much less so since all 53 were shot dead while escaping. Not one was wounded. Not one got away.
"Two years after, in 1947, when the murderers of the 53 officers were being tried for this crime, it was ascertained that the victims were first interrogated by the Gestapo at Gorlice. They were then taken in batches to the Wroclaw motor road, where they were shot down in cold blood; those who still showed signs of life were finished off by revolver shots."
A number of these men are buried in the Poznan Old Garrison Cemetery, Commonwealth Section, where their graves are being looked after in perpetuity by the British Commonwealth War Graves Commission (there are 3 Polish Army
soldiers and 13 Polish airmen interred in this section).
Destiny Can Wait, Wm. Heinemann Ltd., 1949

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Lach, Tadeusz, ppor.naw., 11.9.44, ?
Lachowicki-Czechowicz, Lech Marian, ppor., 6.9.40, ?, Francja, ?
Lang, Tadeusz, szer., 16.10.41, Blakenbergle, Belgia
Lasko, Zbigniew, kapr., 1.8.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
Laskos (Laskos), Zbigniew, szer., 26(27).10.41, Nuneaton, W. Bryt.
Laskowski, Jan, st. szer., 13(12).1.43, Hardy k/Manchester, W. Bryt., Southern Cem.
Latawiec, Michal, por.pil., 24.5.44, ?
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Lech-Pierozynski, Juliusz Brunon Herbert, st. sierz., 26.6.42, ?
Lechnicki, Klemens Felicjan, kapr.pchor., 1.7(30.6).44, ?
Legarski, Fran., plut., 21.12.42, Invernes, Szkocja
Lenartowicz, Kaz., por., 7(8).3.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
Lenczowski, Kaz., sierz.pil., 21.3.41, Newark, W. Bryt.
Leppert, Wlad., kapr., 12.6.44, ?
Lercel, Henryk Wlad., kapr., 13(12).5.43, ?
Lesisz, Edward, por.obs., 3(4).2.43, Oostermeer, Friesland, Holandia 
Leszkowicz, Antoni, kapr., 23(22).5.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
Lesniak, Albin, plut., 3.1.42, Bagington nr. Coventry, W. Bryt.
Lesniewicz, Jan, plut., 13(12).4.43, okolice (in the area of) Caen, Francja, ? (Update - September 16, 2011, according to Piotr. P., a resident of Normandy, Jan Lesniewicz, 138 sqdn, was killed near Caen 12.04.1943 and is
buried in Douvres la Délivrande Churchyard, row 4, grave 7).
Lewald-Jezierski, ?, kpt., 3(4).5.42, Brockeswalde, Niemcy, C. Centralny
Lewandowski, Edward, kapr., 30.4.42, Belfast, W. Bryt., C. Milltown, ?
Lewandowski, Jan, sierz., 2.8.44, ?
Lewczuk, Michal, kapr., 5.3.43, Newark, W. Bryt.
Lewczynski, Ryszard, st. sierz.pil., 16.9.44, ?
Lewicki, Cezary, por.pil., 22(21).7.42, Wanne Eckel, Holandia, Woodland Cem.
Lewicki, Henryk, por., 23.5.43, ?
Lewicki, Marian, kapr.pchor., 13.7.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
Lewicki, Napoleon Stan., por.obs., 12.4(7).43, ?, Francja, Brit. Plot. (NOTE: September 14, 2011 - an update from Piotr P. who lives in France:
Nawrot Jerzy
Bonk L.S.
Lewicki N.S.  
Died on 13.07.43 They are buried in the municipal cemetery in Pont Audemer (department Eure, France)
They were members of RAF 138 squadron.
Other crew members are buried in the Polish cemetery at Langannerie.
Lewkowicz, Bron. Fran., mjr (AK), 4.11.41, zginal k/gajowki "Huta," lasy Przysuckie, Polska
Lewkowicz, Sykstus Maria, kapr., 5(6).6.42, Huisduinen den Helder, Holandia, grob wspolny
Lewoniec, Zbigniew, plut., 24(25).6.41, Newark, W. Bryt.
Leyche, Jerzy Slawomir, plut., 27(26).9.41, Newark, W. Bryt.
Lezuch, Jan Tadeusz Feliks, st. strz., 21.6.43, w morzu
Liblikmad, A., por.pil., 22.11.44, ?
Lichmira, Hipolit, st. szer., 6.4.43, Exeter, W. Bryt., Higher Cem.
Lichota, Wojciech, sierz., 6.2.41, Newark, W. Bryt.
Lifszyc, Rubin, plut., 15.10.45, w Kanale La Manche
Liniewski, Michal, por.pil., 8.8.41, ?
Lipecki, Antoni, sierz., 9(8).5.41, Nogelinsel, Mellum, ?
Lipiec, Kaz., sierz., 23.9.43, Les Virtus, Dieppe, Francja
Lipinski, Maciej, por.pil., 4.5.43, Flurhing, Holandia, Geberal Cem.
Lipowczan, Wiktor, por.obs., 21.7.42, ?
Liptak, Jozef, szer., 10.5.40, Lyon, Francja, C. Guillotiere, ?
Lis, Marian, plut., 27.4.44, Lancaster, W. Bryt.
Lis, Stan., sierz., 19.8.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Lis, Tadeusz, ppor.pil., 9.9.45, Bologna, Wlochy, CP
Lisak, Rudolf, kapr., 23.2.45, Sindenfinger, ?
Lisik, Stan., plut., 29.12.44, ?
Lisinski, A., por.obs., 15.7.41, ?
Lissowski, Zbyszko Maciej, ppor., 18.7.42, Exeter, W. Bryt.
Liskiewicz, Gustaw, kapr., 7(8).3.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
Litak, Stan., por.pil., 5.3.45, Wanne Eckel, Holandia, CW
Lubicz-Lisowski, Tadeusz Kaz., ppor.pil., 23.12.44, w morzu
Lubojanski, Konrad, kapr., 13(12).4.42, Eindhoven-Woensel, Holandia
Lubojemski, Stan., ppor.obs., 20.11.42, ?
Lucyna, Tad. Jozef, kapr.pchor., 3.10.44, Donington, Albringhton nr. Wolverhampton, W. Bryt.
Lagodzinski, Marian Wojciech, szer., 15.1.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Lagonski (Lagozinski), Jerzy, st. strz., 14(13).10.42, ?
Lapkowski, Waclaw kpt.(mjr.)pil., 2.7.41, Lambardsijde, Belgia, Comunal Cem.
Lawrenczuk, Bohdan, kpt.obs., 17.4.43, ?
Lazowski, Feliks, sierz., 4(3).2.43, ?
Lemech, Stan., plut., 31.5.45, Imola-Piratello, Wlochy, dz. p.
Lojas, Miecz., kapr., 2.9.44, Budapeszt, Wegry, BCW, gr. wspolny
Lojek, Kaz., plut., 6.1.44, Hautot sur Mer, Francja
Los, Stan. Kaz., plut., 26.10.43, ?
Lozinski, Marian Jozef, kapr., 3(2).7.42, nad Niemcami, ?
Loksza, Aleks., kapr., 7(8).3.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
Lucki, Jan, ppor., 16.10.41, ?
Lugowski, Kaz., st. strz., 21(20).12.43, Belfast, W. Bryt., C. Milltown, ?
Lugowski, Stan., kapr., 2.7.42, ?
Lukasiewicz, Tad., por.pil., 12.12.42, Aeera, West Africa, Christian Berg Cem.
Lukasik, Fidelis Jozef, kpt.obs., 5(6).6.42, Bergenop-Zoom, Holandia, CB
Lukaszewicz, Kazimierz, por.pil.(P/O), 12.8.40, ? - 501 Auxiliary Squadron, former instructor at PAF College at Deblin before the war, was shot down over the English Channel.
Lukaszewicz, M., ppor.pil., 23.1.41, ?
Lukaszewicz, Stan. Ant., por.pil., 4.4.43, Rouen, Francja, CW St. Sever
Lukinski, Aleks., mjr.obs., 11(10).7.44, Thiville k/Chateau, Francja, C. komunalny
Lukomski, Eug., kapr.pchor.pil., 24.1.41, Polmont nr Grangemouth, W. Bryt., ?
Lupinka, Ryszard, sierz., 26.4.45, ?
Luszczewski, Jerzy, plut., 27.11.40, Dumfries, Szkocja
Lydka, Miecz., plut., 20.10.41, Nuneaton, W. Bryt.
Lysakowski, Ant., st. szer., 3.8.43, Hamburg, Niemcy, ?
Lysek, A., ppor., 5.6.42, ?
Machowiak, Marcin, st. sierz.pil., 22(23).7.44, Northwood, W. Bryt.
Machula, Zdzislaw, kapr., 12.10.44, ?
Machulak, Bol., kapr., 7(8).3.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
Maciejewski, Ludwik, kapr., 27.5.44, ?
Maciejowski, Andrzej, plut., 24.6.44, ?
Macierzynski, Karol, sierz., 29.12.44, Praga, Czechoslowacja, BCW
Macinski, Bernard, kapr., 15.9.41, Newark, W. Bryt.
Macinski, Janusz, ppor.pil., 4.9.40, ? (P/O Macinski, 111 ("Treble-One") Squadron, flying a brand new Mark II Hurricane, was shot down in action near Folkestone and had to bale out. He was machine-gunned by several Messerschmitts which attacked him as he parachuted down.) 
Maciula, Zdzislaw, kapr., 12.10.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
Mackiewicz (Mackiewicz), Waclaw, sierz., 9.8.43, ?
Mackowiak, Kaz., st. szer., 30.8.44, Sittingbourne, W. Bryt.
Madej, Stan. Roma, por., 18(17).9.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
Madejowski, Andrzej, plut., 24.6.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
Madejski, Tadeusz, plut.(st. sierz.), 30.10.42, Egersund, Norwegia
Magdziak, Stan., plut., 20.8.45, Hucknall, W. Bryt.
Magdziarek, Stefan, st. szer., 6.1.44, Brindisi, Wlochy, C.OO.Kapucynow
Magierowski, Ferdynand, ppor., 23.2.43, ?
Majcherczyk, Antoni Robert, kpt., 2.7.46, Darrington nr Armensbury, W. Bryt.
Majer, Teodor Tadeusz, sierz., 29.12.44, ?
Majewski, Edward, plut., 16(17).8.41, Bergen-op-Zoon, Holandia
Majewski, Rudolf, plut., 27.8.44, Budapeszt, Wegry, BMC, gr. zbiorowy
Majewski, Stefan, kapr.pil., 27.9.43, Newark, W. Bryt.
Majewski, Wlodz., plut., 8.11.44, Market Drayton, W. Bryt.
Makarewicz, Wlad., por.pil., 26.11.40, Benson, W. Bryt. ?
Makarski, Leopold, kapr., 22.6.43, Schoenselhof, Engush Park, Belgia
Makomaski, Ignacy, por., 3.6.41, Hylton, W. Bryt., Castletown Cem.
Makowski, Brunon, kapr., 4(5).4.43, Cumberland, W. Bryt., C. Silloth
Makowski, Zbigniew, ppor., 3.8.43, Brest, Francja, CW
Malak, Waclaw Jozef, kpt.(mjr.)obs., 2(3).5.41, Eindhoven-Woensel, Holandia
Malczyk, Stan., plut., 15.8.44, ?
Malec, Fran., por.pil., 8.6.42, ?
Maleika (Malejka), Brunon, sierz., 17.8.44, Krakow, Polska, CW
Malewski, Tadeusz St., mjr., 7.11.42, ?
Malicki, Eugeniusz, plut., 19.2.44, Cumberland, W. Bryt., C. Silloth
Malicki, Tadeusz Juliusz, ppor.obs., 3(4).2.43, ?
Malinowski, Ant., chor., 22.11.44, ?, Indie, ?
Malinowski, Edmund Jerzy, st. szer.(kapr.), 29.1.43, Larveoc, ?
Malinski, Zygmunt, ppor., 23.9.44, ?
Maliszewski, Robert, st. szer., 21.7.42, ?
Malczynski, Marian, plut., 20.7.42, Newark, W.Bryt.
Malecki, Ignacy, kapr., 1.7.(30.6).44, Beauvilliers k/Oveques, Loire et Cher, Francja, grob wspolny
Malkiewicz, Witold, ppor., 17.4.42, Polmont nr Grangemouth, Szkocja, Gransable Cemetery Rd., ?
Malkowski, Jan, kapr.pchor.(ppor.), 21(22).11.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
Maluszek, Konrad, ppor., 22.8.43, ?
Malynicz, Lech Kaz., por.pil., 10(11).4.44, w morzu
Mamak, Stan., kapr., 18.7.44, ?
Manasiak, Marian, plut., 19(18).6.41, ?
Manek, Stefan, kapr., 11.11.44(47), Newark, W. Bryt.
Manka, Emil, st. szer., 25(23).11.41, Newark, W. Bryt.
Maras, Jan Kaz., ppor.pil., 23.7.41, Pihen-les-Guines, Pas-de-Calais, Francja
Marchwicki, Jozef, plut., 6.1.44, Brindisi, Wlochy
Marciniak, Janusz, kpt.pil., 23.6.44, ?
Marciniak, Ludwik, st. szer., 10.5.40, Lyon, Francja, C. Guiollotiere, ?
Marciniszyn, Pawel Boleslaw, kapr., 4(3).2.43, ?
Marcinkowski, Miecz., kapr.(Sgt.), 1.11.40, ?, 501 Squadron, suddenly dove into the sea during a patrol, the cause most likely being the freezing of the oxygen system in his Hurricane V7405, common in this type of aircraft, which caused the pilot to lose consciousness.
Marczuk, Wlad., kapr., 9(8).4.43, ?
Marecki, Jan, plut., 17.8.44, ?
Marglewski, Czeslaw, sierz.pchor., 18.3.41, Dumfries, Szkocja, ?
Markiewicz, Andrzej, mjr., 7.5.43, New brunswick, Kanada, St. Bernard's R.C. Church, Moneton
Markowski, Tad. M., por.pil., 5.5.44, ?
Marona, Czeslaw, sierz., 14.10.44, ?
Marsalek, Jan (Czech), 14.7.41, Stranraer, W. Bryt., ?
Marszalek, Zbig., por., 16.5.44, Northwood, W. Bryt.
Marton, Bron., plut.pil., 6.4.44, ?
Martowicz, Piotr, szer., 18.7.41, Newark, W. Bryt.
Martyniec, Jozef Kaz., plut., 16(15).8.43, Lemning, W. bryt.
Martyniuk, Julian Bogdan, plut., 23.9.44, ?
Marynowski, Miecz., kapr., 2.9.44, ?
Maslaczyk (Maslarczyk), Zbig., st. strz., 31.5.42, Blackpool, W. Bryt.
Maslanka, Ludwik Zdzislaw, kpt.obs., 11.8(12.7).42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Matelowski, Jozef, kapr., 4(3).2.43, ?
Mateuszuk, Czeslaw, sierz., 6.3.41, Dumfries, Szkocja, CK
Matlak, Fran., plut., 10.4.44, ?
Matusiak, Czeslaw, por., 12.2.42, Tobruk, Libia, BCW
Matuszewski, Aleks., st.szer., 27.11.41, Perth, Szkocja, C. Wellshill, dz. p., ?
Matuszewski, Bol., por.obs., 22.8.43, ?
Matuszewski, Fran., ppor., 16.1.45, ?
Matuszkiewicz, Jozef, asp., 5.5.44, ?
Matylis, Nikodem, kpt., 23.8.46, Newark, W. Bryt.
Matysik (Matysiak), Karol, kapr., 1.11.40, Manchester, W. Bryt., Southern Noncomform. Cem.
Maxymowicz-Raczynski, Stefan, ppor.pil., 14.2.42, Exeter, W. Bryt.
Mazelewski, Bronislaw, plut., 28.3.43, Edynburg, Szkocja, C. Mont-Vernon
Mazgaj, Piotr, kapr., 29(28).6.43, St. Petersrode, Belgia, CParaf., ?
Maziarz, Stan., kapr., 5.5.44, ?
Mazur, Stan., kapr., 18.4.46, ?
Mazurkiewicz, Stan., kapr., 22.1.45, Helton, W. Bryt.
Mazurkiewicz, Wlad. (Michal), ppor., 11.7.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Madracki, Czeslaw, kapr., 26(20).4.42, w poblizu (in the vicinity of) Kruth, Bawaria, Niemcy
Madracki, Jan, plut., 29.8.44, Aalestrop, ?, gr. zbiorowy
Maczynski, Jozef, por.obs., 10(11).1.42, w morzu 
Makiewicz, Aleks., por.pil., 6.11.43, ?
Meller, Jozef Alojzy, kapr., 17.7(22.6).42, ?
Mendel-Dymitrowicz, Jan, szer., 10.12.41, Watchfield, W. Bryt.
Metler, Edward, kpt., 12.4.43, ?
Miarczynski, Roman, kpt.obs., 4.10.41, Nuneaton, W. Bryt.
Miadlikowski (Miondlikowski), Alfons, por.(kpt.), 17.2.42(16.8.41), Ostende-Steen, Belgia, ?
Mich, Ryszard, por.pil., 20.6.40, Blida, Afryka, ?
Michalak, I, ?, 30.7.44, Lommel, Belgia, CP
Michalak, Stan., st. sierz., 23.8.46, Newark, W. Bryt.
Michalik, Waclaw Stan., por.obs., 21(22).6.42, Schiermonnikoong, ?, New Section
Michalski, Julian, plut., 20.8.42, ?
Michalski, Julian, plut., 17(16).9.43, Slaglille, Lejre, Dania, ?
Michalski, Ludwik, plut., 29(19).6.42, ?
Michalowski, Jan, mjr., 21.3.43, Exeter, W. Bryt., Higher Cem.
Michalowski, Marian, por.pil., 8.6.42, ?
Michon, Wlad. Karol, kapr.pchor., 21.4.44, Hucknall, W. Bryt.
Mieczkowski, Jan Roman, plut., 3.7.41, ?
Mielcarek, Jozef, por.pil., 23.4(24.3).41, Cirencester, W. Bryt. ?
Mielcarek, Stan., kapr., 20(19).6.42, ?
Mielcarek, Zygmunt Stan., st. sierz., 24.11.43, Blackpool, W. Bryt., C. Layton
Mielecki, Leopold, kpt.pil., 22.11.45, Ilminster, W. Bryt., Catholic Churchyard
Mielnik, Michal, st. szer., 15(16).10.42, Campigny, Francja, po lewej str. sciezki wiodacej do kosciola
Mielnicki, Jerzy Andrzej, ppor.pil., 20.2.45, Northwood, W. Bryt.
Mierniczek, Stan., st. sierz., 19.7.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
Mierzwa, Boguslaw, ppor.pil., 16.4.41, Northwood, W. Bryt.
Mierzwa, Jakub, plut., 1.3(3.2).43, ?
Migas, Eug., kapr., 5.5.45, Cambrai, Nord, Francja, CW
Migaskowski, Zbig., kapr., 14.8.44, ?
Migos, Feliks, ppor.pil., 18.8.44, Brookwood, W. Bryt.
Mijakowski, Bohdan, ppor.pil., 26.11.42, ?
Miklinski, Jan, plut., 4.10.44, Morpeth, W. Bryt.
Mikolajczak, Antoni Jan, plut.pchor., 27.7.45, ?
Mikolajczak, Ignacy, st. sierz.pil., 9(10).5.42, gr. 220 km od m. (grave is 220 km from the town of) Wadi Halfa, Afryka
Mikos, Wlodz. Jerzy, st. strz., 25(26).6.42, ?
Miksza, Edward, st. strz., 25.5.43, Newark, W. Bryt.
Mikula, Feliks, plut., 4.2.46, Newark, W. Bryt.
Milej, Jozef, plut., 19.6.44, ?
Milewski, Henryk, kapr.naw., 23.9.44, ?
Milewski, Leszek, kapr.pil., 11.11.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
Milewski, Wojciech, sierz., 5.11.45, ?
Minge, Jan Jozef, kapr., 6.12.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Minkiewicz, Andrzej, por., 4.2.41, Nuneaton, W. Bryt.
Mironow, Jan Kaz., plut., 18(17).4.43, ?
Mironczuk (Mironczuk), Ludwik, plut., 27.10.41, ?
Mirowski, Wlad., st. szer., 23.9.44, ?
Misiak, Ludwik Henryk, sierz.pil., 15(14).9.43, ?
Misiag, Walerian Wiktor, plut.pil., 30.6.43, Khartoum, Sudan, Afryka
Misiejuk, Jozef, szer., 1.2.44, Edynburg, Szkocja, C. Corstorphine Hill
Mistecki, Edmund, kapr., 2.10.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Miszturek, Stan., kapr., 12.6.44, ?
Mitkowski, Stan. Aleks., plut., 14(15).7.41, ?
Mlynarski, Edward, mjr.(pplk.obs.), 12(13).4.42, Kolonia, Niemcy, West Cem.
Mlynarski, Wlad., kapr., 16.10.42, ?
Mochnacki, Zygmunt Jan, por.pil., 7(6).11.44, Lommel, Belgia, CP
Modrany, Stan., kapr., 21(20).2.45, Bergisch-Gladbach, Niemcy, C.szpitalny
Modro, Zygmunt, por., 2(3).2.45, Bad Tolz (Durnbach), Niemcy, BCW
Modrzewski, Marian Jerzy, kapr., 11.8(12.7).42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Molenda, Jozef, kapr., 15(14).1.43, Newark, W. Bryt.
Mondschein, Jerzy, por.obs., 25.3.46, zastrzelony podczas ucieczki z obozu jencow (shot during an escape attempt from a POW camp - see the Great Escape story above following the letter "K."
Monkiewicz, Aleks., por.pil., 6.11.43, w morzu
Morawa, Edward, st. sierz., 13.10.40, West Bridgeford, W. Bryt.
Morawiec, Alojzy Stan., sierz., 21.2.43, Weston-Super-mare, W. Bryt., New Cem.
Morawski, Julian, por.pil., 12(13).7.43, Langannerie Francja, CP
Morawski, Stan., mjr.pil., 7.10.43, ?
Mosiewicz, Waclaw, kpt., 15.1.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Moskwa, Ant., ppor.obs., 7.10.43, ?
Mroczek, Euzebiusz, st. szer., 25.5.43, Newark, W. Bryt.
Mroczko, Tadeusz, ppor., 28.8.44, ?
Mrozek, Jozef, plut., 24(23).2.45, Eutingen, Niemcy, ?
Mrozinski, Jozef, kapr., 2.3.45, Lommel, Belgia, CP
Mrowka, Zdzislaw Marian, plut., 16.1.45, Market Drayton, W. Bryt.
Mroz, Miecz., sierz., 14.1.46, ?
Mruk, Kaz., sierz., 12.6.41, Newark, W. Bryt.
Mucha, Henryk, plut., 18.7.43, Newark, W. Bryt.
Mucha, Stan. Jozef, plut., 11.9.44, Budapeszt, Wegry, BCW, gr. zbiorowy
Muller (Miller), kapr., 29.12.44, Praga, Czechoslowacja, BCW, gr. zbiorowy
Murawski, Bol. Roland, ppor.pil., 1.1.41, Newark, W. Bryt.
Murzynowski, Feliks, st. sierz., 31.3.43, Kebkadiya, Sudan, Afryka
Musial, Jan Wlad., sierz.pil., 13.2.42, Northwood, W. Bryt.
Musial, Jan, por.obs., 24.7.41, ?
Muszel, Jan Eug., por.pil., 4.4.42, ?
Muhln, Adam, ppor., 28.8.44, ?
Myczkowski, Zenon, plut.pchor., 9.7.45, Epping, W. Bryt.
Mykietyn, Marian, plut.pil., 13.2.45, Newark, W. Bryt.
Myszkowski, Zygmunt, kapr., 18.8.42, Morpeth, W. Bryt., ?
Myszor, Marian, plut., 28(27).5.44, ?
Nagengast, Walerian, plut., 7.4.43, Edynburg, Szkocja, C. Corstorphine Hill
Najda, Roman, st. szer., 6.12.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Nalepa, Jozef, plut., 2.9.44, Belgrad, Jugoslavia, BCW
Nalecz-Cieszynski, Jan Leszek, st.szer., 8(9).11.42, ?
Namieczkowski, Miecz., sierz.pchor., 31.8.41, Blackpool, W. Bryt.
Napierala (Napora), Stan., sierz., 13.3.44, ?
Napiorkowski, Daniel, ppor., 7.12.44, ?
Narloch, Zygfryd, plut.pil., 1.9.44, ?
Narucki, Aleks., ppor.pil., 11.5.41, Northwood, W. Bryt.
Natkanski, Zygmunt, kpt., 5(6).4.42, St. Trond, Belgia
Nawratil, Kaz., kapr., 23.5.44, Bakum, Niemcy, CK Krefeld, ?
Nawrocki, Tadeusz, plut., 16.7.42, Formby, W. Bryt.
Nawrot, Jan, kapr., 13(12).7.43, Reichswald Forest, Niemcy, BCW
(NOTE: September 14, 2011 - an update from Piotr P. who lives in France:
Nawrot Jerzy
Bonk L.S.
Lewicki N.S.  
Died on 13.07.43 They are buried in the municipal cemetery in Pont Audemer (department Eure, France). They were members of RAF 138 Squadron. Other crew members are buried in the Polish cemetery at Langannerie.
Nenko, Jozef, plut., 22.5.43, Halton, W. Bryt.
Nestorowicz (Nasterowicz), Tadeusz, sierz., 26(24).4.41, ?
Neulinger, Stefan, ppor., 19(20).6.42, w morzu
Neyder, Marceli, por.pil., 21.2.43, ?
Niczewski, Stefan, kapr., 6.2.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Niedzwiecki, Kaz., mjr.pil., 18.8(29.7).40, Sutton Bridge, W. Bryt. (6 OTU)
Niemczyk, Maks., ppor.pil., 25(26).6.42, Bergen, Holandia, General Cem.
Niemeczek, Teofil, kapr., 26.3.42, Huisduinen Den Helder, Holandia
Nieszkodny, Adam Bol., por., 2.3.45, Reinberg, Niemcy
Niewiadomski, Stan., st. szer., 14(15).4.42, ?
Niewiara, Andrzej, sierz.pil., 9.8.41, Boulogne, Francja
Nikonow, Witalis, kpt. (F/O), 11.1.41, Bagington, W. Bryt., former flight instructor in Poland, was instructor at Central Flying School in Cardiff and had joined 308 Squadron 12/40. Killed in accident while on practice flight with student.
Nizinski, Bol., kapr., 13.2.45, ?
Niznik, Adam, kapr., 25.5.43, Newark, W. Bryt.
Nizynski, Jan Jerzy, ppor.pil., 22(19).4.41, Hylton, W. Bryt., C. Castletown, ? (55 OTU)
Nocon, Piotr, kapr., 8.2(22.1).41, Newark, W. Bryt.
Noga, Herbert, plut., 29.7.45, Blackpool, W. bryt., C. Layton
Nogacki, Stan., kapr., 22(21).6.43, ?
Nogaj, Zygmunt, plut., 5(6).6.42, Huisduinen Den Helder, Holandia, gr. Zbiorowy
Nosowski, Stan. Kaz., sierz., 8.5.46, Sheffield, W. Bryt.
Nowacki, Stan., por.pil., 14(15).1.44, Plymouth, W. Bryt.
Nowak, Alfons Ant. Szymon, kpt.obs., 24(23).12.41, Newark, W. Bryt.
Nowak, Bernard, sierz., 5.11.45, ?
Nowak, Czeslaw, ppor.pil., 30.8.44, Bologna, Wlochy, CP
Nowak, Feliks Pawel, por., 9.11.44, Shrewsbury, W. Bryt.
Nowak, Jan Michal, kapr., 22.7.42, w morzu
Nowak, Julian, sierz., 12.8.43, Brandesburton, W. Bryt., St. Mary Churchyard
Nowak, Leon, plut., 28.5.40, St. Galien des Bois, Francja, ? (Update: September 16, 2011 - According to Piotr P., a resident of Normandy, Leon Nowak is buried in the Common Cemetery at Trouville, near Deauville, France)
Nowak, Marian, por.pil., 3.7.43, ?
Nowak, Tad., por.pil., 21.9.41, Quiberville, Francja, C. komunalny, dz. w.
Nowakowski, Eug., sierz., 11.8.46, Hawarden, W. Bryt.
Nowakowski, Henryk, plut.pchor., 15.10.42, ?
Nowicki, Adolf, kapt.naw., 25.4.44, ?
Nowicki, Bog., sierz., 4(3).5.42, ?
Nowotarski, Miecz., kapr., 3(4).5.42, ?
Extract from The Times article on the transport work of Polish ferry pilots across equatorial Africa, October 26, 1942.
"During the last two years thousands of British and American aircraft have been delivered to the Middle East Command by the West African route, crossing 6,000 miles of equatorial jungle, bush and desert to Egypt. In pre-war days such a flight would have excited the admiration of the world, but every week for two years Allied pilots have braved the perilous journey. It has been a secret job and one of vital importance to the war effort of the United Nations.
"... As more aircraft were shipped from Britain and America for assembly and delivery more pilots were required, and nearly 100 experienced Polish pilots in Britain were sent out to become part of an organisation which was rapidly developing. So well have the Poles carried out their job that to date they have flown more than 1,000 aircraft over this West African route with only 2% loss, a striking tribute to the skill and endurance, for this is one of the most testing flights ever made."
Extracts from the Air Ministry News Service, 8th June, 1943.
"A Polish flight attached to a R.A.F. fighter squadron in the Western Desert has, in a recent period of seven weeks, destroyed 25 enemy aircraft, for the loss of only one aircraft and its pilot...
"The Polish flight contained the enemy fighter escort to such good purpose that the entire formation of troop transports was destroyed by the British fighters, while the Poles themselves shot down six of the escorting fighters."

Oberdak, Czeslaw, ppor.pil., 30.5.44, ?
Obiorek, Stan., plut.pil., 11(10).1.42, ?
Obrycki, Karol, por., 24.6.43, ?
Obrzut, Fran., kapr., 30.6.42, Edynburg, Szkocja, C. Corstorphine Hill
Ochedzan, Jan And., por.pil., 19.12.43, Newark, W. Bryt.
Ofsinski, Jan, kapr., 8.9.45, Morpeth, W. Bryt., St. Mary's Cem., ?
Ogorzal, Miecz., kapr., 13.2.45, Newark, W. Bryt.
Ogrodnik, Tad., kapr., 27.8.44, Budzpeszt, Wegry, BCW, gr. zbiorowy
Ogrodnik, Teodor, kapr., 4.2.42(3.2.43), ?
Ogrodnik, Zdz., st. szer., 5.5.44, ?
Okonski, Brunon, por.obs., 9.8(7).41, ?
Olender, Jozef, st. strz., 1.1.44, ?
Oles, Kaz., szer., 11.9.42, ?
Oles, Tad., por.obs., 16.10.42, ?
Olewinski, Bol., kapr., 3.11.40, ?, 111 Squadron, while attacking a Heinkel bomber, returning to Norway following a bombing run over Aberdeen, his Hurricane was hit by return fire and immediately crashed into the sea.
Olewinski, Kaz., ppor., 29.7.40, Sutton-Bridge, W. Bryt. (6 OTU)
Olkiewicz, Fran., plut., 6.1.41, Brindisi, Wlochy, C. OO. Kapucynow, ?
Olszewski, Bol., kapr., 2.6.40, Lyon, Francja, C. Guillotiere, ?
Olszewski, Edward, kapr.pil., 14.4.42, ?
Olszyna, Marian, 1.1.41, Newark, W. Bryt.
Omieliaszko, Michal (Wlad.), plut.pil., 11.8.(12.7).42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Omiotek, Wiktor, kapr., 2(3).1.45, Pierrepont, Francja, French National Cem., dz. w.
Omylak, Fran., kpt.obs., 28.8.44, ?
Opuchlik, Jan Wilhelm, st. szer., 8.11.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Opulski, Tad., kpt.pil., 2(22).5.43, Newark, W. Bryt.
Orlewski, Jan, kapr., 18(17).4.42, ?
Orlikowski, Stan., st. szer., 22.10.41, Cranvell, Lincs., W. Bryt., ?
Orlowski, Edward, plut., 24.1.41, Cosford-Dunington, W. Bryt., ?
Orsza-Matysek, Jan, por.obs., 17(18).4.42, w morzu
Orynek, Jan, plut., 4.2.41, Nuneaton, W. Bryt.
Orzechowski, Jan, por.pil.(kpt.), 26.2.42, Aabenra, Dania, Allied Milit. Plot, grob wspolny
Orzechowski, Miroslaw, ppor.pil., 22.7.41, ?
Orzechowski, Tad., kapr.pil., 22.11.42, Driffield, W. Bryt.
Osadzinski, Alfred, ppor.pil., 5(6).4.42, St. Trond, Belgia, jeden z grobow nr. 18-23 (one of the graves from nr. 18 to 23)
Osetkowski (Oselkowski), Wieslaw Marcin, plut.pchor., 13.5.41, Sleepy Hillock, W. Bryt.
Osieleniec (Osiedleniec), Kaz., plut., 21.4.44, Northwood, W. Bryt.
Osika, Witold, ppor.pil., 27.5.44, Huesden, Holandia, ?
Osmala, Stan., kapr., 1.10.40, Jurby, Isle of Man, W. Bryt.
Osoba, Jan Stan., 14.5.43, Blackpoll, W. Bryt., C. Layton
Ossowski, Bron., kapr., 1.11(31.10).42, Kerentrech, Francja, C. komunalny, Lorient, dz. w.
Ostaszewski, Leon, por., 23.9.42, ?
Ostaszewski, Stan., por.pil., 18.7.44, ?
Ostaszewski, Stan. Marian, por.obs., 14(13).3.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Ostowicz, Antoni, por.pil.(F/O), 11.8.40, ? - former bomber navigator, had claimed the first victory by a Pole in the RAF on July 19, 1940, after participating in the kill of a He 111 while flying with 145 Squadron. He was killed a few weeks later during a large Luftwaffe bomber raid on Portland, his Hurricane crashing probably on the Isle of Wight.   
Ostrowski, Ant., sierz., 24(23).7.44, Hamburg, Niemcy, C. Ohlsdorf
Ostrowski, Ant., st.szer., 23.9.42, ? (Sergeant, ANTONI, 794728, 23 September 1942, age 32. Grave Ref. Grave 5, buried  in Quiberon, Communal Cemetery, Morbihan, France - thanks to Piotr P.)
Ostrowski, Edmund, kapr., 22.2.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Ostrowski, Jan, ppor.pil., 15.7.41, Bremen, Niemcy, C. Waller
Ostrowski, Miecz., por., 23.7.44, ?
Ostrowski, Tad., plut., 4.4.43, Serville, Francja, C. komunalny, ?
Ostrowski, Wlad., sierz.pil., 23.9.43, Fulford, W. Bryt., ?
Osuchowski, Zbigniew, kpt.obs., 14.10.44, ?
Osciak, Miecz., kapr., 4(3).11.42, ?
Osmialowski, Leon Bol., por.pil., 30.8.43, Rotterdam, Holandia, C. Crosvijk
Oswiecinski (Oswiecimski), Leon, plut., 17.2.42, Cranvell, W. Bryt., ?
Oyrzanowski, Waclaw, st. sierz., 28.6.43, Pembrey, W. Bryt., Parish churchyard, ? 
Oziemblowski, Jerzy Wlad., ?, 22.1.44, Killingbeck, W. Bryt., CCK, ?
Ozierzbicki, Lech St., ppor.pil., 23.4.42, ?
Ozyra, Piotr, kpt.pil., 29.4.42, Boulogne, Francja, East Cemetery, ?
Ozdzenski, Tomasz, st. szer., 26.1.44, ?
Ozga, Jan, kapr., 28.8.44, ?
Pacahan, Tad., kapr., 15.6.42, Shrewsbury, W. Bryt.
Pacula, Albin, kapr., 12.6.44, ?
Pacut, Kaz., st. sierz., 1.7(14.9).43, ?
Paderewski, Stan., por., 25.6.41, ?
Paetz, Stan., kapr., 2.9.44, Budapeszt, Wegry, BCW
Pagiello, Albrecht, plut., 25.7.44, ?
Pagorski, Wlad., plut., 10.5.40, Lyon, Francja, C. Guillotiere, ?
Pajer, Piotr, kpt.obs., 12(13).4.42, Eindhoven, Woensel, Holandia
Paleniczek (Palenczyk), Wlad., plut.pil., 18(19).6.41, ?
Paliwoda, Karol, sierz., 25.9.40, Honington, W. Bryt., All Saints Churchyard, ?
Paluch, Wlodz., Marian, kapr., 5.8.43, ?
Paluszkiewicz, Wlad., plut., 3.8.43, Borseleth, ?, grob wspolny
Pamula, Leopold, pplk.pil., 8.8.40, Balckpool, W. Bryt., C. Layton
Panasik, Waclaw, plut., 9.8.43, Dumfries, Szkocja, ?
Panek, Przemyslaw Woj., por.pil.,4.4.43, St. Sever, Francja, CW
Pankiewicz, Adam, ppor.pil., 29(30).1.43, Kerfantros, Finisterre, Brest, Francja
Pankiewicz, Stan., por.pil., 17.12.42, Bighi, Malta, RNCem
Pankratz, W., kpt.pil., 12.8.40, ? (145 Suadron)
Pantkowski, Fran., por., 29(30).10.42, Equerrsund, Norwegia, grob wspolny
Papkow, Anastazy, kapr., 13.3.43, ?
Paprocki, Zbigniew, kapr., 4.6.44, Dalcross, W. Bryt.
Parafinski, Miecz. Jan, plut.pil. (Sgt.), 26(28).2.41, Bagington, W. Bryt., 308 Squadron, crashed into the ground possibly due to a loss of consciousness following oxygen system failure.
Parol, Jozef, kapr., 9.4.45, ?
Parzych, Zenon, kapr., 5(25).11.44, Bonninghardt k/Wesel, Niemcy, CP, ?
Pasich, Kaz., plut., 15(14).4.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Pasierski, Jozef, kapr., 9.1.43, Newark, W. Bryt.
Pasternak (Pasterniak), Tad., kapr., 12(22).5.43, Newark, W. Bryt.
Pastwa, Witold Fran., plut.pil., 13.8.43, ?
Paszkiewicz, Jan, kapr., 28.8.44, ? 
Paszkiewicz, Ludwik Witold, por., 27.9.40, Northwood, W. Bryt. (F/O, 303 Squadron, awarded the Virtuti Militari by General W. Sikorski on 18.9.40.)
Paszkiewicz, Witold Woj., kpt., 6.1.44, Brindisi, Wlochy, C.OO.Kapucynow
Paszkot, Kaz., st. szer., 11.9.42, ?
Paszkowski, Aleks., por.obs., 8.6.42, ?
Paszkowski, Romuald And., por., 28.1.45, Berneck k/Stuttgart, Niemcy, ?
Patalan (Patalon), Stan., kpt.obs., 30.11.43, w morzu
Patek, Bol. Kaz., kapr., 10.1.42, ?
Paterak, Bol., kapr., 25.10.43, Edynburg, Szkocja, C. Corstorphine Hill
Paterek, Edward, sierz.(Sgt.), 27.3.41, ?, (collided in mid-air with F/Lt Szulkowski)
Patlewicz, Wlad. Stan., kapr., 17(16).9.43, Slaglille, Lejre, Dania, ?
Pawlak, Jan, kapr., 21.7.42, ?
Pawlik, Jozef, plut.pil., 20.5.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
Pawlikowski, Jan, kapr., 16.4.40, ?
Pawlikowski, Stefan, plk.pil., 15.5.43, ?
Pawluk, Kaz., por.obs., 25.3.44, zastrzelony podczas ucieczki z obozu jencow (shot during an escape attempt from a POW camp - see the "Great Escape" above at the end of the "K" section.)
Pawlowski, Piotr, kapr., 20.5.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
Pawlowski, Wlad., sierz.pil., 11.8.44, ?
Pawlowski, Zbigniew, kapr., 25.6.42, Jurby, Isle of Man, W. Bryt., St. Patrick's Churchyard
Pavlovic, Matej, sierz., 20.4.41, Boulogne-sur-Mer, Francja, CW
Pazdzior, Witold, plut., 11.9.44, Budapeszt, Wegry, BCW, grob wspolny
Perkowski, Jacek, por.obs., 12.3.42, ?
Perkowski, Zbigniew, plut.pil., 4.2.41, Nuneaton, W. Bryt.
Perun, Jozef, st. sierz., 14.10.44, ?
Peszkowski, Bol. Eug., por.pil., 21(22).7.42, Reichswald, Niemcy, BCW
Petruszka, Aleks., por.pil., 20.3.44, ?
Peczkowski, Woj., kapr., 13.10.42, ?
Peski, Wlodz., kpt., 12.5.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
Peszynski, Michal, plut., 8.7.41, Carlisle, W. Bryt.,
Pfeiffer, Jan Piotr, ("Fifi"), por.pil., 20.12.43, w morzu
Pfleger, Wlodz. (Wlad.), ppor., 27.9.41, Exeter, W. Bryt.
Pialucha, Jozef, plut., 2.9.44, Belgrade, Jugoslawia, BCW, gr. wspolny
Piasecki, Jozef, st. sierz., 22.12.44., Market Drayton, W. Bryt.
Piasecki, Jozef Tad. (Wiktor), st. sierz., 1.3.42, Port Sudan nad Morzem Czerwonym (on the Red Sea)
Piatek, Stan., kapr., 16(15).10.42, ?
Piatkowski, Edward, plut.mech.pokl., 11.5.43, ?
Piatkowski, Henryk, por.pil., 23.5.43, ?
Piatkowski, Stan., ppor. (P/O), 25.10.40, Pembrey, W. Bryt., St. Illtyd, Churchyard, ? , 79 Squadron, crashed his Hurricane near Carew Cheriton after a routine patrol over Linney Head.
Piechowiak (Piechowski), Zygmunt Stan., plut., 16.10.42, ?
Pieczewski, Marian, plut.pchor., 16.7.41, Southwick, W. Bryt., ? 
Pieczynski, Zdz., sierz., 28(27).4.42, ?
Piekarski, Leon Leonard, por., 5.10.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
Pierozynski, Julian, st. szer., 25.6.42, ?
Pietniunas, Stan., sierz.pil., 23.2.41, Jurby, Isle of Man, W. Bryt., Churchyard, ?
Pietrasiak, Adolf, ppor.pil., 29.11.43, w morzu
Pietrasiewicz, Stan., kpt.pil., 30.11.41, Oskobgo, Nigeria, Afryka
Pietrow, Jerzy, st.szer., 26(27).3.42, ?
Pietruszewski, Wieslaw Leszek, kapr.pchor., 15.4.41, Newark, W. Bryt.
Pietruszka, Stan., ppor.pil., 23(22).6.41, Newark, W. Bryt.
Pietrzak, Aleks., plut.pil., 2.8.45, Epping, W. Bryt.
Pietrzak, Wincenty, kapr., 21(20).12.43, Belfast, W. Bryt., C. Miltown, ?
Pietrzak, Zdz., plut., 5.11.45, ?
Pilarski, Waclaw Jozef, plut., 1.11.42, Kerentrech, Francja, C.komunalny Lorient, dz. w.
Pilat, Stefan, plut., 3.7.43, ?
Pilch, Edward Roman, ppor. (P/O), 20.2.41, Chichester, W. Bryt., 302 Squadron, airborne for dog fight practice, was killed as his Hurricane dove out of the sky for reasons unknown, began to burn and issue smoke and crashed into the ground near Arundel.
Piorun, Maks., kapr., 22.9.45, Edynburg, Szkocja, C. Corstorphine Hill
Piotrowski, Jozef, por., 14.1.44, Coyecques, Fauquembergues, St. Omer, Francja, ?
Piotrowski, Mikolaj, kapr., 16.1.45, Klein Furra, ?
Piotrowski, Waclaw, por., 16.3.45, Newark, W. Bryt.
Piorek, Stan., kapr.pchor., 28.9.43, Newark, W. Bryt.
Pisarek, marian, mjr.pil., 20.4.42, ?
Pisarski, Stan., plut., 8.5.41, Amsterdam, Holandia, Osterbelgraveplatz, ?
Pisarski, Waclaw, kapr., 31.10.42, ?
Pitka, Ferdynand, plut., 20.2.44, ?
Piwko, Miecz., sierz., 11.5.42, Exeter, W. Bryt.
Piwoda, Fran., kapr., 11.11.44, ?
Plenkiewicz, Ant. Stefan, kapr., 27.4.43, Northwood, W. Bryt.
Plis, Henryk, kapr., 20.10.41, ?
Pliszke, Stefan, kapr., 16.4.42, Hucknall, W. Bryt., dz. p.
Pluta, Zygmunt, kpt.pil., 17.8.44, rejon Gorlice, Polska
Plachta, Jan, asp., 16.8.41, Flushing, Holandia, North Cem.
Placzek, Jozef, sierz., 13.2.45, ?
Plawski, Daniel, por.pil., 5.6.42, w morzu
Plonczynski, Witold, kapr., 20.2.44, ?
Plotek (Platek), Nikodem, kapr., 3.7.41, Manchester, W. Bryt., South Cem., ?
Plusa (Plusa), And. Jozef, ppor.obs., 13(12).1.43, Newark, W. Bryt.
Podgajny, Edward, kapr., 11.2.42, Exeter, W. Bryt., Higher Cem.
Podgorzak (Podgorzak), Jozef, chor., 6(7).6.42, ?
Podgorski, Jerzy, plut., 6.9.46, Kloppenburg, Niemcy, dz. w., ?
Podgorski, Kaz. And., plut., 5(6).6.42, ? (301 Squadron, Nieuwe Ooster Cem., Amsterdam, Holandia)
Podobinski, Stan., por., 14.12.43, Jurby, Isle of Man, W. Bryt.
Podziemski, Jan, plut., 18.7.41, Newark, W. Bryt.
Podsiadly, Bol., kapr., 11.9.44, Budapeszt, Wegry, BCW, gr. zbiorowy
Pogodzinski, Edmund, plut., 25(24).4.44, Michelstadt k/Mannheim, Niemcy, gr. zbiorowy
Pokorniewski, Fabian, por., 21.6.43, Newark, W. Bryt.
Pokrant, Longin, st. strz., 3(2).7.42, ?
Pokus, Albert August, st. szer., 22(23).1.42, ?
Pokrzywa, Raymund Ant., kapr., 10(11).1.42, w morzu
Polaczek, Ernest, plut., 2.9.44, Oleans le Grond, ?, grob wspolny
Polak, Edmund, st. szer., 9(8).6.42, ?
Polanin, Karol Jan, ppor., 16.3.45, Halton, W. Bryt.
Polczyk, Jerzy, ppor.pil., 30.1.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Polkowski, Jerzy Henryk, por.obs., 11(12).5.43, w morzu
Polnik, Jan, por.pil., 11(12).5.43, Terschelling Island, Holandia, ?
Polom, Fran., kapr., 13.3.43, ?
Poniatowski, Czeslaw, plut., 28(29).8.42, Louvain, Belgia, CB, gr. zbiorowy
Ponulak (Pomulak), Wlad., kapr., 7(6).12.42, ?
Popek, Miecz. Edmund, st. sierz., 14.1.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
Poplawski, Aleks., sierz.(Sgt.), 11.4.41, Stamfordham n/r Newcastle, W. Bryt., ? (607 Squadron, crashed into the sea 5 miles off Dunbar, possibly due to engine failure.)
Popowicz, Tad., plut., 24.6.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
Porada, Fran. Stan., sierz., 26(27).3.42, Amsterdam, Holandia, New East Cem. (301 Squadron, Nieuwe Ooster Cem.)
Porebski, Bol., por.pil., 23(22).8.43, ?
Porowski, Edward, plut., 13.6.44, Rheinberg, Niemcy, BCW, gr. wspolny
Posner, Isser Lejb, kapr., 26.10.43, ?
Postek, Tad., st. szer., 7.10.44, Lille, Francja, Cimetiere du Sud
Poszeluzny, Wincenty Wiktor, kapr., 19.5.46, Londyn, W. Bryt., Battersea Borough Cem., ?
Powierza, Andrzej, ppor., 3.4.42, ?
Powierza, Stan., por.obs., 6(7).6.42, nad Emden, Niemcy
Powierza, Tad., por.pil., 1.1.45, Lommel, Belgia, CP
Powloka, Edward, kapr., 15.6.42, Shrewsbury, W. Bryt.
Poziomek, Stan., pplk.obs., 10.4.44, Bilbao, Hiszpania, C. Lotnikow
Pozowski, Edward, plut., 12.6.44, ?
Pozdzal, Hilary, chor., 19.9.45, Newark, W. Bryt.
Praschill, Stefan Leopold Alojzy, por.pil., 1(2).6.42, Lommel, Belgia, CP
Prazmowski, Janusz, kapr.obs., 22.4.43, ?
Pretkiewicz, Fran., sierz. (Sgt.), 30.11.40, Glenary Chester Barrow, W. Bryt., C.Paraf., ?, 245 Squadron, dived into the ground during dog fight practice near Cushendall, Co. Antrim.
Pretkiewicz, Marian Waclaw, ppr., 29.8.44, Aalastrup, Dania, ?
Pretkowski, Jozef, plut.pil., 12.4.45, ?
Procyk, Edward, por.pil., 20.4.41, Exeter, W. Bryt. ?
Prodan, Adam, kpt., 24.1.42, Dumfries, Szkocja, ? 
Promiak, Grzegorz, szer., 20.8.42, ?
Prochnicki, And. Feliks Michal, por.pil., 19.8.43, Nours, Francja, ?
Pruchniewicz, Aleks., st. szer., 23.9.42, ?
Prusak, Klemens, sierz., 27.2.45, Newark, W. Bryt.
Prusek, Miecz, por., 17.1.42, ?
Pruss, Wlad., sierz., 25(24).4.44, ?
Prykiel, Edward, por.pil., 13.4.45, ?
Przeclawski (Przeslawski), Stan., 16(17).8.41, ?
Przesmycki, Aleks., sierz., 18.12.41, Weston Hill, W. Bryt.
Przybylski, Roman Felicjan, ppor.pil., 29.1.45, ?
Przybylowicz, Stan. Jozef, por., 6.5.43, Hawarden, W. Bryt.
Przybylowski, Jan, szer., 14.2.41, Chichester, W. Bryt.
Przygodzki, Zdz., por., 8(9).?.44, Dartfort, Watling St., W. Bryt.
Przyluski, Kaz., por.pil., 10(11).7.44, Thiville, Francja, CM, ?
Przysiecki, Eug., kpt.pil., 23(24).4.43, Escoublac-Cuy, Francja, The Soldiers Cem. 
Psuja, Alfred, st. szer., 19(20).11.42, ?
Psuja, Miecz., por., 16.1.41, Watchfield, Bucks., W. Bryt., CW, ?
Ptaszkowski, Ant., szer., 14.3.41, Renfrew, W. Bryt., C. Arkleston
Pucek, Wlad., por.pil., 28.12.42, Blackpool, W. Bryt., C. Layton
Puchalski, Lucjan, kapr., 7.7.44, Brookwood, W. Bryt.
Pudelko, Jozef Ant., kapr., 23.4.42, Belfast, W. Bryt., C. Miltown
Pudrycki, Otton, sierz., 5.12.41, Blackpool, W. Bryt., C. Layton
Puklo, Jozef, por.pil., 2.5.41, Nottage k/Pyle, Glam., W. Bryt., C. nad morzem, ?
Pulnarowicz, Zbigniew, kapr., 9.6.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
Pulczynski, Ant. Jozef, kpt.obs., 5(6).1.44, W. Bryt.
Puzyna, Stan., por., 3.4.42, Exeter, W. Bryt.
Pyka, Kaz., chor., 9.11.44, ?
Pytlak, Jan, kapr.pil., 27.8.42, ?
Pytlak, Tad., plut.pchor., 9.8(9).41, Dorchester, W. Bryt., Warmwell Churchyard, ?
Pyzik, Tad., ppor., 3.3.45, Reichswald Forest, Niemcy, CB

Rachwalik, Andrzej, szer., 10.5.40, Lyon, Francja, C. Guillotiere, ?
Radecki, Jan Mikolaj, por.naw., 15.2.44, Holyhead, W. Bryt., St. Mary Cem.
Radecki, Roman, kapr., 6(5).6.42, ?
Radke, Pawel, st.szer., 13.3.41, Renfrew, W. Bryt., C. Arkleston
Radkowski, Tad., sierz., 6.5.42, Northwood, W. Bryt.
Radonski, Jan Sylweriusz, kapr., 21(22).11.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
Radwan-Kuzelewski, Jan, kapr., 27.8.44, Budapeszt, Wegry, BCW, gr. zbiorowy
Radzimski, Fran., kapr., 6.10.42, Leconfield, W. bryt.
Radzinski, Hieronim, kapr., 7.5.43, Driefield, W. Bryt.
Radzyminski, Ignacy, sierz.pil., 28.2.41, Yatesbury, W. Bryt., ?
Rajewski, Eug. Leon, por., 27.12.43, Newmarket, W. Bryt.
Rajpold, Czeslaw, kapr., 25.8.43(25.6.42), Hayeswerde-Elsterhorst, Niemcy, C. jencow woj. (POW cemetery)
Ramert, Jerzy, por., 28.8.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Ratajczak, Alojzy, por.pil., 27.7.45, Marsylia, Francja, CW, ?
Ratajczak, Ignacy, plut., 18.7.44, ?
Ratajczyk, Czeslaw, kapr., 24(23).5.43, ?
Rausinski (Ransinski), Zygmunt Ludwik, kapr., 9(8).11.42, ?
Rawski, Jan, kapr., 9(8).7.42, w morzu Polnocnym (in the North Sea)
Rebuszynski, Wlodz., ppor.pil., 25.7.41, Newark, W. Bryt.
Reda, Waclaw, por., 30(22).1.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Reder, Bron., ppor., 12.6.46, Kloppenburg, Niemcy, CK parafialny, ?
Reder, Roman, plut., 2.2.45, ?
Rembecki, Fran., plut.pil., 12.6.44, ?
Reszko, Ryszard, ppor., 22.6.43, Morpeth, W. Bryt.
Retur, Zdz., ppor., 25.4(3).42, Wittmund, Niemcy
Rewers, Edmund John, szer., 19.9.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Rewkowski, Stan., kpt.obs., 8.5.41, ?
Rebinski, Longin, por.pil., 18.4.44, Langannerie, Francja, CP
Richter, Adolf, plut., 8.11.44, Aberdeen, Szkocja, C. Longside
Riess, Stan. Fran., por., 4.2.43, Duvington n/r Amebury, W. Bryt.
Robaszewski, Wlad., plut., 8.1.46, Newark, W. Bryt.
Rochowski, Leonid, kpt.obs., 29.9.41, Dumfries, Szkocja, St. Andrews Cem.
Rodziewicz, Lech Jan, kapr., 29.7.43, Newark, W. Bryt.
Rodzynkiewicz, Ryszard, por.obs., 23.9.42, ?
Rogacki, Fran., st. sierz., 31.5.45, Kloppenburg, Niemcy, C. szpit. wojsk. (hospital military cemetery)
Rogala-Sobieszczanski, Jan, kapr., 1.11.42, ?
Rogalski, Kaz., kapr.mech., 17.3.40, Lyon, Francja, C. Guillotiere, ?
Rogowski, Adam, kapr., 10(11).1.42, ?
Rogowski, And., por.pil., 31(1).11.42, Lorient, Francja
Rogowski, Henryk, plut., 18(19).6.41, ?
Rogowski, Jan Aleks., kapr., 28.5.43, Pihen les Guines k/Calais, Francja
Rojek, Jozef, kpt.naw., 24.5.44, ?
Rojek, Miecz., sierz., 9.2.40, Lyon, Francja, C. Guillotiere, ?
Rokus, Albert August, st.szer., 22(23).1.42, ?
Rolecki, Jan, szer., 19.3.43, Newark, W. Bryt.
Rolinski, Stan., por.pil., 26.7.43, ?
Ronowicz, Ryszard, por., 9.8.45, Bexley, W. Bryt.
Rosiewicz, Kaz., plut.pchor., 28.8.41, Holyhead, W. Bryt., ?
Rosiniuk, Wlad., por.pil., 1(2).9.44, Belgrad, Jugoslawia, BC
Rosolek, Aleks., st.sierz., 10.5.40, Lyon, Francja, ?
Rossochacki, Ant., st.szer., 2.11.40, Leconfield, W. Bryt.
Rotter, Wieslaw, kapr., 5(3).5.41, Carlisle, W. Bryt., ?
Roubo, Jozef, por., 15.8.43, ?
Rozmiarek, Edmund, kapr., 23.9.40, Hucknall, W. Bryt.
Rozpaka (Rozpara), Henryk, plut., 24(23).12.41, Newark, W. Bryt.
Rozwadowski, Miecz., ppor., 15.8.40, ? (151 Squadron, shot down in his Hurricane while in action west of Dover).
Rozworski, Zygmunt, plut., 8.11.42, ?
Rozanski, Jerzy Wlad., por.pil., 15(16).8.43, Amersfoort ond Lensden, Holandia
Rozdzynski (Rozdzynski), Aleks., szer., 26(25).6.42, Bergen, Holandia, General Cem.
Rozga, Roman, plut., 8.1.46, Newark, W. Bryt.
Rozgo, Stefan, kapr., 27.8.46, Kloppenburg, Niemcy CK, dz. w., ?
Rozanski, Jerzy, por.pil., 12.6.44, ?
Rozewicki, Dobieslaw, plut., 18.11.40, Newark, W. Bryt.
Rozycki, Zenon, kapr., 25(24).4.44, Michelstadt k/Mannheim, Niemcy, gr. zbiorowy
Rucinski, Witold, sierz., 21(22).11.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
Rudakowski, Henryk, kpt.pil., 9.4.45, ?
Rudek (Rudeck), Jan, ppor.obs., 8(9).4.43, Bergen-am-Zee, Holandia
Rudel, And., sierz., 22.7.42, w morzu
Rudkiewicz (Rutkiewicz), Jozef, plut., 29.8.44, Aalestrup, Dania
Rudlicki, Jerzy, st.sierz., 23.4.41, Nuneaton, W. Bryt.
Rudnicki, Edward, plut., 19.8.42, Edynburg, Szkocja, C. Corstorphine Hill
Rueger, Stefan Piotr, kapr., 29(28).8.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Runiewicz, Marian Emanuel, por., 2(3).8.43, Krempe, Schleswig-Holstein, Niemcy, ?
Rusinski, Edward, plut., 12.7.43, ?
Ruszel, Ludwik, kapr., 20.8.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Rutecki, Alojzy, sierz.pil., 20.8.45, Heycombe, W. Bryt.
Rutkiewicz, Jozef - see Rudkiewicz, Jozef
Rutkowski, Hubert, kapr., 16.12.41, Rihen k/Calais Marck, Francja, ?
Rutkowski, Stan., st.szer., 3.8.43, ?
Rutkowski, Wincenty, plut., 15.8.44, ?
Rybak, Waclaw, ?, 5.8.41, ?
Rybczynski, Tad., chor., 11.11.45, Brookwood, W. Bryt.
Rybinski, Czeslaw, plut., 23(22).5.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
Rychel, Bol., kapr., 23.9.43, Fulford, W. Bryt., ?
Rygiel, Edmund, ppor.pil., 13(14).9.44, Budapeszt, Wegry, BCW, gr. zbiorowy
Rymaszewski, Stan., kapr., 23.7.44, ?
Rymkiewicz, Czeslaw, por.pil., 14(13).3.42, Newark, W. Bryt., ?
Ryszkiewicz, Miecz. Jozef, kpt.(mjr.)obs., 2(3).5.41, Eindhoven-Woensel, Holandia, North Braband
Rysztok, Jan, ppor.obs., 15.10.42, kolo (near) Le Havre, Francja, ? 
Rytka, Marian, por., 5.12.42, Northwood, W. Bryt.
Rzemyk, Miecz., ppor.pil., 14(15).4.42, Middelkerke k/Ostendy, Belgia, CParaf.
Rzepa, Stan., kpt.obs., 24.7.41, ?
Rzetelny, Jan, plut., 11.11.44, ?
Rzyskiewicz, Waclaw, kapr., 15.10.44, Gloucester, W. Bryt.
Sablik, Oskar, por.obs., 23.4.41, Nuneaton, W. Bryt.
Sadawa, Stan., plut., 5.9.41, Chevington, W. Bryt.
Sadowinski, Wlad., kapr., 23.2.45, ?
Sadowski, Bol., por.obs., 1.1.41, Newark, W. Bryt.
Sadowski, Jan, st. sierz., 31.1.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Sadowski, Jerzy, por.obs., 9.2.42, w morzu
Sadowski, Stan., kpt., 16.3.45(43), Newark, W. Bryt.
Sadurski, Zygmunt, szer., 6.2.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Saferna, Miecz. Julian, por., 6(5).8.41, Charleroi, Belgia, CM
Sakowicz, Henryk, plut., 31.12.45, Norwich, W. Bryt.
Salamon, Bol., plut., 24(25).7.?, ?
Salek, Jan, kapr., 8.4.46, Milano, Wlochy, B.Emp.Cem.
Salkiewicz, Czeslaw, por.pil., 30.5.40, Toulouse, Francaral, Francja
Samiec, Karol, kapr.pchor.pil., 4.11.41, Polmont n/r Grangemouth, Szkocja, C. Grandsable, ?
Samofal, Kaz., ppor.pil., 26.11.42, Northwood, W. Bryt.
Samolinski, Michal (Czech), ppor.pil. (P/O), 28(26).9.40, ? (Samolinski, Wlodzimierz Michal Czech, 253 Squadron, shot down into the Channel and killed).
Samp, Bernard, plut.pil., 20.5.41, Market Drayton, W. Bryt.
Samulski, Zygmunt, kapr., 4(3).5.42, ?
Sankowski, Adam, kapr., 7(6).4.44, Burela, prow. Lugom, Hiszpania
Sankowski, Alojzy, kapr., 10.11.42, ?
Sapeta, Stan. Ryszard, kapr., 9(8).10.42, ?
Sapieha (Sapiecha), Florian, kapr., 6(7).6.42, ?
Sapko, Bol., kapr., 7(6).12.42, Boulogne-sur-Mer, Francja, East Cem.
Sarachman, Stan., st.sierz.pil., 14.10.44, ?
Sasak, Wilhelm, sierz.pchor. (Sgt.), 30.11.40, Chicester, W. Bryt., ?, 145 Squadron, was flying his Hurricane when the aircraft caught fire in the air; an unsuccessful attempt to force land south of Chichester resulted in his death.
Sasal, Zyg., kapr., 1.11.42, ?
Sasin, Waclaw, kapr., 14(13).3.42, Newark, W. Bryt., ?
Satel, Leonard, pilot cyw., 28.10.40, Birmingham, W. Bryt., C. Brandwood End., ?
Sawczuk, Borys, plut., 10.9.42, ?
Sawiak, Bol. Jozef, por.pil., 23.8.42, Formby, W. Bryt., Our Lady of Compassion Cem.
Sawicki, Ireneusz, ppor.pil., 3.11.42, ?
Sawicki, Jerzy, plut., 21.10.43, Newark, W. Bryt.
Sawicki, Stan., por.pil., 19.3.45, North Weald Basset, W. Bryt.
Sawicz, Kaz., plut., 1.1.41, Newark, W. Bryt.
Schandler, Jan, por.pil., 2.1.46, Newark, W. Bryt., ?
Schmidt, Jerzy, por.pil., 6.12.44, ?
Schmidt, Stan., kapr.pchor., 5.5.43, Newark, W. Bryt.
Schultz, Adam Ludwik, por., 15.10.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Sekutowicz, Stan., por. 5.5.44, ? 
Sedzimir, Bron. Wlad., kapr., 2(1).6.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Sekowski, Tad., kapr.pil., 23(24).9.42, ?
Sep-Szurzynski, Oswald, por.pil., 3.8.44, ?
Siadecki, Edward, sierz., 10.4.44, ?
Sibilski, Stefan, st. sierz., 20.2.40, Lyon, Francja, C. Guillotiere, ?
Sicinski, Walenty, sierz., 24(23).6.43, Amsterdam, Holandia, New East Cem. (138 Squadron, Nieuwe Ooster Cem.)
Sieczka, Walenty, plut. 18.6.41, ?
Siekaniec, Stan., kapr., 19.10.39, Campulung-Muscel, Rumunia, CK, ?
Siemienczuk, Tad., kapr.pil., 17.4.42, Polmont n/r Grangemouth, Szkocja, C. Gransable, ?
Sienkiewicz, Zenon, kapr., 4(3).2.43, ?
Siennica, Fran., st.szer., 4.11.42, Dumpfernline, Szkocja
Sierzega (Sierzega), Marian, st. szer., 26.2.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
Sikora, Jozef Stan., kapr., 1.1.45, Lommel, Belgia, CP
Sikorski, Henryk Fran., plut., 8.5.41, Amsterdam, Holandia, Osterbergravplatz, ?
Sikorski, Kaz., sierz., 6.3.45. Lommel, Belgia, CP
Sikorski, Marian, por., 18.12.41, Exeter, W. Bryt.
Sikorski, Roman Jakub, plut., 15(14).9.44, Budapeszt, Wegry, BCW, gr. zbiorowy
Siuda, Eug., st.szer., 13(12).3.42, ?
Siudak, Ant., sierz., 6.10.40, Northwood, W. Bryt.
Siudak, Wald., kapr., 6.12.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Siuzdak, Tad. Miecz., por.pil., 11.8.42, Newark, W. Bryt., dz. pol.
Siwek, Kaz., plut., 13.9.44, Brookwood, W. Bryt.
Siwek, Wlad., por., 21.4.41, Yatesbury, W. Bryt., ?
Siwiec, Jan, por.obs., 24(23).12.41, Newark, W. Bryt.
Skalisz, Tad. Stan., por.obs., 2(3).8.43, Sandbostel, Niemcy, CW, ?
Skalski, Marian, por., 20.10.41, Whitllesford, W. Bryt., SS.Mary and Andrew Churchyard, ?
Skarzynski, Stan. Jakub, pplk.pil., 25(26).6.42, Terschelling Island, Holandia, ?
Skarzynski, Tad. Stan., por.pil., 3.6.44, ?
Skibinski, Jerzy Tad., ppor.pil., 13.2.43, ?
Skibinski, Jozef, szer., 21.3.43, Newark, W. Bryt. ?
Skierkowski, Tad. Rafal, por.pil., 15.10.42, Oran, Afryka, CAm.
Skonieczny, Jozef, kapr., 25.11.42, ?
Skonieczny, Jozef, kapr., 6.2.43, Stadtroda, Niemcy, C. Sw. Jakuba
Skorczyk, Jozef, kapr., 28.8.44. ?
Skorobohaty, Ignacy, mjr.pil., 1.2(11).42,?
Skoskiewicz, Fran., kapr., 25(24).6.43, Reichswald Forest, Niemcy
Skowron, Henryk, plut.pchor., 18.7.41, Dumfries, Szkocja, C. G.Craigs Rd., ?  
Skora, Aleks., ppor., 18.5.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Skrouba, Jozef, por., 13.2.42, Exeter, W. Bryt., Higher Cem.
Skrzypczak, Fran., kapr., 28.10.40, Manby, ?
Skrzypek, Wiliam, 27.10.41, Cirencester, W. Bryt.
Skubik, Roman Fran., plut., 14.1.46, ?
Skwarek, Stan. Jozef, kapr., 26.6(25.7).43, Reichswald Forest, Niemcy
Slabikowski, Miecz., st.szer., 26.3.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Sloma, Miecz., plut.pil., 25.7.41, ?
Slomkowski, Zenon, plut., 2.12.42, Kidlington, W. Bryt., ?
Slomski, Zygmunt, por.pil., 29.7.42, Dieppe, Francja, C. Jouvel
Slonski-Ostoja, Bohdan, sierz.pil., 30.10.41, C. Grandsable, ?
Slonski-Ostoja, Jerzy Karol Jozef, por., 29.8.41, Dunkierka, Francja, dz. b.
Slonski-Ostoja, Marek, por., 9.2.44, Chesington, W. Bryt., ?
Slota, Hugon, szer., 2.6.40, Lyon, Francja, C. Guillotiere
Slowik, Stan., plut., 19(18).1.45, w morzu
Sluzdak, Tad., por.pil., 12.7.42, ?
Smoczkiewicz, Ant., kapr., 16.1.45, ?
Smok, Roman, kpt., 12.4.42, ?
Smolik, Zyg., ppor.pil., 26(27).10.41, Nuneaton, W. Bryt.
Smyk, Witold, por.pil., 2(3).8.43, Sandbostal, Niemcy, CW, ?
Sobczyk, Bol., st.sierz., 27.10.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
Sobieralski, Feliks, por.obs., 7(6).5.41, Noordwijk, Holandia, ?
Sobkowiak, Fran., kapr.pil., 30.10.42, Eigensund, Norwegia, gr. zbiorowy
Sobolewski, Piotr, por.obs., 15.10.42, Campigny, Francja, ?
Socha, Kaz. Jan, plut., 22.3.46, City of Norwich, W. Bryt.
Sochacki, Bol., ppor.pil., 28.3.44, Bergen, Holandia, CParaf.
Socharski, Maciej, por.obs., 8.5.41, Amsterdam, Holandia, Osterbergravplatz., ?
Sokolinski, Tad., por., 9.1.43, Newark, W. Bryt.
Sokolowski, Jozef Zyg., ppor., 20.3.44, Brookwood, W. Bryt.
Sokolowski, Zyg., szer., 13.3.41, Renfrew, W. Bryt., C. Arkleston
Sokolowski de Jenko, Jerzy Maria Ryszard, por.pil., 1.10.40, Benson, W. Bryt., ?
Sokulski, Jerzy, por., 29.9.41, Dumfries, Szkocja, S. St. Andrews
Solecki, Miecz., plut., 21.10.43, Newark, W. Bryt.
Soroko, Konstanty, plut., 22(23).1.42, ?
Sorowka, Kaz., ppor., 26(27).8.44, Budapeszt, Wegry, BCW, gr. zbiorowy
Sott, Witold Ant., kapr., 11.2.43, ?
Sowa, Wlad., sierz.pil., 4(3).2.43, ?
Sowinski, Stan., plut., 1.2.45, Hawarden, W. Bryt.
Sowinski, Stan., por.pil., 3.9.42, ?
Sporny, Antoni, 29.1.42, Dusseldorf, Niemcy, ?
Sroka, Witold, kapr., 29.1.43, ?
Srzednicki, Tad., ppor., 26(25).7.41, Reichswald Forest, Niemcy, CW
Stabrowski, Tad., por., 11.3.43, ?
Stachelski, Edward, st. szer., 16.12.44, Lommel, Belgia, CP
Stachnik, Kaz., st. szer., 24.5.41, Exeter, W. Bryt.
Stachon, Bol., plk.pil., 3.7.41, ? (Group Captain Stachon had been a famous airman before the war and the first helicopter pilot in Poland. Although deputy C.O. of Swinderby station, he insisted on flying as an ordinary pilot and on the night of the 3rd-4th July, 1941, he and his crew did not return from an attack on Bremen.
Stachurski, Wlad., st.szer., 27(26).3.42, Bergen op Zoon, Holandia
Staerz, Zbigniew, kpt.pil., 18.2.45, Newark, W. Bryt.
Stalinski, Marian Benedykt Bogdan, plut., 23.11.41, ?, Francja
Staniewicz, Konrad, kapr., 2.9.44, Belgrad, Jugoslawia, BCW, gr. zbiorowy
Staniewski, Jozef, st.sierz., 24.6.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
Stankiewicz, Alfons, plut., 20.2.44, ?
Stankiewicz, Ant., kapr., 22.11.44, Haynecourt, Nord, Francja, ?
Stankiewicz, Ryszard, ppor., 15.2(29.12).1942, Newark, W. Bryt.
Stankiewicz, Stan., kapr., 16.8.41, Klemkere, Belgia
Stankowiak, Leon, plut.pil., 16.6.43, Khartoum, Sudan, ?
Stanczuk, Edmund, plut., 10.9.43, Newark, W. Bryt.
Stanczuk, Edward Tytus, mjr., 10(11).4.44, ?
Stanczykiewicz, Szczepan, por., 7(6).4.44, ?
Stapel, Leonard, ppor.pil., 7.8.41, ?
Stapor, Jan, kpt.obs., 8(9).10.42, Den Helder, Algemeene, Holandia, Begravplatz
Starzynski, Henryk, kapr., 28.3.43, ?
Stasiak, Zbigniew Miecz., kapr., 24.12.45, Norwich, W. Bryt.
Stasik, Jozef, por., 31.8.44, ?
Staszek, Zyg., st.szer., 30.11.41, Newark, W. Bryt.
Stawicki, Henryk, plut.pil., 11.9.42 (data pogrzebu - date of burial), Bearhead, W. Bryt., CK St. Conval's
Stebnicki, Jerzy, ?, 9.4.45, ?
Stec, Wlad., kapr., 24.6.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
Stefanicki, Tad. Jan., kpt.pil., 12.6.41, Newark, W. Bryt.
Stefankiewicz, Henryk, por.pil., 22.6.44, Cirencester, W. Bryt., ?
Stefanus, Kornel Roman, por., 23.3.42,  Cirencester, W. Bryt., ?
Stegman, Stefam. por.pil., 17.6.43, Ostenda, Belgia, CM
Steininger, Aleks., kpt.naw., 31(30).8.43, Rotterdam, Holandia, C. Crooswijk
Stengierski, Jan, plut., 14.3.42, Nuneaton, W. Bryt.
Stenocki, Stefan, por., 26(28).10.41, ?
Steborowski, Michal., por.pil.(F/O), 11.8.40, ? - former flying intructor at the Polish Air Force College before the war.
Stepien, Jozef Fran., por.pil., 20.9.40, Woodchester, W. Bryt., Dominican Priory Churchyard
Stepien, Stan., st.szer., 9(8).4.43, Bergen am Zee, Holandia
Stepien, Zygfryd, por.obs., 29.9.41, Nuneaton, W. Bryt.
Stokarski, Jerzy, kapr., 23.2.45, ?
Stolowski, Jan, kapr., 30(29).8.44, Aalerstrup, Dania, gr. zbiorowy
Stragis (Straigis), Stanley Walter, szer., 1.6.42, ?
Strasburger, And., kpt.obs., 25.10.42, Lonlyn, Kensal Green, St. Mary R.C. Cem. (pod kaplica)
Strek, Roman, plut., 3.7.43, ?
Stronczynski, Wlad., inz.por., 28.3.41, Andover Hunts., W. Bryt.
Stroynowski (Straynowski), Tad. Romuald, por.pil., 1.11.40, Manchester, W. Bryt., Southern Cem.
Strozak, Ryszard Jozef, por.pil., 20(21).11.42, Silloth, Cousewayhead, W. Bryt.
Struniewski, Pawel, plut., 14(15).2.45, Barrow in Furness, W. Bryt., CM
Strycharek, Piotr, plut., 21.9.43, Portheave, Glamorgan, W. Bryt., ?
Strusinski, Julian, por., 28.9.44, w morzu
Stryjecki, Stan., sierz.pchor., 28.7.42, w morzu
Strzelczyk, Wlad.., kapr., 13(12).4.42, Eindhoven-Woensel, Holandia
Strzembosz, Wiktor Stan., por., 8.7.41, Merville, Francja, CM
Strzyzewski, Jacek, kapr.pchor., 10.11.42, ?
Styrski, Emil, por., 4.11.43, Toronto, Ontario, Kanada, C. Mount Hope, ?
Stysiak, Stefan, plut., 18.7.44, ?
Sukiennik, Jerzy Jan Stan., por.obs., 6(5).8.41, Charleroi, Belgia, CM
Sukniewicz, Marian, kpt.obs., 5(25).9.41, Nuneaton, W. Bryt.
Sukolinski, Tad., por.obs., 9.1.43, ?
Sulinski, Romuald, pplk., 4.2.46, Newark, W. Bryt.
Sulgut, Czeslaw Kaz., ppor., 4.2.46, Newark, W. Bryt.
Sumiga, Jan Ernest, kapr., 13.6.44, ?
Surma, Fran., por.pil., 8.11.41, ?
Suszynski, Edward, kpt.pil., 10(11).7.44, Bourges, Francja, C. St. Doulehard
Suterski, Karol, chor., 8.5.46, Blackpool, W. Bryt., C. Layton, ?
Suwalski, Kaz., plut., 16.12.41, Hawarden Village, W. Bryt., ?
Suwalski, Roman, por., 26.1.42, ?
Sworniowski, Adam, por., 10.6.44, Langannerie, Francja, CP
Sycz, Kaz., kapr., 10.3.41, Hucknall, urban district, W. Bryt.
Sylwestrowicz, Jan, sierz., 18.7.41, Newark, W. Bryt.
Sym, Ant., por.pil., 7(6).5.41, ?
Symonowicz, Wlad., kapr., 23(24).6.45, Plymouth, W. Bryt., CK. Weston Mills
Szablowski, Stan., kpt.pil., 6.4.44, Brookwood, W. Bryt.
Szabuniewicz, Juliusz Jozef, por., 18.5.41, Carlisle, W. Bryt., ?
Szafran, Edward Jerzy, asp., 20.2.43, Newark, W. Bryt.
Szafraniec, Wilhelm, por.pil. (P/O), 23.11.40, Amesbury, W. Bryt., ?, 56 Squadron, died following a mid-air collision with P/O Guest.
Szajda, Wlad., por.pil., 4.4.44, Northwood, W. Bryt.
Szalkiewicz, Jan Leon, sierz., 15.5.41, Port Logan, Stranraer, W. Bryt.
Szamrajew, Leon, por., 27.11.40, Dumfries, Szkocja, CK
Szarek, Stefan, plut.pil., 22.2.44, ?
Szarek, Stefan, sierz.pil., 16.6.43, Inverness, Szkocja, C. Tomnahurich, sect. RAF
Szarzynski-Sep, Oswald, por.pil., 9.8.44, w morzu kolo Wenecji (in the sea near Venice)
Szczegora, Ignacy, st.sierz., 16.16.43, ?
Szczepaniak, Stefan, kapr., 22.8.43, ?
Szczepanski, Stan., kapr., 9(8).10.42, ?
Szczerbaty, Jozef, kapr.pil., 20.11.43, Pwllheli, W. Bryt., C. Deinio
Szczerbinski, Czeslaw, por.pil., 4.5.45, ?
Szczodrowski, Marian, por.pil., 16(17).12.41, ?
Szczukowski, Czeslaw, sierz., 7(6).8.41, ?
Szczurowski, Ryszard, por.pil., 27(28).4.42, Charleroi, Belgia
Szczurynski (Szczurzynski), Tad. Zbig., kapr., 21.6.43, Newark, W. Bryt.
Szejnowski, Pawel, plut., 2.8.44, ?
Szela, Zbig., por.obs., 2(1).6.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Szeliga, Miecz., plut., 12.6.44, ?
Szemplinski, Lucjan, st.sierz., 13.1.44, Montrose, Szkocja, C. Sleepyhillock
Szepelski, Edward, szer., 6.8.44, Halton, W. Bryt.
Szeremeta, Tadeusz, st.szer., 22(23).4.43, ?
Szewczuk, Leon, st.szer., 11.8.41, Halton, W. Bryt., St. Michael Churchyard, ?
Szkandera, Marian (Erwin), szer., 21.4.41, Clifford, W. Bryt., C. przy kosc. katolickim (in the cemetery by the Catholic church), ?
Szkop, Bohdan, por., 21.3.43, Exeter, W. Bryt., Higher Devon Cem.
Szkuta, Alojzy, kpt.obs., 1.11.42, ?
Szlenk, Eug., kapr., 19(20).11.42, ?
Szmajdowicz, Tad. (Jerzy), sierz., 29.10.40, Newark, W. Bryt.
Szmejl (Szmeil), Stan., por.pil., 24.6.41, Pembrey, W. Bryt., ?
Szmigielski, Alfred, kapr., 27.8.44, Budapeszt, Wegry, BCW, gr. zbiorowy
Szmit, Marian, plut., 13.8.44, Eastbourne, W. Bryt., C. Langney
Sznidel, Stefan, por.pil., 15(14).4.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Szope, Henryk, plut., 21(22).7.41, Jurby, Isle of Man, W. Bryt., ?
Szoplik, Ryszard, kapr., 10.9.45, Hucknall, W. Bryt.
Szostak, Tad., plut.pil (kapr.pchor.), 29.4(11).41, Nuneaton, W. Bryt.
Szostak, Zbigniew, kpt.pil., 15.8.44, Pogwizdow, p. Bochnia, Polska.
Szot, Bol. Jozef, kapr.pil., 5.6.42, Polmont, Szkocja, C. Grandsable
Szott, Witold Ant., kapr., 11.2.43, w morzu
Szpak, Adam, kpt.obs., 4.9.42, ?
Szpakiewicz, Sergiusz, por., 25.2.45, ?
Szpalinski, Stan. Krzysztof, sierz., 22.6.43, Antwerpia, Belgia, C. Schoonselhof, dz. bryt.
Szpinalski, Bog., kapr., 10.4.44, ?
Sztuba, Stan., st.szer., 14.1.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Sztuka, Konrad Edward Kaz., plut., 29.3.46, Norwich, W. Bryt., City Cem.
Szubski, Wieslaw, ppor.pil., 1.8.44, ?
Szulgin, Henryk, kapr., 3.7.43, ?
Szulkowski, Wlad., por.(F/Lt.), 27.3.41, Liverpool, W. Bryt., C. West Derby, ? (collided in mid-air with Sgt. Paterek)
Szumbarski, Wiktor, kpt.obs., 11.9.42, w morzu
Szumiga, Jan, kapr., 12.6.44, ?
Szumski, Edmund, kapr., 21(22).11.41, Polmont, Szkocja, C. Grandsadle, ?
Szwandt, Michal, sierz., 4.2.46, Newark, W. Bryt.
Szwarnowiecki, Zenon Ludwik, por., 6.11.44, Lommel, Belgia, CP
Szwede, Tad., ppor., 25.3.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
Szwedowski, Henryk, chor., 26.7.46, Newark, W. Bryt.
Szybka, Jozef, por.pil., 25.8.44, ?
Szychowiak, Leon, plut., 5(4).9.42, ?
Szychowski, Stan., sierz., 18.7.44, ?
Szykowny, Tad., plut., 6(7).6.42, ?
Szyller, Ant., plut., 28.8.44, ?
Szylling, Jerzy, kapr.pchor., 23.8.43, Newark, W. Bryt.
Szymankiewicz, Teofil, por.pil., 2.1.45, Eindhoven-Woensel, Holandia
Szymanowski, Wlad., por.obs., 22.7.42, w Morzu Polnocnym (in the North Sea)
Szymanski, Edward, kapr., 2.3.45, Henri Chappelle, Holandia
Szymanski, Wlad., ppor., 28(27).5.44, Hensdon, Holandia, ?
Szymanski, Zyg., kapr., 9.4.45, ?
Szymanowicz, Henryk, kapr., 12.5.43, ?
Szymen (Szymen), Czeslaw, kapr., 16(15).10.42, ?
Szymilewicz, Zyg., ppor.r-nawig., 18.9.44, ?
Szymkowiak, Tad., kapr., 24.9.43, Poix de la Somme, Francja, dz. bryt.
Szymonski, Tomasz, por.pil., 18(19).5.43, Edynburg, Szkocja, C. Corstorphine Hill
Szyszka, Feliks Fryderyk, por., 17.5.42, Leonfield n/r Beverly, W. Bryt., ?
Szyszka, Jan, ppor., 17.7.41, ?
Szyszkowski, Kaz., kpt., 19.6.43(42), ?
Szyszkowski, Witold, por.pil., 22.8.42, St. Omer de Broyeres, Francja, CM

Scigala, Adam, kapr., 10.7.44, Ewanton, W. Bryt., Kiltearn Cem., ?
Sledzinski, Bron., plut.pchor., 21.8.41, Northwood, W. Bryt., ?
Slusarski, Stan., kapr., 9(8).4.43, Bergen am Zee, Holandia
Smierzchalski, Waclaw, kpt., 9.4.43, Perth, Szkocja, CM. Wellshill
Sniechowski, Wilhelm, por.pil., 8.12.41, Dyce, Aberdeen, Szkocja, ?
Sroda, Jozef, st. strz., 17.5.40, Bordeaux, Francja, Nord Cemetry, ?
Swiatczak, Ireneusz Adam, st.szer., 3.4.44, Port Madoc, W. Bryt.
Swiatecki, Wlad., kpt., 28.4.44, Edynburg, Szkocja, C. Corstorphine Hill
Swiatkowski, Czeslaw, kapr.pil., 11.9.42, ?
Swiderski, Jozef Stan., kapr., 16.3.43, Inverness, Szkocja
Swiderski, Marian, kapr., 19.6.42, ?
Swiderski, Miecz., kapr., 11(12).11.44, Inverness, Szkocja, ?
Swiderski, Stan., por.pil., 11.8.41, Southwick, W. Bryt.
Swieca, Bol., kapr., 23.9.43, Fulford k/Yorku, W. Bryt., ?
Swiech (Swiech), Stan., ppor., 30(31).8.43, Amsterdam, Holandia, Crosswijk
Swiechowski, Stan., por.pil., 15.1.45, Oran, Algier, Afryka, CAm.
Swierz, Miecz., ppor., 12.4.42, Exeter, W. Bryt.
Swiecicki, Stan., plut.pchor., 15.10.45, ?
Swiecicki-Stecki, St., kapr., 14.10.44, ?
Swiniarski, Henryk, ppor., 14.10.44, ?
Switalski, Aleks., por.obs., 17.5.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Tabaczynski, Ernest Ryszard, kapr., 9.1.43, Newark, W. Bryt.
Tabaczynski, Rudolf, por., 12.5.43, ?
Tabaczynski, Stefan, por., 27(28).5.43, Quakenbruck k/Oldenburg, Niemcy, Badbergier Str., Cemetry
Taczalski, Zdz., sierz., 6.1.44, Brindisi, Wlochy, ?
Talach (Talach), Mikolaj, kapr., 26(25).6.42, ?
Talik, Jan, kapr., 28.4.43, Newark, W. Bryt.
Tapp, William Wisdom, ppor., 28(27).5.44, Hensden, Holandia, ?
Targowski, Stan., por.pil., 16.10.42, ?
Teodorko, Jan, szer., 26(27).10.41, Nuneaton, W. Bryt.
Teubert, Witold Henryk, plut., 5.7.45, Blackpool, W. Bryt., C. Leyton, ?
Tegowski, Czeslaw, ppor., 23(22).6.41, Newark, W. Bryt.
Tetnowski (Tetnowski), Edward, sierz.pil., 16.6.43, Khartoum, Sudan, Afryka, ?
Thiesler, Kaz., plut., 11.2.42, Exeter, W. Bryt.
Tkaczuk, Mateusz, st.szer., 2.8.42, Nuneaton, W. Bryt., Public Cem.
Tobola (Tobola), Jan Marian, st.szer., 26(27).3.42, ? (301 Squadron, Nieuwe Ooster Cem., Amsterdam, Holandia)
Tobolski, Wilhelm Pawel, por.obs., 2.4(2.25).44, ? (see the "Great Escape" above following the letter "K.")
Tofin (Toffin), Stan., st.sierz., 6.2.41, Newark, W. Bryt.
Tokarzewski, Jan, kapr., 30.1.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Tomaszewski, Ignacy, kapr., 19.7.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
Tomaszewski, Janusz, ppor., 18.7.41, Newark, W. Bryt.
Tomaszewski, Jozef, Por., 20(19).6.42, Wistmund, Niemcy, ?
Tomaszewski, Konrad Jozef, plut., 12(13).7.43, Langannerie, Francja, CP
Tomaszewski, Tad., sierz., 4.7.45, New Hunsfanton, W. Bryt.
Tomczak, Cyprian, chor., 16.6.43, Khartoum, Sudan, Afryka
Tomicki, Stefan, ppor.pil., 8(9).4.43, ?
Tomiec, Jozef, sierz., 23.7.44, ?
Topolnicki, Juliusz, por.(F/O), 21.9.40, Pinhol, W. Bryt., ? (While taking off for a combat sortie his Hurricane hit another of the same flight then ran into an anti-aircraft gun post, erupting in flames and burning him to death).
Towstiejko, Zdz. Marian, kapr.pil., 14.4.44, Northwood, W. Bryt.
Traugutt, Wieslaw Jan, ppor., 23.4.42, Inverness, Szkocja, ?
Trawinski, Henryk, por., 14.8.44, Langannerie, Francja, CP
Treutler, Janusz, kapr., 4(3).11.42, ?
Truszkowski, Janusz, kapr., 14(15).4.42, ?
Truszkowski, Jerzy, sierz., 11.9.44, ?
Trzcinski, Aleks., plut., 20.3.46, Norwich, W. Bryt.
Trzebiatowski, Leon, st. sierz., 13.4.45, Barrow in Furness, W. Bryt.
Trzebuchowski, Tad. Jerzy, st.szer., 21(22).6.43, ?
Trzepiota, Sabin, kapr., 23.2.45, ?
Trznadel, Jan Jozef, ppor., 16(15).8.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
Tubis, Tomasz, plut., 14.12.40, New Oscott, Birmingham, W. Bryt., Castle Brouwich
Tuczemski, Jerzy Ryszard, ppor., 22.8.43, Balleyron co Down, Poln. Irlandia )North Ireland)
Tuliszka, Edmund, plut., 19.8.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Turski, Aleks., por., 16.6.44, Frederickshaven, Dania, MC
Turski, Stan. Karol, ppor.pil., 29(28).8.42, St. Trond, Belgia
Twardach, Gerard, plut.pil., 16.10.42, ?
Twardowski, Jan, kapr., 14.11.43, Newark, W. Bryt.
Twarkowski, Zdz. Zyg., plut.pil., 22(23).6.42, Ulrum, ?
Tycholis (Trycholis), Ant., szer., 20.8.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Tyrala, Tad., por.pil., 9.1.43, Newark, W. Bryt.
Tyrol, Rejnhold Henryk, kapr.pil., 2.9.44, ?
Uchto, Edward, kapr., 9.6.40, Francja, ?
Uher, Wlad., sierz., 30.6.41, ?
Uhma, Fran., st.szer., 14.5.45, Kloppenburg, Niemcy, Cm. 88 Gen. Hosp., ?
Ulicki, Jozef, st.szer., 2(1).6.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Ulasiuk, Fran., kapr.rtg., 17.4.43, ?
Uram, Bol., plut.pil., 29.12.44, ?
Urbaniak, Jan, por.pil., 17.4.42, ?
Urbaniak, Jozef, kapr., 10.5.40, Lyon, Francja, C. Guillotiere, ?
Urbanowicz, Wlad., sierz., 3.7.41, Vechta (Russon), ?, Soldaten Waldfriedhof
Urbanski, Jerzy, ppor., 8.9.42, ?
Urbanski, Jozef, por., 16.6.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
Ustyanowski, Wlad., st.sierz., 25.10.40, Pwllheli, W. Bryt.
Uszpolewicz, Bol., ppor., 26.3.42, Bergen-op-Zoom, Holandia, BC
Veit (Veil), Wojciech, ppor., 6.2.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Voellnagen (Voelnagel), Antoni, kpt.obs., 20.4.41(42), Kreuth k/Monachium, Niemcy, ?

Wachal, Kaz., ppor., 15.5.41, Stanraer, Szkocja, nowy cmentarz (new cemetery)
Wagner, And., ?(Sgt.), 18.6.41, ?
Walawski, Janusz Jerzy, por., 20.5.45, Newark, W. Bryt.
Walczak, Radomil, kpt., 18.2.45, Newark, W. Bryt.
Walczak, Stan., por., 16.4.42, New Court, W. Bryt., ?
Walczak, Tad. por., 14.12.40, Birmingham, W. Bryt., Oscott College Cem.
Walczyk, Miecz., plut., 2.9.44, Budapeszt, Wegry, BMC
Walkiewicz, Wiktor, sierz., 22.8.43, ?
Waltos, Ant., por.pil., 19.8.42, ?
Walaszek, Karol, kapr., 27.8.44, ?
Walecki, Jozef Zyg., kapr., 25(24).4.44, ?
Wanicki, Stefan, sierz., 14.11.45, Newark, W. Bryt.
Wantulok (Wantulak), Ludwik, kapr., 27.8.44, Budapeszt, Wegry, BMC, gr. zbiorowy
Wapniarek, Stefan, ppor. (P/O), 18.10.40, Northwood, W. Bryt., crashed and killed at Nutwood Farm, Thames Ditton.
Warcholek, Bron., sierz., 5.11.45, ?
Wardenski, Feliks, plut., 16.8.41, w morzu
Wardynski, Stan., plut., 20(19).6.42, ?
Wares, Feliks, plut.pil., 19.5.44, Hawarden, W. Bryt.
Waroczewski, Jan Stan., por.pil., 28.5.41, Newark, W. Bryt.
Waronski, Jozef, ppor.pil., 25.9.40, Honington, W. Bryt., CM
Wasilenko, Wiktor, kapr., 27(26).9.41, Newark, W. Bryt.
Wasilewski, Leszek Teofil, por.obs., 20.8.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Wasilewski, Wincenty, por.obs., 16(17).9.43, Slaglille, Dania, N.E. Section, gr. ?
Wasilewski, Wlad., sierz., 22.8.41, Castle Moss, W. Bryt., St. Georges Churchyard
Waszkiewicz, Miecz., ppor., 16.4.41, ?
Waszkiewicz, Stan., kpt.pil., 10(11).9.42, Amsterdam, Holandia, Crosswijk
Waskowiak, Stan., st.szer., 25.11.41, Newark, W. Bryt.
Watorowski, (Watorowski), Leon Jan, ppor., 2(8).12.44, Pembley, W. Bryt., St. Illtyd's Cem.
Wawryk, Roman, kpt.pil., 4.1.40, Lyon, Francja, C. Guillotiere, ?
Wawrzak (Wawrzek), Bol., plut., 15(14).9.44, Budapeszt, Wegry, BMC, gr. zbiorowy
Waydowicz, Stan., sierz.pchor., 2.9.43, Newark, W. Bryt.
Wator, Stan., por., 24.5.44, Abbeville, Francja
Weber, Bernard, kapr., 15(14).9.44, Budapeszt, Wegry, BMC, gr. zbiorowy
Weinz, Edward, plut., 15(14).9.44, Budapeszt, Wegry, BMC, gr. zbiorowy
Werner, Stan., kapr., 13(12).5.43, ?
Werschner, Ludwik, kapr.pil., 20.11.42, ?
Wesolowski, Marian Jan, por., 9.1.42, Freshfield, n/r Formby, W. Bryt., ?
Wesolowski, Zyg., plut., 5(2).7.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Weyers, Wojciech Marian Jerzy, plut.pchor., 2.2.43, Northwood, W. Bryt.
Wezelik, Ant., mjr., 14.4.42, ?
Wegiel, Adam, por., 19.5.43, ?
Wegrzyn, Henryk, ppor., 29.12.40, Newark, W. Bryt.
Wianecki, Tad., kpt.obs., 29.12.44, ?
Wichrowski, Bernard, plut., 17.8.44, ?
Widacki, Kaz., ppor.pil., 28.8.44, ?
Widanka, Stefan, kpt.obs., 13.8.43, ?
Widawski, Ant., por.pil., 24.9.44, Newark, W. Bryt.
Widziszewski, Miecz., ppor.pil., 29.12.42, Southport, W. Bryt.
Wieczorek, Cezary, por., 28(27).5.41, Newark, W. Bryt.
Wieczorek, Zyg., por.obs., 25(26).6.42, Bergen, Holandia, Gen. Cem.
Wieden, Fran., plk.pil., 30.9.44, Blackpool, W. Bryt., C. Layton
Wiejski, Jan, por.pil., 3.2.43, ?
Wielgus, Stan., por., 12.7.41, Northwood, W. Bryt.
Wieliczko, Kaz. Zyg., por.pil., 2(1).6.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Wielondek, Waclaw, por.pil., 17.4.45, ?
Wieprzkowicz, Stan., plut., 16.8(15.9).41, ?
Wieraszka, Wlad., plut., 3(4).5.42, ?
Wierchowicz, Jan, plut., 1.11.44, ?, (303 Squadron, Nieuwe Ooster Cem., Amsterdam, Holandia)
Wierzbicki, Jerzy Aleks., por.obs., 10.9.42, Amsterdam, Holandia, Crosswijk
Wierzejski, Aleks. Stan., kapr., 6.12.44, Lommel, Belgia, CP
Wieckowski, Edward, mjr., 21.2.41, Usworth, Castletown, W. Bryt.
Wieckowski, Norbert, plut., 2.3.43, ?
Wijtyk, Michal, plut., 24.4.44, ?
Wilczynski, Zenon, kapr., 14(13).10.42, ?
Wilk, Bron., sierz., 2.2.45, ?
Wilmanski, Leon, ppor., 20.4.42, w poblizu Kreuth, Bawaria, Niemcy
Winiarczyk, Henryk, plut., 11.11.43, Gnidel k/Lorient, Francja, gr. ?
Winiarek, Jan, kpt., 6.9.45, Newark, W. Bryt.
Winkiel, Leon, kapr., 23(22).5.44, Reichswald Forest, Niemcy, CB
Wisthal, Jan, st.sierz.pil., 11.4.44, ?
Wiszniewski (Wisniewski), Jan Leonard, 9(8).8.41, ?
Wisniewski, And., por.obs., 18.5.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Wisniewski, Michal Egidiusz, plut.pchor., 11.11.44, ?
Wisniewski, Wlad., kapr., 12.10.42, Cardiff Western, W. Bryt.
Witakowski, Fran. And., kpt.pil., 5(6).6.42, Bergen-op-Zoom, Holandia, BMC
Witczak, Stan., sierz., 25(24).6.41, ?
Witczak, Z.?, kapr., 24.2.45, Talbot Road Cem., ?
Witek, Jozef, plut., 15.8.44, ?
Witkowski, Leon Zyg., plut., 27.8.44, Budapeszt, Wegry, BWC, gr. zbiorowy
Witkowski, Zyg., plut., 25(24).7.41, Opperdoes, Holandia, Nieuweweg
Wize, Ant., ppo., 22.11.45, Newark, W. Bryt.
Wizner, Kaz., kapr., 23.7.46, Quackenbruck, Niemcy, CK.paraf.
Wlasnowolski, Bol. And., ppor.pil. (P/O), 1.11.40, Chichester, W. Bryt., ?, 213 Squadron, credited with 5 victories in his service with the RAF, his Hurricane was shot down in combat with a Me Bf 109 over Stoughton.
Wlodarczyk, Jozef, chor., 26.8.46, Caterham Valey Whiteleafe, W. Bryt., St. Luke Churchyard, ?
Wlodarski, Alfred Krzysztof, kapr., 14.7.44, South Harrow, W. Bryt., Escote Leve Cem.
Woch, Ant., por., 24.4.44, ?
Wodo, Kaz., sierz., 25(24).4.44, Michelstadt k/Manheim, Niemcy, gr. zbiorowy
Wodzicki, Mariusz, por.obs., 29(30).10.42, Egersund, Norwegia, ?
Wodzikowski, Leszek, por.obs., 20.8.42, ?
Wodzinski (Wodzienski), Miecz. Sebastian, ppor., 1.11.42, ?
Wojciechowski, Jozef, kpt.pil., 30.6.43, Khartoum, Sudan, Afryka
Wojciechowski, Kaz., szer., 20.10.42, Hucknall, W. Bryt.
Wojciechowski, Miecz., sierz., 21(20).4.42, Kreuth, Bawaria, Niemcy, ?
Wojciechowski, Stefan Joachim, kapr., 4.2.41, Nuneaton, W. Bryt.
Wojcik, Stan. Marian, kpt., 24(25).4.42, Wittmund, Niemcy
Wojda, Stefan, st.szer., 16.4.42, Northwood, W. Bryt.
Wojnilowicz, Jan, kapr., 22.8.43, ?
Wojno, Bron., st.sierz., 12(11).5.43, ?
Wojtas (Wojtas), Jan, plut., 26(25).6.42, ?
Wojteczko, Stefan, plut., 7(2).7.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Wojtkowiak, Stefan, kapr., 16.10.43, Gaza, Palestyna, CW
Wojtowicz, Marian, por.obs., 12.6.41, ?
Wojtowicz, Stefan, sierz., 11.9.40, Northwood, W. Bryt. (Sgt. Wojtowicz, 303 Squadron, became separated from his flight and battled a number of Messerschmitts single-handed, shooting down two of them, before he himself received a cannon shell to the forehead and crashed in flames near Westerham in Kent). 
Wojtulewicz, Fran., kapr., 14.8.44, Langannerie, Francja, CP
Wolinski, Kaz., por., 16(15).9.41, Boulogne, Francja, C. De l'Est
Wolnik, Jozef, kpt., 23.9.43, Blackpool, W. Bryt.
Wolski, Jerzy, ppor.(P/O), 11.1.41, Bagington, W. Bryt., 308 Squadron, accident during practice flight.
Wolski, Stan., kapr., 26(25).6.42, ?
Wolski, Waclaw, mjr.pil., 3.5.42, ?
Wolasewicz, Jozef, st.sierz., 14.3.44, Brookwood, W. Bryt.
Worosh (Woroch), Jozef Henryk, plut.pil., 27.8.44, Budapeszt, Wegry, BMC, gr. zbiorowy
Wovtanowicz, Lucjan Piotr, por., 13(14).9.44, Budapeszt, Wegry, BMC, gr. zbiorowy
Wozniak, Lucjan Jan Stan., plut., 23.4.42, Wittmund, Niemcy
Wozniak, Tad., st.szer., 20.3.45, Norwich, W. Bryt.
Wozny, Jan, st. sierz., 11.4.41, ?
Wojcicki, Ant., kapr., 11.9.40, ? (aka Aleksander, Sgt. Wojcicki was shot down one mile off Selsey Bill by a Bf 110 and was reported missing).
Wojcicki, Kaz. Jan, por., 25.10.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Wojcik, Jozef, por.pil., 13.10.42, ?
Wojcik, Karol, ppor., 29.11.41, Exeter, W. Bryt.
Wojcik, Stan., por.obs., 23.4.42, ?
Wojtowicz, Stan., kapr., 11.8(12.7).42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Wroniecki, Ant., mjr., 17.3.41, Blackpool, W. Bryt.
Wroblewski, Aleks., por., 25.3.42, ?
Wroblewski, Henryk, ppor.pil., 4.9.43, ?
Wroblewski, Jan Wlad., por., 14.5.44, Montreal, Kanada, Mont Royal Cem.
Wroblewski, Marian, kapr., 12.6.44, ?
Wrus, Maks., st.sierz., 2(3).1.45, Pierrepont, Francja, French National Cem., dz.wojsk.
Wybraniec, Pawel Jan, por.obs.,5.6.42, Amsterdam, Holandia, New East Cem. (301 Squadron, Nieuwe Ooster Cem.)
Wydzerzecki, Waclaw, kapr., 4(3).2.43, ?
Wyganowski, Wlad., por.pol., 2.3.45, ?
Wysocki, Roman, sierz., 17.12.42, Bighy, Malta, C. OO. Kapucinow
Wyszkowski, Stan.,  kapr., 6(29).5.42, Northwood, W. Bryt.

Zabal (Zabal), Miecz. Jozef, kapr., 31(30).8.43, Amsterdam, Holandia, C. Crosswijk
Zagorowski, Romuald, plut., 26.7.43, ?
Zagorski, Tad., plut., 3.5.42, ?
Zahel (Zachel), Henryk, sierz.pchor., 15.10.42, ?
Zajac, Jan, ppor.pil., 10.1.42, ?
Zajac, Marian, por., 17.4.45, ?
Zajdel, Stan., por., 9.11.45(44), Millom, W. Bryt., Holy Trinity Churchyard
Zakielarz (Zakielasz), Edward Kaz., kapr., 11(10).9.?, Amsterdam, Holandia, C. Crosswijk, gr. zbiorowy
Zakrocki, Miecz., st.sierz., 2.12.44, ?
Zakrzewski, Edward Pawel, kpt.pil., 12.5.43, Newark, W. Bryt.
Zakrzewski, Stefan, por.pil., 12.3.42, ?
Zalejko, Wlad., plut.pil., 13(12).4.42, Woensel, Eindhoven, Holandia
Zaleski, Jaroslaw, plut., 1(2).6.42, Lommel, Belgia, CP
Zaleski (Zalewski), Jerzy, ppor., 19.9.41, Syneham, W. Bryt., ?
Zaleski (Zaleski), Leon Ignacy, st.szer., 9(8).6.42, ?
Zalewski, Feliks, por., 6.12.45, Weston-Super-Mare, W. Bryt.
Zalewski, Jozef, sierz., 17.10.40, Pwllheli, W. Bryt.
Zalewski, Tad., ppor., 29.9.41, Manchester, W. Bryt.
Zaleski (Slubicz), Maciej Stefan, ppor., 9.6.43, Stamfordham, W. Bryt., St. Mary's Church
Zaluski, Jerzy Sergiusz, kapr. (Sgt.), 17.10.40, Northwood, W. Bryt., 302 Squadron, crash landed his Hurricane at Colliers End on return from a patrol and flipped over, crushing him to death in the cockpit. 
Zamoyski, Zdz. Fran., por., 15(14).4.42, Steene, Belgia
Zaremba, Fran., st.sierz., 30.10.42, Ogna k/Egersund, Holandia, ?
Zaremba, Jerzy, kpt., 14.8.41, ?
Zarebowicz, Michal, sierz., 29.3.43, Newark, W. Bryt.
Zarebski, Zbig. Edmund, por., 28.1.45, Berneck k/Stuttgartu, Niemcy, ?
Zarzycki, Henryk, st.szer., 30.7.45, Klappenburg, Niemcy, Allied Cem.
Zasada, Ludwik, por., 9.11.41, Perth, Szkocja, CM Wellshill
Zatloukal, Jan Stefan Tad., kapr., 23(24).7.44, Hamburg, Niemcy, gr. zbiorowy
Zawicki, Romuald, kapr.pil., 15.4.45, ?
Zawilinski, Stan., kapr., 26.7.43, ?
Zawilinski (Zawalinski), Stefan, kapr., 10.5.43, Morpeth, W. Bryt.
Zawistowski, Jozef, kapr., 2(1).6.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Zawistowski, Tad., kapr., 11(10).9.41, Northwood, W. Bryt., ?
Zazoniuk, Leopold, plut., 16.10.42, Harwarden, W. Bryt.
Zbyszynski, Janusz, por., 19.11.43, Kreta (Crete), Suda Bay, MC
Zemmler (Zemler), Feliks, plut., 25.7.41, Reichswald Forest, Niemcy, CW
Zenker, Pawel., ppor.pil. (P/O), 501 Squadron, 24.8.40, ?
Zeromski (Zeromski), Stan. Jozef, ppor.pil., 26.2.43, Aabenraa, Dania
Zgainski, Bol., plut., 10.3.45, Redhill, Nottingham, W. Bryt.
Ziajski, Miecz., kapr., 13(12).3.42, ?
Ziegenhirte, Miecz. Ludwik, ppor., 24(23).2.45, ?
Zieleniewski, Stan., por., 24(25).4.42, Ardop E.Frieseland, Holandia, New Churchyard
Zielinski, Ant., ppor.pil., 20.8.42, Newark, W. Bryt.
Zielinski, Edmund, kapr., 14.2.44, ?
Zielinski, Jerzy Stan., sierz., 26.5.42, Lecanfield n/Bevery, W. Bryt., ?
Zielinski, Oskar Fran., st.sierz., 17.12.42, Bighy, Malta, C. Cappucini
Zielinski, Stan., kpt., 30.12.41, ?
Zielinski, Stefan, kapr., 2.1.45, Pierrepont, Francja, French National Cem., dz. wojsk.
Zielinski, Walerian Jozef, kapr., 24.3(3.2).43, ?
Ziemba, St., plut., 14.8.41, ?
Ziembinski, Zyg., ppor., 30.6.44, ?
Ziemianski, Kaz., ppor.pil., 3(6).4.42, ?
Ziesch, Wilhelm, plut., 9.12.44, Brindisi, Wlochy, C. Cappucini
Zieba, Stan., plut., 23.8.41, ?
Zirkwitz, Aleks. Aleksy, por., 12.6.41, Newark, W. Bryt.
Zolnowski (Zolnowski), Wlad., st.sierz., 6.5.41, Newark, W. Bryt.
Zubrycki, Walenty, por.obs., 3.11.42, ?
Zuwalka (Zuwala), Zbig., st.szer., 24.7.41, ?
Zwolinski, Ryszard, kpt., 8(7).8.44, Rozendal, Holandia
Zwolski, Jan, 30.4.41(29.4.42), Nuneaton, W. Bryt.
Zych, Stan., sierz., 21.2.45, Esperke k/Nienburga, Niemcy
Zygarlicki, L., sierz., 17.6.44, ?
Zygmund, E., ppor.pil., ?.7.41, ?
Zygmuntowicz, Ryszard, por.pil., 20.4.42, ?
Zykow, Mikolaj, sierz.pil., 20.10.41, ?
Zylberberg, Miecz., kapr., 4.1.44, Ramleh, Palestyna, BMC
Zabicki, Tad. Piotr, plut., 23(24).6.43, Amsterdam, Holandia, New Eastern Cem., gr. zbiorowy (138 Squadron, Nieuwe Ooster Cem.)
Zak, Jozef, st.sierz., 16.5.40, Escarmain, Francja, ?
Zarniewski, Kaz., kapr., 25(24).6.43, Munchen, Niemcy, Gladbach
Zarski, Stan., mjr., 29.3.43, Morpeth, W. Bryt., ?
Zebrowski, Jerzy, por., 16.4.43, Brookwood, W. Bryt.
Zelazinski, Bogumil, por., 27(26).3.42, Bergen-op-Zoom, Holandia, CB
Zeligowski, Waclaw, kapr., 1(2).6.42, Lommel, Belgia, CP
Zerebecki, Kaz., kpt., 18(19).6.41, ?
Zmijewski, Tad., ppor., 12.4.40, Versailles, Francja, ?
Zmuda, Adam, kapr., 14.4.43, Newark, W. Bryt.
Zoltanski, Jozef, sierz.pil., 18.7.44, ?
Zuk, Waclaw, kapr., 30.10.42, Ogna k/Egersund, Holandia, ?
Zukotynski (Zykotynski), Stefan, ppor.obs., 14(15).1.43, Cherbourg, Francja, C. Maupertus
Zukowski, Aleksiej, ppor.(P/O), 28.3.1911, Wilno, 18.10.40, Northwood, W. Bryt., gr. 297, 302 Squadron, crashed and killed near Detling.
Zukowski, Roman, kapr.(Sgt.), 28.2.21, Bialystok, 8(7).10.43, ?
Zurakowski, Tad., por.pil.(F/O), nr. ew. P-1893, 27.5.44, ?
Zurawski, Antoni, st.sierz.(F/Sgt.), 16.1.1892, Torun, 9.12.41, Afryka, ?
Zurawski, Witold, mjr.obs., 5.11.1911, Petersburg, Rosja, 19(18).1.45, ?
Zydka, Miecz., plut.(Sgt.), 27.10.41, ?
Zywicki, Julian, kapr.pchor.(ppor.-P/O), 10.1.1920, Lwow, 23.2.44, Newark, W. Bryt., gr. J.320a
Zywicki, Romuald, kapr.pchor.(Sgt.), 20.7.1913, Human, Rosja, 15.4.45, ?

The soldiers listed below have been buried in Great Britain except as noted.
Abramowicz, Henryk, st.ul., 1.2.1912, Osipowicze, Rosja, 25.7.42., Edynburg, Szkocja, C. Corstorphine Hill, gr. B.1271.
Adamczyk, Bol., gren.
Adamowicz, Ryszard Roch, kpt.
Adamowski, Fran., plut.
Adamski, Edmund - see Temski, Edmund
Agopsowicz, Tad. Adam, por., 12.10.1914, Karlsbad, Czechy, 1.1.42, ?.
Albrecht, Jozef, ppor.
Altkaufer, Jakub, ppor.
Ambroziewicz, Aleksy, szer.
Amurat, And. - see Swiatkowski, And.
Andruchowski, Leslaw, st.ul.
Andruszkiewicz, Wicke vel Andruszko, Wincenty, szer., ?, ?, 22.7.45, Hamburg-Ohlsdorf, Niemcy, gr. 8966.
Aniolczyk, Jozef, st.strz.pchor.
Augustowski, Czeslaw, kapr.
Augustyn, Alfred Jan, st.strz.
Baca, Michal,, 21.11.23, Lachowice, p. Zywiec, 22.4.45, Cardiff, W. Bryt., Western Cem., gr. C.148.
Balawender, Marian, st.strz.
Balicki, Alojzy, st. strz.
Balicki, Stan., por.
Balinski, Jerzy, rtm.
Banaszek, Piotr, bomb.
Banas, Jan, plut.pchor.
Banny, Ignacy, st.szer.
Barcicki, Jerzy, plut.pchor.
Bartkowiak, Stan., sierz., 2.4.1899, Wytomysl, p. Nowy Tomysl, 16.2.44, Langannerie, Francja, CP, gr. VIII. E. 7. Eks.
Bartnik, Stan., strz.
Bartel, Zbigniew Wlad., ?
Bagacic, F. Adam, ppor.
Bazgier, Zbig., strz.
Bernakiewicz, Ant., kapr.
Berson, Jan Stan., kpt., 27.1.1903, Warszawa, 8.4.1946, Sztokholm, Szwecja, Katolska Kyrkan, Fredhof, Haga, gr. 48/46.
Bialopietrowicz, Waclaw, strz.
Bialy (lub Bule), Jan, strz., ?, ?, 3.11.42, pochowany w morzu (buried at sea).
Bieczkowski, Jozef, szer.
Biela, Henryk, st.strz.
Bienkowski, Fran., mjr.
Bihl, Jan, sierz.
Bik, Karol, ks.kap.
Bilewicz, Gustaw, pseud. Sosna, mjr., 25.8.1907, Summa, Archangelsk, Rosja, 14.9.44.
Bilyk, Grzegorz, kapr.
Bilyk, Kaz., mjr.
Biniewicz, Michal, szer.
Binczycki, Fran., plut.pchor.
Blaszkowski, Leon, strz.
Blazejczak, Bernard, karp.
Bobelak, Kaz. Abdullah, por.
Bobinski, Witold Zyg., por.
Bobitko, Michal, ppor.
Bobulski, Wojciech, kpt.
Bochenek, Fran., ppor., 3.9.1910, Chrzanow, 8.1.42, Treetown, Nigeria, Afryka Zach.
Bogdanionek, Aleks., szer.
Bogucki, Wlad., st.szer.
Bogulinski, Tad. Stan., plut.pchor.
Bolinski, Ryszard, st.drag.
Borkowski, Stan., st.strz.
Borsuk, Michal, kapr.
Brak, Ignacy, asp.
Brat - see Jakubowski, Ewaryst
Brodzinski, Zbig., szer.
Bronicki, Jan, pseud. Wirszelis, szer.
Brzuchacz, Jan, strz.
Bruchal, Jan, kapr.
Brummer, Wiktor Stan., mjr.
Brzezinski, Miecz., st.strz.
Brzoza, Henryk, strz.
Brzozowski, Wilhelm, ppor.
Brynberg, B., ?, inz., ?, ?, 12/41, pochowany w morzu (buried at sea), S/S "Shurtien."
Buczynski, Michal, kapr.
Budowski, Marcin, strz., 11.8.1927, Skierniewice, 3.9.44, Ouarengnon, Belgia.
Budzinski, Miecz., strz.
Bujnowski, Bernard, ppor.
Bujnowski, Bol., kapr.
Bukartyk, Jozef, plut.
Bulsiewicz, Tad. Jerzy, ppor.
Burhardt-Bukacki, Stan. Seweryn, gen.dyw., 8.1.1890, Cannes, Francja, 6.6.42, Edynburg, Szkocja, C. Corstorphine Hill, gr. B.1278.
Burchadt, Tad., ppor.
Buszek, Wlad., kpt.
Butkiewicz, Ryszard, inwalida
Bykowicz, Jozef, st.ul.
Byrczek, Miecz. Jozef, plut.
Byrkowski, Karol, kpt.lek.
Bystrzec - see Odrowaz-Szukiewicz, Bol.
Chimiak, Kaz. Jozef, strz., 26.11.22, Lwow, 19.6.41, Perth, Szkocja, C. Wellshill, gr. B.29.
Chmielowski, Stan. mjr.dypl.
Chmura, Stan., pplk.lek.
Choinski, Jozef, strz.
Cichocki, Stan, plut.
Cieslak, Jan, kapr.
Cieslar, Pawel, kapr.
Cieslok, Jan, st.strz.
Cimachowicz, Jozef, szer.
Cuzytek, Adam, kapr., 10.10.1910, Firlejow, p. Przemyslany, 27.1.44, ?.
Cwern, Maurycy, strz.
Cyganik, Romuald Kaz., st.strz., 17.3.1915, Sanok, 27.5.44, Townhill, Durban, Pld. Afryka, CB. Fort Napier, gr. G. 8.
Czajka, Bron., strz.
Czechowski, Michal, inwalida
Czemplik, Bernard, dr., ppor.
Czepinski (Czaplinski), Fran., ?
Czerniecki, Marcin, szer.
Czerwinski, Ant., inwalida
Czechawa - see Serafin, Jan
Czub, Ant., strz.
Dalek, Jozef, bomb., 8.7.16, Stradzewo, p. Kutno, 12.4.43, Edynburg, Szkocja, C. Corstorphine Hill, gr. B.1357/II.
Danielczyk, Pawel, st.strz.
Dankowski, Miecz., kapr.
Dawid, Jozef, st.strz.
Dawidowski, Wlad., strz.
Dabrowski, Ant. Bol., wachm.
Dembinski, Marcin Ludwik, st.strz.
Dembski, Wlad. Fran., kan.
Debowski, Eug. Jozef, ppor.
Dmoch, Aleks., st.strz.
Dobkiewicz, Waclaw, mjr.
Dobosz, Stan., mjr.
Dorski, Sylwester, kapr., ?, ?, 3.11.42, pochowany w morzu (buried at sea).
Drag, Jan, strz.
Drazek, Bernard, kan.
Dubowik, Jozef, strz.
Duda, Alojzy, strz.
Duda, Michal, strz.
Dunin-Markiewicz, Stan., mjr.inz.
Dziadosz, Rudolf, por., 23.2.1910, Lwow, 11/44, Slaboszow, p. Miechow, Polska, CC.
Dzialtas, Jozef, st.strz.
Dziezbinski, Ant., inwalida
Dzwonik, Ludwik, strz.
Eljasiewicz, Bron., kpt., 8.4.1897, Kijow, 1.4.45, ?
Erdman, Fran., strz.
Erzepski, Zdzislaw, mjr.
Faltynowski, Jan - see Foltynowski
Fara, Karol, st.strz., 14.11.12, Lwow, 23.8.43, Perth, Szkocja, C. Wellshill, gr. 70.
Fedak, Seweryn, szer.
Filipowski, Miecz., kapr.
Firewicz, Czeslaw, kapr.
Firla, Gustaw Jozef, mjr., 1.7.1900, Opawa, Czechy, 4.12.43, Fresnes k/Paryza.
Flach, Emil, plut.
Florek, Jan, kapr.
Florecki, Stan. Witold, ppor.
Follpprecht, Jan, por.
Foltynowski, Jan, st.strz.
Fojcik, Emanuel, strz.
Frankowicz, Jozef, wachm.
Frankowski, Fran. Ksawery, dr.por.
Frankowski, Jozef, strz.
Franta, Emanuel, kpt.
Fuchs, Jozef, szer.
Galeza, Walenty, szer., ?/1915, ?, 23.10.40, Peebles, Szkocja.
Garbaczynski, Edmund Mikolaj, szer.
Garczynski, Marian Zbig. Wlodz., por., 7.11.1916, Krakow, 1/44.
Gaworowski, Bol., sierz.
Gasienica-Giewont, Tad., ppor.
Gasienicki, Jan. st.strz.
Gasiorowski, Fran., st.strz.
Geber, Jakub, sap.
Geller, Zyg., por.
Gellert, And., szer.
Gerula, Jozef Stan., ul.
Gilda, Wlodz., plut.pchor.
Gill, Jan, kapr.
Glinski, Jerzy, pplk.
Glinski, Stan., st.strz.
Gladysz, Ant., st.strz.
Glabinski, Stefan, plut.
Glebocki, Aleks., strz.
Glowacz, Fran., inwalida
Glyda, Alojzy Jan, kpt.
Gnoinski, Czeslaw - see Jona, Alojzy
Godlewski, Kaz., por., inz.
Golczewski, Witold Karol, ppor. inz.
Golaszewski, Jozef, strz.
Golembiowski, Czeslaw, strz.
Golebiewski vel Kowalski, Klemens, strz.
Golebiowski, Stan., szer., ?, ?, 12.8.46, ?.
Gordon, Remigiusz Jerzy, por.
Gosieniecki, Jan,
Gosiewski, Antoni Henryk, pplk.
Goss, Zdzislaw, kapr.
Gojski, Edmund, kpt.
Gora, Waclaw Konstanty, ppor.lek.
Gorecki, Roman, gen.bryg., 27.8.1889, St. Sol, p. Stary Sambor, 9.8.46, Whitchurch, W. Bryt., CM, gr. A.M.S.50.
Gorka, B., ?, ?, ?, 3.10.44, Antwerpia, Belgia, Schoonselhof, gr. 1-E-29.
Gorowski, Tad., kpt., 11.5.1899, Greboszow, p. Dabrowa, 16.5.41, Berno, Szwajcaria.
Gorski, Stan., kpt.
Gorski, Woj., ppor., 22.4.1910, Kolach, p. Sluck, 30.9.45, ?.
Grabowski, Roman, ppor., 17.12.1913, Leningrad, Rosja, 15(16).1.42, w morzu, S/S "Wigry."
Gralinski, Jan, mjr., 8.2.1895, Wrzeszczewice, p. Lask, 9.1.42, w morzu, S/S "La Mariciere."
Gren, Pawel, kan.
Grodzicki, Feliks Mikolaj Ezechiasz, por., 10.4.1899, Filipy, p. Kolomyja, 4/44.
Gromnicki, Marceli Jan Maria, por.
Gross, Fran., plut.pchor.
Grouda, Aleks., ul.
Gruszka, Jozef, inwalida
Grygo, Piotr Teofil, ppor.
Grzeskowiak, Ant., plut.
Grzeskowski, Walerian, st.sierz.
Grzybowski, Jozef, ppor., 20.7.1915, Skrzany, p. Gostynin, 10.3.44, Agen, Francja.
Gurdziel, Henryk, szer.
Guttry, Wlad (Gutry, Jan), kpt., 12.1.1899, Ostrow Maz., 30.9.45, ?.
Gunter, Roman Janusz, kan.
Hajduk, Emanuel, strz., 7.7.05, Myslowice, p. Katowice, 10.3.45, Edynburg, Szkocja, C. Corstorphine Hill, gr. B-1448/I.
Hajkowicz, Maks., plk., ?/1889, ?, 16.2.40, Bukareszt, Wegry.
Hamerlak, Wlad., inwalida
Hanke, Alfons, strz.
Hassan, Pauzic, szer.
Hegner, Stan. Bron., pplk.inz.
Henisz, Stan. Seweryn, asp.
Hetmaniak, Leon, kapr.
Higersberger, Zbig., ppor.inz.
Hinc, Jan, st.strz.
Hirsch vel Krzyzowski, Gerhard, szer., 6.9.1916, Munsterburg, Niemcy, 8.12.44, Antwerpia, Belgia.
Hliszczak, Wlodz., bomb.
Hoffman Jozef Stan., por.
Horn, Leon, kpt.
Horodynski, Boguslaw, rtm., 2.8.1887, ?, 30.9.45, ?.
Horl, Jan Wilhelm, ppor., 28.5.1921, Sulejowek k/Warszawy, 5.5.43.
Hryhorczyk, Jan, st.ul.
Idzik, Miecz., kapr.
Iwanow, Piotr, szer.
Jablonka, Edward, szer.
Jablonski, Zbig., ppor., 1.1.1913, Wilno, 12/43, Fresness k/Paryza, Francja.
Jacyna, Kaz., kapr.pchor., 1.4.1925, Warszawa, 1.7.44, Warszawa-Zoliborz, Polska.
Jakubczyk, Bol., szer.
Jakubaniec, Alfons, mjr., 2.8.1895, Swieciany, 1.6.45, ?.
Jakubik, Tad., st.strz.
Jakubowski, Edward, st.strz.
Jakubowski, Ewaryst Fran., pseud. Brat, ppor., 14.10.1920, Lodz, 31.8.44.
Jambor, Wincenty, strz.
Janicki, Miecz., strz.
Janiszewski, Bron., chor.
Jankowski, Bron., strz.
Jankowski, Miecz., szer.
Janosz, Wiktor, st.szer.
Jarzebski, Wieslaw Marceli, plut.pchor.
Jasienski, Zdz. Teodor, inwalida
Jasik, Stefan, st.strz.
Jasinski, Alojzy, ogn.
Jasinski, Jan Stan., plut.pchor.
Jasinski, Waclaw, inwalida
Jaskolka, Wlad., gren.
Jastrzebski, Antoni, pseud. Ugor, por., 15.3.1915, Sokolniki, p. Tarnobrzeg, zima/43 (winter/43).
Jastrzebski, Zyg., ppor.
Jaworski, Jan, ppor.
Jedlina-Jacobson, And. Jozef, kan.
Jezienicki, Jozef, ppor. mgr.,
Jez, Jozef, st.strz.
Jedrzejczyk, Stan., kapr.
Jocz, Henryk Jozef, kapr. 
Jurczyk, Fran., kan.
Jurecki, Marian Aleks. Jozef, pseud. Orawa, por., 10.8.1911, Stroze, p. Gorlice, 28.12.41, Polesie-Chmielnik k/Aleksandrowa.
Juszczak, Konstanty, rtm.
Kaczorowski, Eug., kapr.
Kajdan, Edmund, strz.
Kalas, Jan, kapr.
Kalenkiewicz, Maciej, pseud. Kotwicz, Jan, mjr., 1.7.1906, Pasiewicze, p. Wolkowysk, 21.8.44.
Kaluza, Ant. Engelbert, st.strz.
Kaminer, Stan., ppor.dr.
Kaminski, Benjamin, st.strz.
Kaminski, Robert, szer.
Kaminski, Tad., ?, 2.4.1924, Karlowicze, p. Drohiczyn, 12.5.44, zaginal podczas dzialan wojennych (missing in action).
Kaminski, Wandelin, sierz.
Kamyszek, Leon, st.strz.
Kanczugowski, Henryk, kapr.
Karpierz, And., ul.
Karpinski, Wlad., kapr.
Kata, Stan., szer.
Kawalec, Rajmund, mjr.
Kadzielawa, Witold, ppor.
Kihiczak, Piotr, plut.
Kinel, Wlad., strz.
Kitel, Fran., st.gren.
Klimecki, Tad. Apolinary, gen.bryg., 23.11.1895, Tarnow, 4.7.43, Newark, W. Bryt., CW, dz. polska.
Klimenko, Jozef, st.strz.
Klinke, Ant. - Ranoszek, Ant.
Klodnicki, Kaz., gren.
Klopotek-Glowczewski, Konrad, pseud. Waclaw, por., 1.2.1909, Losz, p. Chojnice, 28.1.44.
Kmiecik, Ignacy, ul.
Kobylinski, Lucjan, ppor.
Kokoszka, Miecz. Piotr, ppor.
Kolasinski, Tad. mjr.dypl.
Kolat, Edward, szer.
Kolakowski, Jeremi Zgy., por.
Koltun, Miecz., ul.
Konopka, Marcin, strz.
Konwinski, Jozef, st.strz.
Korbonski, Stan., por.
Korkiewicz, Wlad., kpt.
Korol, Stefan, plut., ?/1908, ?, 12.11.42, Wyspa Trinidad, ?
Koronowicz, Konrad Henryk, ppor.
Korytowski, Adam, gen.bryg., 27.7.1886, Przemyslany, w. Lwow, 25.8.42, Edynburg, Szkocja, C. Corstorphine Hill, gr. B.1275.
Korzeniowski, And., kpt.
Korzuch, Edward, kapr.
Kosmala, Stan., strz.
Koszkiewicz, Miecz., ?, 23.10.1915, Gostyn, 4.11.45, Bruksela, Belgia.
Kosciak, Julian, gren.
Koscialkowski, Marian - see Zyndram-Koscialkowski, Marian
Kotorowicz, Stan, pseud. Kron, por., 10.5.1916, Lublin, lato/43 (summer/43).
Kotowicz, Jan - see Kalenkiewicz, Maciej
Kowal, Zyg., kapr.
Kowalski, Julian, strz.
Kowalski, Karol, kapr.
Kowalski, Klemens - see Golebiowski, Klemens
Kowalski, Ryszard, ppor., 26.11.1919, Sosnowiec, 11/43.
Kowalski, Stan., por., 28.4.1914, Nisko, 4.9.41, Miranda de Ebro, Hiszpania.
Kozakiewicz, Norbert, bomb.
Kozlowski, Zbig., strz.
Kozan, Jan, kan.
Krawczyk, Eug., st.szer.
Krawczyk, Kaz., sierz.
Krezelok, Ant., plut.
Krizar, Leopold, pplk., 30.10.1896, Milic, Bukowina, Rumunia, 18(17).10.44.
Kron - see Kotorowicz, Stan.
Ks. Krol, Jozef, st.kapelan
Krol, Kaz., kapr.
Krol, Tad., plut.
Krol, Zyg., strz.
Krolikowski, Zyg., kapr.pchor.
Krawicz, Miecz., por.
Krzanowski, Adam Jan, st.strz.pchor.
Krzystek, Karol, inwalida
Krzyzanowski, Henryk Hubert, ppor.
Krzyzanowski, Jozef Stanislaw Maria, ppor.
Krzyzowski, Gerhard - see Hirsch, Gerhard
Ksiazek, Jan, plut.
Ksiazek, Stan., plut., 20.1.1915, Wadowice, 17.1.45, Lommel, Belgia, CP, gr. III-D-1.
Kubera, Tomasz, inwalida
Kubowski, Jan Marian, plut.
Kubryn, Wlad., wachm.
Kuc, Stan., por.
Kucemba, Michal, kapr.
Kucharczyk, Jozef, st.strz.
Kucharz, Stan., st.strz.
Kujawa, Miecz., strz.
Kulik, Fran., strz.
Kunat, Fran., strz.
Kurasz, Romuald Seweryn, ppor.
Kuska, Maks., szer.
Kuszniewicz, Zbig., st.strz.
Kus, Rudolf, st.strz.
Kutowski, Miecz., gren.
Kuzbida, Mikolaj, strz.
Kuznicki, Zdz., szer.
Kuhn, Jerzy, kpt.
Kwiatkowski, Stan., st.strz.
Kwiecinski, Jozef, kapr.
Lach, Wiktor, szer., ?, ?, ?/45, ?.
Lachowicz, Feliks, ppor., 23.9.1902, Jaroslaw, 2.8.44, Gibraltar, CB.
Lange, Maks., szer.
Lasota, Bogumil, sierz.
Lassota, Jan, kapr.
Latek, Jozef, ?
Lehmann, Witold, szer.
Lemme, Jerzy, kpt.
Lenczowski, Bol., por.
Leporowski, Zdz. Janusz Jozef, st.sierz.
Leskiewicz, Jozef, kapr.
Lew, Feliks, por.
Lewandowski, Leon - see Piecha, Leon
Lewandowski, Saturnin Jozef, ppor., 29.11.14, Detroit, USA, 27.3.43, Edynburg, Szkocja, C. Corstorphine Hill, gr. B.1363.
Lewicki, Anatol, kpt.
Lewinski, Zenon, kapr.pchor.
Linhardt, Waclaw, mjr.
Lipinski, Jan II, mjr.
Lis, Jan, kapr.
Lis, Zyg. Stan., st.strz.
Literski, Wlad., bomb.
Lorenc, Adam, strz.
Lubaszko, Wlad., plut.pchor.
Lada, Lech Adam, ppor., 1.10.1910, Rzym, Wlochy, wiosna/43 (spring/43).
Lapczynski, Bol.,
Lawrow, Prokop, szer.
Lazarski, Stan., ppor.
Loboda, Marian, plut.
Luczkiewicz, Stan., ppor., 18.4.1916, Pogorzela, p. Krotoszyn, ?, zaginiony.
Luczynski, Kaz., ppor., ?/1907, ?, 12/43, ?, Francja.

Machnik, Maciej Miecz., chor.
Maciag, Jozef, kpt., 29.4.1914, Visegrad ad Serajewo, Jugoslawia, 11.12.43, Suke, gm. Podvisac, Jugoslawia.
Maciejewski, Zygfryd, ppor., 28.12.1916, Lagiewniki Koscielne, p. Gniezno, 21.10.45, Fulda-Neuenberg, Niemcy.
Madejczyk, Tad., wachm.
Magulski, Wlad., strz.
Majerczak, Jan, plut.
Makowski, Stan., por., 10.5.1914, Korbut, Rumunia, 23.8.44, ?.
Makselan, Stefan, ul.
Malewski, Lucjan, b.szer.
Malewski, Zbig., kpt.
Malik, Eug., strz.
Malinowska-Litta, Ant., sierz.
Malanczuk, Fran., plut.pchor.
Malczec, Edward, strz.
Maniura, Jerzy, sierz.
Mara-Mayer, Jerzy Jozef, ppor., ?/1919, ?, 6/43, zaginal (missing).
Marciniak, Wojciech,
Marecki, And. Marian, plk.dypl.
Marosek, Bron., st.sierz.
Maruszewski, Artur, Tomasz, plk.dypl.
Marzec, Feliks, strz.
Marzec, Jan, strz.
Maslocha, Lucjan, por., 15.6.1913, Bobrowniki, p. Lowicz, 10.1.44, Kopenhaga, Dania.
Matula, Zbig., por.
Matulka, Jozef, ppor.
Matuszewicz, Stan., plut.
Matuszewski, Ignacy, plk.dypl., 10.9.1891, ?, ?.46, Nowy Jork, St. Zj.
Mazelewski, Bron., plut.
Mazurkiewicz, Walenty, mjr.
Madry, Jan, strz.
Michalak, Stan. Kaz., strz.
Michalowski, Jerzy Wiktor, por.
Michniewicz, Jozef, strz.
Michnowicz, Fran., strz.
Michurski, Albin, plut.
Mickiewicz, Jan - see Mokrosz, Pawel
Mielnik, Jan, szer.
Mieszala, Feliks, strz.
Mikiewicz, Bron. Ludwik Marian, mjr.
Mikosz, And., por., 15.11.1889, ?, 12/44, Buchenwald, Niemcy, C. obozu konc. (concentration camp cemetery).
Mintowt-Czyz, Jan Gustaw, plk.lek.
Miotk, Stefan, kan.
Misiurewicz, Aleks., pplk.dypl.
Miszczyszyn, Stan. Roman, mjr.
Modrzejewski, Bogdan, plut.
Mokrosz, Pawel, vel Mickiewicz, Jan, bomb.
Mondry, Bernard, st.strz.
Moskal, Ryszard Adam, kapr.pchor.
Moskala, Jozef, st.drag.
Moszumanski, Jan, inwalida
Moszynski, Benedykt, ppor., ?, ?, wrzesien/43 (autumn/43), zaginal (missing).
Mozdzen, Kaz., pplk.
Mol, Jan, inwalida
Mrozek, Kaz., strz.
Mrukiewicz, Henryk, szer.
Mryc, Jozef, szer.
Mroz, Stefan, inwalida
Mula, Wojciech, bomb.
Mulawka, Wlad., kapr.
Myszor, Ant., sierz., 5.9.1907, Swietochlowice, p. Katowice, 23.3.45, ?, Niemcy.
Najwer, Walenty, mjr.
Nawrocki, Bog., kapr.
Nechay, Alfred, kpt.
Nelken, Stefan, kpt.
Neugebauer, Fran., strz.
Neyman, Roman, mjr.
Niemiec, Jan, kapr.
Nieminski, Roman Apolinary, kpt.
Nowacki, Leon, plut., Nowak, Bron. II, por.
Nowak, Zygfryd - see Szczepanek, Zygfryd
Nowakowski, Konrad, kapr.pchor.
Nowicki, Leon, gren.
Nowicki, Maciej Teodor, por.
Nowinski, Jan, por.
Nowosielski, Feliks, pseud. Szczesny, kpt., 24.6.1893, ?, 16.8.44.
Nykiel, Kaz., kpt.
Ociepka, Jan, strz.
Odrowaz-Szukiewicz, Bron., pseud. Bystrzec, ppor., 2.10.1916, Moskwa, 17.2.43.
Oginski, Michal, strz., ?, ?, 5.11.42, pochowany w morzu (buried at sea).
Ognik, Kaz. - see Rzepka, Kaz.
Olechnowicz, Stan., mjr., 6.5.1904, ?, 2.1.43, ?.
Olszewski, Tad., strz.
Olszynski, Stefan, ppor.inz., 6.10.1886, Warszawa, 22.11.42, Lizbona, Portugalia.
Oldakowski, Edward, ppor.
Orawa, Marian - see Jurecki, Marian
Orlowski, Stan., pplk.dypl.
Orman, Wlad., ul.
Orski, Stan. Henryk, plk.
Osetkowski, Wieslaw Marcin, plut.
Ostroga - see Skrochowski, Jan Kanty.
Ostrowski, Wladyslaw Jerzy, ppor.
Osuchowski, Kaz., pseud. Rosomak, por., 18.1.1915, Dekszniany, w. Wilno, 8.8.44.
Ottenbreit, Marian Wlad., inwalida
Otolski, Jerzy, strz.
Owsik, Jozef, st.sierz.
Ozdzenski, Tomasz, st.szer.
Pacholek, Jozef, st.sierz.
Paciorek, Miecz., strz.
Pajak, Jozef, mjr.lek.
Palluth, Ant., por., 1.5.1900, Pobiedziska, p. Poznan, 18.4.44, oboz Oranienburg pod Berlinem, Niemcy.
Palmbach, Henryk, por., ?/1894, ?, 13.5.45, na staku "Cap Arcona."
Paluch, Miecz., mjr.
Panek, Bron., st.strz.
Parachimowicz, Fran. Ksawery, plut.
Paszkowski, Wlodz., por.
Patok, Jozef, strz.
Patzelt, Bron., st.strz.
Paul, Teofil, plut.
Pawelec, Zyg., st.strz.
Pawelczyk, Stefan, gren.
Pawlowicz, Czeslaw, pplk.dypl., 5.11.1892, ?, 8.7.42, Szanghaj.
Pawlowski, Bol. Michal Ryszard, plk.
Pawlowski, Wiktor, ul.
Pereswiet-Soltan, Piotr, kapr.
Perschke, Marian, chor.
Petraniuk, Ant. Fran., kapr.
Pechalski, Aleks., por.
Piasecki, Zbig. Bartlomiej, por., 19.1.1914, Sosnowiec, zaginal w akcji na kontynencie (missing in action on the continent -i.e. continental Europe).
Pic, Ignacy Stan., ppor.
Pichlinski, Piotr, inwalida
Piech, Wlad., st.strz.
Piecha vel Lewandowski, Leon, szer.
Piechowicz, Marian, plut.pchor.
Piecuch, Jozef, plut.
Pieczko, Jakub, strz.
Piekarek, Jozef, st.sierz.
Pielawski, Tad., st.strz.
Pietraszek, Jan Ludwik, ppor.
Pietraszkiewicz, Teodor, szer.
Pietrzak, Bol., kan.
Pietrzak, Jozef, plut.
Pietrzyk, Ant., kapr.
Pirog, Tad., strz.
Piszczkowski, Stefan, ppor.
Piwnik, Jan, pseud. Ponury, por., 31.8.1912, Janowiec, p. Opatow, 15.6.44.
Placek, Ignacy, st.strz.
Plaza, Jozef, st.strz., 16.1.1908, Swietochlowice, 2.2.46, utonal w Zatoce Gdanskiej.
Ples, Teodor, ?
Plachecki, Alojzy, st.strz.
Podgorski, Szymon, kpt.
Podoski, Jerzy, kpt.dypl., 21.7.1900, Monasteryszcze, Ukraina, 3.1.42, Lizbona, Portugalia.
Poglodek, Konstanty, ks.prob. (pplk.),
Pogoda, Fran., st.wachm.
Pogoda, Henryk, kapr.
Pokorny, Edward, strz.
Polak, Stefan - see Polap, Stefan
Polko, Ryszard, st.drag.
Ponikowski, Wlad., strz.
Ponury - see Piwnik, Jan
Porembalski, Stan, por.
Predkiel, Jozef, strz.
Prochownik, Ant., strz.
Proniuk, Mikolaj, plut.
Przetakiewicz, Stan., por.
Przezdziecki, Alojzy, plk.dypl.
Przybylski, Adam II, plk.dypl.
Przybyla, Ant., st.strz.
Przybyla, Jozef, strz.
Przybylek, Henryk - see Strzelczok, Henryk
Przybytniowski, Ant. Stan., ppor.
Pschegalinski, Wlad., ?, ?, ?, 19.5.45, Margraten, Holandia, WC. ameryk., VK-645482, gr. 277, rz. 12 dz. GGG.
Ptasinski, Marian Tad., por.
Pustulka, Jozef, szer.
Raczkowski, Bron. - see Rafinski, Bron.
Raczkowski, Ignacy, kpt.
Raczynski, Emilian, st. ul.
Radolinski, Stefan, por.
Radowski, Bron., kpt.dr.
Radtke, Fran. Ksawery, bomb.
Radwan, Miecz., strz.
Rafa, Wlad., szer.
Rafinski vel Raczkowski, Bron., st.strz.
Ranoszek vel Klinke, Ant., st.strz.
Rappaport, Miecz., sierz.
Ratynski, Feliks, strz.
Reluga, Kaz., ppor.
Respondek, Jan, st.strz.
Rogala-Swirski, Stefan, ppor.
Rolinski, Henryk, kpt.
Romanowski, Piotr, strz.
Romanczuk, Piotr, chor.
Rosiek, Adam Piotr, kpt.
Roslik, Jozef, por., 27.3.1912, Borek, p. Stolpce, 23.5.45, Wupperthal, Niemcy.
Rosner, Ant. Karol, plk.dypl.
Rosomak - see Osuchowski, Kaz.
Rotter, Aleks., kpt.
Rouppert, Stan., gen.bryg.dr.
Rozalski, Marian, mjr.dr.
Rozycki, Jerzy, ppor., ?/1909, Olszany, Kijowszczyzna, 9.1.42, pochowany w morzu, statek "La Merciere."
Rucinski, Marian, mjr.
Rudowski, Jan Grzegorz Fran., por.
Rudzki, Zdz., por.
Ruszkiewicz, Miecz., pchor., 23.10.1915, Gostyn, w. Poznan, 4.11.45, Bruksela, Belgia.
Ryczka, Fran., szer.
Rysiewski, Jan Bol., mjr.
Ryszanek, Wlad., pplk.dypl.
Rzepka, Kaz., pseud. Ognik, por., 1.3.1915, Biadoliny, p. Krakow, jesien/43 (autumn/43).
Rzeznikiewicz, Tomasz, szer.
Sadowski, Seweryn, ppor.
Sadowski, Walenty, plut.
Sak, Alek., plut.
Saltarski, Wlad., bomb.
Samolinski, Stefan Kaz., ppor., 3.3.1905, Warszawa, 7.2.46, Lingen, Niemcy, CW.
Samulski, Tomasz, ks.kapelan
Sarowski, Ant., strz.
Sawczuk, Emilian Gracjan, por.
Schneider, Julian Feliks, mjr.lek.
Kruk-Schuster, Stan., plk.
Serafin, Jan, pseud. Czerchawa, kpt., 30.12.1913, Czukiew, p. Sambor, 20.5.44.
Siemienski, Stefan, ppor.
Sikora, Miecz., ppor., 8.5.1907, Ploskirow, Rosja, 1.1.43.
Sinkowski, Stan., ks.dziekan plk.
Skiba, Aleks., sierz.
Skiba, And., strz.
Skobyranda, Stan., strz., ?/1908, Jozefow, p. Turka, 4.5.44, pochowany w morzu z okretu Llandoverg Castle.
Skoczylas, Jozef, st.strz.
Skowierzak, Julian, por., 14.7.1906, Bilgoraj, 31.5.45, Stendal, Niemcy.
Skorkowski, Wlad., ogn.
Skrochowski, Jan Kanty, pseud. Ostroga, rtm., 28.12.1914, Krakow, 28.8.44.
Skrzypiec, Stan., kapr.
Skrzypniak, Czeslaw, strz.
Skukowski, Michal, inwalida
Slabicki, Tad., kan.
Slawinski, Jerzy, asp.
Slowikowski, Kaz., plk.-aud.
Slowinski, Aleks., kapr.
Smolak, Kaz., ppor., 1.12.1915, Cmilow, p. Lublin, ?/44.
Smolenski, Piotr, ppor., ?/1908, ?, 9.1.42, pochowany w morzu ze statku "La Morciere."
Sobczyk, Ant., plut.
Sobieraj, Stan., kapr.
Sobocinski, Feliks, plut.
Socha, Artur, ppor.
Sojecki, Maks. - see Wroblewski, Maks.
Sokolowski, Stan., rtm., 23.7.1912, Warszawa, 30.9.45.
Sosna - see Billewicz, Gustaw
Sosnowski, Wlad., kapr.
Spychaj, Jozef, plut.
Sroka, Jozef Wiktor, por.
Stachnik, Wlad. Jan, inwalida
Stadnikiewicz, Jan Zyg., por.
Stanislawski, Jan, strz.
Stankiewicz, Teofil, mjr.
Stanczyk, Adam, ppor.
Starnawski, Wlad. Maciej, ppor., 24.2.1901, Warszawa, 10.10.40, Canfrane, Hiszpania.
Starorypinski, Henryk Miecz., ppor., 15.11.1913, ?, 11.43, Fresnes kolo Paryza, Francja.
Starzewski, Edward, kpt., 6.9.1895, Wadowice, 2.6.45, Gmunde, Austria.
Stasiak, Stan., kapr.
Stasienko, Stan., st.strz.
Stawarski, Zyg., kpt.
Steblowski, Adam, mjr.dypl.
Stefaniak, Bonifacy, ppor.
Stefczyk, Kaz., plk.dypl.
Steinmassel, Zyg., por.
Stelmachowski, Stan. Zyg., plk.
Stelmaszyk, Jozef, strz.
Stezowski, Wojciech, st.sierz.
Stolarz, Teodor, kapr.
Stopyra, Fran., wachm.
Strejc, Eug., inwalida
Strutynski, Wlad., plut.
Strzelczok vel Przybylek, Henryk, strz.
Strzelczyk, Konrad, strz.
Suszynski, Wiktor, por.
Swoboda, Wlad., kan.
Sycz, Kaz., kapr.
Szablewski, Jan, ppor.
Szajnowski, Wlad., por.
Szareyko, Leopold, kpt.
Szczecinski, Wlad., sierz.
Szczepanek vel Nowak, Zygfryd, plut.
Szczerbicki, Ant., st.wachm.
Szczesny - see Nowosielski, Feliks
Szczombrowski, Edward, bomb.pchor.
Szczurek, Bogdan Karol, st.strz.pchor.
Szczygiel, Stan., inwalida
Szczyrba, Ant., st. sierz.
Szeloch, Adam, rtm.
Szewczyk, Stan., kapr.
Szewczyk (Szefczyk), Tomasz, strz.
Szkandera, Jozef, bomb.
Szlachta, Tad., strz., ?/1917, Pilica, p. Olkusz, 2.7.46, utonal w morzu z S/S "Mataroa."
Szmidt, Jan, kapr.
Szmoniewski, Tad. Rafal, pplk.
Szopa, Alojzy,
Szostek, Aleks., ul.
Szper, Jozef Stefan, kpt.lek.
Szuman, Aleks., plut.
Szumanski, Ryszard - see Wilk, Ryszard
Szumik, Semen, dragon
Szura, Wlad., sanit.
Szymanski, Jan Bron., mjr.
Szymanski, Jerzy Ryszard, ppor.
Szymanski, Jozef, plut.
Szymanski, Stan., sap.
Szymczyszyn, Mikolaj, szer.
Szymkiewicz, Klemens, kpt.
Szymkowiak, Walery, kapr.
Szymonowicz, Tad. Marcin, mjr.
Szymonski, Tomasz, por., ?, ?, 18.5.43, ?.
Szyszczynski, Waclaw, sierz.-pchor.
Scislowski, Wlad., por.dr.
Slaski, Jan, plk.
Smierzchalski, Waclaw, kpt.
Smigaj, Fran.,
Smigielski, Roman, strz.
Spiewak, Stan., kapr.
Spiewakowski, Henryk, por.
Swiatkowski, And., pseud. Amurat, kpt., 14.1.1906, Warszawa, 28.12.41, Chmielnik, pld. zach. od wsi Aleksandrow k/Kiernozi, Polesie, Polska.
Swidzinski, Pawel, kapr.
Tarlowski, Stefan, por.mgr.
Tebinka, Zgy., mjr., 2.5.1892, Stanislawow, 15.12.44, Nowy Jork, Stany Zjednoczone.
Tempski vel Adamski, Edmund, strz.
Teplicki, Fran., st.strz.
Tocha, Alojzy, kan.
Tomczak, Fran., kapr.
Torba, Jan, ul.
Toszewski, Zyg., sap.
Traczewski, Stefan Fran., rtm.
Trojak, Miecz., st.wachm.
Twardawa, Jan Ernest, ppor.
Tyburczy, Wlad., inwalida
Ugor, Ant. - see Jastrzebski, Ant.
Ulanowski, Zyg., szer.
Ulrych-Ulenski, Janusz, plut.pchor.
Urbanek, Stan. Alojzy, ppor.
Ustinowicz, Aleks., st.strz.
Waclaw - see Klopotek-Glowczewski, Konrad
Wagner, Jan, strz.
Walczak, Adam, inwalida
Waligora, Bol. And., mjr.
Wanatowicz, Fran., ppor. lek.-wet.
Wasserberger, Jozef, kpt.
Waszczyszyn, Wasyl, strz.
Waszkiewicz, Stan., strz.
Waszynski, Ant., kpt.
Wazny, Wlad., kapr.
Weinka, Fran., strz.
Welpa, Zygmunt, inwalida
Werlak, Piotr, szer.
Werminski, Jan Wojciech, chor.
Werner, Symeon Kaz., mjr.
Werstler, Wlad., bomb.
Widerski, Jozef, kapr.
Wielewicki, Fran., st.strz.
Wieliczker, Edward Maurycy, ppor.
Wieniawa-Dlugoszowski, Bol. Ignacy Florian, gen.dyw., 22.7.1881, ?, 28.6.42, Waszyngton, Stany Zjednoczone.
Wierzbicki, Henryk, st.strz.
Wierzbicki, Wiktor, st.strz.
Wierzbowski, Zdz., ppor.
Wilczek, Jan, st.sierz.
Wilk, Ryszard, pseud. Szumanski, st.strz.
Winiarski, Miecz., plut.pchor.
Winkler, Ant., strz.
Wirszelis, Jan - see Bronicki, Jan
Wisniewski, Witold, kan.
Wisniewski, Zyg., szer.
Witwicki, Bohdan, kapr.
Witwicki, Zdz., st.strz.
Wlodarczyk, Stan., strz.
Wlodek, Kaz., kapr.
Woch, Marian, ppor.
Wodarz, Alfred, st.gren.
Wodzynski, Henryk, ppor.
Wojciechowski, Jan, st.strz.
Wojciechowski, Wiktor, plut.pchor.
Wojtasik, Alojzy, ul.
Wojtowicz, Stan., strz.
Wolk, Ant., strz.
Wolkow, Stefan, ul.
Woloszczak, Jan, szer.
Wortman, Julian Wiktor, por.
Woznica, Ernest, ul.
Wojcik, Walenty, chor.
Wojtowicz, Bol., strz.
Wroniecki, Stan., bomb.
Wrobel, Ant. Jan, ppor., 8.11.1909, Siemianowice, p. Katowice, 14.8.42, Freetown, Afryka.
Wrobel, Tad., mjr.
Wroblewski, Marian, strz.
Wroblewski, Maks., pseud. Sojecki, strz.
Wroblewski, Wlad., pplk.
Wrzuszczak, Ant., plut.
Wuwer, Alojzy, kapr.
Wysopolski, Stefan Jozef, por.
Wystepek, Stefan, kan.
Zahorski, Wiktor, mjr.dypl., 16.10.1896, Zuromin, w. Warszawa, 30.9.45, zaginiony.
Zalenski, Stan., plut.
Zalewski, Jan, mjr.dr.
Zamarski, Karol, chor.
Zarzycki, Tad., pplk.
Zawada, Jan, kapr.
Zawadzki, Marian, ul.
Zawadzki, Michal, mjr.
Zawistowski, Eug., plut.
Zawistowski, Stan., kapr.
Zdrojewski, Alfons, ul.
Zdunek, Aleks., strz.
Ziay, Wlad., gren.
Zielinski, Wlad., st.sierz.
Ziemba, Juliusz, mjr.
Ziemianski, Bol. Zyg., mjr., 18.6.1891, ?, 1.4.45, ?.
Zienkiewicz, Piotr, kpt.
Zinkow, Piotr, strz.
Ziora, Hubert, sap.
Zygmunt, Fran., st.strz.
Zyndram-Koscialkowski, Marian, pplk.
Zeguslawski, Jozef, sierz.
Zelkowski, Bron., mjr., 22.3.1904, Warszawa, 11.11.42, Warszawa, C. Brudno, Polska.
Zuchowski, Pawel Piotr, st.szer.
Zuk, Wlad., st.sierz.
Zura, Hemut-Emanuel, st.szer.

List One: Kobiety w Sluzbie Sil Zbrojnych (Women in the Armed Forces)
All of the women below were volunteers except where indicated otherwise.
Information is shown in this order: Surname, given name, maiden name, rank or unit (other than volunteer or junior/senior volunteer), date of death, place of burial.
Ambroz, Anna, 26.8.42, Pahlevi, Iran, CP
Baczynska, Halina, 22.2.43, Khanaqin, Irak, BWC
Balicka, Janina, 14.7.42, Jangi-Jul, ZSSR, PCW
Balka, Anna, 15.7.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CK
Bartosiewicz, Franciszka, 11.4.42, Czokpak, ZSSR, CW
Bekker, Antonina, 29.7.43, Khanaqin, Irak, BCW
Berstling, Irena Julia, sekc. PSK, 14.5.44, Ramleh, Palestyna, CW
Bielecka, Maria, 3.3.44, Ramleh, Palestyna, CW
Bogucka, Stanislawa, 1.8.42, Guzar, ZSSR
Bogumil, Irena, 10.10.42, Khanaqin, Irak, BCW
Borowiak, Maria, 7.3.42, Guzar, ZSSR, St., CK
Cwynar, Helena, ur. Tkacz, 15.8.42, Ramleh, Palestyna, CW
Czerniak, Stanislawa, 28.7.42, Kermine, ZSSR, CM
Czopek, Anna, 4.4.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CK
Dabrowska, Helena, 17.9.43, Ramleh, Palestyna, CW
Dabrowska, Maria Paulina, 27.6.44, Kantara East, Egipt, BCW
Dolega-Kowalewska, Celina Maria, 19.3.41, Guzar, ZSSR, PCW
Folej, Czeslawa, 27.5.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CK
Gamrot, Zofia, ur. Banys, 9.8.43, Ramleh, Palestyna, BCW
Giedyk, Helena, 29.8.42, Teheran, Iran, CK, dz. p.
Grabowska, Wanda, 1.11.45, Meppen, Niemcy, CK
Gromulska, Henryka, 18.1.45, Forli, Wlochy, CC, dz. p.
Gryglewicz, Maria, ACW2, 30.3.46, Brookwood, Surrey, W. Bryt., CK
Handel, Stanislawa, 21.9.44, Ramleh, Palestyna, BCW
Harner, Antonina, 4.9.42, Teheran, Iran, CK (see also Horner, A.)
Holubska, Alina, st. sierz., 30.6.46, Bologna, Wlochy, CP
Holuj, Maria, 6.8.43, Ramleh, Palestyna, BCW
Horner, Antonina, ur. Michniewicz, 4.9.42, Teheran, Iran, CK, dz. p. (see also Harner, A.)
Iwaszkiewicz, Maria, 11.3.44, Ramleh, Palestyna, BCW  
Jablonowska, Wanda, 31.1.42, ZSSR, ?
Janczewska, Zofia, 5.4.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CK
Jozwiak, Janina, 8.5.44, Edyburg, Szkocja, C. Corstorphine Hill
Kaminska, Filipina, 25.6.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CK
Kantypowicz, Franciszka, 31.1.45, Ramleh, Palestyna, BCW
Kepisz-Kulikowska, Ludwika, ppor., 19.9.45, Jaffa, Palestyna, CC
Kloc, Maria, 21.11.43, Gaza, Palestyna, BCW
Klotzek, Ewelina, 17.7.45, Edynburg, Szkocja, C. Corstorphine Hill
Kopczynska, Czeslawa, 30.6.46, Freren, Niemcy, CK
Koral, Tatiana, 25.3.42, St. Kermine, ZSSR, CW
Kossowska, Zofia, 10.4.46, ?, W. Bryt.
Kowalewska, Celina, 12.3.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CK
Kowalska, Natalia, ur. Berestowska, 5.4.46, Kair, Egipt, CC, dz. prawosl. St. Georges
Kowalska, Zofia, 19.4.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CK
Kozieradzka, Regina, 9.11.41, Tockoje, ZSSR, CW
Kozlowska, Janina, kmdtka. plut., 21.5.44, Tel-el-Kebir, Egipt, BCW
Krokoszynska, Aniela, 16.7.44, Ramleh, Palestyna, BCW
Krzywanska, Danuta, 2.5.42, Kenimech, ZSSR, CW
Kucharczyk, Jadwiga, 14.8.42, Teheran, Iran, CK, dz. p.
Kucharska, Klaudia, 26.5.45, Casamassima, Wlochy, CP
Kulikowska, Mieczyslawa, 23.12.42, Basra, Irak, BCW
Kulinska, Anastazja, 6.7.46, Newark, W. Bryt.
Laniewska, Irena, 22.4.43, Khanaqin, Irak, BCW
Lesniowska, Zofia, ur. Sikorska, kmtka. plut., 4.7.43, w morzu pod Gibraltarem (N.B., daughter of General Wladyslaw Sikorski, perished in the same airplane crash that claimed the life of her father).
Lappa, Elzbieta, sierz., 23.10.45, Bologna, Wlochy, CP
Lugowska, Irena, 19.1.43, Khanaqin, Irak, BCW
Maj, Lidia, 24.7.42, Kermine, ZSSR, CM
Malinowska, Helena, 2.8.46, Bologna, Wlochy, CP
Markiewicz, Czeslawa, 28.11.42, Teheran, Iran, CK, dz. p.
Marko, Adolfina, 4.11.42. Ramleh, Palestyna, BCW, dz. p.
Markowa, Janina, 13.3.42, Guzar, ZSSR, ?
Metych, Emilia, 1.8.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CK
Milkowska, Irena, 5.4.42, Wrewskaja, ZSSR, PCW
Moszczenska, Wanda, ur. Piotrowska, 28.10.45, Meppen, Niemcy, CM
Nowak, Roza, 25.9.42, Teheran, Iran, CK, dz. p.
Ordzinska, Jadwiga, 24.11.45, Bologna, Wlochy, CP
Ostrowska, Ewa, 22.6.46, Ramleh, Palestyna, BCW
Owsianik, Maria, 5.3.42, Guzar, ZSSR, St. CK
Parczewska, Maria, 29.7.44, Taranto, Wlochy, BCM
Partyka, Jadwiga, 13(14).3.43, w morzu - okret "Empress of Canada"
Paszuk, Maria, st. sierz. pchor., 13.8.45, Casamassima, Wlochy, CP
Przybylska, Anna, 8.3.46, Bologna, Wlochy, CP
Przystajko, Bronislawa, por., 2.8.45, Edynburg, Szkocja, C. Corstorphine Hill
Radecka, Feliksa, plut. pchor., 15.6.46, Loreto, Wlochy, CP
Rembowska, Maria Janina, ur. Grodecka, 12.9.42, Teheran, Iran, CK, dz. p.
Rogalska-Wagner, Ryszarda, 4.9.42, Teheran, Iran, CK, dz. p.
Ropczycka, Helena Jadwiga, 4.11.44, Ramleh, Palestyna, BCW
Roszkowska, Regina, 9.7.42, Guzar, ZSSR
Rusiecka, Julia, 6.7.45, Ancona Tavarnelli, Wlochy, CC
Rybicka, Irena, 10.5.46, Lannoy (lub Lille), Nord, Francja, CC
Samsel, Czeslawa, 3.10.42, Teheran, Iran, CK, dz. p.
Sawczak, Rozalia, ur. Derkacz, 6.10.42, Teheran, Iran, CK, dz. p.
Sidor, Maria, 19.8.42, Pahlevi, Iran, CP
Sikorska, Jozefa Wanda, 7.8.46, Casamassima, Wlochy, CP
Stanclik, Olga, 8.5.42, Wrewskaja, ZSSR, CP
Strawinska, Janina, 5.4.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CK
Stryjak, Irena, 17.7.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CK
Suchodolska, Maria, 13.2.43, Khanaqin, Irak, BCW
Szablewska, Janina, 15.7.42, Jangi-Jul, ZSSR, CW
Szaniawska, Jadwiga, 20.7.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CK
Szechinska, Ewelina, 10.4.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CK
Szpakiewicz, Zofia, 7.8.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CK
Szumlak, Eugenia, 3.8.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CK
Tadla, Cecylia, 26.9.43, Ramleh, Palestyna, BCW
Tober, Maria, kapr. pchor., 31.1.46, Kantara East, Egipt, BCW
Wachtel, Eugenia, 25.5.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CK
Warzagier, Lucja, 25.3.43, Khanaqin, Irak, BCW
Waskiewicz, Helena, 30.3.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CK
Wasniowska, Jozefa, 28.10.42, Meshed, Iran, C.ormianski
Wazynska, Kazimiera, 7.12.42, Khanaqin, Irak, BCW
Wiechecka, Cecylia, 20.11.42, Khanaqin, Irak, BCW
Wierzbianska, Joanna Maria, ppor., 27.7.46, Kair, Egipt, Heliopolis, BCW
Wislocka, Maria, ur. Hefko, 26.9.42, Teheran, Iran, CK, dz. p.
Wojcicka, Wanda, 7.7.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CK
Wroblewska, Wanda, 20.4.44, Ramleh, Palestyna, BCW
Wszolkowa, Jozefa, 21.3.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CK
Wuhl, Maria,11.4.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CK
Wysocka, Bronislawa, 17.12.44, Kair, Egipt, Coemeterium Novum Terrae Sanctae (par. sw. Jozefa)
Zabiega, Maria, 27.2.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CK
Zablocka, Irena, 4.4.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CK
Zagajewska, Eugenia, st. och. (British rank LACW), 22.4.46, Norwich, W. Bryt.
Zajac, Zofia, 9.1.46, Perth, Szkocja, CM. Wellshill
Zalenska vel Zaleska, Ewa, 28.6.42, Szachrisiabs, ZSSR, CW
Zasucha, Julia, 13.7.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CK
Zawada, Halina, 28.3.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CK
Ziembolewska, Stanislawa, 8.10.44, Casamassima, Wlochy, CP
Zarczynska, Barbara, 8.1.45, Beyrouth, Liban, BCW
Zeromska, Kazimiera, 22.9.42, Hamadan, Iran, C.Amer.
Zulawska, Ewa, 15.12.41, Tockoje, ZSSR, CW
LIST TWO: Junaczki (Female Cadets)
Banas, Janina, 22.10.42, Teheran, Iran, CCK, dz. p.
Banas, Jozefa, 23.6.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Bednarz, Czeslawa, 6.7.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Bernatowna, Honorata, 3.6.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Biernot, Helena, 2.7.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Bogacz, Wanda, zmarla na st. kol. Mori w drodze do Krasnowodzka (died at the railway station at Mori on the way to Krasnovodsk)
Borsz, Katarzyna, 25.7.42, Wrewskaja, ZSSR, CP
Brzezicka, Helena, 26.6.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Bulkowska, Maria, 12.6.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Celtnerowna, Stanislawa, 15.5.42, Guzar, ZSSR
Cherian, Janina, 30.6.42, Karkin-Balasz, ZSSR
Cygan, Maria, 11.9.42, Teheran, Iran, CCK, dz. p.
Czwartkowska, Emilia, 13.6.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Czwartkowska, Katarzyna, 25.6.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Daniel, Maria, ?, ZSSR (Szkola Junaczek)
Debkowska, Wanda, 13.7.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Dobrzanska, Maria, 3.4.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Drylaga, Ludwika, corka Stanislawa i Wiktorii, 11.7.42, St. Kitab, ZSSR, CW
Dubicka, Leonarda, 10.6.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Duleba, Irena, 10.6.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Duleba, Krystyna, 19.6.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Duleba, Maria, 21.6.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Dutka, Maria, 9.10.42, Teheran, Iran, CCK, dz. p.
Fabisz, Helena, 1.8.42, St. Kitab, ZSSR, CW
Filipowicz, Helena, 10.6.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Filipowicz, Janina, 12.7.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Galczynska, Irena, 17.6.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Galka, Maria, 30.6.42, Karkin-Batasz, ZSSR
Gaskowna, Czeslawa, 19.7.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Godawa, Helena, 13.7.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Grzyb, Stanislawa, 24.6.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Grzyb, Genowefa, 15.6.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Herman, Janina, 30.6.42, ?, ZSSR, Szkola Junaczek
Jarocka, Maria, 5.7.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Jazwinska, Irena, ?, ?, ZSSR, Szkola Junaczek
Jentas, Zofia, 6.7.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Kaczmarska, Waclawa, 13.9.42, Meshed, Iran, COrm., dz. p.
Kalinska, Barbara, 15.5.42, Guzar, ZSSR
Kaminska, Maria, 19.9.42, Pahlevi, Iran, CP
Karabinowska, Anna, 12.9.42, Teheran, Iran, CCK, dz. p.
Klaczkowna, Helena, 3.6.42, Guzar, CW
Klepetow, Eugenia, 28.6.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Klapkowska, Bronislawa, 25.9.42, Teheran, Iran, CCK, dz. p.
Kluskowna, Irena, 23.6.42, Karkin-Batasz, ZSSR
Kobialko, Michalina, 2.8.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Kolanko, Jadwiga, 21.6.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Kolacz, Janina, 31.5.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Kolodynska, Waleria, 4.8.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Kowalska, Zofia, 29.6.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Koziejko, Maria, ?, ?, ZSSR
Knopp, Teresa, 8.9.42, Teheran, Irak, CCK, dz. p.
Kras, Wladyslawa, 10.7.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Krasowna, Wladyslawa, 16.7.42, ?, ZSSR
Krolowna, Regina, 29.6.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Krzyszczuk, Jozefa, 22.6.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Kubik, Bronislawa, 8.7.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Kuriata, Irena, 1.8.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Kurminska, Czeslawa, 26.6.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Kuska, Genowefa, 23.6.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Kustra, Czeslawa, 27.6.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Lesniak, Felicja, 15.6.42, Guzar, ZSSR
Lorenc, Stanislawa, 22.6.42, ?, ZSSR, Szkola Junaczek
Maciazek, Jadwiga, 7.6.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW 
Maciazek, Janina, 19.6.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Maliszewska, Wladyslawa, 30.7.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Malaczynska, Helena, 5.6.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Malupa, Adela, 9.7.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Mandziar, Izabela, 22.6.42, ?, ZSSR
Mankowska, Janina, 20.7.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Marchot, Genowefa, 4.6.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Markowska, Irena, 17.6.42, Karkin-Batasz, ZSSR
Miara, Stanislawa, 18.9.42, Pahlevi, Iran, CP
Mierzwa, Jozefa, 3.7.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Milczarek, Genowefa, 23.6.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Milaszewska, Celina, 10.6.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Mitura, Krystyna, 16.7.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Mrozkowna, Wanda, 19.7.42, ?, ZSSR, Szkola Junaczek
Noskowna, Karolina, 25.6.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Ostachowska, Wanda, 20.7.42, St. Kitab, ZSSR, CW
Ostrowska, Maria, 6.8.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Paluch Julia, 4.7.42, ?, ZSSR, Szkola Junaczek
Parowicz, Aleksandra, 19.7.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Paszko, Eugenia, 19.8.42, ?, ZSSR, Szkola Junaczek
Pasko, Wiktoria, 19.8.42, St. Kitab, ZSSR, CW
Pawlak, Halina, 2.6.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Pawlik, Maria, 22.6.42, Karkin-Batasz, ZSSR
Patkowska, Maria, 3.8.42, Guzar, ZSSR,CW
Peltnerowna, Stanislawa, ?, ZSSR, Szkola Junaczek
Piatkowska, Teodozja, 1.7.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Pleciak, Barbara, 30.10.42, Teheran, Iran, CCK, dz. p.
Popsowska, Helena, 21.6.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Poradowska, Julia, 15.10.42, Teheran, Iran, CCK, dz. p.
Przybylska, Maria, 14.8.42, Aszchabad, ZSSR, Szkola Junaczek
Przysiecka, Franciszka, 8.9.42, Pahlevi, Iran, C.Ch.
Remus, Janina, 1.7.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Reniak (Rejnich), Lucja, 16.6.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Romanowna, Zofia, 29.5.42, ?, ZSSR, Szkola Junaczek
Rosiowna, Regina, 28.7.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Rog, Kazimiera, 9.7.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Rog, Wladyslawa, 7.6.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Rudzinska, Teodozja, 7.6.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Salatowna, Helena, 12.7.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Salatowna, Irena, 11.7.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Sinicka, Maria, 7.7.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Slawska, Weronika, 26.6.42, Guzar, ZSSR
Socha, Janina, 12.7.42, Szachrisiabs, ZSSR, CW
Solowska, Zofia, 31.8.42, Pahlevi, Iran, CP
Starczewska, Franciszka, 20.6.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Studnicka, Danuta, 13.9.42, Meshed, Iran, C.orm., dz. p.
Suchora (Sychora), Irena, 20.8.42, Krasnovodzk, ZSSR, C.bazy
Sukiennik, Janina, 14.6.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Szaniawska, Anna, 1.7.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Szczepanska, Wanda, 13.6.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Szczypek, Wiktoria, 21.6.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Szyszko, Helena, 26.9.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Slusarczyk, Eugenia, 4.7.42, ?, ZSSR, Szkola Junaczek
Sluszarczyk, 4.7.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Tabiszowna, Helena, ?, ?, ZSSR, Szkola Junaczek
Toloczko, Maria, 17.7.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Trochanowska, Helena (Antonina), 14.6.42, Guzar, ZSSR
Trypuc, Aldona, 13.9.42, Meshed, Iran, C.orm., dz. p.
Trzankowska, Jadwiga, 26.?.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Tyminska, Kazimiera, 7.8.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Udot, Janina, 16.8.42, Krasnowodzk, ZSSR, C.bazy
Wagner, Jadwiga, 8.7.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Wikiel, Jadwiga, 10.7.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Wisniewska, Klara, 18.6.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Wojtowicz, Helena, 22.6.42, Karkin-Batasz, ZSSR
Wyzykowska, Helena, 5.7.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Ziatek, Julia, 4.7.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Zielinska, Urszula, 23.5.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Zon, Kazimiera, 18.6.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Zybura, Jadwiga, 23.10.42, Teheran, Iran, CCK, dz. p.
Zych, Janina, 26.10.42, Teheran, Iran, CCK, dz. p.
Zak, Janina, 19.6.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Zukowska, 30.6.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Zurek, Zdzislawa, 13.7.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
LIST THREE: Czerwony Krzyz (Red Cross)
Carowa, Stefania Barbara, siostra, 16.7.41, Perth, Szkocja, CM. Wellshill, dz. p.
Colonna-Walewska, Jadwiga Janina, delegatka PCK, 21.8.45, Kair, Egipt, St.Cm. par. sw. Jozefa 
Czerniak, Stanislawa, sanit., 28.7.42, Kermine, ZSSR, CM
Golab, Maria, siostra, 21.9.45, Ramleh, Palestyna, BCW
Gromczakiewicz, Aniela, prac. YMCA, 17.1.43, Bagdad, Irak, BCW
Kloc, Maria, siostra, 21.11.43, Gaza, Palestyna, BCW
Kossowska, Zofia, siostra, 10.4.46, Whitchurch, W. Bryt., CM
Latak, Elzbieta, siostra, 29.11.42, Teheran, Iran, CCK, dz. p.
Lugowska, Irena, siostra, 19.1.43, Khanaqin, Irak, CW
Madzio, Barbara, sanit., 24.4.42, Mankent, ZSSR, CW
Milkowska, Irena, siostra, 5.4.42, Wrewskaja, ZSSR, CP
Parczewska, Maria, siostra przel., 29.7.44, Casamassima, Wlochy, CP
Siedlecka, Aleksandra, prac. "War Relief Service", 2.8.46, Casamassima, Wlochy
Skoczynska, Matylda, siostra, 10.1.41, Perth, Szkocja, CM. Wellshill, dz. p.
Tadla, Cecylia, siostra, 26.9.43, Ramleh, Palestyna, CW
Woynillowicz, Anna, st. siostra, 25.9.42, Teheran, Iran, CCK, dz. p.
Zelazik, Zofia, sanit., 26.4.42, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Zulawska, Ewa, siostra, 15.12.41, Tockoje, ZSSR, CW
LIST FOUR: Junacy (male cadets)

Adamkiewicz, Jozef, Wrewskaja, ZSSR, CP
Babis, Stefan, Wrewskaja
Badjan, Aleksander, Wrewskaja
Bagienski, Adam, Wrewskaja
Balcik (Bobik), Adam, Janji Jul, ZSSR, CK
Baran, Jozef, St. Kermine, C. oboz.
Barszcz, Miecz., Pahlevi, Iran, CP
Bazan, Stan., Szachrisiabs, ZSSR, CW
Bak, Bernard, Tel-el-Kebir, Egipt, BCW
Bereznicki, Sergian, St. Kermine
Biedul, Zygmunt, syn Franciszka, Aszhabad, ZSSR, CP
Blazewicz, Marian, Guzar, ZSSR, CW
Bosacki, Leon, Teheran, Iran, CK
Bronicki, Jozef, Taszlak, ZSSR, PCW
Bujwillo, Aleks., Guzar
Bujwillo, Wlad., Guzar
Bukowy, Eugeniusz, Szachrisiabs
Cek, Tad., St. Kitab, ZSSR, CW
Chmiel, Wlad., Teheran
Chodorowski, Bogdan, Ramleh, Palestyna, CW
Chojnowski, Stan., Pahlevi
Chromik, Zygfryd, St. Kitab
Chrusciel, Fran., Wrewskaja
Chudzinski, Zyg., Guzar
Cicinski, Edmund, Kair, Egipt, CW, Heliopolis
Czajka, Marian, Guzar
Czajka, Wlad., Wrewskaja
Czerwonka, Stan., Szachrisiabs
Dacz, Janusz, Kantara East, Egipt, BCW
Dadak, Jan, Szachrisiabs
Danielewicz, Miecz., Paryz, Francja, CC, St. Mande
Danilo, Jan, St. Kermine
Daszkiewicz, Ireneusz, Haifa, Palestyna
Dobosz, Wlad., Guzar
Dolata, Szczepan, St. Kermine
Dolezy, Stefan, Kair, Egipt, CW, Heliopolis
Dolinski, Tad., Ramleh, Palestyna, BWMMC
Dragusz vel Tomaszewski, Kazimierz, Basra, Irak, BCW
Drozdz, Stan., Kermine
Dubis, Jozef, St. Kermine
Dudojc, Edward, Tel-el-Kebir, Egipt, BCW
Dul, Jan, St. Kermine
Dul, Stan., Guzar
Duszka, Tad., Wrewskaja
Dziad, Tad., Teheran
Dziama, Edward, syn Stanislawa, Ramleh
Dzinkiewicz, Miecz., Jangi-Jul
Dyba, Stefan, Guzar
Fedok, Czeslaw, Szachrisiabs
Flis, Zyg., Pahlevi
Furmanek, Stan., Teheran
Galuc, Stefan, Teheran
Gawlik, Jan, Wrewskaja
Gawlik, Stan., St. Kermine
Gaska, Wlad., Guzar
Gerczak, Stan., Guzar
Gieniewski, Benedykt, Wrewskaja
Gieruch, Bol., Kermine
Glodek, Czeslaw, Pahlevi
Godawa, Edward, Wrewskaja
Golebiowski, Czeslaw, Guzar
Gorbacz, Stan., Jangi Jul,
Gorczyca, Bol., Ramleh
Grodzki, Witold, Teheran
Grzebieniak, Tad., St. Kermine
Grzelak, Miecz., Wrewskaja
Gustynowicz, Bazyli, Guzar
Hlebik, Antoni, Pahlevi
Holender, Wlad., Guzar
Holuj, Stan., Wrewskaja
Jablonka, Edmund, Pahlevi
Jagiello, Feliks, Pahlevi
Jakowiecki, Eug., Guzar
Jakszta, Edmund, Guzar
Janczalik, Marian, Wrewskaja
Janikowski, Julian, Teheran
Jata, Wlad., Basra, Irak
Jel, Edward, Guzar
Kabinski, Adam, Kermine
Kacpura, Jozef, Pahlevi
Kalinski, Jan, Guzar
Kaplicki, Piotr, Pahlevi
Kedzierski, Lech, Teheran
Kes, Miecz., Teheran
Kijowski, Tad., Kermine
Kisiel, Jozef, Guzar
Kleszczynski, Dobromir, Pahlevi
Kluczynski, Kazimierz, Guzar
Kogut, Feliks, Szachrisiabs
Kogut, Marian, Teheran
Kogut, Stan., Szachrisiabs
Kolanko, Stan., Wrewskaja
Kolkowski, Edward, Wrewskaja
Kopec, Stan., Wrewskaja
Kordonski, Piotr, Guzar
Korzeniewski, Marian, Kitab
Kosiarz, Adam, Teheran
Kozak, Jan, St. Kitab
Krawiecki, Stan., Pahlevi
Kraus, Stan., Teheran
Krol, Kaz., Guzar
Kruczak, Kaz., Guzar
Kujbieda, Stan., Ramleh
Kuranty, Tad., Guzar
Kustra, Rudolf, St. Kermine
Kusmierski, Wlodz., Tel-el-Kebir, Egipt
Kuznik, Zyg., Guzar
Landa, Ludwik, Szachrisiabs
Lepitak, Michal, Wrewskaja
Lepitak, Wlad., Wrewskaja
Lepucki, Zdz., St. Kermine
Lesniak, Marian, Wrewskaja
Lorenc, Stan., Guzar
Lula, Wlad., Teheran
Lapinski, Leszek, Jangi Jul
Lawrynowicz, Edmund, Guzar
Lacki, Stan., Guzar
Lochowski, Edward, Teheran
Lodzinski, Jan, Kermine
Lubinski, Edward, Haifa, Palestyna, BCW
Macha, Jan, Wrewskaja
Maksymowicz, Emil, Wrewskaja
Markiewicz, Edward, Ramleh
Marlewski, Jozef, Guzar
Marszalkowski, Edward, Aszhabad
Marzec, Stan., Wrewskaja
Masalski, Zbigniew, Guzar
Mascenica, Waclaw, Guzar
Mazurek, Edward, Tel-el-Kebir, Egipt
Mazurkiewicz, And., Teheran
Meysner, Konstanty, Wrewskaja
Mglosik, Eug., Aszhabad
Michalcewicz, Teodor, St. Kermine
Michalik, Mikolaj, Pahlevi
Mindurski, Stan., Guzar
Musor, Henryk, St. Kermine
Mytych, Eug., Wrewskaja
Niczko, Wlad., Szachrisiabs
Niezgoda, Jan, Guzar
Nosek, Jaroslaw, Guzar
Nowak, Zdz., Wrewskaja
Ochrym, Piotr, Wrewskaja
Olbrecht, Julian, Guzar
Oleksy, Jozef, Pahlevi
Oleksy, Stan., Guzar
Oliwka, Marian, Kermine
Opeld, Leszek Edward, Guzar
Orlowski, Stan., Wrewskaja
Palubski, Jozef, Wrewskaja
Parchimowicz, Czeslaw, Guzar
Pastuszenia, Ant., Szachrisiabs
Patecki, Stan., Wrewskaja
Pawlowski, Waldemar, Wrewskaja
Pelka, Miecz., St. Kermine
Perkac, Piotr, Aszhabad
Piotrowski, Jozef, Szachrisiabs
Piotrowski, Wiktor, Kazwin
Piotrowski, Wlad., Kermine
Pipala, Ant., Guzar
Piszczyk, Jozef, St. Kermine
Plich, Jozef, Wrewskaja
Polko, Ludwik, St. Kermine
Poluchowicz, Tad., Guzar
Popowicz, Ignacy, Pahlevi
Porebski, Tad., Wrewskaja
Porebski, Wlad., Wrewskaja
Ptak, Jan, Teheran
Puc, Stan., Pahlevi
Pudlo, Marian, Teheran
Rajawinski, Ryszard, Teheran
Ranosz, Stan., Guzar
Rodziak, Stan., Wrewskaja
Romanowski, Eug., Wrewskaja
Rzepka, Zdz., Guzar
Sajko, Jozef, Pahlevi
Sapielarz, Edward, Szachrisiabs
Senkowski, Jozef, Guzar
Silicki, Czeslaw, Pahlevi
Skierski, Zyg., Wrewskaja
Skowronek, Jan, Guzar
Slonina, Edward, Guzar
Smal, Marian, Wrewskaja
Sochanek, Wojciech, Guzar
Stecko, Wlad., St. Kermine
Stefanowski, Witlod, Szachrisiabs
Sudnik, Jozef, St. Kermine
Synowiec, Longin, St. Kermine
Szczepanski, Miecz., Pahlevi
Szewczyk, Kaz., St. Kermine
Szewczyk, Stan., Wrewskaja
Szuchnik, Jan, Teheran
Szumski, Edward, St. Kermine
Szypulewski, Witold, St. Kitab
Scianski, Jozef, Szachrisiabs
Sliwa, Wlad., Guzar
Swiatek, Edmund, Wrewskaja
Tomaszewski, Kaz. - see Dragusz, Kaz.
Trzciankowski, Stefan, Teheran
Twardowski, Czeslaw, Jangi Jul
Ulatowski, Miecz., St. Kermine
Wardzinski, Apolinary, St. Kitab
Was, Kaz., Wrewskaja
Weglarz, Bron., Wrewskaja
Wegrzyn, Ant., Teheran
Wilk, Bol., St. Kermine
Wisniewski, Wlad., Wrewskaja
Wojsz, Wlad., Guzar
Wybraniec, Lucjan, Ramleh
Zarzycki, Zbigniew, Szachrisiabs
Zawadzki, Jozef, Pahlevi
Zawadzki, Jozef, Szachrisiabs
Zebala, Adam, Guzar
Zielinski, Zbigniew, Pahlevi
Zych, Adam, Szachrisiabs
Zygmunt (Zigmunt), Jan, Kermine
Zak, Stan., Wrewskaja
Zybara, Zygmunt, St. Kermine
End of Part Eleven

The lists on this page are derived from the book Wykaz Poleglych i Zmarlych Zolnierzy Polskich Sil Zbrojnych na Obczyznie w Latach 1939-1946 produced by the Instytut Historyczny Im. Gen. Sikorskiego, London, 1952.
Quotes from British military and civilian sources courtesy of the book It Speaks For Itself, compiled by Captain Witold Leitgeber, Public Relations Division, Polish Armed Forces (in the West), c. 1947.
Information on pilots courtesy of the book Poles in Defence of Britain, June 1940 - June 1941, Robert Gretzyngier with Wojtek Matusiak, Grub Street, London, 2001.